Ukraine Slams "Provocation By A Cynical Aggressor", Refuses Russian Convoy Entry

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With the Russian humanitarian convoy approaching the Ukraine border, there was much confusion yesterday whether Kiev would or wouldn't allow the roughly 280 trucks carrying "stuff" to enter its territory. The confusion rose yesterday afternoon when Russia's Lavrov told reporters in Sochi that Russia, after it asked for Germany's aid in getting Kiev to agree, received Ukraine’s permission for the convoy to enter after agreeing to Ukraine’s proposed route, agreeing that the convoy trucks will carry Ukrainian license plates, and complying with Ukraine’s demand for Ukrainian govt representatives to be on trucks. Turns out Ukraine was just kidding, and as Reuters reports this morning, the Kiev government once again denounced the dispatch of a Russian humanitarian aid convoy to eastern Ukraine as an act of Russian cynicism on Wednesday and said it would not be permitted to enter.

"The level of Russian cynicism knows no bounds," Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk said at a government meeting. "First they send tanks, Grad missiles and bandits who fire on Ukrainians and then they send water and salt."

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said on his Facebook page: "No Putin 'humanitarian convoy' will be allowed across the territory of Kharkiv region. The provocation by a cynical aggressor will not be allowed on our territory."

The comments reflected suspicions in Kiev and Western capitals that passage of the convoy onto Ukrainian soil could turn into a covert military action to help pro-Russian separatists now losing ground to government forces.

Today, Finland too joined in, perhaps to make it seem that there is a western consensus against Russian humaintarian aid: "Finland’s government said in an e-mailed statement that the conflict in Ukraine “must be resolved through negotiations and to make that happen, it’s of primary importance that Russia stops aiding separatist groups."

However, just to keep the world on its toes, and to make the Ukraine government, now engaging in 4 months of civil war against its own people appear less heartless, it was not immediately clear if this was an outright rejection of the Russian aid or a refusal to allow the Russian trucks onto Ukrainian territory.

Ukraine said on Tuesday that the cargo would have to be unloaded from Russian trucks at the border and transferred under international Red Cross aegis onto other vehicles. The European Union (EU) said the contents would have to be scrutinized.


Kiev accuses Russia of supporting and arming the rebels - who now appear to be on the verge of defeat by government forces - with tanks, missiles and other weapons. Moscow denies this.

To be sure, expect this plotline to change at least several more times before the trucks finally arrive at their border destination, at which point it is anyone's guess just how Russia will escalate tensions should Kiev continue to dig in and refuse to help out the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and ethnic Russians caught in Europe's most deadly civial wars in years.

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Humanitarian aid? No thanks.


If you want to toss us some food at the border.....well OK sure.

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turn off the fucking tap Vlad

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Russia controls the timing while a slow motion melt-down ensures as Ukraine scrambles to deny/deflect/defend and western nations shift focus to Iraq/IS developments.

Would expect trucks will arrive at the least convenient time and location ...for everyone else.

espirit's picture

Sooo... Finland chimed in.

A 100% dependent country on Russias' gas?

Fuck, it's gonna get cold there this winter.

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Let's just hope the Kiev junta decides to fire on the convoy

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Don't worry, the Kiev Kriminals, controlled by the State Department Nudelman, will eventually do something so stupid(ie a terrorist attack against Russia) that Putin will intervene, and the Europeans will understand.

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"Provocation By A Cynical Aggressor.."

..anybody else here write property tax checks on a semi-annual basis?

espirit's picture

From the pic, this could be any state within the USSA.

Just saying.


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Latest news from independents' ground zero:

Manthong's picture

“officers and commanders visually appear quite un presentable, which is not surprising, given their daily field activities,”

-gee.. I guess that means no interviews on CNN, MSNBC-BS or Faux News.

