Ferguson As America: "There Is A Brewing Problem... And It's Extremely Dangerous"

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Submitted by Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics,



Riots are have erupted with hundreds of protesters gathering at a suburban St. Louis police station on Monday demanding murder charges against an officer who shot to death an unarmed black teenager over the weekend. Looting just went nuts like the ’60s. While this is being painted as a race issue, there is yet another issue that is not being addressed – that is the militarization of the civil police forces around the country.




Ever since 911, there has been a trend moving toward much harsher local police. Here is a photo of how the Boston Police have militarized to the point it looks like war against the people. Even small towns are geared up for war.

The small town of Medford, Oregon with a population of 76,462 has spent millions of dollars to militarize their police. They have their own Swat Teams, yet no incident in history of some major shooting of such a nature to warrant a Swat Team. The entire reason where there was the Second Amendment was to eliminate this very threat of standing armies. We are seeing the abuse of force at every level. Medford Police bought a new vehicle that some say could survive a so-called the apocalypse. They used their Swat Team to go after a mere carjacker.

Medford, New Jersey with a population of just 23,033 also has a Swat Team. They rushed in and held two white kids on the ground at gun-point for shooting potatoes into a lake setting hair spray as the propellant.




The whole thing about standing armies has been their historical use out of boredom. It is a shame to pay for something and then not use it. Police use to be friendly as shown in Normal Rockwell’s classic painting. Sure there are a few good souls still left. But the attitudes have shifted to being just mean and nasty as they look at the civilian population as evil.




This is a problem that is brewing and is extremely dangerous to say the least. Examples of police abuse are all over the internet. There has been a loss of respect for the people and there seems to be no way to reverse this process.




They sprayed protesters in the eyes during Occupy Wall Street movements everywhere. The conduct has been outrageous. This killing of this black teen is not simply racism. The problems are much deeper. Claiming this is just racism deflects the entire issue and makes it simply black-v-white. This is something far more serious for it is impacting our entire society.




The protests over land was yet another example. The police showed up with weapons and told the people they would shoot to kill. The police are being transformed from protecting the public into protecting government from the public. Most do not even see what transformation they have gone through.

*  *  *

Michael Snyder has a different persepctive...

Even though the economy has somewhat stabilized (at least for the moment), levels of anger and frustration have continued to grow in this country.  We have been taught to hate one another and to blame one another for our problems, and so now the U.S. is more divided than at any other point in recent memory.  For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled "America The Divided: Everyone Knows We Have Problems But There Is Very Little Agreement On Solutions".


We live at a time when things are so tense that even a small spark can light an absolutely huge fire.  America has become a tinderbox.  Next time it might not be a racially-charged shooting.  Next time it might be an Ebola outbreak that sparks looting and panic.  Or it might be some sort of financial collapse.  We just don't know.


But what we do know is that there are lots and lots of people that are willing to riot and loot and commit unspeakable crimes given the right circumstances.


Decades of social decay have gotten us to the point where the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted every single day is wearing dangerously thin.


The truth is that it is not going to take much to push this nation over the edge.


If this kind of rioting can take place in a community with just over 20,000 people, what would a full-blown riot look like in a city with millions of people?


That is a very sobering thing to think about.


Once upon a time in America, you could leave your doors unlocked at night and you could let your kids play in the streets without ever having to worry.


But now we are a sick, decaying nation that has millions of people ready to riot and loot at the drop of a hat.


Is there any hope for us?

* * *

Today has been peaceful so far but this stunning picture seems to sum it all up


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JenkinsLane's picture

I'm hoping things will be looking up by around 2035-2040.

Shizzmoney's picture

You are optimistic

Is there any hope for us?


BTW, while racism is a big part of what is happening here, the ROOT of all of this stems from money.

