Video Of The Russian "Humanitarian Convoy" Setting Off For Ukraine

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Update: As Zvezda News reports, the convoy has departed toward Ukraine.

From the source, google translated:

To the east of Ukraine on the morning of August 12 departed 280 wagons with Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations humanitarian aid.   


The cargo was sent from Moscow Narofominsk. Total cargo weight - 2000 tons. This is the most necessary things for the civilian population affected by the carrying out of the military operation in the south-east of Ukraine, namely 400 tons of cereals, 100 tons of sugar, 62 tons of baby food, 54 tons of medical equipment and medicines, as well as 12 thousand sleeping bags and 69 power generators.


The operation of sending basic necessities has been agreed with the International Committee of the Red Cross. This was reported by the ITAR-TASS news agency .



As noted earlier, the Kremlin announced today that despite Western warnings not to interfere, Russia was set to dispatch a convoy of humanitarian assistance for east Ukraine, under the guise of a Red Cross mission, which would mark the first time Russians have officially entered into east Ukraine (aside from Crimea of course), even if all sides have agreed there would be no Russian military escort.

"It was noted that the Russian side, in collaboration with representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross, is sending an aid convoy to Ukraine," the Kremlin statement said, without revealing when the convoy was going.

Shortly thereafter a video was leaked of what allegedly this convoy looks like: some ~300 military vehicles, all repainted "Humanitarian White."

Furthermore, as the license plates visible in the clip show (at least on the vehicles that exhibit plates), these are military plates with a black background and where the "76" and "50" designators indicates that the vehicles were licensed in Yaroslavl and Moscow regions. The breakdown of the various regional codes can be found here.

As we stated before, the vehicles are expected to be unarmed, which means that should something "bad" happen to them while on Ukraine territory, well, the word provocation certainly comes to mind.

The complete clip is shown below.

The trucks departing:

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Cattender's picture

Suck on That OBunga!!!

knukles's picture

They're whitewashing that!


Lordy... Putin has to just be getting his rock off, laughing every evening over a tumbler of great scotch, conjuring up ways to really piss Obama off, just antagonize the man every last way possible and sitting there doubled over laughing uncontrollably, tears running down his face....
Holy Be Jesus...

Paint the shit white and call it aide...
Oh Jesus...

Vlad is one twisted sick fucking puppy.  Man, he'd a been a riot to party with, I'll bet.

Urban Redneck's picture

That's remarkably high-gloss whitewash for a military vehicle, whatever happened to cheap spray cans of dull krylon? The Russians must be trying to impress some audience...

Publicus's picture

#USA bombing #Iraq is a 'humanitarian' mission #Russia sending food+medicine to #Donetsk #Lugansk is an 'invasion', strange world we live in

Portuguese Revolutionary's picture

+1000 Publicus!

This "Newspeak" is getting in our minds really fast...

jeff montanye's picture

nice reference.  wonder how many can get past the bar.  

to the interested but uncertain: white russians were also the russians that opposed the communists led by lenin and trotsky.  many were later given succor by the europeans and the north americans.

i like that it is also a kickass pot strain.

nope-1004's picture

Ruh Roh!!!  .GOV will be mad, because the aid will put an end to any "humanitarian" reason the US may have had to step in.  Plus, it shows Putin as a caring individual sending aid, which is not what you want protrayed in the media when he is being sold as a maniacal leader.

So now what does the US have on Russia to complain about?  Not much.  Putin stole the playbook right from the US.  "Go in, secure the land, then send aid".

Once again Barney Soetero looks like a complete jackass.  KGB meet Rotary Club.... lol.


Four chan's picture

he'll  have to send semis of poisoned food to be half the man stalin was.

Manthong's picture’s about freaking time,….

..just  a shame there  are not a few hundred T-99’s’ up front..