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Written by M. Molotov. That you, McMolotov?

p.s. to Truthseeker2: Of course that's what they got planned. That way they repopulate with own, take over Fields of Dreams (carbon fuels) AND move NATO to gates of Russia. Plus NATO will have cut off Russian navy in Crimea.
In the meantime... The Ukraine situation keeps Russia from being too active in the ME.
WW3 has already started for the Globalist/NWO Neo/Zio-Cons, and the fight for the promotion of the PETRO-Dollar to the ENERGY-Dollar is going on in earnest and full swing.

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Ebolo-bamanation people apparently want us to feel patriotic sympathizing with Nazi’s.

We have been sponsoring another atrocity.


CuttingEdge's picture

Just hope all the CIA and state dept shitbags connected with this continuous bad joke of global foreign policy "in the interests of the USA" get hung en masse in public come the day of reckoning, for the misery they are wreaking on millions around the world.

I'd queue up all patient like (for a day or so at least, if there are those sideshows to keep you occupied while waiting) just for the satisfaction of pissing on their stinking corpses.

Maybe the US would have been better run by the Illinois nazis in the Blues Brothers than this shower of shit pulling the strings.


Manthong's picture

Time to put Henry Gibson up on an independent ballot.

..way more personable Nazi than the ones running things now.

Manthong's picture

Is it just me, or is there no visual difference between Goebbels and Psaki?

..maybe it's just that the smell of testosterone is a bit stronger today.

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Not with nice smooth tarmac roads like that it couldn't be.


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"From the pic, this could be any state within the USSA.

Just saying."

What!! It must be a fraud! EVERYBODY knows trees in that part of the world are orange!!

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If they keep aid on the border while people starve - Putin wins.

If they let the aid through, the rebels will hold until junta defaults on loan payments - Putin wins.


"Resistance is futile" - Putin.

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That sounds like an anti-semitic conspiracy theory, comrade.

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yes, Finland, a country that is not part of NATO, has never been a colonial power - in fact it was often part of Sweden or the Russian Empire, and is participant to the EUR

and, as you say, 100% dependent on Russian gas. and Finland calls a spade a spade by stating "that the conflict in Ukraine “must be resolved through negotiations and to make that happen, it’s of primary importance that Russia stops aiding separatist groups.”"

If the Finns are not scared of the cold... well, ok, there are few things Finns are scared of. Nevertheless, I agree with them, it's time for the Bear to show up to the negotiating table. A solid agreement would help the refugees way more than a convoy, particularly if this means they can go back home and back to work

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The IMF, NATO and I am sure the US MIC have made it clear to Kiev that Eastern Ukraine is to be CRUSHED. Negotiations by Kiev will be viewed as failure and no IMF debt will be forthcoming in that case. Any negotiations, cease-fire or treaty will be tactical on the West's part in order to lull their oppenents for future conflict.  Ask any Native American in the US what a US treaty is worth.

Ghordius's picture

all arguments for not having serious negotiations? I have not lost even one word on Kiev, and no, I'm not talking about the US, neither

I'm talking about Russia's willingness to cease it's support of the rebels, and contribute to a peace settlement

I'm talking about all the refugees coming back home as a priority

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the people of eastern ukraine are being killed at their homes by army send from kiev on orders of nuland and co. fuck off with your bullshit, if it was kiev being bombed by russia, finland, eu and usa would be screaming about a need for humanitarian bombing of moscow. by the way, how much does it pay to work as a PR for empire? 

Ghordius's picture

I defended Russia in many comments on this blog, if you search for them you'll find them. Russia has, imho, a right and a duty to care for Russian populations

I'm supporting the Finnish call for immediate negotiations. if this is shilling for empire, then yes, I'm an imperialist

johny2's picture

negotiations is something that can and should take time. finland forgot to call for kiev to pull its army from atacking cities where people think and feel differently to kiev. 

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The problem is that it isn't up to Russia/Putin to negotiate. It's up to the illegal gov't in Kiev to stop their wholesale slaughter of people who voted (AKA self determination) to join Russia and be annexed. Why the fuck do the rebels, who are living in their own homes/cities that are being bombed, need to come to the table and trade off their right to self determination instead of the Kiev gov't just stopping their illegal activities? Who the fuck is the Kiev gov't to tell them what language they can speak? Can you imagine the U.S. gov't bombing neighborhoods that speak predominately spanish (or in the case of Obama gov't, english) and outwardly declaring that they will wipe out people who speak that language?

