"Don't Shoot!"

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Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:11 | 5093605 nicoacademia
nicoacademia's picture

maybe should start a hamas rockets fired into israel counter.

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:15 | 5093620 Herd Redirectio...
Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Why not measure something more objective, like $ value of property that has been destroyed, first by 'Hamas', and then by the IDF?

Could be interesting, no?

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:15 | 5093625 Latina Lover
Latina Lover's picture

Life today in Amerika.   Embrace the Suck.

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:22 | 5093659 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

If you look to those vids, you could say it's happening in south africa or the middle east... But it's America. You do have to read the caption to know the location in the world.

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:37 | 5093740 Arius
Arius's picture

increadible .... i thought america would be different .... these people were given a great privilege a great chance but it seems they just through it away ... sad, really sad

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:42 | 5093783 Keyser
Keyser's picture

Laziness, avarice and stupidity are a bitch, especially if you have no marketable skills... 

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 16:07 | 5093923 ebworthen
ebworthen's picture

DEVO:  "Don't Shoot, I'm a man!"


"They'll hunt you down
And taze you, bro
For playing with the rules..."

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 16:14 | 5093961 Socratic Dog
Socratic Dog's picture

I looked at that cartoon, and I didn't know whether it was in Gaza, or Ferguson.  That gave me pause....

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 17:14 | 5094252 Sages wife
Sages wife's picture

Or E. Ukraine.

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 18:28 | 5094554 Paveway IV
Paveway IV's picture

Image credit: Cartoon by Jon Kudelka, The Australian, 2004. From a postcard representing ‘Behind the Lines’, a travelling exhibition developed and presented by the National Museum of Australia.


During the 2004 battle for Fallujah in Iraq, NBC cameraman Kevin Sites filmed a marine shooting an insurgent in a mosque. Jon Kudelka’s cartoon (published in The Australian) references this event and points to the similarities between shooting images and people, something we recognise through that common language.

The insurgent was actually an unarmed, wounded prisoner. One of five wounded insurgents that were placed in the mosque by marines the night before for evacuation. They were forgotten about and different marines arriving the next morning assumed they were armed and hostile. Except for the one they executed.

Which is what happens when you have the IDF train marines.

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 16:50 | 5094164 Chuck Walla
Chuck Walla's picture

They have a marketable skill, voting. Very valuable to the statist of choice.


Thu, 08/14/2014 - 17:28 | 5094300 Dugald
Dugald's picture


Its what happens when elections become circuses...

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:23 | 5093662 pods
pods's picture

What is even worse is that this is just the tip. 

Wait till social handouts stop.  


OT:  That anastasia date woman is quite attractive.  


Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:26 | 5093675 Karlus
Karlus's picture

I dont get that anastasia date woman. What have you been googling lately to get that banner.


I have a 2014 Sonata hybrid on the left and a mini for $234/mo on the right and a buick on the top.


I guess I may not be searching for the right stuff

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:31 | 5093689 ZerOhead
ZerOhead's picture

Could be worse... I'm getting "Chicks with Dicks" ads on the left and "anti-depression medication" ads on the right.

I still don't understand how taking pills is going to make the economy any better...

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:34 | 5093716 SilverDOG
SilverDOG's picture

I am using ghostery and adblock and have absolutely -0- ads.


Thu, 08/14/2014 - 17:30 | 5094301 SafelyGraze
SafelyGraze's picture

the ads support zh

so de-install that ghostery plug-in

the fellowhsip of congressional pages and interns

click on *our* link if you are a legislator

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 18:43 | 5094651 fedupwhiteguy
fedupwhiteguy's picture

i yo tambien!!! get with the plan bitchez!!!! surf smart...

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:35 | 5093730 pods
pods's picture

Take the latter to help you forget about the former.

Or vice versa, your call.


Thu, 08/14/2014 - 16:42 | 5094131 PoliticalRefuge...
PoliticalRefugeefromCalif.'s picture

.. "Chicks with Dicks" ads on the left and "anti-depression medication" ads on the right"..

..Fools to the left of me, jokers to the right.. stuck in the middle with you..

yeah.. ghostery and adblock eliminates those pesky, somewhat embarrassing reminders of who we really are- life is tough enough without naggerrs reminding us.

