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Deja vu all over again as the 30Y Treasury yield plunges to new 15-month lows (a 3.19% handle!), the US equity market presses on to highs...


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US news media reaches Peak Moron: Kardashian baby girl vs Yazidi baby girl - which one matters?

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Belgium must be loading up agai

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This is your hockey stick on Viagra, the other - not so much.

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How the hell do you sell 30yr paper at this yield...........oh....wait.... never mind

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You sell it with the right hand and buy it with the left.

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Sold two ZB basis Sept. @140.03- Short. This market likes to reverse on spike highs and lows and double tops and bottoms.

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rumours Russians have crossed into Ukraine hitting the tapes , couold be interesting if true !

So @RolandOliphant and I just saw a column of APCs and vehicles with official Russian military plates cross border into Ukraine.

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yes = hit the tape and the SPX bounced 2 points. good call!

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...and I saw a Unicorn shitting Skittles.

Now, which to believe?

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Dup - Maintenance Mode redirect to Utah.

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Behold his (Mr. Yellen's) mighty hand!

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Let me know when they get to 2.5% and I'll start to offload some.

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Sure would suck to find out re-hypothecation found it's way into the bond complex.

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Chicken.  I was thinking something with a 1 handle on it.

It's like the old Stooges routine:  

JAPAN!  Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch.....

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Greed kills my friend. I never try to capture it all.

NoDebt's picture

I'm talking long term (years, perhaps decades).  Short term I have no idea.

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Very funny and very apt.  I love that routine.

And no, I wouldn't be surprised to see a 1 handle before the next melt down/up is over.

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MOAR DATA....bitchez

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I'm still trying to figure out who, besides the FED of course, is buying all this shit. Becoming more convinced that there will be no great rotation. Markets have become so complacent that alot of people are not even taking profits on current positions for fear of missing anymore upside, only adding to new ones. When markets are propped up, people are just going to sit on positions knowing there is a "artificial" limit on losses before intervention kicks in.

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yes, an implicit promise by TPTB to cover any risk/losses by stealing from the taxpayers...



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The FED's actions over the past 5 years and the "market"'s reactions are more clear examples of classical conditioning than anything Pavlov and his dogs could ever come up with.

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Every time someone says 'BTFD' I start drooling. I used to only do that while napping.

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you mean a "permanently high plateau?"

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Totally unrelated..sort of. Reporters stating seeing Russian APCs crossing into Ukraine.

@shaunwalker7: So @RolandOliphant and I just saw a column of APCs and vehicles with official Russian military plates cross border into Ukraine.

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bullish, lower rates mean more home buyers, Larry Yun said so on Joomberg Radio the other day

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"Cleanest dirty shirt bitchez"....


(and $100 loafs of bread)

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Cleanst is debatable, I'd rather say the strongest fabric...

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Awful trading day, just pathetic vacation-season low-volume horsecrap.  Today's charts look like EKGs of bored middle-schoolers in art class – largely comatose, with occasional lapses into consciousness.  Took 3 hours to get 3 pennies on a trade.  Unlike the aforementioned middle-schoolers, for me September can’t come soon enough . . .

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Ah tulips...people will pay anything for black tulips.

S&P 666 true valuation.  Tulips are priceless.

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He's talking about black hookers.  You know what's better than roses on your piano?  Tulips on your organ!

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'Stawks rise on Europe data' is the nonsense I'm seeing on the financial whore media headlines.....there is no shame left.

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"Stawks and Bawnds Rise Because Currency is Dying" is a more appropriate title.

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Well some unfortunate souls will hold a bag of (bonds and/or stox bought at an FATH) one of these days/weeks/months/years(???)... The music plays on and on until...

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Nothing to do with the fact that people can't make delivery on swaps.

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TBT = max pain as the squeeze goes on, and on, and on . . . 

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It's all good!!!..............Untill it ain't!!!!

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Fucking Belgians!

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Well, well.  Article the other day that maybe China wants to sell some of their trillion dollars or so in bonds.  Low yield means high price, China will make a profit, damned capitalists!

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I have been wrong many times before, but I think we are about done with this bounce in the S&P.

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Making my debut on market predictions. The market is undervalued. Central monetary policy is very strong and risk is contained. I'm liking the situation in Europe. I'm bullish on volatility. It simply means more monetary policy generated.

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He who makes lolcats finds snakes in the grass

If your cabal controls 66.6% of the wealth its pretty easy to squeeze the 99% with the rest.