Ron Paul Slams Media MH17 "War Propaganda", Claims US "Knows A Lot More Than It's Telling Us"

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Former Congressman Ron Paul warns the US government knows "more than it is telling" about the Malaysian aircraft that crashed in eastern Ukraine last month, killing 298 people on board and seriously damaging US-Russian relations in the process. In an apparent effort to provide some balance of opinion against what he calls "war propaganda", Paul issued the following succinct statement:

The U.S. government has grown strangely quiet on the accusation that it was Russia or her allies that brought down the Malaysian airliner with a buk anti-aircraft missile.


The little that we have heard from U.S. intelligence is that it has no evidence that Russia was involved. Yet the war propaganda was successful in convincing the American public that it was all Russia’s fault. It’s hard to believe that the U.S., with all of its spy satellites available for monitoring everything in Ukraine that precise proof of who did what and when is not available.


When evidence contradicts our government’s accusations, the evidence is never revealed to the public - for national security reasons, of course. Some independent sources claim that the crash site revealed evidence that bullet holes may have come from a fighter jet. If true, it would implicate western Ukraine.


Questions do remain regarding the serious international incident. Too bad we can’t count on our government to just tell us the truth and show us the evidence.


I’m convinced that it knows a lot more than it’s telling us.

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As we noted here - there appears to be plenty that we are not being told about MH17.

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Whatta's picture

Well, if true, I am absolutely certain we will never hear that on the CBS Evening News.

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I just checked Huffpost & Dailykos and it's not there either. So this is obviously false.

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A couple of decades ago a Texas college psychology professor published an article on what it takes to be a 'good' president.

To lie and be believed was her conclusion. Have not been able to locate it again.

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And Ron Paul owns Oblamo, again... It's getting to be too easy to punk the POTUS... 

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

more references to support Banzai's info

here's the actual item from the new strait times

and there's other followup links and references -


Tyler, i reckon you might wanna take up the cudgel

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I think its probable that the US was winky wink with a plane full of Dutch citizens shot down by Ukraine because the plan is the wrestle the oil and gas dependency from Russia. Its all business,just ask Hunter Biden. They want the European Union outraged but 33% of all gas is from Russia. This is a longterm competitive business strategy for Ukraine,US and petrodollar communities.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

my other 2 cents worth-

that analysis claiming a plane shot the cockpit from either side (because entry and exit holes are side by side on the cockpit wreckage) may discount the possibility of just one plane firing machine gun rounds into a cockpit/plane that is spinning out of control - or spinning to avoid its attacker

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Let's see. Earlier this year, a Malaysian Airlines 777 disappears into thin air. Now, months later a very odd Malaysian Air 777 is found in Ukraine crashed. Hmmmmm........

max2205's picture

It just a deal  to get MA  cheap


Taken private for .12 and delisted


Somebody made some serious money on the shortzide and Private clkse.


Follow the money

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There is something very strange with MH17 flying the wrong serial number too...there is much more to this story.  9M-MRC was in two places at evidenced in pictures taken in Amsterdam before MH17 took off. Someone playing hide the Malaysian 777 game.

The KEY to Dr. Paul's statement is that this story has "convinced" the US American and European Sheeple that Russia is to blame, and thus setting off a chain of really bad stuff.

German DAX is down 15% since second set of RU sanctions, if Germans don't get some backbone and dump the Euro and embrace resource rich RU, the Western Bankers will surely achieve a victory here.

As a other side the US taxpayers PAY for our intelligence services, and those guys deliver NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING.  What a complete waste.

theonewhowaskazu's picture

Meaning Obama is about 50% of the way there, just missing the "and be believed" bit? 

jeff montanye's picture

yes indeedy.  he better start using reverse psychology because people are assuming the truth is the opposite of what he says.

imo this one is going to have legs.  building 7?  never got beyond the fringe.

but mh17?  this may open some eyes.

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FDL isn't any of that shite tho associated.

The worm for Obama may indeed be turning....

Liberal's picture

FDL is a racist Website because instead of just worshipping the President like we are all supposed to, they, like, criticized him and stuff. So, while it is a liberal site, it's a bad liberal site.

palmereldritch's picture

Their demo is Blue Dog Dems so this may be a indicator of the expected breadth and depth of the conservative shift about to assert itself within the Blue-Red tag team they call 'Democracy'.

But yeah. They are bad liberals...thinking for themselves and all...or at least seeming to

putaipan's picture

meanwhile, ukraine's latest lob in the propoganda war..... it was their false flag! (i.e. the rebels failed to down a russian jet and nailed the malaysian in error). it was your false flag! no yours! no yours that didn't work! you can't make this shit up.

Liberal's picture

Ron Paul wants people to be free and responsible for themselves and not be totally dependent on the government and not be leeching off of other people and like, respect people's property and privacy rights. HA! As a staunch liberal, I think he's a terrorist.

maskone909's picture

"Finished off by machine gun"

Wow thats fuked up. Imagine being a passenger in that thing- taking fire from 20mm machine guns 30k feet in the air. One of those rounds can rip you in half. Horrible horrible experience

BrosephStiglitz's picture

The pilot's cockpit looked like swiss cheese.  Whether machine-gun fire, or shrapnel there was no way either of those two were even alive to steer the thing.  Short of a Vincent Vega (Pulp Fiction) style holy miracle- which would also be decidedly short-lived.

StormShadow's picture

"Say what one more time MFer!"

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

the article alleges to have assessed side by side photos of 30mm rounds vs air-to-air- shrapnel and discounts the air to air missile as a possible cause

but id like to see those comparative images myself. Anyone got a link / source?

Ginsengbull's picture

Actually, SU-25's use 30mm machineguns, I think.

