Brazilian Presidential Candidate Dies In Jet Crash

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Brazil's stock market is reeling this morning as rumors and now news hit that Brazilian Presidential candidate Eduardo Campos was on board a private jet that crashed in the city of Santos. Polls had put Mr. Campos head-to-head with Ms. Rousseff (but behind Ms. Silva).



The type of plane he was flying:


As Reuters reports,

A private jet carrying Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos crashed on Wednesday in the city of Santos, according to a source in Campos's political party.


The plane, a Cessna 560XL, lost contact with air traffic control as it was preparing to land, according to an Air Force statement. Television images showed smoke billowing from the crash site in a residential area of Santos.


A police official in Santos said there were "certainly" fatalities in the crash, but could not say how many or provide any additional information.


The party source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Campos' running mate, Marina Silva, was not on board the plane.

The crash site...


Campos' beliefs include:

He has pledged to expand social welfare programs introduced by rousseff’s predecessor Lula and scaling back government intervention in the economy.


Campos, born Aug. 10,1965, would propose a bill to grant the central bank full independence with fixed terms for its director, establish clear rules to regulate fuel and electricity prices, and seek to negotiate bilateral trade accords without the south american bloc Mercosur. Campos has also pledged to reduce red tape for businesses and citizens and cut by almost half the 39 federal ministries.


During his first six years as governor of the northeastern state of Pernambuco, homicide rates fell 39 per-cent and the economy grew 5.1 percent annually, faster than the national average of 3.7 percent.

*  *  *

The Economist provides some color on Mr. Campos:

EDUARDO CAMPOS is both modern manager and old-fashioned political boss. As governor of the poor, north-eastern state of Pernambuco, he has attracted private investment, brought private managers into state hospitals, introduced elements of performance-based pay for teachers and made some schools operate a full eight-hour day, rather than the four-hour shifts common in Brazil.


He is also the leader of the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) and had long been its presumptive candidate to challenge President Dilma Rousseff of the ruling Workers' Party (PT) in a presidential poll next year. One thing he lacked was national name-recognition. That started to change on October 5th, when the PSB announced an alliance with Marina Silva, a popular environmental activist and, like Mr Campos, former minister in the cabinet of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Two days earlier the country’s highest electoral court had refused to register the Sustainability Network, a party being set up by Ms Silva, on the grounds that it had failed to submit the 492,000 supporting signatures that new parties must collect.


Rather than join one of a shoal of tiddler parties or withdraw from the fray, she unexpectedly plumped for the PSB, splashing her and Mr Campos's faces on the front pages of newspapers and covers of magazines. The decision about which of them will challenge Ms Rousseff will be made early next year. Polls put Ms Silva ahead of Mr Campos in a head-to-head contest with Ms Rousseff (who beats both of them). Would Mr Campos settle for the vice-presidency?

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Will there be an intermission today?

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He must not have been friendly to US corporate interests!

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Were there any Ukrainian rebels in the area?

Latina Lover's picture

Better yet, were there any USSA top political officials that died?  Imagine the cheers from coast to coast.

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Obviously he pissed off the Tribe.

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If you haven't watched it, go to utube a search for "Confessions of an Economic Hitman"... Quite eye-opening as this sort of crap is SOP for the banksters or corptocracies... 

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Non Jewish candidates should take care to travel only with an entourage of Rabbis.

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PUTIN Must Have Been Involved !!!

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Just a coinkydink. Don't be a conspiracy Brazil nut.

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I wish I could could say I care, but I really don't.

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I'm going to preliminary say this is no accident.

power steering's picture

A NASCAR hothead at the stick


Are we talking about a presidential candidate or the Brazilian soccer team that crashed and burned?

roadhazard's picture

That is aways the knee jerk reaction on ZH.

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You mean Brazilian Whacked

Agent P's picture

I've done one to pictures of the other. 

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My thought is always "who does this benefit?"

after a while themes may start to present themselves.

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Strictly a guess, but I woud wager that he was pro-BRICS... 

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Hmm I guess Brazil ran out of nailgunz... :>D

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Yep, we are way beyond economic hit men now.

Groundhog Day's picture

Another US Jackel taking care of business as usual....move along nothing to see here...go to a baseball game, eat a hotdog, hamburger, and drink lots of soda and beer so your gut gets nice and big so you have all types of health issues, but don't worry their is a pill for that.

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Just a friendly hint from me to all of you, if you ever become important stay away from planes.

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Don't use cell phones. Have someone else make calls for you.

Don't use credit cards.  Pay for everything with cash.


disabledvet's picture

Take the train. And make sure you own that too.

Keyser's picture

Anyone ever seen the Will Smith film "Enemy of the State"?  There is no where to hide and no where to run unless you are completely off the grid... 

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lock all power tools up and throw away the key; oh, and drain your hot tub.


gallistic's picture

Stack your wealth in things with intrinsic value and take frequent boat trips...

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Avoid the Mercedes cars with the 'inferno' option.

jackstraw001's picture

Never go into a building higher than 1-story.

Winston Churchill's picture

I have news for you Fred.You don't need to be that important.

I had a senior partner at a big four accounting firm ,give me a telephone number

to resolve a business dispute the" old fashioned way".

I was almost tempted.

JRobby's picture

"Big 4" !!!!!!!


And then there were 3.........................

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And Mercedes.  They explode on impact.  If you're important enough go with something safer.

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I think it's another banker suicide.

Mad Max's picture

The important thing is that no nailguns were harmed in the making of this news.

Say What Again's picture

Another BULLISH piece of news

I estimate this will add 5 to 10 points to the SP500

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so how'd this guy feel about the BRICS competition to imf, I wonder...

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Wonder what our market would do in the same senario?  Oh wait, it only goes up, my bad.

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Wherever there is a bad smell, the same maggots always appear.

In its statement Wednesday, the ministry wrote: “The Brazilian government considers as unacceptable the escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine. We vigorously condemn the use of disproportionate force by Israel in the Gaza Strip, which resulted in an elevated number of civilians victims, including women and children.”

The statement mentioned neither Hamas nor any other offensive actions by Palestinians.

Israel also condemned the Brazilian statement.

“This is an unfortunate demonstration of why Brazil, an economic and cultural giant, remains a diplomatic dwarf,” Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor told The Jerusalem Post. “The moral relativism behind this move makes Brazil an irrelevant diplomatic partner, one who creates problems rather than contributes to solutions.”

Read more:

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whats with these plane crashes and people of influence? weird, i wonder why this happens.

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Remember that Polish plane going down with the entire cabinet aboard?