Market Catalyst? East Ukraine Rebel Leader Strelkov "Gravely Injured" According To A Russian Media Report; Promptly Denied As Fake

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Moments after the tragic news that Brazil's presidential candidate Eduardo Campos died in a plane crash, Russian Itar-Tass reported, citing press agency Novorossya, that another prominent public figure, this time the leader of the Donetsk rebels and the minister of defense of the Donetsk People's Republic has been "seriously injured."

From Itar-Tass:

The Defence Minister of the People's Republic of Donetsk (DNI) Igor Strelkov has been seriously injured. This was reported by "Novorossia".

"Igor Strelkov was seriously wounded. This is what we were told by a source in the New Russia. The condition of the Minister of Defence of the DNI is serious, - the report says.

So far ITAR-TASS does not have confirmation of this report from other sources.

Igor Strelkov was appointed head of the Security Council and the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Donetsk May 15th. In June, he was added to the United States sanctions list.

It is possible that this news, so far unconfirmed, was the catalyst that sent stocks surging earlier as it may (or may not, depending on one's angle) indicate a de-escalation if only by necessity.


Update: it took minutes for another media outlet, a Russian one again, this tima RIA, to deny the Itar-TASS report. Google translated


The DNR militia leadership denied the information about the alleged seriously wounded militia commander Igor Strelkov.


Earlier, some media reported that the Gunmen wounded and is in serious condition.


"This is nonsense," - told RIA Novosti Head of the Political Department of International Information Service of the Ministry of Defense DNI Vladislav Brig.


According to him, the information about it first appeared on "some incomprehensible fake resources created specifically for the stuffing of misinformation." He assured that with the shooting, "all right."


Press office of the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk also does not confirm information about the injury Strelkova. "We contacted the deputy Strelkova, Berezin, it is not this information confirms the" - told RIA Novosti press officer.

So just more disinformation, largely as expected on anything originating out of east Ukraine. Of course, if stocks indeed soared on this "report" when it originally came out, don't expect them to retrace any gains on the denial.

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power steering's picture

False Flag? It's convenient that the humantarian relif convoy is on the way while 45,000 Russ Troops line up on the border. 

0b1knob's picture

Is it just me, or does the man in the picture have a passing resemblence to a certain German corporal?

y3maxx's picture

...Another Obama "Drone, Nobel Peace Prize."

power steering's picture

Ukranian government = 1,500 NASCAR hotheads

power steering's picture

He looks like Adolph Hitler at age 35

Howard_Roark0112's picture

with a healthy dose of Kevin Spacey thrown in

Momauguin Joe's picture

Strelkov and the troops under his command have pretty much singlehandedly held off the Petrodollar Hegemon for several months now. All sorts of Blackwater type creeps and goons have come a'callin, to no avail.

Won't surprise me one bit if ZOG put a hefty price on his head.

Jack Burton's picture

Not really. If you have any grounding in Russia history he resembles most a Czarist Military Officer type from the late 1800's to the First World War. A typical Russian of mixed race. I can see why some see a bit of hitler in him, but really, I have seen dozens of typical Russian Imperial Officers looking quite like him. He has a very aristocratic look of Imperial Russia. Remember the aristocracy had much mixed blood, French, German and Scandinavian along with ethnic Great Russian.

ConfederateH's picture

I catch an aura of Robert E. Lee about him.  A touch of Noblesse Oblige. Too bad the Nouvo-rebs haven't figured out how to play off of the rebel theme.  After all, all they want to do is secede, just like our "founding fathers" and the South.  IMO the Nuovorussians are missing an opportunity to play to the sentiments of all those who would like to secede from the madness and corruption around us. 

This is one of the reasons all these central bank serf countries we call the "west" are desperate to squelch any talk of secession.  When they snuff out nuovorussia, they snuff out part of all would be secessionists.

S.M.T.U.Q.I.'s picture

They say fire but I must doubt fire.  Get it? Ms Doubtfire.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Russian government = 15,000 NASCAR hotheads

US government = 150,000 NASCAR hotheads.

_____  (fill in macho organization here), FUCK YEAH!  


France =  15 F1 liberal panzies (if that movie was correct).

JR's picture

Paul Craig Roberts wrote in June, 2014 in his article "Washington Is Beating the War Drums" that a nuclear war with Russia will be “the end of all of us…” Is this the time? Excerpt:

…In an article published by Op-Ed News, Eric Zuesse supports my reports of indications that Washington is preparing for a nuclear first strike against Russia.

