Russia Launches Another Military Drill In Northwest: 3000 Paratroopers, 30 Aircraft And Helicopters To Take Part

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On Friday, the market soared for some inexplicable reason or perhaps very explicable if one assumes the market is now exclusively populated by kneejerk-reacting idiots and busted vacuum tubes that don't even bother to read what is written below the headlines, when Russia confirmed the end of a military drill that previously had been scheduled publicly would end precisely on that day!

As we said "This is in no way a de-escalation - in fact, had Russia continued the exercise that would have been a clear provocation. But as usual Johnny 5 ignites momentum first, finds out he never actually read between the original lines, and asks questions never." Sadly, the "market" took this as news, or merely as justification, to send stocks soaring on upward Fed-facilitated momentum, and to halt what otherwise would have been the S&P's downward descent into the 1800s at this moment.

As we further said yesterday, it was only a matter of time before Russia announced yet another drill just to show to the west that it is by no means telegraphing any weakness through the timing of drills.

We were about 12 hours early, because later that same day, Itar-Tass reported that some 3,000 paratroopers will be airlifted in two districts of Russia’s north-western Pskov region as part of command and staff exercises of the 76th air assault division starting on Monday, Airborne Force spokeswoman, Major Irina Kruglova said. As a reminder, Pskov is located right next to the Baltics, bordering Estonia and Latvia, both of which have been on a rather belligerent diplomatic track with the Kremlin, and thus will likely result in a substantial escalation in Russia-Baltic tensions, not to mention Ukraine as well, now that Putin is no longer counter-un-de-escalating, again.

But back to the latest, greatest, and certainly not last drill, “over 3,000 personnel will be airlifted by 15 Il-76 planes,” the spokeswoman said.

The punchline: The mass landing of paratroopers in an unknown terrain will be held for the first time in military drills of this level, the spokeswoman said.

As long as the surprise terrain is not "Kiev"...

Bad jokes aside, the maneuvers will involve over 30 aircraft and helicopters, including Su-34 fighter-bombers, Ka-52, Mi-28, Mi-24 and Mi-8 helicopters. “The drills’ active phase will take place on August 14-15", the spokeswoman said.

The maneuvers will end with night and daylight firing from all of the division’s organic weapons, including Sprut self-propelled anti-tank guns and Nona-self-propelled mortar systems, as well as Strela-10 air defense missile systems.

So while markets certainly do not care today, when the drill is being announced, be certain sure to buy everything with both hands and feet on August 15, when the mass media announces the end of the drill which will be "spun" as yet another assured, guaranteed demonstration of Putin de-escalating military tensions in the region.

At least until the next week that is.

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Putin: "Let's Roll"

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Checking it out on RT........what a humanitarian effort!

Latina Lover's picture

Singing to the Clash song, Rock the Casbah,



We really don't like them, let's rocket the ukies, rocket the ukies..

power steering's picture

What the hell are they waiting for? Winter? Go in already!

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My new trade: Every time Putin announces a military drill, sell (that would be now). Every time he ends the drill, buy.

Ayr Rand's picture

Why don't the Russians stick to something they are good at? Like defaulting on their debt. 

waterwitch's picture

The humanitarian aid trucks at least will be camoflaged when the snow comes



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Natasha: "Boris, where is Moose and Squirrel?"

takeaction's picture

The Northwest??  I am in Oregon...I don't see them yet...

NoDebt's picture

No, no, no.  HIS northwest.  Finland.

Baby Eating Dingo22's picture


I thought we had rainbows, puppies, and gumdrops?

GetZeeGold's picture



Don't forget the fairy pixie dust!

Ghordius's picture

let me guess: they wanted to land near the Ukrainian border and lost their way. or Putin is only trying to clean that sabre, and the rattle is just an accident

Winston Churchill's picture

We are going to need a bigger sabre.

Ghordius's picture

I beg your pardon, but in my humble opinion our sabres are already too big. Plently of nuclear warheads to kill everything except cockroaches. The eurozone spends twice as much as Russia in armaments. The whole EU three times as much

And now Putin, the leader of another great arms bazaar, seems hellbent in pushing us all in moar weapons shopping

A case of "the enemy of my MIC is my friend"?