Thuggery is cheap, is easy to attain, and is profitable for the ownership class.  They just use racism as a tool to pander to what I call, "the management class" - the folks who are below the 1%, but are above the 80% of the rest of us.  They need these folks to "tend to the herd" and keep them in line with propaganda, tribalism, and most importantly, when all else fails, violence (and in today's world of political correctness, passive aggressive violence.  Instead of shooting actual bullets, they'll shoot wooden ones, for example.  Because public relations.  Because IT'S CHEAPER).

CNBC is an example; they pander to their viewers constantly that (in a runaround way) workers are nothing but pieces of expendable trash; that stock holders and corporate management and executives are the ones who keep America running, not those at the bottom who Mitt Romney affectionately called, "the takers - the 47%".  All with a SMILE!

The cops are a part of this management class; they are paid very well to keep the sheep in line. They are allowed to unionize so that they won't turn the guns on those who sign the checks, and instead on those who cash them.  They are paid highly to be the ones with the guns.

We all know that those who have the guns (and those who own them), make the rules.  

pods's picture

Two safety tips boys and girls:

1. Cops are not your friends.

2. If things go south you better be as far away from an MLK blvd as humanly possible.


Manthong's picture

“police are being transformed from protecting the public into protecting government from the public”

Let’s see.. remind me of why the Second Amendment was right after the first one in the original ten?

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

You used to join the POLICE SERVICE.

Now you join the POLICE FORCE.

F0ster's picture

Police Force = A liscense to kill. 

Manthong's picture

How far we have come..

I felt ahead of the curve when I put an Estes rocket a few hundred feet into air, recovered the camera and developed the snapshot.

Now I am behind the curve with a 720P .05 Lux camera hovering outside my neighbors window.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

"Don't Protect & Serve me, bro!"

AssFire's picture

Terrorists won, they helped turn the US government into a terrorist organization against everyone everywhere, especially it's own citizens.

Problem is the government knew this all along as they also knew about 911 before hand. The end justified the means in their elitist minds.

BellyBrain's picture

These are the real terrorists:

List of Politicians with Israeli Dual Citizenship


J S Bach's picture

"This killing of this black teen is not simply racism. The problems are much deeper. Claiming this is just racism deflects the entire issue and makes it simply black-v-white. This is something far more serious for it is impacting our entire society."


What is it about black folk that make them (to borrow the crass phrase) "chimp out" en masse whenever one of their own is alleged to have suffered an injustice at the hands of whitey?

I mean, what if white folk behaved the same way every time a black-on-white murder took place?  There would be perpetual riots by whites and blacks would cease to exist in this country within a month.  The numbers on inter-racial crimes are staggeringly disproportionate - with blacks doing most of the killing and/or raping.

What happened to the deceased fellow is a tragedy and harsh punishment should be meted out after a fair trial.  This is the way a civilized society functions.  If blacks cannot abide by this rigidity of the rule of law, then they shouldn't be allowed the privileges of citizenship.

chumbawamba's picture

Dude, you got Whiteness Fever which is affecting your ability to see the reality that urban black folks live.  I'm not excusing the behavior--it's self-defeating, irrational and stupid--but there is a valid reason for it.

You ever seen a pot boil over?  Who do you blame there: the water, the fire, or the pot?

I am Chumbawamba.

J S Bach's picture

Whose fault is the "reality for urban black folks", Chumba?  Are you going to say it's whitey's fault?  Because that's what the misguided black community says.


If a pot of water boils over, I place the blame on those who put the pot on the stove, turned the heat up to maximum and then walked away.  You can read between the lines and arrive at the logical conclusion of "who's to blame".


There are behavioral differences between the races which cannot be denied.  It's not "whiteness fever" (whatever the hell that means) to simply state truths about inter-racial crimes.


I am J S Bach.

Umh's picture

The police are at fault based on your statement. "If a pot of water boils over, I place the blame on those who put the pot on the stove, turned the heat up to maximum and then walked away."

bunzbunzbunz's picture

The analogy is useless rhetoric that could be used for any argument. The parents are the cook. The schools are the cook. The society is the cook. The culture is the cook. The individual is the cook. 