The whole premise of negotiations is that both sides are somewhat responsible and should horse trade for peace. This is a completely one-sided operation that originated with the U.S. going in and destabilizing a sovereign gov't. That is where the problem lies and I think more focus on the genesis of this confict is necessary so that folks around the world can understand exactly what is going on and who the bad guys are in this conflict!

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Fucking A RIGHT!


There is more intelligence in that one little posting than you'll hear in a week on the mainstream news.

stilletto's picture

What you are missing is that Russia has called for negotiations for 3 months but Kiev, EU,USA al;l refuse to negotiate.

What Finland is missing is that for Russia to stop supporting rebels the EU and USA must stop supporting Kiev - which they refuse to do. If the WEst would negotiate this could all be solved.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Ghordius, at times you make really good comments. At other times, like the ones here today, you make some really... poorly thought out comments.

If you consider yourself to be a pro-liberty person, and TRULY believe in a person's, group's or people's right to Self-Determination, then you seem to be having a blatant double standard here.

E.g. Kosovo-Albanian separation is "good" and OK for the US to bomb the shit out of Serbia on the others side of the globe, but an East Ukraine separation from a Fascist junta is "bad", as is aid by fellow Russians down the road?

I'd like to see you dance around this, to see if we need to question your intelligence or your agenda.

Ghordius's picture

note that every group that ever succeeded in their quest for self-determination... did it either by negotiation or by force

or a mixture of both

and this includes the American Revolution from the British

fact is that in Eastern Ukraine rebels tried to do it by force. fact is that they look on the ropes. which is not an improvement on their situation, yet it's imo not a reason for further, external escalation

the rebels tried force. now imo it's time for stopping this war, and negotiate. with Russia at the table

Omen IV's picture

you dont get it!

the USA, IMF want the region cleared out - ethnic cleansing is the objective - they want 7 million people out with no prior claims

the gas drilling  and corporate farms will be divided free of charge

it was announced this week that the largest coal company in Greece - public entity - was sold for -  ONE years earnings - one time multiple is a joke and the standard for what will happen everywhere

the people will be left with nothing - no assets, no job, no house and the leaders shot on the spot - isnt that obvious?

The Phallic Crusader's picture

Sorry - can you provide a link to a reputable source demonstrating that Russia really is doing so ("aiding separatist groups")?

Ghordius's picture

can you provide me a link to a reputable source on this matter? I can't

Boogity's picture

Yawn...  The Finns, like many people in the Baltic States, Poland, and western Ukraine (i.e. Galicians), have a historic pre-USSR hatred of Russia that goes back many centuries, partly based on religion and partly based on ethnicity.  As such, Finnland, the Baltic States, and the western Ukraine were allied with the Nazis during WW2.  Hell, the Finns historic hatred of Russia is such that they even energetically participated with the Nazis in the ruthless Siege of Leningrad, where the city was blockaded for ~900 days and ~1/3 of the population was starved to death. 

Due to the above, Finland, like the Baltic States and Poland,  is simply not a country that has any serious cred WRG to objectively assessing anything having to do with Russia.  I also personally know this because I have spent considerable time in Finland (as well as in Russia), where I've talked to many Finns and heard them spew their hatred for all things Russian. 

When a non-USA puppet/ non-EU neutral third party (e.g. India, Brazil,. China, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, etc.) says something about the Ukraine mess, I'll lend my ear, until then its all propaganda and noise.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I am curious. 

Lets say that Russia quits arming the "rebels."  What does Russia get in return? 

Why don't we stop arming Ukraine.  I mean, lets be honest, if we were to quit arming the Ukranian government, then the Rebels would win and there would be peace again.  If peace is the only goal -- this is just as valid a request as having Russia quit arming the "rebels."

