College and Pro Football Season Big Boost to U.S. Economy

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Thank Goodness for Football Season


This weekend we got our first chance to see Johnny Manziel in a Cleveland Browns preseason game and the college football teams are in camp as we speak. So real time football is just a couple of weeks away, and thank goodness from just a pure entertainment standpoint as ‘baseball and golf season’ is a real bore these days. But more importantly for the economy is how much economic stimulus gets pushed through the economy in the US each fall as a result of football season and all that football season represents in this country. 


'Knock-On' effects of Football Season


Football is the one major sport which has major add on effects in the economy, everything from supplies for tailgating, to jobs created for massive stadium events every weekend all over the country, to social gatherings set up around the games. One might think yeah but it is just a sport, but when you dig deeper into the actual scale of the boost to the economy each fall it is enormous. Just think in terms of college football and how big these games get every weekend across the country and how much money goes into promoting and entertaining alumni? 



Tailgating, Social Events, and Employment


Some of these games have all day events that lead up to the game at night, these are like mini festivals with food, music, games and festivities that are all day affairs from Mississippi, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, California and Ohio to even small programs around the country in mainly college towns. The amount of revenue generation created on Saturdays from college football alone is just staggering in this country.  But this is big business and the add on effects start much earlier in the week with ordering supplies, printing flyers, organizing events – it is no small wonder that the University of Texas Football program generates more revenue than many businesses in this country. Furthermore, unlike Amazon & Twitter the University of Texas Football program actually generates a profit!


3rd & 4th Quarter GDP above 3%


This is why Jeffrey Gundlach who is short the housing market and long bonds being his business model who basically needs a bad third quarter GDP number to support his Doom and Gloom Scenario and Buy More Bonds which is good for his bond fund is in for a rude awakening if he thinks the third quarter is going to be bad after we had a 4% second quarter GDP number which may be revised even higher in a couple of weeks. 

4th Quarter GDP 4% Plus


Economists aren`t exactly well rounded people, they are basically nerdy bean counters and they fail to realize the effects of sports, and especially the amount of stimulus that occurs in this country each fall due to college and professional football season getting into full swing. I expect a positive 3% plus third quarter GDP number when all revisions are completed and I put football season, back to school spending, good weather, and solid economic activity as positive contributors for the third quarter number. 


Moreover, I expect 4th quarter GDP to be the best number of the year when all revisions are completed with a 4% plus GDP number as the fourth quarter GDP number gets the bulk of the football season in October, November and December plus the major Holiday Spending Cycle that stimulates the entire supply chain from the major spending holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s (especially the Retail Sector of the economy). 

Football Industrial Complex


The US economy and its supply chain really have become backend loaded, and anybody betting upon dismal 3rd & 4th quarter GDP numbers like the first quarter just doesn`t get the benefits and economic activity that revolves around the Football Industrial Complex in this country. So as you are watching your favorite college or professional football teams over the next couple of months, just think about how many jobs, goods and services, social gatherings, corporate events and revenue is being generated through this game, and its under the radar simulative boost to the overall economy. 


Football Season Does More for the Actual ‘Real Economy’ than the Federal Reserve


Give me Football Season over the Federal Reserve any day of the week in terms of actual ‘boots on the ground’ stimulus that generates real economic activity versus ‘paper and electronic’ stimulus in the guise of QE, Low Interest Rates and Asset Purchases that dis-incentivize banksand financial players to put this capital to work in productive areas of the economy that have “Add-On” benefits in the form of Employment, Business Development and additional Cap-Ex Investment in the overall supply chain. 


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Comte d'herblay's picture

It does not help the economy.  It's neutral at best because money is in a constant state of motion, unless horded and never used by the person (s) with the money, something that can't happen when you are servicing debt, as most of the 330,000,000 human beans in the U.S. are.

What doesn't go on the credit card for football related expenses, (and with today's prices, few can pay cash for a $300.00 day of distraction) goes to service debt, pay down older balances, and other necessities that are not a substitute for the Cheesy Fries at $5.00 a pop, cheap watered down beer, and third world imported souveneirs, which money leaves the country, and tons of it.