In reality, human behavior is not as simple as a pot boiling. Nor is it as simple as genetics. It is a combination of genetics and every influence the world has on a person. If the simpletons want to continue comparing the looters of a differnet color to animals, simply consider the following:

If you are to walk up to a wild wolf with your hand out do you expect to keep your hand? Probably not. However if you raised a wild wolf from a pup, feeding it and conditioning it to you and people like you, always showing it fairness and security, the wolf as an adult would have a much, much lower probability of biting you. 

If readers cannot understand how this refutes applies to the arguments Mrs. J S Bach is making, you have no place in an arguement. Go back to your confirmation biased readings.

Keyser's picture

I'm going to get junked for this, but here goes... 


Could it be that TPTB have been ramping up domestic police forces for the very reason that they know that when the EBT cards get turned off and entitlemnets have to be cut, they know what is going to happen... This case shows how quickly things can go pear shaped when the entitlement class doesn't get their way... 


Leonardo Fibonacci2's picture

Can we say that negro behavior is a genetic trait which is constant for the general population. Please do not interpret this as racist as there are major studies confirming my statement.

Elvis the Pelvis's picture

Black men have to start taking care of their kids.  Try to riot with your father's boot up your ass.  The real problem is the break-up of the family.  It's happening to white people also.  Lack of responsibility will end up destroying the social fabric.  Bitchez.

BellyBrain's picture

What Chumba was getting it is that the environmental factors that these people live under are far, FAR worse than most of us realize.  Growing up POOR, really poor, is a constant stressor.  Not having a father around is another stressor.  Not having access to healthy food is a stressor that most people don't even know exists.  These kids grow up surrounded by a decimated culture which they then find a way to fit themselves into.  Most of us would be a lot like them if we were raised in identical circumstances.

0b1knob's picture

< Police militarization is the problem.

< Dumb knee grows are the problem.

Four chan's picture

the content of their character is that of a garbage can.

xavi1951's picture

You can take the N out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the N.

chumbawamba's picture

Don't bother, BB, we are dealing with intentional trolls and people devoid of love for their brother.  Either they just don't get it, can't get it, or they're intending to stir up hatred because that's all they know; it's what they thrive on, just like the people in Ferguson who are wrecking the place.  No solutions, no empathy, just more of the same to feed into the death spiral.

Ultimately it's a spiritual issue, and the folks who insist that stereotypes are universally and eternally true and an explanation for the behavior we see are devoid of any spirituality whatsoever.  They are creatures of a base nature, again, just like the rioters and looters, and until they can raise themselves up to a higher manifestation of intelligent being they will remain trapped in their own prison of hate and ignorance.

I am Chumbawamba.

Handful of Dust's picture

I don't know aboout you guys, but all this rioting is making me hungry. What'dya say we head over to Popeye's for some thighs and breasts?

0b1knob's picture

 "intentional trolls and people devoid of love for their brother"

Oh cry me a river.  No amount of poverty, fatherless upbringing or militarized police excuses what is going on in Ferguson.   Theft and mindless destruction.  The really sad thing is that the people of Ferguson are destroying their own local community economy.

When this is all over the looted and burned grocery stores, drug stores and other stores will be gone for good, along with the local jobs they provided.   Ferguson will be what libtards refer to a food desert.   And the libtard soft racism will not see it as being a direct result of the actions of the people of Ferguson.

dubbleoj's picture

again its the drudge crowd who only read select few articles that are linked to the site. they hate government oppression, but only if its against themselves. guess what guys, its happening to you too. go to copblock or copwatchers websites and see your peers being harrassed and murdered on a daily basis. its not a race issue, the 0.001% hate us all and will use any manner of diversion to keep attention off themselves. we could probably take a lesson or two from these "thugs" that actually have the balls to rise up. how often do you talk about "the revolution is coming!" and then hate on people who have been oppressed like this for years and actually do something about it. yeah theyre animals, but what can you expect when you intentionally keep them caged because its a convenient way to keep us fighting amongst ourselves. there are no "proper channels to address your concerns" for them. can we please have a questionaire on this site to confirm whether or not members have read 1984 before being allowed to comment?

