WHO Warns "No End In Sight" As 170 Ebola Healthcare Workers Now Infected

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"The outbreak of Ebola virus disease in west Africa continues to evolve in alarming ways, with no immediate end in sight," is the ominous warning this morning from the World Health Organization. The WHO statement confirmed that a stunning 170 health-care workers (the ones covered from head to toe in protective garments) have been infected with Ebola and at least 81 have died. "Treatment facilities are oveflowing," they note as they prepare to hold an emergency meeting today on experimental therapies. But apart from that, as Western media says, it is contained and does not pose a risk to Americans...


Excerpted from WHO Statement:

The outbreak of Ebola virus disease in west Africa continues to evolve in alarming ways, with no immediate end in sight. Many barriers stand in the way of rapid containment.


The most severely affected countries, Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, have only recently returned to political stability following years of civil war and conflict, which left health systems largely destroyed or severely disabled.




The recent surge in the number of cases has stretched all capacities to the breaking point. Supplies of personal protective equipment and disinfectants are inadequate. The outbreak continues to outstrip diagnostic capacity, delaying the confirmation or exclusion of cases and impeding contact tracing.


Some treatment facilities are overflowing; all beds are occupied and patients are being turned away.




Six months into the outbreak, fear is proving to be the most difficult barrier to overcome. Fear causes contacts of cases to escape from the surveillance system, families to hide symptomatic loved ones or take them to traditional healers, and patients to flee treatment centres. Fear, and the hostility it can feed, have threatened the security of national and international response teams.


Health-care staff fear for their lives. To date, more than 170 health-care workers have been infected and at least 81 have died.


Outbreak control is further compromised when fear causes airlines to refuse to transport personal protective equipment and courier services to refuse to transport properly and securely packaged patient samples to a WHO-approved laboratory.




On Monday 11 August, WHO will hold an emergency meeting with ethicists, drug regulators, scientific experts and lay people to assess the role of experimental therapies in the Ebola outbreak response. Issues to be considered include the extent of available scientific data on efficacy and safety, principles for guiding access to these therapies, principles for fair distribution, and possibilities for rapid augmentation of supplies and their distribution.

*  *  *

Bloomberg rounds up the latest news on the Ebola outbreak...

  • Latest WHO death toll: 961
  • Nigeria says 8 people being treated for Ebola
  • Rwanda Health Ministry tests suspected Ebola case
  • Romania treats patient suspected of Ebola infection: Mediafax
  • GSK to test Ebola vaccine later this year: Guardian
  • Ebola outbreak shows why global health system is broken: Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Yahoo News’s Twitter feed hacked, looking into false tweet about outbreak in Atlanta: USA Today

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Creepy A. Cracker's picture

Good thing it's not contagious...

knukles's picture

Even the CDC added a footnote on their website about the airborne nature of the contagion.
There is no parental supervision.
We are in a real a mad house run by the crazies.

PS Come to think about it, given the way we procreate with abandon, waste resources, treat one another and live in such unsanitary conditions (world wide) why would anybody wonder why shit like this hasn't just plain wiped humans off the globe by now?  Mother Earth is gonna be here a long time after man is gone, with a whole lotta stuff still having a ball.

ZerOhead's picture

< Ebola will remain in Africa

< Ebola will spread to other continents (over 1,000 domestic transmissions)

a growing concern's picture

Coming soon to a bushmeat vendor near you.

"Monkey brains, fresh hot monkey brains..."

knukles's picture

An "Organ Grinder's" Wet Dream



that's fucked even by my standards

StackShinyStuff's picture

Anyone notice how the death toll has not changed since Friday?

ZerOhead's picture

Africans have difficulty counting over 1,000

It becomes a challenge for their leaders to cut that many fingers off their citizens...

Anusocracy's picture

Obama should put on his old Candy Striper uniform and go to an African Ebola clinic as a show of support

ZerOhead's picture

For what it's worth...

(Which incidentally is currently around $140 million for Tekmira and Monsanto... yup... THAT Monsanto...)


"Another press release about Tekmira reveals a $140 million contract with the U.S. military for Ebola treatment drugs:

TKM-Ebola, an anti-Ebola virus RNAi therapeutic, is being developed under a $140 million contract with the U.S. Department of Defense's Medical Countermeasure Systems BioDefense Therapeutics (MCS-BDTX) Joint Product Management Office.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/046259_ebola_outbreak_drug_treatments_monsanto.html#ixzz3A6nFhnDK"
Paveway IV's picture

Tekmira's anti-Ebola drug, TKM-Ebola, was in Phase I clinical trials. That only finds out if the drug is safe to give to healthy, uninfected humans. Phase I does not reveal if the drug works at all in humans, it just establishes that they won't have serious side effects or die from taking it. There were some reactions and the trial was put on hold last month. This is not the experimental drug given to the two Americans now in Atlanta - that was a different one called zMAPP.

