What Every Well-Dressed Indian Businessman Is Wearing This Summer - A $210,000 Gold Shirt

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18 months ago - before The Reserve Bank Of India went full gold-tard (raising duties and capital controls), 32-year-old Datta Phuge unleashed his $25,000 gold shirt on the world's women, proclaiming "I know I am not the best looking man in the world but surely no woman could fail to be dazzled by this shirt?" However, as RBI has lifted some gold restrictions (realizing the error of their ways after smuggling exploded), we introduce 45 year-old politician and textile magnate Pankaj Parakh... and his $210,000 gold shirt weighing 3.3 kilograms which took 20 people 3,200 hours to create. Now, if that doesn't get him laid (or shot) we don't know what will...



As The Independent reports,

Pankaj Parakh, a local politician and the owner of a multi-million pound textile business near Mumbai, has had the shirt created out of pure love for the precious metal.


The shirt in question weighs four kilos and is estimated to have cost £127,000. It has seven gold buttons has been created to move flexibly, just like any other shirt. The gold itself is 18-22 carat purity, and there have been no other metals used. It is lined with a thin cloth for added comfort, though the body of the garment is smooth.


A team of 20 people are thought to have spent 3,200 hours crafting the shirt.




He will flaunt the shirt on Friday at a special function to celebrate his birthday.


"Gold always fascinated me since I was five years old and studying in school. Over the years, I have become passionate about this royal metal." Mr Parakh said.


"Yet, for my marriage 23 years ago, many guests considered me an embarrassment as I sported more gold than the bride," he recalled.




"My family is hardly impressed or interested in my love for gold. They just ignore and accept it as a part of domestic life. But the rest of my extended family thinks I am weird," he said.

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JustObserving's picture

Best to keep your fortune close to your vest. Or preferably, chest.

Good news for him is that Janet Yellen won't be making any passes at him any time soon - that's worth $210,000 in my book.

Leonardo Fibonacci2's picture

Come to the Bronx we will be glad to serve you some "Biryani" in a dark alley. Very traditional Bronx style, i promise or the meal is free.

JustObserving's picture

Yes, every Indian travels to the Bronx for the best biryani in this world. With the stop-and-frisk thrown in for free.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Dude wears iron underwear. And they are rusty.

knukles's picture

So narcissistic, insecure, immature and childish.
Serious questions as to the man's character.
What core values, morals and ethics, so transfixed with the temporal and then such a cheap and tacky display.

JustObserving's picture

It's a statement against fiat paper - we need many more like him.

And many who like silver shirts.

old naughty's picture

Sinking is hard to reach;

Storing invites looters;

So they think wearing on fingers, wrists, neck, torso is secured, hummmm? 

7.62x54r's picture

The Germans want their shirt back.

MsCreant's picture

The Germans did lose their shirt to the US, didn't they?

NidStyles's picture

I don't know about you guys, but if that is the German style of shirt, I am certainly a fan. 

Elvis the Pelvis's picture

In three years, it'll only be worth 25 grand.  Deflation.  Learn it, live it, love it.  Bitchez.

The Big Ching-aso's picture

I don't care how charitable this guy is. I'm pretty sure he won't give me the shirt off his back, man.

LibertarianMenace's picture

Though like the song, the shirt remains the same.

JerseyJoe's picture

You raise an interesting point - I have read silver has been added to shirts to cut down on bacterial odor from that breed in synthetic fiber...  Why not a silver shirt?   Hmmm  Less stank? 

3.3 Kg is about $138,000 in gold (using current fiat dollar pricing) - "heavy" premium you might say.  

zhandax's picture

A lot cheaper to leave out the synthetic fiber.  Makes for a nicer shirt as well.

N2OJoe's picture

They make all kinds of shirts, underwear, cloth towels etc with silver thread to kill bacteria. Mostly for athletics and medical uses.

If I'm buying an $80 pair of undies, it damn well better be made of silver!

tradingdaze's picture

This opensup a whole new wardrobe.

I'm starting with basemetal underwaear...maybe zinc.


DirkDiggler11's picture

Lighten up Knucks. You don't see Anyone making a shirt our of US Federal Reserve Notes now do ya ?

kaiserhoff's picture

Naw, it would shrink too fast.

nmewn's picture


(Sound of cymbals crashing)

TeamDepends's picture

That ain't dick!!!  Our beard is gold.  Try to print/weave that, Apu!

zhandax's picture

"You don't see Anyone making a shirt our of US Federal Reserve Notes now do ya?"