BooMushroom's picture

Stealing from your neighbors and burning down their buildings is not "rising up." If you knock someone over and try to steal their gun, they are going to fear for their life. If you make someone with a gun fear for their life, they're going to empty an entire magazine into you, center of mass.

BellyBrain's picture

Chumba, you're right of course, but I like to drop those little truth nuggets here and there for those who are on the cusp of moving into a deeper understanding of themselves / the world / the universe.  They're out there, reading but rarely commenting...

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

I've heard this condescending 'they so oppressed' argument from a number of 1%ers who have never lived on the block.  I have, and it isn't being poor or not having a father around or no access to healthy food that makes blacks disproportionately impoverished and incarcerated for violent crime.  Blacks the world over simply either cannot or refuse to form the stable government that incentivizes personal accountability and achievement.  Yes, this is also reflected in the nuclear family unit (disorder, little to zero organized cooperation).  Show me a single African nation where blacks are >50% of the government and population where the citziens are free and the economy is stable and growing.  On the other hand, what does that say about the future of the US, with an increasing % of blacks holding important government positions?   

Greshams Law's picture

Not picking a fight with you, but you asked for "a single African nation where blacks are >50% of the government and population where the citziens are free and the economy is stable and growing".


I'm invested there and doing quite well. If they keep out the Ebola, then they have a future. Very different culture compared to Ferguson.

duo's picture

Then we should have never paid them to breed in the first place.  There was a time when the cost of raising a child rested on the parents, not other taxpayers.  Just sayin'.

Thanks, LBJ.

t0mmyBerg's picture

Ever see A Clockwork Orange?  Perhaps a little of the Ultraviolence and the Ludwig Van.  It is all society's fault you see...

brushhog's picture

Does this also explain the identicle behavior of blacks in the Congo, Haiti, Jamaica, Johannesburg, Kenya, Ethiopia, Botwana, etc, etc?

Are they all "victims of circumstance" reacting to special 'stressors' that are out of their control? How come nobody else is?

drunkenlout's picture

As long as the good people are the majority, we'll be OK.  Local volunteer clean-up crews are starting to fix Ferguson.  http://fox2now.com/2014/08/12/volunteers-sending-a-positive-message-by-c...  Many locals have commented on the news about how the community needs the businesses that have been destroyed, both foir jobs and as sources of goods/services.  BTW, for those not local to St. Louis, Ferguson is a suburb, just East of Lambert International Airport.  It's four miles North of the burned-out crack house area of the North side of the city.   

bunzbunzbunz's picture

There are also behavioral differences between people with different IQ's. There are also behavioral differences between short people and tall people. There are also behavioral differences between people are different religions. There are also behavioral differences between people of different denominations/sects of the same religion. There are also behavioral differences between people wearing high heels vs. those wearing running shoes. There are also behavioral differences between people presenting thoughts on the internet and those presenting thoughts in public.

So what is the point you are trying to make?

There are behavioral differences between the heights which cannot be denied.  It's not "tallness fever" (whatever the hell that means) to simply state truths about short-tall crimes.  https://www.nber.org/papers/w15945

Now please try using real logic, instead of that limited shit you feel so proud to spew.