Fox redneck cheer squad better wake up to who's next on the list, right now they are probably rooting for an air strike.


Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:30 | 5093698 pods
pods's picture

idk, this is work too. Figured it was you perverts.  Usually I get fishing stuff or Boca bearings ads.


Thu, 08/14/2014 - 16:50 | 5094168 grgy
grgy's picture

Thankfully, I don't have any of that shit popping up.  I installed Ghostery.

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 17:07 | 5094232 MarsInScorpio
MarsInScorpio's picture

That was the right decision:




Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:27 | 5093680 LawsofPhysics
LawsofPhysics's picture

Bingo, compared to black-on-black crime, this kind of injustice is but a drop in a very large bucket.  Still injustice is injustice is injustice (just ask John Corzine about "justice" in America).

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:32 | 5093705 Terminus C
Terminus C's picture

just us.

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:40 | 5093768 kchrisc
kchrisc's picture

They've just been practicing on the blacks.

They are now bringing it the white community.

However, we white Americans do not have a high motivation for looting or destroying our own communities, shoot much, much better, and we know where treasonous criminals live.

An American, not US subject.


"See you on the battlefield, as I'm not going camping."

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 16:05 | 5093918 lasvegaspersona
lasvegaspersona's picture

The problem with blaming the victims of police violence today is that tomorrow it could/will be you. Once these gangs in blue get a taste for blood they can't stop. Did you not watch the Sopranos? "Have you tried eating just one?"

I'm super white, no record, too old to be dangerous and a physician and they treat me like I'm below them. It is an attitude of superiority we should fear from the police.

In no way do I think throwing bottles full of gasoline at police lines is a good idea.

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 17:43 | 5094352 hidingfromhelis
hidingfromhelis's picture

First, they came for the...

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 19:52 | 5094899 NoPension
NoPension's picture

These amped up pigs, and it's everywhere, are getting out of hand.
They want a war.......

I watched that no good piece of shit throw the Huff Post reporter out of the McD's and wanted to shoot my tv. Just the fact they think they can act like that IS the problem. I can't fucking wait til one or two gets popped. Let's get this party started. Fuck em. All. We either get this shit fixed now, or learn to be their bitch forever.

Ship these goons over to the Middle East and let em go up against ISIS. Maybe a couple heads on pikes will teach them who THEY work FOR.

God damn I'm mad over this.

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:33 | 5093717 NOZZLE
NOZZLE's picture

Loosers, I got a $15,000 Thermador gas range on the right and $6,000 Miele ovens on the left.

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:50 | 5093741 pods
pods's picture

Next time let's hope you get an ad for a dictionary.



Thu, 08/14/2014 - 16:36 | 5094103 Things that go bump
Things that go bump's picture

I have a Miiele dishwasher. Its my domestic goddess - its so good I probably should sacrifice small animals to it and offer it libations.

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 16:38 | 5094115 pods
pods's picture

Miiele?  I've never heard of that part of Mexico.

Learn something new every day I guess?


Thu, 08/14/2014 - 20:51 | 5095157 drdolittle
drdolittle's picture

I have a kitchenaide and it gets the job done. Miiele great stuff though?

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 17:51 | 5094398 yogibear
yogibear's picture

LOL, are you looking for a prize? 

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:59 | 5093888 AGuy
AGuy's picture

"Wait till social handouts stop."


The handouts will never stop. its just their buying power will diminsh to nothing as the print the dollar to ZNDW (Zero Net Dollar Worth)


Thu, 08/14/2014 - 16:02 | 5093898 Da Yooper
Da Yooper's picture



where is the sacrificial dead dog


cops always kill the dog first

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:24 | 5093669 Dr. Richard Head
Dr. Richard Head's picture

426 deaths by police were "voluntarily" reported nationwide last year, 398 the year before, and 392 the year before that - http://www.newsnet5.com/news/national/teens-shooting-highlights-need-for-tracking-people-killed-by-police.

Considering the number is reported on a voluntary basis, David Klinger, Professor of Criminology at University of MO, says that is only about 25% of the actual shooting deaths by police in the USSA.  Compare this to the 1,500 officers killed in the line of duty in the past ten years. 

