Military Coup In Iraq: Prime Minister Maliki Refuses To Step Down; Security Forces On Alert, Encircle Presidential Palace

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Just days after the US launched a campaign that implicitly aides the current regime headed by the supposedly outgoing PM, al-Maliki, it appears that latest US intervention has already led to "unexpected" consequences, this time with the prime minister appearing to have just staged a coup overthrowing Iraq's president President Fouad Massoum moments ago.

Reuters reports that the prime minister "indicated that he will not drop his bid for a third term and accused the president of violating the constitution in a tough televised speech likely to deepen political tensions as a Sunni insurgency rages. Maliki, seen as an authoritarian and sectarian leader, has defied calls by Sunnis, Kurds, some fellow Shi'ites and regional power broker Iran to step aside for a less polarising figure who can unite Iraqis against Islamic State militants.

The days of Iraq's president appear numbered:

Bloomberg adds that Maliki says he’s going to federal court to sue President Fouad Masoum for violating the constitution, according to comments made to Iraqi state television. President Masoum in breach when he extended constitutional period for chosing a candidiate to form government and for missing deadline for new period, according to Maliki. Maliki adds that Masoum is in a "coup against the poilitical process” that would lead “Iraq into a dark tunnel.” Maliki warned Presidential council, parliament and federal court about Masoum.

The news has promptly led the WaPo Beirut chief correspondent Liz Sly to ask the question: did Baghdad just have a coup 3 days after the US conducted its fourth military intervention under as many US presidents?

Others are inclined to agree:

And according to less credible sources, the army is already in play:

Odd timing indeed. One thing is certain: the US will not let this crisis go to waste either.

However, what makes this particular development especially interesting is that a very organized ISIS is already doing its best to conquer the Iraq capital. A very disorganized army coup may be all that was needed to facilitate this goal, and to put the Iraq oil trade "in play" once again.

And the worst news of all: Obama two-week vacation on Martha's Vineyard is ruined one day after it started.

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Update: things are not looking good:


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Carpenter1's picture

Well, if ISIS is half serious about Baghdad, they should be hitting full force.



johngaltfla's picture

Time to draft those unemployed US 18 year olds and send them to do the jobs terrorists won't do.

Keyser's picture

ISIS is at the gates of Baghdad and Malaki throws a wobbly... You can't make this shit up... 

uno's picture

let's put Simon Elliot in charge of Iraq, he's good at following Mossad/CIA orders

algol_dog's picture

Put Dick Chaney in charge. I'm sure he'll know what to do -

Supernova Born's picture

Chaos and refugees. The plan for plunder.

uno's picture

why Iraq and not the USA

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Could the USSA have fucked up Iraq anymore...?

I suppose nuking the place or otherwise making it completely inhospitable for life would be worse, but this cluster-fuck is surely a close second.

quintago's picture looks like Iran found its successor to Maliki it was looking for. He'll be introduced right after Maliki is introduced to the curb.

SoberOne's picture

Been waiting g for a juicy news story al weekend.  Everyone KNEW it was coming.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

How is that fuckwit McCain still parading around? What an asshole, we should send him on a one way ticket to Tikrit.

0b1knob's picture

< Shoots himself 300 times with a machine gun from 200 feet away.

< Self inflicted air strike.

How will Maliki commit suicide?   Much like Diem in 1963 Viet Nam, he became 'inconvenient."

Keyser's picture

The US has been bombing the shit out of Iraq for over 20 years... It's like an old friend where you can dump munitions and it makes the MIC happy... 


Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

We can send the organization formally known as Blackwater over there to clean this up. The can take care of the problem and kill every innocent Iraqi left including women and children.

NoDebt's picture

The US Administration will be out shortly screaming "IT'S NOT A COUP!  IT'S NOT A COUP!"

And the military aid will continue, just like Egypt.

Latina Lover's picture

New World Order:  welcome to Amerika.  This is your life under hard fascism.

gmrpeabody's picture

OK somebody...

remind me..., who's on our side again?

