5-Day Gaza Ceasefire Over In 5 Minutes As Hamas Fire Rockets, Israel Sends Warplanes

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Even before the world's media had had chance to relay the 'great' news that Israel and Hamas had agreed a 120-hour (5-day) ceasefire, Hamas reportedly fired 5 rockets instantly breaching the ceasefire. Israel's response - launch warplanes and unleash a bombing campaign...

This just happened...


We presume that "ceasefire" means something different in Gaza?


For the record, Hamas denies responsibility for the rockets.



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Squid Viscous's picture

how do you say bullish in yiddish?

Troll Magnet's picture

More like Israel's bitch.

Ask any intelligent/decent Muslim who these "Hamas" guys are and they will all tell you that they are an Israel-funded group set up to make excuse for Israel to bomb and invade. 

Just about everyday we hear about how Hamas is launching hundreds, thousands of rockets into Israel but you never ever see pictures of any damage, hit target or dead bodies out of Israel.  Yet, when Israel claims that Hamas is launching rockets, we turn a blind eye as they go in to Palestine to maim children and innocent women.

Fuck Israel.  Fuck'em.

Slave's picture

Neocons incoming in 3....2....1....

bunzbunzbunz's picture

Rule of argument #1: You should always have a term with negative connotation to describe people that disagree with you. This way, you instantly win the minds of the low intelligence crowd. For extra points, direct the confirmation bias to start out on your side of the agument by pre-empting an argument with aforementioned name-calling.

Slave's picture

Like how you guys use jew-hater, pussy, and muslim-lover?

NidStyles's picture

Actually, the proper term is Anti-Semitic. ;-) 

LasVegasDave's picture

Or maybe they are just stupid, incompetent arabs w/ shit for brains.

Occam's razor is a bitch

NidStyles's picture

Occam's Razor is great, if you actually understand how to apply it. You obviously do not.

JLee2027's picture

Looks like he does. I agree with Dave.

Slave's picture

We already know. You hate arabs and love "jooz". You don't even need to post. We all imagine you're posting in the comments before we even finish reading the article anyways.

Seek_Truth's picture

A Rabbi could eat a living baby in front of JLee and he'd stumble all over himself to kneel before him to get a bloody scrap.

LibertyWorks's picture

Seek Truth - look in the mirror. You are supporting Hamas which is responsible for the death of so many innocent babies while creating some nonsense hypothetical. The irony is incredible! 

Seek_Truth's picture

Not so, bro:
Here's the God's honest truth:
It's Hamas versus Zionists,
With Palestinians and Jews caught in-between.
I see the evil in Hamas and Zionists,
And I wish that Palestinians and Jews
Would rise up to defeat their mutual enemies.
But it won't happen,
Just like in the USA,
The sane ones who want peace
Even though they outnumber their oppressor,
Won't rise up against them.
That is why it wil take God to to sort this out.
Not any human movement.
Christ is returning soon,
And He will judge the righteous and the unrighteous.

LibertyWorks's picture

If you want to know the the Zionist agenda,  the following is an interview with the former Israeli president (the chief Zionist) http://youtu.be/EHqO-wgftmA

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Occam's Razor is misused too frequently by pretending on a false basis what is easily believed vs easily likely.

rick4654's picture

@ the troll


....because you know how reliable and honest the intelligent decent Muslim guys are who hang around Hamas.

Thet are truely honorable people who contribute so much to this world......... such as Jihad, slaughter, burying

people alive, kinlling their own if they are 'collaborators", hiding behind women's skirts and sending their children to die for Alah, 72 virgins for blowing themselves up......


Hamas gets paid by Israel to send rockets into Israel? You are a fucking idiot towelhead who needs to be wrapped up in a pig blanket. You see plenty of damage in Israel if you had any interest. Why don't you take a vaction there and see for yourself. It's a beautiful country. And while you're there take a trip to Gaza and observe how they treat their own citizens and treat women like cattle. And while you're there take a look at all of the infrastructure devoted to tunnels and rockets instead of investing in the people they represent - rockets over economic growth, tunnels over building schools and housing and prospering.