Now that you mentioned it, probably see it on zazzle Monday morning.  It was fun when Howard Beale started it, but my junk account is still getting spam from those douchebags.

JerseyJoe's picture

RE: Fiat Shirt - You can eat junk food all you want because the shirt inflates daily.

kaiserhoff's picture

I want one too, knucks, but a polyester knock-off for $9.99

Kinda like a fake gucci.  I think we've got a bidness plan.  I've seen worse.  Lately, I've seen a lot of worse;)

Does poon hound count as a core value?

knukles's picture

Yes, poon hound is (so far) the only plus he's got.
He owes you, kaiser.
Maybe the collar for the tenuous support and potential but hesitant character reference.

Freddie's picture

I could be such a stud in that golden getup.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

i agree. gold for the wrong reason. The last thing i want to do with my gold is show it off, to anyone. But i feel his pain on the 'family thinks im weird' part. "Gold is a very risky investment, it doesnt pay dividends, and it can't grow"

PT's picture

So dye it some other colour.  How else do you sneak 3 kg of gold out of the country with no-one noticing?  (errr, okay, yes, yes, ... no I don't know how to explain it to the metal detector!!! )

PT's picture


I mean, I hear it can get a little warm in India.  And gold is one of our finest conductors of HEAT.  How long does it take those 3 or 4 kgs to adjust to the weather outside?  Or is this an inside shirt?  In which case, how does it perform when the aircon gets a little chilly?

C'mon guys, article about a gold shirt - what else would be on your list of I've GOTS TA know!!! ?

SuperRay's picture

Gold is for uncertain times when economic stability is threatened by dislocated markets and people lose all trust in derivative-based money

Tall Tom's picture

Knucks, So you are jealous?


If he wants to wear a Gold shirt, if he has the wealth to do so, if he has the freedom to do so, then who does it harm? You?


You people promote Freedom and Liberty and when someone else exercises that you think to steal that person blind? (Not you but others?)


The funny thing about this is that he could wear that in the Bronx or Manhattan and nobody would recognize it as Gold, it would be too good to be true, it is not the washed out color of 14K, and this guy would be relatively safe.


My neighborhood is quite tough and of lower Economic class and I have no problem wearing Gold here. Nobody knows. Nobody has any idea what the true color of Gold actually is.


Laughing out loud at all of you.

Kinskian's picture

What good is a gold shirt when you're having to step over piles  of shit everywhere you walk? Do any of these wealthy Asians believe in giving something back..maybe build some schools, hospitals and public toilets for their needy countrymen?

NidStyles's picture

I'm not usually one to be overly pretentious, but India is screwed up because they run it the same way the British did when they were "lording" over them.


JerseyJoe's picture

Don't blame the British - the culture is a culture that accepts filth - everywhere.  The place is a cesspit.  

JerseyJoe's picture

Spoken like a true socialist - how about just the capitalist thing and hiring a guy to sweep the filthy streets in front of your high street shops so your clients doesn't have to step over two to three feet of garbage lining the curb to get to your shop.  (This I have witnessed first hand - the owner was worth hundreds of millions.)  

India is a cesspool (gold shirt or not) and I doubt that will change...even when they move to the US, cultural habits carry across oceans.  (Ok - pile on....NOW).  Case in point, look at the street he is strutting his shirt on - not your typical Fifth Ave or Rodeo Drive backdrop and not the street you would want to wear a $200K shirt on without armed body guards and a flight car - motor running.  (Urban kids get killed for sneakers - don't cha know.)  He undoubtably just popped out the back of his sweat shop to model it for the camera - afraid to wear it more than 10 steps from his sweat shop.   

(Is India humanity's future?  A question worth pondering as the US slips into debt slave status...  We know not where this ends...a glimpse of India might prove a view of the future - sweat shops and all.  One thing is for sure - the socialist oligarchs are working overtime to flood the US with new ponzis to backfill their various Ponzi pyramids - regardless of their usefulness to the future of the US or its ability to climb out of this debt mess.  All part of the plan, comrade?) 

Kinskian's picture

What do you think is happening in Asia except for raw capitalism. The guy in the gold shirt treats his workers like shit because he can, and the capitalists in the West nod with approval, close American factories and mills, and reward him with contracts. But even the robber barons of the past built universities, hospitals, museums and libraries for the benefit of society. What do these Asian pigs do but buy gaudy jewelry and foreign real estate? 

knukles's picture

No Tom, not jealous.  I just think that some guy wearing a gold metal shirt is a dick.
Fits in the same stereotype as the fat sweaty guy in a banana hanger in the Southern Comfort commercials.
Provides a good example of how not to behave in public.
And if one does so, should not be surprised to be ridiculed.