Davalicious's picture

Putin is a Jew. Jews on both sides are pushing us towards war. War in Europe = more dead white people. Their control of ISIS clears a path for "Greater Israel" in the ME. Then ISIS can continue with their #WarOnWHites.

rocker's picture

Nothing seems real anymore. We have Nitennowityahoo bombing Palistalians who he keeps in a surrounded combine. We have a Bambi telling Russia what is right or wrong on World (U.S.)  policy when the U.S. fucked up everything in the middle east. We have China, (who we want to win over), telling us they don't trust us anymore than anybody else. U.S.A. is pissing off the world's peoples everywhere on earth and nobody has a real clue how to fix any of it.

On a more important note: A Real Good Person Died on Monday. Robin Williams. Now that is a sign there is no hope for good anywhere. We be Fucked. All of us. The world is under siege by the 1%. Good Day All !?! 

Headbanger's picture

Now all we need to see is Vlad leading the convoy riding a white horse bare chested with a hot Russian babe behind him also bare chested.


And just STFI Davalicious cause Vlad's mom was Christian.


Bossman1967's picture

Sad days in the world all! I sit and read and wonder why the hell our country is letting these politicians run a muck? Sad sad sad. Im 46 and at my mid life I must wonder does the world need a purge to do away with the evil that is just chewing us up? RIP robin

Leonardo Fibonacci2's picture

That's Obama getting a brilliant idea!! Too bad the bird wasn't black

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Do they have a bullseye painted on top of those wagons?

The lead ones certainly have go faster stripes!

FreedomGuy's picture

I want to see the tanks and artillery painted white with crosses on them.

Juno Rock's picture

Just a "little" difference of definition "humanitarian aid".

USA? Bombs, bullets, blood and guts.

Russia? That 'dastardly' food+medicine! 

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

But but but the US of A drops Liberty Bombs®, and those bullets are actually supersonic democracy (export version). The oppressed of the world clamor for both, and they look to US leadership to provide.

Sure, the Russians are sending food and medicine, but it's Soviet Tsarist food and medicine of the Red Commonist Imperial Monarchy. Not very nourishing or healthy if it leaves you gasping for the sweet air of 'american' freedom.

BigJim's picture

If only DU were naturally white.

Rootin' for Putin's picture

Damn you Russia!  Feeding injured children. 

The west will not stand for this!

BigJim's picture

I wonder if the Ukrainians will dare attack.

I suspect if they don't rise to the bait, the separatists - maybe even the Russuans - will attack the convoy and claim provocation.

It's not just the West and Israel who enjoy a good false flag.

Much as I enjoy watching Putin outflank our owners, let's not forget he's just the same as them, just 'leading' a different team.

Tall Tom's picture

It's not just the West and Israel who enjoy a good false flag.


Much as I enjoy watching Putin outflank our owners, let's not forget he's just the same as them, just 'leading' a different team.


Good point. Very true. This is an onimous development.

Supafly's picture

It seems that we here are also choosing the lesser of 2 evils.  Same game, different venue.

jeff montanye's picture

not saying i am, but, were i putin, i would do all i could to keep a false flag by the east ukraine separatists from occurring.  should the kiev zionazis not rise to the first bait, there is always the second.   and then, the third, and . . . .

MsCreant's picture

I would normally agree. I think the shiftiest, trickiest thing Putin can do to Obama is....wait for it....act with total and absolute integrity. 

Not that he always does, or always has, but on the world stage? You betcha' fellow bitchex.

jeff montanye's picture

didn't read you until after i had ommented.  very good to hear from you.  it's kind of like comparing lennon's "imagine" to kissinger's "realpolitik", works of rough contemporaneanity.  the dreamer is the realist, the cynic, the fool.

tumblemore's picture

Yes. The key fact with the neocons in the state department is they are utterly dishonest and they seem to care less and less about hiding it. They put on a bit of a show to fool the TV audience but everyone actually paying attention knows how vile they are. So Putin acting with integrity - genuine or otherwise - highlights the vileness of the neocons.





acetinker's picture

Well, my dear Publicus; If your policy for the last five or six decades has been to destabilize the world in order to further the bankster agenda, you gotta expect that the narrative will become pure bullshit.

