Stocks Up, Bonds Up, Gold Up, Oil Up, Dollar Up, F'd Up

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Worst Japanese consumer spending data drop ever - BTFD. China financing slowed - BTFD. European industrial production tumbled - BTFD. US retail sales miss dramatically - BTFD. The worse the news the better the buy-the-dippiness as between JPY (102.50) and VIX (12 handle), US equities shrugged off shitty data and worsening geopolitics to jump to August highs. But it wasn't just stocks... investors piled into Treasuries (slamming yields 7bps lower from pre-retail sales), bought gold (back over $1310), bid for US Dollars (now up 0.25% on the week), and lifted oil prices (WTI $97.50). S&P futures volume was the worst of the week (50% below average). Notable oddities: Copper clubbed today (-2% on the week), Brent-WTI jumped $1.50, and the VIX curve remains inverted for 14th day in a row.

The last 24 hours have been "odd" to say the least - in a new normal way of course... (and volume remains abysmal) with futures driven by the European session one way or another and then stalling as EU closes...


On the day, Nasdaq outperformed notably


As bonds and stocks were both bid...The MOAR QE TRADE


And all that mattered fun-durr-mentally was AUDJPY...


VIX cracked back to a 12 handle helping stocks surge...


VIX has now been inverted (short-dated risk above longer-dated risk) for 14 days...


The entire Treasury curve cracked 5-7bps lower after retail sales hit...


And despite a big plunge on retail sales, the USD kept on its path higher (helped by a dump in GBP)...


Gold and WTI rose but copper wass smacked lower after Chinese credit data and US retail sales...


Brent-WTI jumped $1.50 today... as Brent surged


Charts: Bloomberg

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knukles's picture

A rising tide of fiat lifts all assets

kliguy38's picture

nuttn that cant be sunk with a well placed gold spike.........and they will fight THAT

wallstreetaposteriori's picture

just waiting patiently for the cascade selling to begin... I wonder when investors are going to figure out the fed has been playing a game of nuclear hot potato.  Keep BTFD bagholders....

Eyeroller's picture

The sheeple have figured it out about the Fed and the manipulated numbers.

They know.

But the sheeple believe they can ride the Fed Crazy Train all the way to the top and jump off (sell) just before the crash.

They tell themselves that when they see the end is coming, they'll get out.



NidStyles's picture

I'd rather watch from the sidelines and jump in after the water settles from this ship going under. Lest I get sucked under by the rush of water following this ship down.


Anyone that is playing with paper now is putting themselves at a great pile of risk of being unable to pull their funds out when the ship starts to capsize. 

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Any one mildly curious what tomorrow looks like with the ending of the silver fix? Will there actually be some semblance of true price discovery or will they retain all the same ability to keep smacking it down whenever it suits them? That's somewhat rhetorical as i'm sure we will still be subject to the manipulations.

CH1's picture

Reality is on an extended vacation.

enforcer92677's picture

The guys in the office that have been mocking me for declaring that market is on the brink of a crash came over later to my desk and said they sort of agree with me but intend to keep riding it up until we see a "real pullback" like 5-10% and then they will go ahead and sell their position and wait for the bottom to buy back in.

I can't help but think they will get crushed at the exit with everyone else.  I even explained that to them.  But I've been wrong on calling a crash too early so my statements just get shrugged off.

infotechsailor's picture

Instead of calling a crash you should call the feds bluff that it will fully taper. You know that ain't gonna happen. And that's the only way there will be a market crash in USD. Is if yellen ends QE and raises rates.

The fed will do moar at some  point. And its to the moon for stocks. And everything else including your food and energy.

. Gold > foreign stocks > real estate > us stocks > cash > treasuries. 

Syrin's picture

No kidding.   Gold has been over the magic $1300/ounce threshold for a while now.   Time for some anonymous sell off of a few hundred tons of gold to knock it back into its place.   Can't let market forces take effect.  Conference call of the five major banks must be scheduled for the morning.

Bastiat's picture

Takes time for that HIndu temple gold to be delivered.

knukles's picture

The India Reichsbank is paying them interest on that specie. 
Loan Gold?

bwh1214's picture

So today most asset classes were up against the dollar and the dollar was up against most other fiat?

SAT 800's picture

Bought two Dec. Silver Contracts for $19.900 today. basically using profits from my recent S&P500 shorts. Will short the S&P500 again at 1980 actual; in the Dec. Contract whatever that is at that time. I don't expect this for a few weeks. I'm willing to see $19.750 intraday on Dec. Silver; after that I'll crap out. I'm interpreting the charts as showing a lot of shorts in the market who have had it all their way; it just looks like it's time for a rally.