In non-humans, TKM-Ebola seems to prevent the Zaire ebola stratin (EBOV) if given before infection. If given within a couple of days of infection, fewer animals ultimately died. If given after a few days, it doesn't do much good.

What's interesting about Tekmira's drug is where it was being tested a few months ago: Sierra Leone's Kenema Government Hospital Lassa Diagnostic Laboratory and Treatment Facility. Tulane and USAMRIID have also been working on some kind of ebola test kit at the facility. The hospital also houses one of the U.S.'s Level 2 bioweapons surveillance labs. 

Lassa virus (LASV) is another hemmoragic fever in West Africa, somewhat less lethal than ebola. The bioweapons guys love this one because of its viral shipping container. That container allows it to travel through the air into your resperatory system and find its way to a cell. It attaches to the cell and injects its virus payload inside the cell. EBOV doesn't travel well because its container is more fragile. You usually need direct contact with body fluids.

So the Army bioweapons pinheads in Maryland figure, "Hey, let's see if we can stuff an EBOV payload into a LASV container. Airborne ebola!" And it looks like they were successful in creating some kind of hybrid LASV/EBOV Frankenvirus. Research work at the Kenema Hospital either intentionally or accidentally infected some of the LASV patients being treated there. Maybe the TKM-Ebola serum was secretly tested on the facilities' Lassa patients and just mutated. We'll never know becaue the head doctor and nurses got infected and Sierra Leone government shut down the facility.

Frankenvirus spreads as easily as Lassa Fever, but it was really ebola. The mutated form only kills 40% of its victims as opposed to Zaire Ebola's 75% mortality rate. That must have pissed off the bioweapons guys.

Distractions always help when covering up disasters like this, so plain old Zaire Ebola was introduced in Liberia and Guinea about the same time the Sierra Leone outbreak was 'discovered'. Sure enough, mortality rates were around 75% in the first two countries, while Sierra Leone's LASV/EBOV Frankenvirus mortality was closer to 40%. The Zaire strain in Liberia and Guinea will eventually die out. Frankenvirus is the one that's going to spread everywhere.

It also takes longer for the Frankenvirus to incubate: 9 - 21 days vs. 5 - 9 days for Zaire ebola. That means it takes longer before you become infectious, but you are infectious for a longer period of time before you show symptoms. Since this is airborne, you're more likely to contaminate a lot of other people before you realize you're sick or vice versa. Even worse, theraputic drugs like zMAPP will not be taken in time because you won't get sick for over a week after being infected - that's too late to take it for it to work.

Expect either

  1. WHO classifies this as a Level 6 outbreak in a few weeks, followed by martial law and mandatory vaccinations (which won't work against Frankenvirus) or
  2. We'll be lucky - it will be controlled and die off. The bioterrorists in Maryland will have to cook up a new toy for the culling.
boattrash's picture

Paveway, Plausible. Here' a couple links as to the spreading of this (Vet. Study). First is summary, second is Full Version.


Pathology of Experimental Aerosol Zaire Ebolavirus Infection in Rhesus Macaques




Urban Redneck's picture

Three obstacles to that theory:

1) No one engineered an evil marriage of Ebola and Lassa in a BSL2 facility. (That would be like saying someone could go to their nearest Home Depot and get the necessary parts and build a fission bomb at their kitchen table. Home Depot can, however, sell you everything you need to build a BSL2 facility).

2) If there was an evil marriage of ebola and lassa, then out of the 2000 people who have tested positive for ebola, there would be a significant number of (unreported) positive test results for both EHV and LASV, so the entire infectious disease community would have to be in on the conspiracy.
(some light reading and divergent opinions about what is known)

3) This already is known: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/20/7/13-1265_article
So, in an odd way ebola has already been proven to be hiding in lassa... (that paper is worth reading, very carefully)

Paveway IV's picture

"...No one engineered an evil marriage of Ebola and Lassa in a BSL2 facility..."

I didn't mean to give that impression - it's coincidental (but convenient) that USAMRIID and the Level 2 lab for global surveillance are also in that same hospital. There has been years of Tulane/USAMRIID development of a Lassa diagnostic assay and more recently for an ebola assay. I assume is somehow related to the global surveillance program's lab. There's just an awful lot going on at Kenema. I understand why (endemic Lassa, etc.), but that doesn't explain how this facility seems to be the possible source for the Sierra Leone outbreak. I know some people are labeling the surveillance lab a 'bioweapon level 2 facility' whatever that is - I'm not.