US war doctrine has been changed. US nuclear weapons are no longer restricted to a retaliatory force, but have been elevated to the role of preemptive nuclear attack. Washington pulled out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with Russia and is developing and deploying an ABM shield. Washington is demonizing Russia and Russia’s President with shameless lies and propaganda, thus preparing the populations of the US and its client states for war with Russia.

Washington has been convinced by neoconservatives that Russian strategic nuclear forces are in run down and unprepared condition and are sitting ducks for attack. This false belief is based on out-of-date information, a decade old, such as the argument presented in “The Rise of U.S. Nuclear Primacy” by Keir A. Lieber and Daryl G. Press in the April 2006 issue of Foreign Affairs, a publication of the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization of American elites.

Regardless of the condition of Russian nuclear forces, the success of Washington’s first strike and degree of protection provided by Washington’s ABM shield against retaliation, the article I posted by Steven Starr, “The Lethality of Nuclear Weapons,” makes clear that nuclear war has no winners. Everyone dies.

In an article published in the December 2008 issue of Physics Today, three atmospheric scientists point out that even the substantial reduction in nuclear arsenals that the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty hoped to achieve, from 70,000 warheads in 1986 to 1700-2200 warheads by the end of 2012, did not reduce the threat that nuclear war presents to life on earth. The authors conclude that in addition to the direct blast effects of hundreds of millions of human fatalities, “the indirect effects would likely eliminate the majority of the human population.” The stratospheric smoke from firestorms would cause nuclear winter and agricultural collapse. Those who did not perish from blast and radiation would starve to death…

If the White House Fool, Washington’s media whores and European vassals convince Russia that war is in the cards, war will be in the cards. As there is no prospect whatsoever of NATO being able to mount a conventional offensive threat against Russia anywhere near the size and power of the German invasion force in 1941 that met with destruction, the war will be nuclear, which will mean the end of all of us….

Freddie's picture

I listened to a few of his press conferences on Saker of the Vineyard web site.   He seemed like he and the militia were trying to protect the citizens from evil Kiev Maidan nazis and dual citizen oligarch murderers.  I hope he is alright. 

Eyeroller's picture

A Russian tweet that 'all is well' should do the trick.

Worked last Friday.

NotApplicable's picture

I keep waiting for the "Tweet heard 'round the world" that will officially usher in WWIII.

*checks popcorn supplies*

youngman's picture

Dont need the Humanitarian supplies now I guess

Squid Viscous's picture

where's that confounded convoy? did they get lost?

NOTaREALmerican's picture

They are held-up by the film crew doing the Russian version of the movie sequal of the same name.  

socalbeach's picture


DND: the Message of the wound Strelkova - delirium
13.08.2014 - 20:02

Information about the alleged serious injury to the commander of the host of Igor strelkov not true, said the leadership of the militia DND.

As stated by RIA Novosti, the head of the Department of international information service of the political Department of the Ministry of defence DND Vladislav Brig, "this is nonsense".

According to him, the information about it first appeared on "some strange fake resource created specifically for spreading misinformation". Brig assured that Small "all right."

disabledvet's picture

Who's in charge of he news again? And are those real rioters or is this some Hollywood thingy?

Eyeroller's picture

True story: bullish.

False story: bullish.

Urban Redneck's picture

Probably depends both the definition of the "is" as well as "seriously", but BULLISH regardless, since it's a day that end in "y"...

youngman's picture

Nevermind....back to Tony Stewert or something

Freddie's picture

Send fat hot head Tony Stewart to Ferguson, MO in a Chevy with the N word in BIG letters on each side of the car.  We could combine two stories.  I hope that douchebag goes to jail.

Dr. Engali's picture

You don't get out of your fucking car on a poorly lit dirt track in a dark suit and challenge oncoming cars. The autopsy report came back and confirmed that the kid died from stupidity and is now a lead candidate for the Darwanism awards.

NotApplicable's picture

In other news, Tony is now Robin Williams' biggest fan.

acetinker's picture

Not your downer, but have you ever sat in a winged sprint car, Freddie?  If you had, you'd know you can only see what's immediately in front of you and to your left.

