The Complete History Of US Presidents Bombing Iraq Back Into The Stone Age

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What else is there to add here, it is simple really: if need i) distraction from domestic scandal, ii) a ready source of emergency offshore oil or pushing US E&P companies to drill , or iii) a script for a Hollywood movie provisionally titled "Wag the dog", then just bomb the living crap out of Iraq. Even US presidents (all of them beginning with the first Bush) have figured it out.

Behold, the biggest contribution to the civilized world by the US military-industrial complex and their administration puppets:

  • Operation Desert Shield
  • Operation Desert Storm
  • Operation Provide Comfort I and II
  • Operation Southern Watch
  • Operation Desert Strike
  • Operation Northern Watch
  • Operation Desert Fox
  • Operation Southern Focus
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Operation New Dawn
  • Operation [Provide Humanitarian Aid]

P.S. Dear Iraqi people, our condolences.

Source: WSJ

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What's the difference again?


Glad we finally got _______ out of there!


It's _______'s fault!

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"It was worth it!" (Madeleine "wish I was a dual citizen" Albright)

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well, we didn't really wanted to do it but we did it out of patriotisme!

1.260.000 million Iraqi citizens killed in the process?

who's counting right?

Stalin and Hitler would be proud.

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This is strictly for domestic consumption.  The US does not have many places they can bomb now as the "black hats" are blocking their "fun".  But there is always Iraq.  The good news is the US is well practiced at bombing Iraq and they are good at it.  Iraq has lots of brown people.  And it's "worth" it.

Bombs away!!

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Freedom-bombs for everyone!!!

Or stated a different way:  Freedom bombs for everyone...

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Why don't we just rename it "Iraq Proving Grounds" and be done with it.

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"Noam Chomsky "Thought Control In Democratic Societies" "

super fun video of gnome 'splaining the libertarian position of support for public education and universal health insurance


no hint of irony or contradiction



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Summary: Operation Loot Iraq

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Should be renamed the 'Military Iraqi Complex'...

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Its not the presidents, its the MIC bombing Iraq to get rid of old ammo and Oil cartel getting cheap oil.

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Anyone miss the days when aircraft carriers were endlessly circling Iran?  I know I do.  I expected it was a prelude to the golden age of bombing.  All kinds of great munitions would be used on virgin territory.  In Iraq the US is simply bombing bomb holes at this point.  Yeah, they keep renaming the Iraqi targets to try and keep it fresh, but you can never go home to Iraq 1991.  Good times.

And what's with Kerry?  You could always rely on Chaney or Albright for a spine chilling quote at the right time.  Kerry?  Meh.

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Yup! He's a funny guy if you know what to listen for

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Great video, SafelyGraze.

Here's Jesse Ventura's take on ISIS

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I wish they would name these operations in a way that reflected what is really going on.

Operation "Destroy Secular Arab Countries and Unleash Islamic Crazies 1: Iraq"

Operation "Destroy Secular Arab Countries and Unleash Islamic Crazies 2: Iraq, again"

Operation "Destroy Secular Arab Countries and Unleash Islamic Crazies 3: Egypt"

Operation "Destroy Secular Arab Countries and Unleash Islamic Crazies 4: Libya"

Operation "Destroy Secular Arab Countries and Unleash Islamic Crazies 5: Iran Oh Wait Iran is already fundamentalist so never mind HEADFAKE"

Operation "Destroy Secular Arab Countries and Unleash Islamic Crazies 6: Syria"

Operation "Destroy Secular Arab Countries and Unleash Islamic Crazies 7: Iraq, AGAIN THIS TIME WE FINISH IT"



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The names of the operations are part of the humor value of the event.  You want realism, get the video tape.

Just appreciate these beautiful things for what they are!

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Perhaps I am nitpicking, but Iran is not an Arab country.

Nevertheless, your point is clear.


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Waiting for MIC to star selling ad space on bombs/cruise missles and the like. IBM, Exxon, Boeing come to mind. Trip Advisor too.

WB7, how about some concept drawings??

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"Operation Destroy Secular Arab Countries and Unleash Islamic Crazies 7: Iraq Again, and This Time We're Going Even All-The-Way-ier!"

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Personally I think they should name the operations after fish - Operation Guppy, Operation Haddock, Operation Minnow etc....


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The Presidents listed (article & mug shots) are all FUCKERS who raped the American middle class.

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These 4 great guys busted their humps to keep you entertained and this is the thanks they get?

There is only one sin: the sin of ingratitude.

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Uh, oh. I got "down arrowed".  I suppose you wanted the video in 3D?  Millennials...

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Yes, they deserve their faces on coinage. All hail our fucking Caesars!


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Miffed, Good morning. Wife sent this link and we wanted to see if you could check it out and let us have your take on it sometime? Thanks, boattrash

Re:this study evaluated the pathogenesis of aerosol infection in 18 rhesus macaques.

(Link includes a Link to full PDF) you may have seen this before.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Oh great! You've added to my pile. I have been pouring over articles in the Journal of Infectious Disease, Virology and Immunology for information on transmission and pathology. It's getting frustrating because I need more than the synopsis of the abstract so it look like I need to subscribe to get the detail of the info I seek.

