What's Wrong With This Chart?

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Presented with no comment...



Thank you VIX 13 and USDJPY 102.50



Gentle reminder - the last 2 days have seen the market's trend abruptly reverse at the European close.


Charts: Bloomberg

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Pavlov's traders.

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Its not just the US Fed.

The trailer to the original post reminds us;

"Gentle reminder - the last 2 days have seen the market's trend abruptly reverse at the European close."

I would like to add to that reminder there are other very large central banks that are printing fiat currency.  Its not just the Fed.

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One is done...the other "only just begun."

Prices are falling so the market rallying on news that the Fed is now tapering while everyone else is monetizing is good news for US equities. Know it's not popular but there is good news for policy success (US response to 2008) and that news has transferred into real money and real growth in the US economy...just not yet (if ever?) to the "jobs market."

The US Fed is on that case too as it has a dual mandate for a reason...namely before Banks and securities firms were separated they were together and that was bad for job creation.

So the Banks want their securities businesses back under one roof...no one should be surprised if the Fed exercises their dual mandate as the Fed's history pre-dates the time when Congress forced that separation back in the Depression.

Not saying this is just a panacea...just saying "if you want know what the USA should be looking like" (without any crisis response to 2008 period) "look at Europe" which in fact RAISED interest rates as their response.

That's with ZERO deposit insurance I might add.

You wanna see what true unfettered capitalism looks like folks? Go to Europe. War with Russia, war with Libya, war over the Sinai? No thanks.

Let's get the US economy moving first...and I think that's how policy makers are trying to respond as well.

The Banks will not lend into a massive debt monetization scheme...but they will lend into taper...or simply put..."you will miss the very idea of recovery."

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Nothing's wrong with the chart.   It's just as Goldman-Sachs likes it.

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This chart is a direct symbol of the broader U.S. economic behavior/results brought on by the [mis]management of Obamanomics and Bernanke/Yellen...

- The accelerating divergence of wealth/benefits between the top of the spectrum and the American working class (f/k/a the Middle Class).

The further the divergence, the more intense the "Great Correction" will be.


Note:  If you should buy gold as a hedge against the Great Correction, you must take physical delivery.  It is also suggested that you purchase gold insurance from well-known,  triple-AAA rated underwriters such as Smith & Wesson or Remington. 

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Looks good to me.


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Does anyone remember the good ole days when "folks" bought and sold stocks based on reasonable expectations of future earnings?

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I read about them in a book once.  I'm just glad they're over.  That was HARD back then to figure out whether you should buy or sell.  People lost money.  It was a disaster.  Now we just buy when the Fed tells us to buy and everything's good.

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lol. literally -I read about them in a book once or twice...


How long can the unrigging last?

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untill they run out of OUR money



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..the unrigging will continue until all bankers have infinite bank account balances.

Oh.. gee, they do already.

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It just never stops, on and on. A fools game to be sure. 

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The fools are those that allow it to continue, those that allow this counterfeited money to purchase all branches of the government.

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Wow.  Every time I think I have hit my personal bottom-of-the-barrel of interest and energy for following these """markets""" I find that there's always a way to scrape a little bit deeper.

A stawk ramp on crappy retail and mortgage apps is like the visible hand of the plutos reaching in and rasping away...

Maybe they should be paying more attention to Ferguson and less time padding their own stawk accounts is what I'm thinking.

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speaking of scraping a little deeper .. JPM and BARC are trying to pimp out a motherload of Fitch-rated junk CMBS before the SHTF ..... another 2007 deja vu.





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You are assuming it actually means anything.  But yes, there is definitely a fucking trade in there.  Thank you. 


Simply put, go Kevin, buy everything.

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Easy peasy.

Full control of flow by NSA and Fed.


Who could beat that?

Market is dead, in the most literal interpretation of the word

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The market has been dead. That's old new. But this from the article:


"the U.S. central banking system is ever hit with a crippling cyber attack, a group of roughly 100 government employees working in a three-story fortress-like building next door to a Buick dealership in East Rutherford, N.J., will be among the first to know about it."


Does the author not know that the fed is a private entity, and those are not government employees?

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I have had increasing difficulty the last few years distinguishing where "banks" end and "government" begins.