It does however boost the animal spirits, the adrenaline rush, for the winners. In that, one could hardly be critical of it. 

My second cousin on my father's side has an old friend, Budgie Twitters, who has a father that, come the end of football season in February, goes into a deep, deep depression from which he will not emerge until the first televised exhibition game in the NFL.  

He has been quoted, while spectacularly rising vertically from his chair, like a patient who has just had his prostate probed with a large object, after a particklerly bone headed move by his home team, as saying, "!%$Q%!#!!%%%***%!!!!! scaring the piss, literally, out of his 3 yr old. He has also equated Life with Football. 

I am certain he is not alone, I'm afraid, in spite of the fact that his investment in Season Tickets decades ago, nets him at least $7,000 a yr in selling the season.

The recreational value of this rabid fan then is moot, and heart attack city is right around the corner, his Blood Pressure, 200/200, win or lose. 

There is the one non-economic benefit though, of a rash of Pro football players' large breasted, nubile young, hot! hot! hot! girl friends

 or wives, and leggy cheerleaders whose sex lives must be orgasmic beyond comprehension, appearing pre-season and thruout.  


For that, we can be tolerant of the rest of it, including the fully grown 60 yr old wearing the Tee-shirt of his favorite linebacker, QB, or Tight end. 


10mm's picture

Great, back to the season where i gotta here some jack off say's "Did you see the game. How about that call by the ref". Meanwhile i just say,Yeah, fucked up. Now get the fuck outta here.

basho's picture

opium for the masses.

panther piss for beer and gmo snacks yum yum.

what a bunch of retards

the world is burning and the amis watch football.

it doesn't get any dumber than that LMAO

ebworthen's picture

"College and Pro Football a boost to the Economy"

Oh fuck me.  Dumb fucking jocks. As if Porn and Prostitution are "good for the economy".

This is no different; these boys are getting USED.  Fucking "Hunger Games" with fancy uniforms.

Give me a fucking break.  College programs sap money from academics and glorify anything but academic pursuits.

Give the fucking jar heads swords and shields and let us have some gladiatorial matches to the death so it is closer to what it is really about. 

Winners get to gang-bang the losing team's cheerleaders.  Live on pay-per-view, tune in with your significant other and some beer, chips, and lube.  Go U.S.A.

That would be more real than the shows they put on currently.

Fucking joke; fucking collapse of Western Civilization.

Celebration of stupidity and head-banging barbarism.

End the FED - and American "Football".

Dumb sport.

Farqued Up's picture

Bread and circuses, true, but it is fun. The weekend is for gathering of friends far and wide. Every pastime that anyone enjoys fits your analysis.

Marriage, stupid institution, who cares if you are in love and love your kids. Just get together conjugally and satisfy sexual urges. Oh wait, no funning allowed, must save all efforts and energy for the welfare-warfare state.

I also am not overly impressed with academia's record, which exists to educate for the welfare-warfare state. Economics is a field in which academics does more harm than good. The same holds for just about all of the humanities courses and majors.

Besides, piss on any sick society..

slightlyskeptical's picture

So if spending on football goes down even a little bit vs. last year, GDP is in trouble.  And vis a versa of course. To use football as a sure fire reason for growth is retarded at best.

BeetleBailey's picture

What in the wide world of sports is this fucking nonsense?

himaroid's picture

NFL attendance has been trending steadily lower. That's OK though. Sell the long t bond hard. I need to reload.

pachanguero's picture

NFL+football+ bread and circus=New World Order tool!

nmewn's picture

Yes, rooting for your favorite soccer team or fighting qaib's is much better ;-)

nmewn's picture

Got it.

lasvegaspersona's picture

Does not 'seasonal adjustment' reduce the impact of football? Yes it can cause more $$ to flow but it does that every year. I doubt it will change the gross national product (not that we ever get real reliable numbers for it) a bit.

MontgomeryScott's picture

When the roasted pig (on a spit) is getting close to being edible (and hence ravenously consumed), the correct amount of 'seasonings' need to be applied (the head chef likes to refer to these as 'seasonable adjustments' according to the tastes of those who pay the chefs to please their palates).