TuPhat's picture

I blame you Chump.  You seem to be the one who thinks he's the cook.

snodgrass's picture

Blacks have low IQs and high levels of testosterone. That's why they are prone to violence. When there is a natural disaster or a shooting of a black, the blacks riot and steal. When there is a natural disaster or a white person gets shot, there is rebuilding. That's the difference in IQ and hence culture. Hispanics are of a similar nature only slightly less violent. Jews changed the immigration laws in the 60s to bring more "diversity" i.e. crime, poverty and stupidity to our shores and to change our civilization. At the same time they have engendered endless guilt into whites to make them passive spectators in the destruction of their country and culture. White males are largely eunichs in America today only they call themselves "progressives" "liberals" or some other nonsense to hide the fact that they are nothing but a bunch of pansies.

401K of Dooom's picture

Hmmmm, you are correct except for one thing.  The Jews were not the ones solely responsible for the screwup that we call our country at this time.  Remember the Aetheists, Humanists, Quakers, Trancendentalists, yippies, hippies and Unitarians were responsible as well.  All of those groups hold a vicious hatred of this country and want us all to die painful deaths.  Time to lock and load!

fiftybagger's picture

Wrong too.  You think this is the first Protestant nation the Jesuits have destroyed?

"We know, on its face, that the Vietnam War was called “Spelly’s War” - Cardinal Spellman’s war. He went over to the warfront many times and he called the American soldiers the “soldiers of Christ”. The man who was the Commander of the American forces was a Roman Catholic, CFR member, possibly a Knight of Columbus, I don’t know, but he was General William Westmoreland.

So, Westmoreland was Cardinal Spellman’s agent to make sure that war was prosecuted properly. And another overseer of Westmoreland was Cardinal Spellman’s boy, Lyndon Baines Johnson. Lyndon Baines Johnson was a 33rd-degree Freemason. He was also part of the assassination, with J. Edgar Hoover, another 33rd-degree Freemason.

And Johnson went to Cardinal Spellman’s death at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the picture can be seen in Cooney’s work The American Pope. So, Johnson was completely at the beck and call of Cardinal Spellman through Cartha DeLoach, the 3rd-in-control of the FBI. According to Curt Gentry, in his Hoover: The Man And The Secrets, DeLoach had a phone at his bedside direct to Johnson, and Johnson could call him anytime. DeLoach was a Knight of Malta, subject to Spellman.

Spellman wanted the Vietnam War, why? Spellman was controlled by the Jesuits of Fordham. Why did the Jesuit General want the Vietnam War? The people of Vietnam, the Buddhists, were unconvertible. They would not convert to Catholicism. They didn’t need Rome.

There had been a Jesuit presence in Vietnam for centuries, so it had been decided that about a million or so Buddhists would have to be “purged”. They would later continue this purge of Cambodia, with Pol Pot, and the purge is yet for Thailand. It was a purging of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam of all these Buddhists, just like they purged the Buddhists of China with Mao Zedong, because Mao Zedong was completely controlled by the Jesuits. So, they wanted the Vietnam War.



Tall Tom's picture

I have an elevated IQ. I have low levels of testosterone (medically tested.) I have a script for injectable testosterone...which I have not used.


I am German-Irish...I have a University Education where I studied Physics and Mathematics.


Because of the Federal Reserve making it impossible to live...I AM PRONE TO VIOLENCE.


But I am different in acting out. I will just recruit an army. You guys have made it so easy.


Here is how you can make a Land Mine.




You can modify this device by using Automotive Starting Fluid. (Ether and Petroleum Distallates give a much bigger bang for the buck.)  Then you add a Pressure Plate and Plunger to Break the Glass. Between the Device and Pressure Plate you can have a mixtue of Sheet Metal Screws and Lead Shot.


The ground will shape the blast upwards through the path of least resistance. (Some Physics for those who have not got the clue about the World Trade Center's Collapses.)


I am gathering the Homeless hoards and making them read the Comments on Zerohedge. Then I tell them that you live in the Gated Communities and the Rich Neighborhoods. I admonish them not to shit in their own nest.


It is funny when you see the look of hatred on their faces...after reading your crap.


Bringing Afghanistan to America...one person at a time...to the deserving whom profit from the despair.

willwork4food's picture

Sorry tall tom but..what the fuck was that?