I guess the free information is allowed so I would be unable to garner sufficient info to develop an efficacious compound for treatment or an undeserved award for a breakthrough idea. Obviously this is not my intent, just knowledge about the virus.

Maybe the veterinary journals are more loose about their research than the human. I will get to this and give you a response. The more I have delved into what I have read the more depressed I get. This virus is a killing machine and I really am losing hope for a effective vaccine being developed that would work in all cases with multiple strain outbreaks. The pathogenesis is astounding with multiple mechanisms. Pray hard this just burns out.


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Miffed, Sorry, thanks, and sorry. I sent summary link. Here is link to full text (from summary page, PDF also on that page).

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Aerosol Zaire Ebolavirus!


That's all we need! After all, who cares for peak growth and economic collapse.

Thanks for the link.

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"Freedom-bombs for everyone!!!" YES

Remember also freedom fries ...

Remember also how much hate FRANCE got in the US for NOT wanting to contribute in this dirty Irak war.

The TV news showing proud Americans pouring French wines in the gutter, the “cheese-eating surrender MONKEYS” things – all kind of silly jokes still continuing, even in ZH …. Five years of Anti-French slander and vilification was thus thrust by the White House, the administration, members of Congress, governors and by lackeys in the media (like Fox News or Murdoch Press).


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And the domestic market wants to see grainy video of laser guided smart bombs hitting buildings of all kinds.  Football season is still a month away and baseball and tranny porn are starting to get boring.

Show me the video!!!!!

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Note they were called "operations" and not wars.  Like an executive order.  An "operation" does not require congressional approval.

I am Chumbawamba.

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And "operation" conveys a sense of surgical precision.

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it's all about the labels, definitions, brands-named

and those who believe in them.

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And all 44 Presidents with blood lineage to European descendents of royalty...


'US President' - your not voted in...your born into it by how much 'special blood' you have.


Or did you think just anyone walking the streets of Chicago can rise up and become President and thwart the efforts of 1,000s of year of deciption, lies, omissions, perversions, that 'they' have created for us for enslavement?


MalteseFalcon's picture

Here are a few presidents whose blood lineage was not so "pure":  Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy.

BLOTTO's picture

And interestingly - all 3 got snuffed out.


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The "UNITED STATES " is a corporation sole and can only be taken over by bloodline (family)

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Even Stalin and Hitler would have the intellectual fortitude to call US aggression what it is - CONQUEST FOR PROFIT = FREEDOM INC.

Sadly, in the USA (devoid of ANY conscience), "no one could see it coming;"  back to the industrial faggot, immigration and abortion complexes as the most important issues facing mankind.


Cathartes Aura's picture

perpetual wars for perpetual profiteering.


with perpetual distractions for

perpetual uniformed volunteers.


this is what nationstates perpetuate. . .



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The United States of America has not been in any other conflics outside its own boarders since it was set up in 1776, However the UNITED STATES since its setup and takeover in 1871 has been involved in 201 conflicts , and most people are to dumb to know the differance.

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Stalin and Hitler would be proud.


Indeed Sudden Debt, you are right. 


What a continous horror show the people of Iraq continue to endure - I mean even those in the west re-building their lives with some success, still remain fragile and still scarred and shaken by this horror show.


500,000 children under the age of 5 were killed by Sanctions - I mean ok, I get it, the World "imposed" them - but who suffered? Not Saddam or his gangs - but innocents.  It really makes my blood boil.


What's in store for the next generation will not be a secret.  I mean sometimes I wonder if the true "Chosen People" (I say this in dark jest), are in fact the people of Iraq, because it seems everyone wants a piece of them!


Most of the Iraqis I've met on my travels are well educated, well meaning folks, so maybe that's why they are getting butchered. 


Compare that with the blood thirsty Zionists and Israelis (who are doing killing and butchering - directly, and via US proxy), and you can see what approach seems to increase the chances of success.


So what's the message to be taken from this? Be like the organ harvesting zionists, charge your friends interest, hoard the green paper money, fuck everyone else - what a sick fucking world this is.






MalteseFalcon's picture

"500,000 children under the age of 5 were killed by Sanctions"

People grow up much faster in the 3rd world.  Think in terms of "dog years".

new game's picture

The human species is heading right back to the modern dark ages. All 2000 years of fiendish actions will prevail as that is whom rules and survived. As for the underclass, best to plan to fight for death which will be better than being alive if tptb prevail. Still searching for place to hide from these sociopaths- Ely anyone?

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This year we should hit 31 million people killed by America since the end of the second world war

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All wars are Banksters' wars.
And who are the dominant banksters?

These guys ALL ran interference for Israel* and the Fed. And they still do.

* Think of when Saddam funded the escalating wave of suicide bombers in Israel, and switched his oil sales from USD to Euros. These are the real reasons that the Neo/Zio-Cons had to depose Saddam and take Iraq.

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The 2 Party dictatorship at its finest

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All 4 of them are El See Eye Aye duh.  All intel stooges.   What a joke. Amerika has no real elections.

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Operation Peak Cheap Energy

Operation The Spice Must Flow