DeaR RuDDeRLeSS...

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A limerick for Barry Jong Un

He likes to play golf and have fun

But unlike young Kim

His future looks dim

As respect for Dear Leader is none

The Limerick King


[WB7: Trust me, you won't find this kind of entertainment anywhere else. I 've looked]

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nailed it !.... thanks wb7. 

'Dear Leader of the Free World'  .... looking a bit Austin Powers Dr Evil ..... so who's mini-me ? ....  

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I can find you some entertainment that you can't find anywhere else too.  It just depends how you define "entertatianment".  My definitiion of of entertainment includes "home remodeling" and sneak attack home showings where people just stop by to look at the place.

What could be more entertaining than that?  I mean here you are all covered in Alex Plus and sawdust and there is construction crap laying everywhere and now somebody wants a showing.  Hold on, let me get the back blower fired up so I can clean myself off.

Yes, sure let's take a look around.  Oh yeah, I see finally caught that fucking woodchuck in the conibear, the Obama in the woodpile that he was, chewing on everything in site but he's not dead yet.  So you bust out the 45 and finish it with a head shot after you tell them to stand back and cover their ears.  There is always a woman with on these showings of course and they are always from a big city, usually the Twin Cities or Chicago.  Too bad.

Later on on the tour one of the idiot gets himself into a ground hornet nest on a trail on the property and got stung three times.  I did not know it was there.  He was pretty cool about that and I am glad he wasn't allergic to bees but for fuck sakes folks you are in the mildde of the wilderness.  It is not a suburb and not close to anything except a few taverns which is alll you need to be close to because they have booze can sterilize any injury you may incur.

I sometimes wonder about some of these people who think they want to move out the woods and live there.  That is all fine and dandy, but it isn't what it seems "As seen on TV".  The northwoods is ruthless.  You either kill or you wll be overrun.  If you do not have the heart to do that then there is nothing I can do about it.  I grew up there and you will have to kill things without hesitation.

I am pretty sure I won't get an offer on the place from those two.  It is not really my fault though.  What was I supposed to do?  Fuck, I was laying new flooring and there is a real estate agent for the property who's number is listed on the sign out front. 

My form of entertainment is different and occurs when worlds collide.  For work, I collide with urbanites all of the time who bitch about everything that does not matter without understanding what they are bitching about.  I let it go.  On my property in the woods, I will make the decisions.  If you want to buy this property, or any like it around then this is what you need to do.  It's fight club and you will HAVE to fight.  When the realization sinks in about what it really is like to live up north in the woods, a lot of folks just walk away.  I always leave a parting shot that goes something like this:  "Maybe this place isn't for you and the next place you look at around here will be no different."

I have not watched that movie "No Country for Old Men".  Maybe I never will but the title sounds about right.  Well, this place I have is "No Country for Anyone Except Deerflies and Mosquitoes".

I love you all on WB7's BOard and thanks for letting me rant.  I don't get to the computer that often anymore.   

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Why would you want to cast Dear Leader in such a disrespectful slight?

Could it be cause he scrurries around during the night?


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The lapel pin was a nice touch, but I really preferred Circle K today- those shoes!

(And those legs...)

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Mr. Banzai: I regret that I have only one upvote to give ... +1,000

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There once was a man named Barry
Who was Rumored to be a Fairy
But when he hit the Town
He would pull his pants way down
Now they all say he has a Cherry

There once was a boy named Barry
Who was confused about how to Marry
He left such good times with a Pang
He ran with Buddies from Choom Gang
Now he has kids, Michelle & Jeri

There once was a boy from Hawaii
He wanted to change all of Society
He went to Chicago and New York
Found a bunch of guys he wanted to Spork
But never got rid of all the Anxiety

There once was a boy from Harvard Law
Who met all dissidents & Pols he saw
Communism was interesting and Right
USA he said was something big to Fight
speeches now sound like Whaw, Whaw, Whaw

There once was a boy from Harvard law
Who only read socialist polemics he saw
Great ideas these socialist he found
Why I could bring these programs around
I'll end poverty, and bring war to a draw


At least when you got the clap after a weekend of debauchery, there was penicillin to make things okay again. 

No cure for leadership cancer.

America has been suffering from leadership cancer for decades.

And, it looks like there is no cure for it short of total recall. Or, reset, not sure which will work.  

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i wonder if anyone has thought of putting his DNA up for comparison with the Bushes? he could be the legacy decider in chief

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Yeah, but who made the decision to let this monster out of the womb?

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Picture 10, limerick 10.  Both together 100!