Airplane Crashes On Takeoff From Tehran Airport, Most Passengers Killed

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It has not been a good summer for airplane travel, and following the latest news out of Iran, where earlier today an Iran-140 Sepahan Air passenger plane bound for Tabas in northeast Iran with 48 passengers and crew on board crashed on a road near Tehran’s Mehrabad airport on Sunday, killing at least 38 people, things just got even worse.

According to initial reports from Al Arabia, all passengers and crew on board had been killed, but state media later reported that some passengers had been injured and transferred to hospital. Thirty-eight other people died instantly and 10 were injured and were transferred to hospital in critical condition, state television said.

Eight or nine had survived, a doctor was quoted as saying by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).


One of the injured had regained consciousness, the doctor added.


The passengers included two infants and three children under the age of 12, the Civil Aviation Authority said.

The only silver lining about the tragedy is that there does not appear to be any foul play involved: the pilot detected technical issues four minutes after takeoff and tried to return to the airport, state television said, but the twin-engine turboprop crashed on a road at 9.18 am local time.

One eyewitness said the plane crashed into a wall.


A photograph on IRNA’s website showed a huge plume of black smoke billowing over traffic standing at a road intersection.


A photograph from the Iran Student News Agency showed a charred tailfin lying on the ground.


The plane’s black box has yet to be found, the deputy minister of Roads and Urban Development said.

What is worse is that it is likely that such tragic occurences will continue: about 14 crashes involving Iranian planes were reported in the decade to January 2011. The plane that crashed - an Iran-140 - is a locally assembled version of the Antonov-140. Its safety record has come into question in the past. The safety record for the carriers has led to most Iranian flights being prevented from landing in the EU.

Mehrabad is located in a western suburb of Tehran and mainly functions as a domestic airport, although it also serves some international routes.

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Now if they would have included the info that JustObserving offered up about the aircraft parts embargo to Iran, it might have had some relevance.

That's the story, not the fact (another) one went down.

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The aircraft can be made with Pratt-Whitney engines.

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"The safety record for the carriers has led to most Iranian flights being prevented from landing in the EU."


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One would guess that domestically-produced or Chinese parts were not good enough:

US sanctions against Iran refer to economic, trade, scientific and military sanctions against Iran, which have been imposed by theU.S. government, or under U.S. pressure by the international community through the United Nations Security Council. Currently, the sanctions include an embargo on dealings with Iran by the United States, and a ban on selling aircraft and repair parts to Iranian aviation companies.

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what? USA sanctions against Iran? no way, USA is democratic country...

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I'm guessing not too many Antonov 140 parts are made in the U.S.

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You would be guessing

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here is a link.

supposedly, the entire plane comes as a kit then the iranians build it.

looks like only 2 countries use them.

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John Denver could tell you a thing or two about kit planes.

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Sure are a lot of aircraft falling out of the sky in that region of the world...