Protect and to serve for the police means to protect and serve their bretheren.  The only interactions I ever have with the police are them reaching into my pocket for cash (through the courts of course) or them trying to find a reason to search me or my property.  The only time I EVER needed the police was to fill out a police report after getting jumped by 5 guys.  That police report was then consequently lost by the officer as he had better things to do, like shake motorists down for money and such. 


Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:30 | 5093694 I am more equal...
I am more equal than others's picture



As a self-identifed Doctor of Dick Heads, you probably got what you deserved. 

Being a dick head gets you dicked.

Suck the dick head.  Deeper!

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:35 | 5093729 Terminus C
Terminus C's picture

Go fuck yourself troll.

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:42 | 5093778 Dr. Richard Head
Dr. Richard Head's picture

I actually blame the gal I was dating who was still, unbeknownst to me, dating someone else at the same time and he didn't like it.  In any event, dick or not, it is no excuse for the trigger happy piggies that steal my property for victimless "crimes."  Oh yeah, and fuck your man pussy.

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 17:22 | 5094279 I am more equal...
I am more equal than others's picture



Your inadequacy is the cause for her seeking fulfillment other places.  

I'm certain it was the cop's fault that you possessed stolen property.


Terminus, who appointed you lord of the manor.  This is fight club. The only troll here is your mother.


Thu, 08/14/2014 - 17:56 | 5094432 PhilofOz
PhilofOz's picture

Your obvious objective is to collect downvotes which makes you a troll, nothing to do with fight club.

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 18:28 | 5094589 I am more equal...
I am more equal than others's picture


Terminus, is PhilofOz your mother?

The three of you, Dick Head, Terminus and PhilofOz are losers.

If you read Dick Head's story you get a sense he hangs out on the bad side of town. 

5 guys jumped him?  Where was he that 5 guys jumped him? 

I'm sure he had just left church and satan and his demons attacked him on the steps of the church.

Dick Head writes:  The only time I EVER needed the police was to fill out a police report after getting jumped by 5 guys.  That police report was then consequently lost by the officer as he had better things to do, like shake motorists down for money and such.

When the default line is the police are 'evil' and its their fault I didn't get justice, again, that screams "trailer trash"

Then comes Terminus and PhilofOz to Dick Head's defense. That story must resonate with you.

I don't look for negative or positive responses.  I'll say it like it is and if you don't like it, go fuck your mother.  It should be something you've done before.


Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:34 | 5093723 Terminus C
Terminus C's picture

So you are saying deaths by police is a pandemic more virulent than ebola...  Though like ebola, the number of true cases is not known by us plebs.

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 15:46 | 5093811 pods
pods's picture

Yeah, if you think about it, you are much more likely to be killed by a cop than EEEEEEEEEEEbola.  (Thanks McM)

It is like sharks.  People lose their shit about sharks and yet drowning is a far greater risk than sharks.


Thu, 08/14/2014 - 16:01 | 5093900 Dr. Richard Head
Dr. Richard Head's picture

So not only do the central banks control risk analysis and price discovery of the markets, but risk analysis of danger and harm is controlled by Shark Week and the MSM.  I tend to agree.

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 18:10 | 5094504 yogibear
yogibear's picture


Thu, 08/14/2014 - 20:53 | 5095162 drdolittle
drdolittle's picture

My brother in law is a cop and  a good guy. He's told me they have a ticket quota per shift. Something like 25 pre shift. So most of their time is spent ticketing. Forward!

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 20:01 | 5094943 TeethVillage88s
TeethVillage88s's picture

Latina Lover;

Just another Mafia Trick.

Today, many US people still trust businesses, corporations & Government... but we see how they lie multiple ways to get us into Wars... IF government lies to start wars, hell corporations will do ANYTHING.

Truman was investigating War Department Fraud in like 1938 or something.

Controlling all Media & History Books in K-12 is another Mafia Trick... Maybe Franco or Mussolini reminded them (Kissinger, Allen Dulles, Wild Bill, Zbigniew Brzezinski), but Catholic History would do just as well. Maybe all Empires are like Mafias Racketeering.

Unfortunately we are starting to look like Chinese Government and Chinese society.

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