It's not fully cooked until all the blood has been drained or boiled off; at which time the meat will be eaten (down to the very bone) by the ones who enjoy the feast.

When the pig was still alive, it seemed to relish the fact that more 'food' was fed to it incrementally (right up until the time when it was impaled on a rod and roasted alive over a fire).

robnume's picture

WTF? You are, clearly, insane or inane; you decide which is worse. Actually,  you're probably inane and insane. Whatever else you are you certainly talk like one who has too much money and too few brains. Typical Amerikan.

MontgomeryScott's picture


Who you talkin' to, BOY?

(Assume for the moment that the poster is responding to Tyler Durden)

gina distrusts gov's picture

It would be more interesting if the politicians were tossed in the stadium field with a pride of hungry lions, i might be willing to pay to see that back to rome

Joke Heros's picture

In the meantime, millions of mindless drones piss away their money for overpriced made in china team regalia and spend countless hours in front of the TV or at work arguing about teams, players, fantasy leagues, beat the shit out of each other in the stands, completely ignoring the fact that the gov't is screwing them every way which way while the country and world crumbles around them and the Federal Reserve is looting them and their childrens capital and they don't give it a second thought because it's 1st and 10 and "we" (as if there fat ass is on the team) are about to score the winning touchdown.

Yay for foozball.

weburke's picture

feetball is similar to that wrestling circus league, at least in outcomes, when dictated. 

MontgomeryScott's picture

Bread and Circuses.

Same shit that the Romans did just before the fall.

I used to like football because when I was a kid I liked to PLAY football (and could relate in a first-person manner). That was decades ago, and now that I'm all grown up, I realize that this 'sport' was a simple distraction from my youth that taught me to follow rules, work within a team, and always be physically fit; as well as be able to think independently in the face of an unpredictable opposition (all laudable goals, by the way, of the learning process).

FOOTBALL FANS; however, never developed most of these skills. The current crop of 'fantasy football league' fat fucks sitting on their 'tailgates' and proud that they weigh as much as their favorite 'sports heroes' (by body mass, NOT measured in 'muscle mass') usually throw like girls, and couldn't run a quarter-mile to save their own asses.

Hell, as long as they have the latest Chinese stereo wired in to their bald-tire'd Honda Civic (with the $1,200.00 wheels and the BALD TIRES and the strange fluids leaking out underneath); and have learned the latest finger-fucking 'gang signs'; and have at least TWO tattoos, they will be 'happy' (until the RAIDERS lose, of course; at which time they will beat up their pregnant girlfriends and be taken to court for child-support [AGAIN] and given restraining orders [AGAIN] that they will naturally violate [AGAIN]). There are AT LEAST TWO ENTIRE GENERATIONS of these people now present (some of them approaching their 50's).

Mind you, that's just in Davenport, Iowa.



bitterwolf's picture

LOL,worked for here too...ethnic super majority eats this shit up on the West coast. I wore a sports uniform as a kid too.... mine read 3rd ACR.

Salsipuedes's picture

Poor kid. Sounds like you grew up though.

MontgomeryScott's picture


A little TSA-style 'group-groping' on the way in to the stadium, combined with flag-waving shouts of 'Merkuh' during the half-time show, all while watching a bunch of Afros (hanging out of helmets); each one of them more testosterone-laden than the average roided SWAT-team member that shoots the neighbor's dogs...either paying $1,000.00 for the 'priveledge' of being there live, or being subjected to the beer commercials and political ads shouting 'Merkuh' from the confines of your home cubicle while watching on the Chinese-made video-screen built by slave labor...

If the 'economy' is built in America by the likes of this bullshit, then it really DOES deserve what's coming to it.

That only covers the NFL.

Let's check the College stuff for a minute...

Videos of 'football coach pedophile scandal' as a random search using BING (BING, of all places!):

For some reason, all the illegal alien Messicans seem to have a predeliction for 'RAIDERS' t-shirts; and stickers on their blinged Jap whigger-cars and Escalades. They prefer corporate corruption to amatuer corruption, I suppose.


I remember when the biggest 'scandal' was when Joe Namath went on television and hawked pantyhose.

SuperVinci's picture

dumbest post ever

MontgomeryScott's picture

"'Ignorance' and 'Arrogance' go hand-in-hand."