Not that long ago, Jeremiah Wright was made a pariah for saying that America's chickens are coming home to roost.  Odipshit promptly distanced himself from his erstwhile pastor, but I think Wright was absolutely err, right!

Don't get me wrong, I have never once voted for Odipshit, and I don't think he has an agenda- he just says what he's told to say.

I'm not black.  Furthermore, I'm not a member of Wright's church.  I gotta admit though, that the fucker was right, no matter what faith or color he is.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yes, Publicus,

I call that the

Bizarro Mirror World:




The Merovingian's picture

Fuck me ... after that photo of Merkel and Putin yucking it up at the World Cup (and right before they inked that huge natural gas contract) this is now all making perfect sense.  And, it virtually guarantees there won't be any 'accidental aggression' toward Putin on our part as he rolls through eastern Europe.  It's like Hitler's expansion only in reverse.  

I love the smell of appeasement in the morning ... it smells like surrender and tastes like diversity.  Yummy!

Now quick, queue the French and Italians.  We just need one of each for the CIA and FBI respectively.  Actually, fuck the French, they already got the IMF ... bring in a Spaniard instead for the CIA. 

Eisenhower must be spinning like a top right now ... 

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Riding in like Liberators TM.

Good PR.

DeadFred's picture

I looked close but didn't see any bulls eyes painted on the vehicles. Maybe there's a chance they get through without being false flagged. Maybe.

onthesquare's picture

Should have painted them red and made a long line with them.  Get it?


Red line.  hee hee.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Maybe there's a chance they get through without being false flagged. Maybe.

I'll bet that each and every truck is clean as a whistle. Everything they're hauling is legitimate relief supplies and the bill of materials matches the cargo exactly.

That's not all. Vlad knows that the Yatzis in Kiev are retarded stupid, and their CIA/NATO handlers are desperate. Each of those trucks is probably fitted with multiple video cameras, with clocks syncronized across all cameras and trucks, with both onboard recording and live streams back to the Ministry of Defense. There are probably a variety of other monitoring devices and sensors along the route they'll be traveling.

Additionally, every radio communication (including cell phones) is being monitored, the whole area is painted with radar of every sort, and satellites above are watching closely. When the Banderatards and/or their hired American/Canadian mercenaries fuck up, it will be seen in no uncertain terms by a worldwide audience.

Should prove to be interesting.

MsCreant's picture

I'd have neutral observers watching and listening.

I think he will play this squeaky clean. It is all he has to do to show Obama up. You can count on our fuckers to be crooked as shit.


Putin knows it, Obama blows it.

Antifaschistische's picture

Why doesn't Putin invite along some "observers"....I'm thinking, Icelandic or Sweedish or Australian....or even something with an Asian twist.

agNau's picture

Without a doubt, I saw Wolf Blitzer peepin out the third truck from the rear.
Ready to report the truth.

DOT's picture

Yes, clean as a whistle going in but what or who will be returning with the trucks? Putin is gonna steal some wheel barrows!

robertocarlos's picture

"their hired American/Canadian mercenaries" This made me sad, Stupid fucking Canucks.

Realname's picture

The Chinese know how to pimp their military vehicles.

Holy shit, the length of that...anyway...check out the whitewalls on their mobile launchers. Pimpin'

BlindMonkey's picture

Who signed off on the whitewalls? I bet it has hydraulics to slam it to the ground too.

Proofreder's picture

'60's Portawalls

Right outta J.C. Whitney

MontgomeryScott's picture

Thing's got 'roof air', too! No doubt Chem/Bio resistant (and probably keeps the cab at a comfortable 72 degrees).

The white gloves on the men match the whitewalls PERFECTLY!

Maintainence consists of several gallons of 'Armor-All' (tm) for the tires (and in the washing machine at the Chinese version of the Post Exchange).


How many hundred thousand western lives will be instantly incinerated if they ever use their missile? What's even MORE important is: How long will it take to clean the tires after they launch it?

SoDamnMad's picture

Nothing on the ICRC web site about their knowledge and coordination on this convoy. Is the Russian RC a section of the FSB?