They would have 'engineered it' either in Ft. Detrick, Maryland or one of their other contract death labs in a Level 4 facility. There are other private companies playing around with this technology for .gov, too.

"...If there was an evil marriage of ebola and lassa, then out of the 2000 people who have tested positive for ebola, there would be a significant number of (unreported) positive test results for both EHV and LASV..."

Would they? My primate-level of understanding is that only a structural component (not the entire viral encoding) for Lassa is somehow used. Since no Lassa fragment is injected into the host cell, there is no recognition or response to it at the cellular level. In any case, part of the drama surrounding the Kenema Hospital is that they were somehow duping 'test' subjects and/or falsifying test results. Maybe all the Sierra Leone cases were positive for both. That's hardly anything I would want to advertise to the rest of the infectious disease community if anyone knew I was working on a Frankenvirus bioweapon version of the two.

The Guniea and Liberia victims were exposed to the same Guniea version of Zaire ebola strain, but without the Lassa HF involved. You have to admit that someting is odd about the reported mortality rates of Sierra Leone vs. Guniea and Liberia even though they are all supposedly the same Guinea Outbreak Zaire ebola EBOV strain.

Regarding 3) - unless I'm missing something, I understand that only around a third of the tests submitted for patients with acute fever suspected of having Lassa in 2006-08 showed Lassa antibodies. For the remaining two-thirds - the Lassa-negatives - 25% have antibodies associated with the acute phases of other diseases: certain alphaviruses or certain ebola viruses.

The only ebola strain antibodies they expected to find was the only ebola ever isolated in West Africa, TANF. Instead, the Lassa-negative, ebola-positive patients were, with one exception, showing exposure to EBOV (only associated with Central Africa as far as anyone knew).

So EBOV was endemic to West Africa all along and some people being tested for Lassa actually had Zaire ebola, even though no outbreaks nor even a confirmed case had ever been identified in West Africa back in 2006-08 or even since then - present outbreak excluded.

So something happened a few months ago - mutation, weaponization, maybe just some environmental stuff - that resulted in EBOV becoming more virulent to epedemic proportions.

Urban Redneck's picture

Viral engineering is well beyond my area of expertise too, but from an industrial engineering standpoint there is a significant complexitiy to an argument for recent engineering that remains unaccounted for.

We now know that 8-15 years ago (around the end or after the wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone cooled) EBOV came to West Africa, found a host(s), and there are now reservoirs of EBOV in West Africa.

We can estimate there are 75,000-100,000 hospitalizations per year in West Africa for acute LASV (leading to the official estimate of @5,000 deaths per year).

So if we take Schoepp et al's 60-70% "acute diseases of unknown origin", we can extrapolate there are perhaps another 100,000 hospitalizations per year where 8.6% of, or 8,600 patients, would test positive for EBOV antibodies.

So absent any recent release of some new engineered ebola-monster there should be lots (thousands) of annual cases of EBOV in West Africa being fed from the existing strain/reservoir.

Where are these thousands of ebola infections we should be seeing from the existing strain and reservoirs (now that everyone is looking and paying attention), if the infections that we are seeing currently in West Africa are the result of an engineered virus? It is unfortunate that NIH has only the three sequences, because if there is recent engineering- there should be clear distinctions apparent in a larger sample set.

Paveway IV's picture

boattrash: I understood that Zaire ebola is transmitted by bodily fluids, but was not generally thought to have much success in airborne (or aerosolized fluid) transmittal. Spraying a monkey's face with aerosolized ebola proves it's possible to transmit it this way, but everyone so far has not seemed too concerned about that possibility.

To the contrary, most public health people keep saying Zaire ebola can't be transmitted through the air easily (or at all) so nothing to worry about - just don't let ebola victims cough on you. This isn't backed up by the experience of a number of knoledgeable health care workers in well-equipped facilities that have contracted the disease despite proper isolation and presonal protection practices around infectious diseases. There is nothing a Lassa patient care health worker isn't already doing that puts them at risk of ebola infection - yet a lot of the Kenama staff were still infected.

froze25's picture

Hey! that Candy Striper uniform is for his boy friend's, excuse me wife's eyes only.

Buck Johnson's picture

Yea I noticed that, they are hiding alot of information about this disease and what it's doing.

cougar_w's picture

If properly cooked they're probably fine.