Three-word posts are like three-letter agencies.

The winner of the 'dumbest post ever' award goes to...


"Tell him what he's won. Johnny!"

'Well, 'BAG-MAN' has won an all-expenses-paid trip down to the Paradise that most call 'The Rabbit Hole'! HERE, he can learn that his grand delusion of normalcy can actually be a grand farce; and that the highest form of comedy is SARCASM! Be careful, thogh, 'BAG-MAN', because the trip might be a little more than you imagine it to be!'

2 years 25 weeks, and this poster is relying on 3-word 'opinionators' to attempt deflection (and they work in threes, according to the two up-arrows from Haifa immediately preceding). Dude can't even log on and download a PICTURE, for gosh sakes.

IGNORANCE, ARROGANCE, and AVARICE, SuperV. It's time to loosen up a little. You are not 'THE SHIT'; as you have been educated and told that you are:


(Bursting the fantasy bubble of 'foozball' everywhere,..)

Clowns on Acid's picture

So people go further into debt to attend a football game... thats growth?

The Most Interesting Frog in the World's picture

Close. The government goes into debt and gives the currency to a bunch of no good piece of shit lard asses for food, phones and other shit so now they have freed up cash flow to go watch a dumbass football game.

MontgomeryScott's picture

it depends on your point of view.

if you are the one who is making the loans so that the 'people' can continue to be entertained, then YOUR balance sheet WILL grow.

Now; shut up, and continue to PAY US! (sarc)

TeethVillage88s's picture

Hey maybe this is a Psy-Op.

They need some way to explain the Fake Fed GDP Growth Next few Quarters.

Salsipuedes's picture

Cracked skulls = 'broken windows' on steroids! Dr. Killthemifyoudare's wet dream! It's the best of the rank smoke and mirrors economy. At least they use their billion dollar stadiums (and players) for a few years before throwing them in the fetid stream like the glorious Olympics.

I am Jobe's picture

wearing other mans name as jersey is sexy

Signed Amerikan Men 

The Most Interesting Frog in the World's picture

And these stupid fuckers get to vote.

oddjob's picture

Bilking taxpayers for billions of dollars for lavish sports facilities is a crime. Hooray for the economy.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Yeah, I will have to think if the Article made a single good point.

This guy has to learn about Fiat Hording Executives, Owners, and Players for one. He wants us to Consume our way into new Jobs, New Employment, New Competitiveness, all on Top of the Biggest Empire of Debt in World History.

He thinks we still have a consumer economy. No, we have a Debt Based Economy with no Household Savings and no Household Pensions & Retirement Plans. Live for the Day and tomorrow will take care of itself. Well the average household is not going to OWN any part of the fleet of Robots that become the work machines of the future.

Yes, Ball Stadiums are Public Subsidies to Corporations or Wealthy Owners.

Money Squid's picture

what is the added value of all the dain bramaged football players? I heard the NFL settled for about $800 mill? That goes to in home care and lawyers.

MontgomeryScott's picture

No, no, NO!

You fail to understand.

Due to research spanning DECADES, the NFL (in collabaration with multinational 'sports-safety' manufacturers and the DOD) is soon to release the next generation of telemetric helmets. These helmets (equipped with GPS, RADAR, and special sensors) will be 'pro-active' due to the inclusion of 'micro-air-bags' within the 'cranium-defense areas' of each individually-sized helmet. Current testing indicates that these might be able to protect the average human from the full impact of 15-20 300-lb. NFL players attempting to crush the cranium by 'dog-piling'; by deploying pillows that are claimed to be like 'momma's titties' (according to some experimental subjects' personal testimonies. Unfortunately, other experiments showed that the deployments might have been timed too rapidly, and after we get the blood-brain mass cleaned out of the products in question, we will most likely be able to determine what went wrong and make subsequent quality improvements).

The current trend of brain-damaged players WILL, unfortunately, be the price that has to be paid (we up here in the 'future developments' department like to refer to this as 'collateral damage', but what the hell!).


Bill Gates


Sierra Leone Bioweapons development labs; LLC

"Growth is what we decide it is!"