SoberOne's picture

Hard fascism. Stealing it. So true.

Quus Ant's picture

I don't know if you folks know InformationClearingHouse

It's a decent aggregate site.  Staunchly anti-war, anti-Zion and anti-NeoCon. 

And their website is currently suspended. 

Does it mean anything? 



Interesting timing at the least.


Four chan's picture

there goes the neighborhood.

Quus Ant's picture

I don't believe in coincidences. 

Nice rack BTW. 

Drunk In Church's picture

Maliki's head will soon be on a pole.  But that's always been par for the course--historically speaking.  Bitchez.

Son of Loki's picture

<< OK somebody... remind me..., who's side are we on again? >>

Mesquite's picture

Perhaps more accurate to ask: 

Who's side are we on..?

*Well, I see trying to respond 

in an exploding thread is futile..

Paveway IV's picture

>WFT? It's NOT a coup. Israel and the U.S. have decided they don't like the current elected official of a soverign nation and want him forced out now. THAT's a coup. By the way, Israel and the U.S. are the ones that picked that psycho to be PM to begin with. Reap what you sow.

"...A sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government..." THAT's a coup.

I see even Tyler got caught up in the hysteria:

"Military Coup In Iraq: Prime Minister Maliki Refuses To Step Down; Security Forces On Alert, Encircle Presidential Palace"


FreedomGuy's picture

Yeah, I bet you saw this coming a mile away, right? So, tell us who Israel and the USSA will replace him with and why?

Paveway IV's picture

Why are you asking me? Watch CNN or read the New York Times - they're paid to tell you that.

FreedomGuy's picture

I want to get it here from the people who absolutely KNOW what is going on in the smoke filled back rooms of their favorite conspiracy groups. Maybe someone could link to an Adobe file of the minutes of their last meeting.

Nom de Guerre's picture

ASS-ociated Press:  In a shocking turn of events, Prime Minister Maliki has died of an apparent accident.  Members of his security team report that shortly before his death, the Prime Minister was seen to be attempting to simultaneously juggle a chainsaw, grenade and a cobra.

jeff montanye's picture

good point.

obknob1 or something, above, makes another one when comparing the current iraqi situation to saigon '63 and the assassination of diem:

Chandos's picture

Publicus said: « . »

Good point...

WhackoWarner's picture

ARE NOT GOING TO NUKE OIL.  Nice try Chaney et al,  But when push comes to pump the only question is "How come you are sitting on my (USA) oil wells?"  So inconvenient that you have all these diverse people sitting on "MY OIL".

WhackoWarner's picture

In Canada we just finsished apologizing for a century of forced assimilation (bunch of garbage that was courtesy of Nazi Harper) .  Is that nor what is happening here?  What the fuck are you Arabs doing on my God given right to own all OIL on the planet?  And who the frig do you think you are?  Self-determinataion?  Fuck you I will determine for you. I will steal everything including your dignity.  I will airlift your gold. I wiill force creation of a usary central bank. I will put you under our thumb and steal every piece of infrastructure and resource. I will let Blackwater determine your internal security. I WILL TAKE THE OIL YOU THINK YOU OWN.

Syria?  Iran? Iraq? Saudi? Yemen? Kuwait? etc. etc. etc.  What the fuck are you doing on "MY OIL???".    signed  USA.

Matt's picture

I think you are confused. The last residential schools closed before Harper came to power, and the forced sterilizations ended decades ago.

max2205's picture

So bullish...



Green tonight

nmewn's picture

Leftwing canuks are at home in a world of confusion.

Its easier to blame someone else for their being confused ;-)

Terminus C's picture

I think he's refering to Harper's appolgy to the natives for the assimilation (Borg style).

As for 'politics' in any nation... same as it ever was.

Rootin&#039; for Putin's picture

Which is a shame as they have a kid every year from 13 onwards.