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It IS a fortress you dumbfuck.  WAR is first and formost perdicated on the acquistion or destruction of wealth.

Good ol' Fort Knox was where the Gold has been kept.

Fort Rutherford is where the fiat is kept afloat.

Go to either and try to walk in and the men with the machineguns will chase you away or whisk you away.

They don't want anyone to see what is or is not inside either Fort.  Nor what really goes on therein.

A Fortress for fiat.   Get the picture?

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Everything is rigged.

Everything is corrupt.

Everything is a lie.


The charts, the numbers, the "markets" don't mean anything anymore.

Learn to build things with your hands and grow food.

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I'm sure there is a secret spigot of digits, any amount of digits, supplied anywhere anytime to serve the masters.


My hands are strong and nibble, my thumb pretty much sucks at being green. I love boating accidents.


They cannot take my mind.


Gold Bitchez....

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nothing.  shorts in treasuries and stocks are getting their nuts handed to them.

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"ve don't need no stinkin chartz"  - signed, Puppet Master

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beyond my understanding...

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yeah, and look at the fucking Fraud Markets rally...
and then look at how Silver is being dumped while the rest of the metals hold serve...all makes perfect sense doesnt it???

i been sayin all along...its Silver that they r using to dissuade the debt coupon dollar dissenters... a complete fucking joke....oh well, more for me and the rest of the liberty seekers.


"Gentle reminder - the last 2 days have seen the market's trend abruptly reverse at the European close."

no fucking shit...i been tellin ya'll over and over again...the last hour in London is where the fucking pump begins almost every fucking day...

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been wondering what kind of bullshit they would roll out b4 the new "FIX" aka manipulative effort is in effect...
this could be part of it or just another day of blatant fraud just because they can...

bankers r sociopaths...their desperation reeks...

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Don't shoot the messenger, but in an economic decline, wouldn't you expect industrial commodities like silver to suffer?

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Anyone still shorting this market who has a death wish?

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They screamed "oversold" when the market pulled back over the course of 11 days...

I hear no one screaming overbought after ripping 50+ handles in 4 sessions....

its a fuking joke.  

When this really crashes it will be armageddon

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Its looking exponential.  That has to be bullish.

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People who aren’t bullish are losers and sissies.  People who know nothing whatsoever about stocks are starting to hand out stock tips again—and if that isn’t good news, I don’t know what is.

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Jim Cramer vs. a Monkey: who wins? It's been a monkeyed market. 


Ok so lets do a year by year comparison of the monkey's stock picks versus Jim Cramer's. The YourMoneyWatch website started tracking Cramer's picks in mid 2005 so they have full year data for 2006, 2007 and 2008.

2006 : 

From the reference above, Mr Adam Monk's 2006 return = 36%
Jim Cramers 2006 picks result +7.67% gain.

2006 winner : monkey

2007 : 
Monkey's Net performance: +1.6%
Jim Cramer's picks for 2007 : +13.81%

2007 winner : Jim Cramer

Monkey's Total return : -14.4%
Jim Cramer's picks for 2008 returned -29.8%

2008 winner: monkey

So there you have it. The monkey Mr. Adam Monk won in 2006 and 2008 but Cramer won in 2007. 

Results : Monkey wins 2 out of 3 years.

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it's options expiration week ...

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Hot Wars

Cold Wars

Proxy Wars

Trade wars

ISIS Terrorist states

Race Riots

Poor Retail Sales

negative GDP


Creeping price inflation


Quickly loosing reserve currency status

Foreigners breaking away from us

Debt Saturation & Leveraged Banking

Monster Central Bank Balance sheets

Now, if that is not a bullish list of events, I don't know what is!


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...We didn't start the fire...

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Happy times are here again ... for the Military Complex, the Race Baiters, The Elitist Pigs, CAIR, Smith and Wesson, The FED, and .gov

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See the Nation, Military and Economy has been completely taken over by the NWO. Everything is under control (of criminals).

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Save me. Save me from tomorrow
I don't want to sail with this ship of fools.

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Appears stocks and treasuries moved higher after retail sales data took a nose dive. Market seems to be moving without rhyme or reason.

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The only thing wrong is zerohedge's view...for the 10,000th time...yawn