Winston Churchill's picture

You need to recalibrate your sarcasm meter Ghordius.

junction's picture

"Sprut self-propelled anti-tank guns and Nona-self-propelled mortar systems"  Where do the Russians get the names for these weapons?  What is a Sprut?  Maybe the Ukrainians will find out soon.


The Phu's picture

I was hoping to have a snarky response, but "Sprut," in Russian, means "octopus."  ya, where the hell do they get these names????!!!!!???!  Good point!

cowdiddly's picture

I don't know but so far they are only playing around with 1960s level stuff and its been pretty devastating. I hate to think about what it looks like with the more modern stuff.

Headbanger's picture

Why don't you look it the fuck up you mook!?

It means Kraken


And it's ONLY "1980s stuff!" !?

Oh yeah, that shit is soooooo 80's..

I'll take a 1952 SKS over a lot of modern weapons any day!

And I have both.

AdvancingTime's picture

Tell me its not true! The media said things had settled down and Putin had given up. It appears the main stream media was wrong again.

Ignatius's picture

"Russia Launches Another Military Drill..." where they will learn how to set a city on fire without any matches.


yogibear's picture

In the meantime William Dudley of the NY Federal Reserve has the trading desk bots set to super bullish.

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Somewhere, Nikita and Yuri are smiling....well done my son Vladimir....well done.

Commie motherfuckers


McCormick No. 9's picture

The US is more Communist than Russia.

Save your epithets for Usurper Obama.

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They said they we're gonna do it to us......and damn if they didn't do it!

BeetleBailey's picture

...and I just bet you've never been to Russia...have you?


Then shut your pie hole. I have. Lived there for a month.

Other than the hot women, Russia is shit.

tony wilson's picture
putin is a bully

we must protect poland

the polish need are help

those guys with israeli partners have been shooting down passenger planes for us

sorting out future chlorine massacres.

raping and killing the folks in ukrainia for are freedoms.

the polish grom and the mossad now beg for your help.

never again you said please

for the sake of the 6 million future poolish anne franks

help themfrom this putnik brute




can you here meee

Victor999's picture

I hope to God English is not your first language.

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Go back to HuffPost, idiot.

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Europe is also doing a militairy drill:

Dapper Dan's picture

we should drop a shit load of 16 ounce water bottles on them.

If i kill you with a full water bottle, can I claim that I thought you were thirsty and just trying to help?

In regards to the the help/attack in Iraq, how will ISIL know which of our planes has water/MRE's and which has cluster bombs/JDAM's ?

 I'm quite sure if any are shot down it will be shown to have had food/water and baby milk, and possibly kittens in the hold.Iraq crisis

Aug 12, 2014, 01:32 PM GMT 15m
3 RAF Tornado jets leave UK to carry out surveillance before airdrops to Iraq refugees - @BBCNews Read more on


JohninMK's picture

"O here, I say Cameron, be a good poodle guy and lend us a hand, the US Marine Corps flying guys on the carrier USS George HW Bush in the Gulf are feeling a bit lonely blasting ISIS.

I know they are fully equiped with better intelligence gathering planes than you have, but it would be really good if you would share the ISIS 'we are going to get you for this' angst with us and send a few of those photo recce Tornados of yours.

Oh and you have my total assurance that there were no SAMs or MANPADs in all that gear ISIS liberated from our Iraqi allies."

roadhazard's picture

Another Chinese fire drill by the Rooskies. zzzzz

JohninMK's picture

Meanwhile down south a US military 'ally' seems to be thinking of rewarding them for the Arab Spring. Note he went to Russia before the US.

SOCHI, August 12 (RIA Novosti) - Russia and Egypt have agreed to expand military cooperation, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday after talks with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

"We actively develop our military cooperation. We signed a protocol on the issue in March. We sell our weaponry to Egypt. We agreed to expand this cooperation," the Russian leader said.

Moscow and Cairo discussed the deliveries of high-tech Russian military products, including 24 Mikoyan MiG-29 fighter jets, as well as its Kornet anti-tank missile systems, and Kamov Ka-25, Mil Mi-28 and Mi-25 attack helicopters.

The Egyptian president arrived in Russia Tuesday, on his first official visit since he was elected in May 2014. The two leaders planned to discuss the implementation of joint economic projects, including the possible creation of a free-trade zone between Egypt and countries of the Customs Union, and the settlement of the conflict in the Gaza Strip. In February, when he was still Egypt's defense minister, Sisi met with Putin in Moscow