Mentaliusanything's picture

The holes are 30mm and have been swabbed for projectile identification. US analyists agree. (till they are told to go on Holiday)

Oh!!! the egg on US administration faces (and the smell of moral decay and corruption) Still waiting for the Black Box recordings that must match the Air controllers conversations. I think I'll be dead long before they are released.

Hat tip Jesse cafe

junction's picture

C'mon Ron. quit toying with us.  Who has the desk plaque in his office with the words "THE BUK STOPS HERE."  Is it the Ukranian president with the unspellable last name?  Did Victoria Nuland have something to do with the cover-up?  Or is the culprit not a top public official but a SU-25 flight commander who ordered the shootdown because he could?  Putin denies responsibilty but how can you trust a former KGB spy?  Yes, the best suspect appears to be none of the above, instead being VP Joe Biden's oil drilling son, who has the most to gain from turbulence in Ukraine.  

Tall Tom's picture

Garbage website.


The picture displayed (supposedly of MH17 crashing) is actually the crash of a Boeing 727, PSA Flight 182, into North Park, San Diego, California, USA, on September 25, 1978. It was on approach and it had collided with a Cessna.


I attempted to correct it and was not allowed. It is far too difficult to register to post. They are in the business of publishing MISINFORMATION.


If they are inaccurate in one part of the report then you can impeach their testimony on that.


Living here in San Diego County, I rememeber that day all too well. (I was living in Phoenix at the time but I have close ties to this place.) I have flown in and out of Lindbergh Field many times and it has left its mark.


It seems as if nobody cares about the truth.

Lea's picture

You can find the same article all over the Web, and here's the Malaysian source:

BaghdadBob's picture

Malaysian media claims US already aware that MH17 was shot down by Ukrainian fighter jet....

So, what are the sanctions against Russia really for? De-dollarization anyone....?

Barbarossa296's picture

Ron Paul and Paul Craig Roberts - two names at the top of the government's "hit" list.  I think they just let them live so they can add the names of their sympathizers to that same list.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

Not necessary for them to have some kind of 'unfortunate accident'. They are able to have the MSM ignore both them and their supporters, which is where most of the brain dead populace gets their news. Their message only reaches people like us, who always hear it because we have up on the MSM and looked for it. It is telling that you haven't heard shit from the gov or the presstitutes lately. A lot less coverage than the other missing jet received. I agree with them. The US knows it was their puppets in Ukraine, not the rebels or the Russians, which is why they are letting this one slip away. No way do I believe the us gov doesn't know exactly what happened to that thing. And I'd say that initial bout of propaganda worked exactly as it's supposed to. By now, it's engrained in the memory of most as 'that malasian jet the Russians shot down'. Most people still believe whatever fox or msnbc tells them for some reason.

Cheyenne's picture

I co-wrote an article with PCR that he posted today.

It's now the lead article on OpEd news...

What caught Roberts' interest was a video I'd made (about the real jobs picture in the U.S.) with the other co-author, Dave Kranzler:

I wish I'd known about that hit list. Damnit. As a long-time zh'er, though I was probably on it anyhow I guess.


Whatta's picture

Yes Dr Paul, they do, so wtf else is new?

And why do they allow our "crazy uncle" to continue to walk around? Figure he'd have had an "accident" by now.

Duffy's picture

a troubling amount of support in the military...

Omen IV's picture

The wall of lies are crumbling

The end is near!

Omen IV's picture

The wall of lies are crumbling

The end is near!

Implied Violins's picture

- and, *another* brick in the wall...

alexcojones's picture

Malaysia held a War Crimes trial and convicted Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld in absentia, and probably the CIA & Mossad.

Couple montha later, not ONE but TWO Malaysian jumbo jets go down, all passengers missing and or dead.

Empires, Dying Empires, like to take other with them.

Go Putin

SilverIsMoney's picture

Putin and the BRICS will be the same as the old boss... not saying I disagree with you but it's time for people to start taking care of themselves and ignoring all of it. It starts with creating a currency system only the free market controls...

JustUsChickensHere's picture

Gold, Silver, Bitcoin ...  Pb, water and food (and Pb delivery tools)

Omen IV's picture

I think the War Crimes Trial is the epi-center of the larger scandal -

while Paruiby organized the Ukranian jets attack on the Malayasian passenger plane - the real story is the probability of the plane being a Malayasian scheduled flight

there must be several hundred flights per day going both east and west over the Ukraine - with the bulk of the flights major airlines: Lufthansa / BA / Air France / KLM / Air China/ Singapore etc to 25 major direct destinations in europe and asia

Malayasian Airlines represent less than 1% of the flights probably much less

so what are the odds they would get tagged? - then take the odds for two Malayasian flights going down in less than six months?

Would love for an algo to run an article on probability !!!!!

what it means is that not only was CIA informed by Paruiby of the hit since they were prepared including Obama with Propaganda machine instantly - if you remember -  but CIA must have designated the hit not Ukraine Military  - as payback for the Trial along with blaming Putin as part of the scam

The Dutch are really idiots for believing any of this


daveO's picture

The propaganda was instantaneous, just like after Sandy Hook. Scripted in advance.

Also, from wikiP Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission. Another suspect, more recently convicted. 

In November 2013, the tribunal convicted State of Israel guilty of genocide of the Palestinian people and convicted former Israeli general Amos Yaron for crimes against humanity and genocide for his involvement in the Sabra and Shatila massacre.[12]


JustObserving's picture

Unpossible.  The US government always speaks the truth as it did for 9/11.  And the second death of Osama bin Laden.

Seymour Hersh on death of Osama bin Laden: ‘It’s one big lie, not one word of it is true’

erg's picture

ixnay on the uthtray

samsara's picture

The Best President America Never Had.