Hamas are the type of people you support because that's just the type of person you  are - you are a fucking moron!!


LibertyWorks's picture

Yeah,  let's blame Israel for Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Al Qaida, ISIS and Boko Haram. If that's what the ZH crowd says it's obviously true. 

Duffy Duck's picture

Well said.


Who knows. I'm naturally well-inclined to believe it was Israel itself, it could have been a splinter group, Islamic Jihad, or just a couple guys being fuck heads.

But it seems the zH community, based on the comments, is suffering a little I/P fatigue.  Understandable. 

Really, it can all be summed up as follows: Israel, under Likud and the Zionist/Jewish Supremacist right, doesn't want peace, it wants Palestine....

And Lebanon to the Litani

And Sinai

And beyond.

That, the occupation/ongoing colonization and near-starvation blockade are the primordial problem, and Hamas does little more than provide a thin, prima facie excuse for repeated ongoing destruction of the ability of the indigenous population to have anything like normal lives.


But hey, you tweet some neat graphics of how every school, hospital, mosque, and old age home is a weapons depot, without any further evidence, and millions of people will accept it, and the massive loss of life Israel's state terrorism continues to cause will go on and on so long as there is a non-Jew living in what {some} Jews absurdly believe is theirs by divine grant.

max2205's picture

5 mins is pretty good

I couldn't look at a bottle rocket for more than 1 min before I'd have to shoot it at my neighbors window

Ms. Erable's picture

Zionists prolly needed a few extra minutes for damage assessment and to plot the next round of strikes.

The.Harmless.Jew's picture




how do you say bullish in yiddish?


I don't know Squid, but what I do know besides the Talmudic-Zionsim Ideology being a poison to the world, is that Vigorish is a horrible talmudic invention that that's is killing people the world over.




bunzbunzbunz's picture
from merriam webster: Origin of vigorish: perhaps from Ukrainian vygrash or Russian vyigryshwinnings, profit First Known Use: 1912 Please do make some citation when spewing "facts" to aid your possibly veiled bigotry.
NidStyles's picture

Ashkenazi Jews are from that region ;-) 


Being honest and using supporting science doesn't make someone a bigot. Putting agenda before honesty does though.


The.Harmless.Jew's picture



No bigotry Bunz, and nothing veiled here either (apart from your disgusting zionist deceit).


You dare to suggest I'm using "veiled" bigotry?


Ever heard Mossad's mantra? (before they changed it to a more PR friendly quote that is! Clearly they've never heard of the Net or just behind the curve like their Fed Chair Zionist brothers and sisters).  Garbage the lot of them.


Anyway Bunz, shouldn't you be harvesting organs instead of wasting time on the net?  You've lost your Hasbara battle, but the blood and guts of innocent children that your masters have bombed, are still good to a Talmudic Rabbi to feast on.  


Fuckin' baby killing zionist cunt.





huggy_in_london's picture

Let me guess... bullish for spoos right?

Quus Ant's picture

I blame Hamas. 

Obviously the strategy of using women and children as human shields isn't working.  Israel bombs anyway.  Hiding in schools, mosques and UN facilities isn't working.  Israel bombs them anyway. 


Try puppies.  No one bombs puppies.

Quus Ant's picture

Seriously.   If Israel bombed an animal shelter the world outcry would put a stop to this tomorrow. 

Sarah McLachlan would do the PSA.

IShoutLOUDER's picture

You do know that human shield stuff doesnt actually happen, right? Israel says Hamas uses human shields, and hamas rockets drop short and all sorts of shit tomake it sound like Israel killing kids is cool. But every western journalist, UN official and actual person in Gaza says no, the human shield stuff is just bollocks.

Teaser's picture

Until every muslim in the world is dead, there will be no peace.

I said this back in 2001.  I say it again now.  This is a cultural war.  