Same as my son a short time ago, when we were walking down a street past a Lamborghini.  Son said he bet the owner had a really small dick.

The owner overheard him and got very embarrassed.
Why would he get embarrassed owning a Lamborghini unless he has a small dick?
Would all Lambo owners get mad?  Be annoyed?
Do all Lamborghini owners have small dicks?

Stereotypes exist for a reason.

NidStyles's picture

Who's the dick, the guy living up to his stereotype, or the guy ragging on him for doing so? 


;-) That's the point. 

PT's picture

I can't call the gold-shirt-guy a dick because the shirt itself doesn't look over the top.  It seems quite subdued.  (In the photos, anyway - don't know about real life).  And if he painted it a different colour, it might be a good way of transporting 3kg of gold discretely (again - damn! the metal detector.  He should put a zip on it, then he can blame the zip!)

If he rode one of these then I might call him a dick:


(Actually, I couldn't find the picture I was looking for but these are pretty close).
Anyway, in a choice between boring rich people and interesting rich people, I'd much rather "interesting" ones.  There are plenty of eccentric poor people but they never get the chance to prove it so spectacularly.

beemasters's picture

Try working on your (and son's) self-esteem, buddy. Only then it wouldn't bother you both as much.


PT's picture

Really?  Lambo = small dick???  That's the best he could come up with?  His envy is more transparent than a glass window.  A really big one.  Totally smashed and with a great, huge hole in it.  Full of nothing but air.  He could have hidden his jealousy with ,"Who did he have to whack / blow do get that?", or "I wonder which drugs he is running / how many cops he had to pay off" or even "I wonder how many repossessed houses paid for that thing".  At least that way, we could pretend that maybe he really did think the question was on the right track and he wanted an answer, but no, he just said a simple "small dick".  May as well paint him green and get him to hold up a sign that sez, "I am jealous of the guy with the small prick."

I guess it works if it was a really boring looking Lambo ( they've got a few ugly ones, but most look awesome ).  You know, if it looks like the owner had no idea of what a good Lambo looks like and just bought a shit heap for the sake of having a Lambo then  I guess his comment would work then.  Or if it was a brand new Rolls Royce.  I mean, Rolls Royces have looked crap ever since they tried to give them the "modern, streamlined look".  To get a nice looking Roller, I think you have to go back to the 1920s.  Otherwise it just sounds like envy with a capital NV.  

Small dick, eh?  Fuck!  We may as well all just give up right now.  No point in doing anything fun or nice.  Just get drunk, smash things, and sleep with our own vomit in the gutter.  Do anything else and someone might get pissed and accuse you of having a small dick!

Get drunk?  But don't bother drinking the wine.  It was made with sour grapes.

where_is the_nuke's picture

2008 must have hit him hard

PT's picture

In my town, when we see a nice car we say things like, "Oh, so that's where I left my Ferrari.  Now I remember, I lent it to that man because he needed one because ... "

jez's picture

Nah. I think he might be one of them gold shorts I keep hearing about.

BrerRabbit's picture

It gives a whole new meaning to silver shorts.

Cornfedbloodstool's picture

Gold shirt or not there is still a shit on the street next to him. Its a fine country.

Dubaibanker's picture

We now have a second Indian in 2014 who has made himself a shirt made of gold, valued at GBP 127,000 / CNH 1,312,000.

First one, as mentioned on ZH several times was early in 2013, with shirt valued at CNH 1,537,500 / GBP 150,000.

Why spend $250,000 on a gold shirt?


While in 2012, was the wedding of an Indian gold finance company billionaire's daughter where she was gifted over 5 kgs of gold ornaments valued at CNH 1,537,500 / GBP 150,000.

The wedding of Kerala based Muthoot Finance Corp. CEO'
holgerdanske's picture

Pankaj Parakh, a local politician and the owner of a multi-million pound textile business near Mumbai, has had the shirt created out of pure love for the precious metal.


The shirt in question weighs four kilos and is estimated to have cost £127,000. It has seven gold buttons has been created to move flexibly, just like any other shirt. The gold itself is 18-22 carat purity, and there have been no other metals used. It is lined with a thin cloth for added comfort, though the body of the garment is smooth.


no other metals used?  18-22 carat?  ===??