Winston Churchill's picture

Are you offering your services as a food taster ?

Tio-CR's picture

doctor Thomas Levy... a simple and cheap treatment based on intravenous vitamin c can kill the ebola virus ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpptUsJFCEY ...

Electron flow theory of disease and health.

Health is an state of high electron flow and disease is an state of low electron flow.

Vitamin c is the premier anti-oxidant for the body as it donates electrons

Anti-oxidants supply electrons,

pro-oxidants (free radicals) receive and takeaway electrons

Infections are virtually all pro-oxidants strong promoters of oxidation.

Patients with infections show increased levels of oxidative stress, pro-oxidants, free radicals and decreased levels of anti-oxidants as they are consumed or metabolized.

When the infection is severe the body has a massive consumption of anti-oxidants

and patients can often get the clinical syndrome of scurvy and its primarily reaction hemorrhage ...

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Here's an interesting fact.  A person has a Vitamin C tolerance, called your bowel tolerance (self-explantory, I imagine). 

Now, when you are sick, your Vitamin C tolerance INCREASES.  Its like your body is saying: MOAR.

froze25's picture

This is very true, and a great video.  I use regular vitamin C suppliments, about 1000mg a day for me.  When I feel like I maybe getting a tickle in my throat or run down, I up it to about 4000mg for a couple of days.  So far this has kept me well without gettting a cold for about 3 years now.  I also take a bunch of other vitamin's and minerals.  Fresh Garlic is a major anti-bacterial as well as anti viral properties.

Winston Churchill's picture

Vitamin C in large volume is a blood thinner.

You will bleed out quicker from the ebola.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Take the Vitamin C as a PRECAUTION.  PREVENTATIVE measure.

If you gots the fullblown Ebola, say your prayers.

Tio-CR's picture




Per dr Levy, like in the clinical syndrome of scurvy ...

hemorrhage is a reaction  due to low levels of vitamin c

by stopping the bleed out hemorrhage - the death toll will be reduced to zero

Winston Churchill's picture

There is only one true class of drug and/or supplement.

Anti biotics.Every other one has different effects at different dosages.

I take vitamin E as a blood thinner, instead of medication per se, but I still have my

haemocrit checked monthly.

Just because something is natural doesn't make it harmless,plenty of poisons occur naturally.

Be careful.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Comparing an Ebola infection to scurvy is really a disservice.  Ebola does not cause a vitamin C deficiency.  Its a free country and you are free to eat as many vitamins as you choose, but it will absolutely not help.

When patients develop appendicitis, the appendix becomes inflamed and needs to be removed.  If the surgeon opens the patient up, the appendix is friable (leaky) and will easily just fall apart, spreading infection. The inflamed appendix is not caused by a vitamin C deficiency, and giving no amount of vitamin C will stabilize the patient.  The surgeon usually gives a few doses of ampiicillin, gentamicin and metronidazole first to kill off the causative organisms, then removes the diseased tissue.

Tio-CR's picture



Per Dr. Levy


Patients with infections show increased levels of oxidative stress, pro-oxidants, free radicals


and decreased levels of anti-oxidants (vitamin c) as they are consumed or metabolized.


When the infection is severe the body has a massive consumption of anti-oxidants (vitamin c)


and patients can often get the clinical syndrome of scurvy and its primarily reaction hemorrhage


So based in your studies or reasearch can you tell us

what is the reason for the  hemorrhage in patients with

scurvy, ebola or west nile viruses ?

downthehatch's picture

i dont take any supplements and have not had a cold for 5 years ?

barre-de-rire's picture

can you still look at you in the mirror when since 1976 army  manipulate this shit to make  most dangerous virus ever discovered, and this virus could be simply kiiled with vitamin C IV...?



Tio-CR's picture

or is it that you are just another paid troll ?


Meet Dr. Thomas Levy
Dr. Levy received his Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from the Johns Hopkins University
in 1972. He later graduated from the Tulane University School of Medicine in 1976.
Continuing his training at Tulane, he specialized first in internal medicine and then in
cardiology, receiving board certification in both of these disciplines. After completing his
postgraduate training, Dr. Levy served as an assistant professor of medicine at Tulane
Medical School for another three years. After a private practice of adult cardiology, Dr.
Levy started his research on the medical impact of dental toxicity with Dr. Hal Huggins in
1994. In 1998, he received his law degree from the University of Denver and was
subsequently admitted to practice law in Colorado and the District of Columbia.

Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins is Dr. Levy's fourth book.

NidStyles's picture

A Bachelor of Arts in Biology. 