That being said, i think we've already lost.

But I gave you the prescription to win in the first sentence.

Quus Ant's picture

Thanks, Teaser- I'll get this to the President ASAP!  KILL ALL MUSLIMS. 

Anything for desert?

Teaser's picture

Muslim intestines?


The Only good muslim is a dead one.  It would be be better for the Republic if you would die too.  We need a lot less apologists. Drink Up fuck face.

Quus Ant's picture

I get it- this is a character you're doing.  The dipshit ignorant xenophobic american.  very convincing.  I like how you lose yourself in the role.  Did you study anywhere?  Self taught?  yeah...

Teaser's picture

And you're doing the ignorant suicidal 50 inch tv watching American idol dumb fuck who can't get an erection unless he's got some guy's dick stuck up his ass? 

Quus Ant's picture

Whoa, now you're getting out of character. Keep to the script, buddy. "Muslims must die". 

You're no Brando.   But you got potential.

And latent homosexual tendencies.

stacking12321's picture

it's wrong to say that all muslims should be killed.

there's no such thing as collective guilt, each person is an individual and should be judged on his own merits and actions.

villifying all muslims as violent and evil is ignorant; just as ignorant as the rabid jew-haters on ZH.


Teaser's picture

If you are a Muslim, you belive in an evil, anti-American, anti liberty, anti freedom creed.


I would have you read the Koran, you dumb mother fucker.  When or if you read and understand it, you'll come to realize, that anyone who says "I am a Muslim"  needs to die, and ASAP.

NidStyles's picture

So in your universe there can be no secular Muslims, but we can certainly have a lot of secular Christians. Gotcha, who is the real bigot here? Certainly not the Muslims. 

BigJim's picture

I wonder if he's ever read the Talmud?

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

I've never heard of a secular Christian. By the very nature of the word "secular" it means they aren't.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

ALL religion is hyper-retarded.
The only moral, truthful path is ATHEISM. Americanism? Anti-American?
America is a top-level terrorist in all of world-history.
To be anti-American is to be pro-justice, pro-freedom & to be against the 2nd-worst evil next to Israel the hyper-terrorists.

Seek_Truth's picture

But of course- Mao, Pol Pot and Stalin are some stellar examples of "moral" atheists.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Exceptions that do not represent the larger population of atheists: after all, there's no reason to have dictators / leaders of any sort, any time, anywhere.
Being smart enough not to believe in god isn't a qualification for being a dictator, any more than having blue eyes or being over 6 feet tall, etc.

I feel you'd argue if 20 dictators did beat their dogs and 3 refused to do so, that those 3 who refused to beat their dogs would be a prime example why it's moral to beat your dog since those guys were dictators.

db51's picture

Spot on Bro.  We could have nipped this shit in the bud if we'd started with Mohammed Ali and Kareem Abdul Jabar.

Slave's picture

Interesting how "nuke the middle east, no more muslims, problem solved" is a mainstream political view, yet non-violently hating the Global Zionist agenda is not.

john39's picture

watching children get ripped apart by high tech munitions, no matter the purported reason, tends to piss off normal human beings.

rick4654's picture

How about children sawed in half and children burried alive and murdered by our dear friends in ISIS.

All of that for Allah

Prophet Mohammad marrying a 9 year old little girl -  for Allah no doubt.

pods's picture

Our dear friends in ISIS?

Closer to the truth than you think.


actionjacksonbrownie's picture

Funny how isis just came out of nowhere and managed to conquer half of 2 countries in just a few weeks!


One might be tempted to ask a few questions... such as:


Who funded this group?

Who trained this group?

Who organised this group?

Who supplied this group?

Who gave this group a free pass while all of the above was taking place?



(Spoiler alert - it wasn't the evil muslims)

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Actually they, like Al Qaeda, are 100% American funded enterprises. Being Muslim has nothing to do with it: being funded by the CIA is the actual purpose, the source of the problem, the origin of the crime.