Cattender's picture

Thank you president OBunga.. I am REALLY starting to believe we are in a Recovery! LOL!!!!

Squid Viscous's picture

the Vix smash has been amazing, where is that fucking convoy?

Bastiat's picture

5 dots for the Headline.

q99x2's picture

The way things are going the FED is soon to take control of my dick.

NoDebt's picture

You'll know because that sucker will be up for 5 years straight.

Muppet's picture

For an erection that persists for four years or more, please see your doctor.

NidStyles's picture

Maybe ten years ago. You guys are old :-P

knukles's picture

Didju guys hear Marylin Monroe died?

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

For a market erection lasting 4 years or more, please see your spindoctor.

There, fixed it for ya.

EHM's picture

At least it will be up.

ebworthen's picture

Do you know a girl named Banks?

NoDebt's picture

It's almost like it's...... manipulated or something.  I dunno.  Maybe it's just me.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Maybe, it's just stupidity?   There seems to be allot of that in the world.   

Dubaibanker's picture

Bad is good, good is good, everything is good!

Damn Ebola, Ukraine, Japan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Portuguese or South African bank insolvency, massive job cuts, riots in Amerika.......nothing matters in la la land any more!

There is nothing that freshly printed notes cannot cover up! 


Can't remember which text book prescribed this equation, but I am sure there was someone who won a Nobel Prize for that!


SheepDog-One's picture

They're just running the biggest crowd control operation ever.

SheepDog-One's picture

This must be 'the tapering' yea sure if anything the Fed has increased to around $120 billion a month I'm estimating.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Any day now...

And when it happens it will be like the worst case of diarrehea that will require burial in shoebox in it's aftermath for the markets!

Special thanks to those British kids whos parents work at the Bank of London for the forecast!!!!

Muppet's picture

Stocks up!  As retail plunges, St. Louis burns, Ebola gains strength, Vegas goes dry.    Hopefully, an asteriod will hit so the S&P can beat 2000.  

gcjohns1971's picture

Not to be stupid but does the Fed actually have to buy treasuriies to create cash?

Couldn't they just buy, well, everything?

Couldn't they buy everything through proxies, like the Primary Dealer banks?  But all funded by creative additions to their respective reserve accounts?

lost money's picture

And once again you people lost money

It's simple eocnomics. People looking for safety run to treasuries. yeilds plummet. if you want yield you have to go to stocks. more demand equals higher prices. Also there is an old adage that says when rates are low, stocks will grow. Bad news means more QE/less tapering. Money printing is inflationary. in an inflationary environment prices go up. so stock prices go up.

stop listenng to ron paul and blaming the fed or the joooss and all the other nonsense on this site, pay attention and MAKE SOME DAMN MONEY YOU IDIOTS.

and dont tell me about how you have ben buying gold for 30 yrs. If the balloon goes up, your $20 gold piece will buy $20 worth of food not 1200 because the store won't make that kind of trnsaction, they will deal in face value only. then the cashier will pulll out a fiatsco as you call it, put it in the till and walk off with the gold that you paid 1500 for at the top of the market last year.

Muppet's picture

Wrong on so many levels.   Do you have any sense of right and wrong, good and bad?   These markets are corrupted.   Go ahead and keep gaming.   That'll be me at the window when you come to cash your few chips.   I now sit and watch this casino from the outside longsince knowing that theres a time to walk away.... and a time to run.    

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Can't be any more risky than Russian Roulette with hookers in West Africa.
Will it be HIV or Ebola?
Luck be a lady!

Winston Churchill's picture

Your avatar is right.

Don't come here whining when you lose all your 'profits' to some algo in a hoody.

None of this is new,its been tried before,and always fails.

Its different this time though, right.

Eyeroller's picture

"lost money" believes he can sell just before the crash.

Because, of course, he'll see itcoming.

Squid Viscous's picture

"lost money" - how was the ride down from 1990 SPX? that must have sucked balls, but now you're an expert, again?

ebworthen's picture

"Listen to me people, smash the window and grab some Nike's while the getting is good!

All you have to do is go in the store and take what you want, it's not like it's hurting anybody!"

Who was that masked man's picture

Wow!  Just WOW!  Nothing else t say.

Billy Shears's picture

You are retarded:

"...because the store won't make that kind of trnsaction, they will deal in face value only."

That sentence says all that needs to be said about your ability to reason rationally.


BullyBearish's picture

The only way to win is not to play...

SheepDog-One's picture

In this market, everyone forgot the first rule of gambling. That is, when you sit down at the table and look around and can't pick out the rube, it's you. Lots of complacency out there, because everyone has a nice pile of chips and thinks they can only keep winning hands.