Tio-CR's picture
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biology


The BA in Biology offers a broad, modern, and rigorous program:


Students take a series of advanced electives, including a capstone course in Comparative Physiology (BIOL 255). Because Biology is such a broad discipline, many students choose to concentrate in one area, and others prefer to remain generalists...


Urban Redneck's picture

Here's how you know Dr. Levy is a snake-oil merchant, regardless of whether morphine or vitamin c will help with ebola...

The words/characterization: "simple" and "cheap" treatment based on "intravenous" [anything]

Ask yourself this:
How competent are you to practice real medicine?

Doctors have been performing cesarean sections since before Cesar (could you perform a c-section?).

Doctors have been doing intravenous fluids in the field since about the time they invented the atom bomb (IV fluids are not quite rocket science, but they are also not something you are going to be able to do safely from a book with no lab experience)

If either the solution you make, or the equipment you use is not STERILE, all that vitamin C will work wonderfully for delivering an infection straight to your brain and bypassing all your bodies normal defenses against such an infection.

(It really would be both simpler and safer to just shove all that vitamin c up your ass.)

Urban Redneck's picture

Venison, Wascally Wabbit, Daffy Duck, Boar, Bison (before it was extincted and resurrected three days later), Elk, Caribou, Bullwinkle (& Rocky), Beaver, the list goes on and on...

North American bush meat also sometimes gives one of those gifts that keeps on giving if untreated - Brucellosis (aka Crimean Fever, not to be confused with Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, but sometimes it is)

Speaking of which, anyone seen Meattrapper recently, or is there an ebola outbreak at ZH?

McMolotov's picture

I got a fever and I'm bleeding from my ass. Doc says the only prescription is more cowbell.

cougar_w's picture

Just lay off the habanero peppers next time.

barre-de-rire's picture

if i was the medic i would say something more like :


" gratz, you are now , a woman. "

Jayda1850's picture

I just wanted to thank you for your comments on the ebola threads. Even though we face something that could possibly wipe out 20-50% of the world's population, your wit has brought humor to even the darkest of situations. If I ever come down with this nasty ass shit, the only levity I will have, as I bleed out of every orifice, is saying "eeeebbbbooolllaaaa". My friends and family will, of course, think that I've been driven mad by fever, but I will know I atleast have a sense of humor.

VegasBob's picture

While you're waiting for more cowbell, just bend over, keep your ass up in the air, and give Obama a call.  Or give Hitlery a call if you prefer a strap-on.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Yes, that tweet from Atlanta was a mistake...  Move along...

"fear causes airlines to refuse to transport personal protective equipment "



dontgoforit's picture

Sure sounds like Africa is toast.  Bloody toast. 

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

A lot of people there are taking Bitter Kola nut as a precaution.  I would sooner do that than take an experimental vaccine.

Note the Bitter Kola is a preventative, not a cure.

cougar_w's picture

There is no experimental vaccine. There is only serum, and that only in tiny supply.

I don't know about the Bitter Kola thing, sounds like a sick joke. But people should do whatever they think is right even if all it does is give hope.

Africa is going to burn. This is going to be horrible.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Its not a sick joke.  Its a locally available preventative measure, as Bitter Kola is high in ascorbic acid (and other vitamins & minerals).

For people who DON'T YET have Ebola!  The principle is easy enough to understand.  Once you are infected, the virus must mulitply.  If you are able to slow its multiplication efforts, you live longer, and your body has a chance to kill the virus off.

cougar_w's picture

You don't have to tell me how it works. I've already forgotten more about "how it works" than you will probably ever know.

Nutrition is not going to fight this thing. Not for a second will it fight. If your body is strong and well-nourished to survive a destroying pathogen then maybe your body will fight it off, and having a strong immune system (and good supportive care) will be part of that. But that is all that will matter.

XitSam's picture

I eat a Sarcastic Koala every day and I haven't gotten infected yet. See it works! 

Sheikh Djibouti's picture

From Wikipedia:

Garcinia kola has been used for centuries to treat chest colds in traditional medicine, but research has taken a look and found out why it is effective. A study in the 2008 issue of The Internet Journal of Pulmonary Medicine, performed on mice, reports that garcinia kola improved respiratory function after 28 days of use of a garcinia extract. Written by David A. Ofusori, MSc, from Igbinedion University in Nigeria, the study shows that garcinia kola works by dilating the alveolar ducts and sacs in the lungs by improving the strength of the fibers in the lung tissue. Garcinia kola's beneficial lung properties are attributed to its high antioxidant content.

Archived BBC article from 1999 about "possible ebola cure"