Ghordius's picture

how about... Crimea? a territory that actually Russia gave away in various previous settlements it signed? note that Ukraine is a sovereign, as Russia itself stated in treaties. this makes the support of a sovereign in the fight against a rebellion a different thing from the support of the rebels

I'm not defending all the war hawks that are helping Kiev, mind. some of them are worthy of a war crimes tribunal. I'm just noting that Russia's continued support of the current situation does not look as helpful, or constructive, or sensible. my opinion on that is btw quite in line with your Germany: negotiation, now

Boogity's picture

Uhh...  Russia didn't "give away" Crimea.  That was the USSR and the guy who did it 1954 was Nikita Kruschev, who happened to claim Ukrainian heritage. 

MarsInScorpio's picture



Enough. You are way off base about Crimea.


It is settled international law - to the extent that the western powers respect anything coming from the International Court of Justice - that in the case of Kosovo, the people could divorce themselves from Serbia with a vote to do so.


If you apply the law consistently, then the Crimea vote to leave Ukraine is absolutely legal.


Of course the west is terrified that what they wanted for Kosovo might now be applied to the rest of the world; after all, what if states in the US cite the Kosovo vote and begin voting themselves out of the US?


Because the west is nothing more than a criminal gang of psychotic liars, what worked in Kosovo won't be applied to Crimea - or New Russia.


Sorry Ghordius, but you are bedding with the weastern psychos on this one . . .



Ghordius's picture

your view of "international law" is interesting, but is it... reality? we don't have an international law enforcement that is not partisan. and so we don't have a consistent application of international law

in fact, I guess the biggest problem with international law is the very way it's called. as you note yourself, if Kosovo is "true"... ouch

I find it very interesting how my call for immediate negotiations has been seen in this thread. looks like I stamped on a lot of feet with that

I see a failed rebellion. and huge masses of refugees streaming out of the embattled cities. and I don't see the reason for further escalation, and many reasons against it

and this leads me to ask for negotiation, as Finland does

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Good point. 

However, I think we both can agree the government in Ukraine was formed via a foreign funded coup.  We also know that the EU and the US supplied the MAiden protestors with funds, and political support.  While its a different beast than shipping in boxes of AKs, surly you can see the double ideological standard the West has been applying to this situation. 

It seems to me, that the Russian side of this argument is more ideologically pure than ours (The West'S) is.  Wouldn't you agree?

Ghordius's picture

"It seems to me, that the Russian side of this argument is more ideologically pure than ours"

I would state it differently: "Russia currently has the moral high ground". At least among Europeans (ok, not the NE sector). Though the Russian rebels in Ukraine are at the ropes

which is the perfect moment for negotiations. not to be squandered with squabbles about humanitarian aid which can be construed as attempts to further complicate matters

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Fair enough.  The West is attempting to mitigate the Russian high ground by taking ideological inconsistent positions.  I can agree with this. 

The Russian rebels are on the ropes.  Completely agree.  I would say if things keep up and keep going the way they are -- they won't be around in 6 months. 

So where does this leave Putin?  Should he sit back, and let his supports get slaughtered?  Should he give Ukraine nat gas independence (via shale under Donetsk)?  SHould he squandor his political capital gained in Russia over the past few months? 

Put yourself in Putin's shoes.  What would you do? 

All we can do is speculate.  What I cannot imagine is him just handing over Ukraine to the West without putting up more of a fight. 

Then again, its been said that Adolf's final days were spent in the bunker cursing the evil genius of Chamberlin getting Germany into a war before she was ready.  Perhaps Putin is at a similar point.  

BlindMonkey's picture

Chamberlain tried that negotiate with the Nazis thing before. I suspect any "peace" agreement that is signed by the Nazi junta will have about as much lasting effect.

stilletto's picture

Iraq was soverign - didnt stop Uncle Sam invading and destroying. Yugoslavia was a civil war - didnt stop NATO picking sides and bombing like crazy. The west ignores all International rules. We're back bombing in Irag to releive a humanitarian crisis, but if Russia sends blankets to its neighbours to relieve a humanitarian crisis we cry foul! The West are just the hypocites!