David Tepper Unwinds S&P, Nasdaq Calls; Liquidates QCOM, JPM; Adds To AAL, GM: Full 13F

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For everyone curious how the market's favorite "balls to the wall" barometer did in the second quarter (which ended 45 days ago), here is the full breakdown.

First the notable liquidations: in the three months ended June 30, Tepper closed his SPY and QQQ Call positions, which had a total notional equivalent of over $1.5 billion, as well as liquidating his stakes in QCOM, JPM, Metlife, Trinity, Delphi, Hess, Valmont, Ingersoll-Rand, Omincom and Beazer.

Tepper entered new positions in Mohawk, Weatherford and Ryland Group.

He added to his existing stakes in AAL, GM, PCLN which are three of his top 5 positions, while reducing his position in Citi (3rd largest position) and adding to a consolidated GOOG position (post split), which if combined between the A and C classes represents over $600 million in AUM and is his largest position as of the end of Q2.

He reduced his SPY and QQQ ETF exposure significantly, by $640 million and $514 million, respectively, while allocating to single names.

It appears that indeed Tepper indeed was undergoing some "nervous time" when it comes to the market, and going single names, which ironically has been the wrong trade in a market where the indices are near all time highs, while individuals stocks mysteriously continue to decline.

In total, Tepper represented a long-only AUM of $7.1 billion at the end of Q2, compared to $9.1 billion three months earlier, however as noted above, the bulk of this unwinds is due to the closing of his S&P and QQQ calls.

The full brekadown of Tepper's Q2 13F and its change vs Q1 is shown below.

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Bullish, no doubt.

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This is all very good and interesting, but I need my fear-porn dose of "Ebola pandemic is enevitable" story... Jonesing hard!

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His divorce cost him around 5 billion or something like that

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He will be the next one that they find floating dead on a yacht with a heroine hooker. I hope so anyway..

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Or a nasty nail gun accident while remodeling that little place in the Hamptons.

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well gee, how great for him...

And I'm sure he has absolutely no high level insider information that he pays very well for and trades by either.


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Was she hot at least? probably a nasty looking kike from Nassau County/Five Towns or maybe Scarsdale

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I logged in just to upvote your comment.

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That forehead ! ! truely alien !

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AAL, FB, and GM.... no Fed intervention there.  Proof this guy is riding the manipulation train.



Spitzer's picture

Probably just a lucky coincidence

Monkey meet dartboard.

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Ah, another index fund,,,,,,,

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1.23% gross performance in Q3? 

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real happy for that maggot [/sarc]

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IIRC, the single biggest predictor of fund manager performance is whether or not they are getting divorced. 

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Good to know it's not just me...

in a market where the indices are near all time highs, while individuals stocks mysteriously continue to decline.

BTFD or "cherie picking" is just a strategy for someone else to get your money.

It's a bullshit market and there's no trend that either could or would be your friend.

If I managed billions in a portfolio, I'm sure I could move mountains too.

Big deal.

Squid Viscous's picture

what a smug dickwad...

seriously, GM, Ford, GT, Citi, Hal, and an assload of airlines, QQQ's and SPY's?? - amazing that people would would pay 2/20 (or maybe more?) for his "portfolio management"...

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is this the same weatherford rosneft bought a tid bit from?

Spitzer's picture

We call in Weatherfraud here in Alberta. But yeah, Id imagine so

emersonreturn's picture

thank you spitzer.  rosneft bought in early august swiss weatherford's oil field assets.  what that entails though i'm not at all sure.

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Tepper Tapers

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David Tepper: Insider PINKO COMMIE and Traitor against FREE MARKETS and The Idea of AMERICA!