I've watched the videos a few dozen times, and there's more than one 'version".  In the first one I found, the audio appears to be out of sync with the video, making it seem like Tony gassed it as he approached young Kevin.

Another version; makes more sense.  Tony does in fact gas it as he's passing Ward- Why would he do that?

My opinion (I know, like my asshole) is that by the time Tony saw him, it was too late to simply drive around him.  Instinctively, once his front axle was adjacent to Ward, he steered to the right and gassed it, trying to get the rear end of the car to swing to the left.

Additionally, they were coming out of a turn, and Tony's view of Ward was more than likely blocked by the #45 car ahead of him.

I can't defend Tony Stewart for sometimes being an outright asshole, but he's neither stupid, nor a killer.

acetinker's picture

Watch this half-speed video, and then tell me what you think-

I initally thought Ward Jr. disappeared beneath the undercarriage of the 14 car, but if you watch closely, you will see Ward Jr. hanging from its' wing.  Goddam!  Maybe it's possible that that the initial impact propelled him up there, but I sorta doubt it.

This stupid kid thought he could catch and hold onto an object 13 times his weight, which was moving at somewhere between 30 and 50 miles per hour.

Tony didn'i give the kid no room, on either the previous lap or the one which took his life.  That's how racing works.

Still, Kevin Ward Jr. is dead.  Maybe he can prevent more stupid kids from dying, but stupidity is flourishing, so I kinda doubt that, too.

I sincerely hope that Kevin's dad has been neutered.  We don't need any more of his kind.

SDRII's picture

looks liuke sisi is taking no chances after his stop overs in Saudi and Russia


Zwelgje's picture

wow, that's one giant u-turn.

Eyeroller's picture

Putin's next move?

therevolutionwas's picture

If the violence esculates and Crimea is threatened at all, I'll bet a peso Putin will step in militarily.

NotApplicable's picture

Why use the aid to resupply the troops on the border, of course.

Wahooo's picture

Is he a good guy or Kiev guy?

Freddie's picture

Good guy.  His milita troops are kicking the Ukies/nazis/mercenaries arses.  they also give Ukie conscrpts safe passage if they surrender.

Winston of Oceania's picture

You mean the spetz forces under his command don't you?

Cthonic's picture

ot: ebola:

Instantaneous infection rate (smoothed over three data releases) is now:


13 Aug 14 - 40/day

11 Aug 14 - 37/day

08 Aug 14 - 54/day

06 Aug 14 - 55/day

04 Aug 14 - 57/day

02 Aug 14 - 43/day

29 Jul 14 - 38/day

27 Jul 14 - 23/day

23 Jul 14 - 12/day

17 Jul 14 - 10/day

Morbidity: 54%

(Date above is day WHO statistics were posted, e.g 02 Aug is compiled data as of 30 Jul).

JuliaS's picture

The greatest shortcoming of the human race may be our inability to understand the exponential function, according to the quote, but I know it well enough to tell that this is not an exponential function.

Another public scare bullshit. I guess H1N-whatever lost its flavor and the bees whose extinction was, according to Einstein capable of wiping out the human race in 4 years has also been delayed.

I'm already looking forward to the next year's plague. Mayan calendar has expired, unfortunately, so I'll have to look for some othe doomsday clock to keep track of events.

Winston Churchill's picture

WHO figures.Although I agree with your sentiments, I don't think anything

can be extrapolated from these stats.

The situation on the  ground is prolly far different.

Don't forget the WHO announced the pestes plague was completely erradicated

back in the 1990's. Anything from them should be regarded with extreme caution.

WHO is as useful as tits on a boar.

Oldballplayer's picture

So, you are saying the infection rate has peaked and now its declining.

markam's picture

I think you are reading the numbers backwards.  the latest 2 day period had the second hightest cases/day that has been reported (64 cases/day).  Right now the data is best fit to a linear increase, but the numbers are definitely increasing over time.  the average number of cases/day goes up by 10 about every 10 days.

Bear's picture

The Fog of War turns into Acid Rain

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Whoever programmed these Algos, which are 100% of the market (not counting the institutional investors and herded males) sure programmed in allot of human nuances, the programmers must be geniuses.    To think "the market" can react correctly to such subtle things like an East Ukrainian militia leader getting injured.

Freddie's picture

I know someone who worked on a start up that did that.  They would sniff social media feeds for market moving stories.  The company failed.  the technology worked but their funding ended.