Tall Tom's picture

My response to the racism and hatred expressed on these threads.


The problem is not the hungry, angry masses. The Police are empowered by whom?


Whom are the puppets providing FINANCIAL SUPPORT for this?


It is the God Damned Central Banksters.


Maybe they need Afghanistan in their front yard!!!

All_Your_Base's picture

Tall Tom (literally) set them up the bomb ;)

Awakened Sheeple's picture

My thoughts as well Tom. Some people here have forgotten who the true enemies are, and why and how inflation is destroying our way of life.

Flagit's picture


I have low levels of testosterone (medically tested.) I have a script for injectable testosterone...which I have not used.



general ambivalent's picture

Jesus this place turns to a blabbering mess when race and certain other issues come up. Ever hear of the Stanford Prison Experiment? People will quite readily play whatever role is assigned to them when forced into an environment. Meaning they will fight back against the rules or enforce the rules dependent upon the conditions in society (rules of the game/experiment) and the environmental potential (ie. what rules are set forth in the experiment to limit fighting back, and what resources are available to fight back). In the Stanford Prison Experiment one individual was left to fight back with a hunger strike and placing the bed in front of the door, because that's all he had. All the other prisoners capitulated, and the guards played out their management role with no questions asked, just happy they were on the right side of the line.

Now this is important because these psychos that set up all these psychiatric experiments were working with the CIA. And now we live in a society that is run by the deep state, CIA, militarised police, etc. Which means we are living in an elaborate prison experiment. And guess what that means, people we react as if they are in a prison.

What is the environment of white people and black people? Both relatively shitholes. White people twitter away and black people drink booze or smoke weed in an alley. Huge stereotypes of course. There are good people in any area of society, even if few and far between. However, if we divide a line in the same way that the Stanford Prison Experiment did then we have white people as guards and black people as prisoners. This is often how identity politics represents things. More accurately white people are in the low- to medium-security housing units, and black people are in the max to supermax prisons. There is a divide, whether or not you like it or can come to admit it is a difficult contradiction for most ideologies that exist today.

The ghetto is a shithole, it's a prison. And I'm sure we can all agree the supermax prison riot is a far cry from the moaning going on at the low-security housing units. Everyone knows that the white collar prisons are safe enough for the inside-trading experts to take a holiday.

Another way to put this. American independence was founded upon wasting the items of the King, chucking it into harbour. Now how is the economy run? A bunch of useless items from China, fictions in phones, and media to subdue the masses. In this sense isn't the looting very much a part of the independent American spirit? Aren't these people taking these useless items and putting them to use? Why then, do you all have such a problem with it? Perhaps there is a much deeper issue at play if the black people in the ghettoes have taken to traditional American direct action while white folks are just sitting in front of the smart-NSA screens.

And the Big Black Man says, "We rioted some folks."

Let's be honest for a moment, this society is complex as hell, it's a madhouse, and hardly anyone knows what to do. But destroying the fictions of a society often become the start of something much bigger. Maybe this is just random and thoughtless destruction, but first we have to see why it occurs and if it is not enough for a revolution then we have to figure out what is wrong and how to get to that new approach of direct action. I don't think these riots are it, but I think they are much closer to the truth than what most people can come up with.

general ambivalent's picture

As a side, I'd suggest checking out the songs (the lyrics even, if you don't like hip-hop):


Reason being that discussion of the Truth movement and Illuminati is quite common in hip-hop culture. Not all black people are the Free Shit Army from the cornerstore, just like not all white people are the Free Shit Army from Wall Street.

Obama is inpower to separate the real issues. Race arguments are just convenient displacement, don't fall for it.

Bonus points if you can share 'white music' that is this intelligent today (I know some, but it's nowhere near as popular).

Noturbelayslave's picture

Pokerface: Rather Die

One of my personal favorites. I have a whole playlist of "inspiration" such as this.