Ferguson Calm But NYPD Issues Level 2 Mobilization, Mass Arrests, Choppers - Live Feed

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Having apparently learned their lesson, the police presence in Ferguson tonight is considerably less 'robo-cop' and more 'local-cop'. Hundreds of protesters continue to peacefully march in the streets, chanting "no justice, no peace."

Local politicians are arguing...

However, while Ferguson appears calm, tensions are rapidly mounting in NYC...

As arrests begin police choppers are flying overhead:

Live Feed (NYC):


Live Feed:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream




Police presence is more "local-cop" than "robo-cop"...



We leave it to this military man to sum it up...



Finally - the truth...

Protests are popping up across the nation...

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Seize Mars's picture

Oh! The show's back on.

Latina Lover's picture

So how do like Obama after 6 years? Is your Mulatto messiah healing the worlds pain, or improving his golf game? Wasn't he supposed to put gas in everyone's car, and pay off your mortgages, LOL?

Croesus's picture

Just imagine the fun we'd be having if the EBT-SNAP program went down permanently...

Latina Lover's picture

The Watt's riots would look like a Frat party by comparison.....

ZerOhead's picture

John Kerry tells starving Africans not to create more farmland.   (because global warming 40 sec. clip)



Elvis the Pelvis's picture

The new police HMIC seems more reasonable than the para-military clowns on the scene last night.  But who knows the future.  Bitchez.

Quus Ant's picture

If Putin is a real genius he'll get on a plane, get to NY and hand out ponchiki (Russian donuts) to the protestors.

C'mon, world.  Turn it up to 11.

froze25's picture

That would be the ultimate PR stunt of the century.  Especially without all the security that Obama "needs" ( he's just a scared little boy) to walk on a golf coarse or take a dump.  If Putin lived through it he would be....hell I dont know but it would be like taking a shit on Obama's head publicly.  

MachoMan's picture

It would also give the PR masters all the ammo in the world to demonize protesters as being puppets of the enemy...  and subject the crowds to proper surveillance (legal, albeit unconstitutional)...  thus killing the movements for the time being.

Stan522's picture

I'd pay money to watch that......

zaphod's picture

Just wait until nightfall and then we will see how peaceful the protests are.

This is probably what the government wants though. "See we backed off and removed the tanks and look at what happened, we NEED the tanks, you WANT us to have the tanks to protect you."

And the public will say yes please.

Postal's picture

The sheeple would never asked to be ass-raped in exchange for "their own safety"...


bunzbunzbunz's picture

Isn't it kind of all relative? If we don't mind the rape, is it rape anymore?

espirit's picture

Mostly white protesters in NYC.

Dat's Raycyss.

fonzannoon's picture

they all want that pic on their fb pg. imagine how many "You go girl!!" shit they will get? 

atomicwasted's picture

Hey dipshit, have you hung around here much?  Don't you understand that police militarization is not a race issue but an us vs. them issue?  Us being the people and them being the State and its enforcers?

CheapBastard's picture

If you want to keep your riots, you can keep your riots.”

espirit's picture

@ atomicwasted

Tit for tat, dickwad.

Dat's raycyss is a common term here at Fight Club. Where.You.Been wasted?

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That's Dickweed my good sir . . .

Son of Loki's picture



I am so damn sorry I can't get to Times Square. What a great situation to pick up chicks, with their emotions high and their hormones raging thru their blood about all thee social issues. All you have to do is look a little forelorn and say how much you hope for eradication of hunger in Africa (can't use China anymore they're too wealthy now) ... and how you pray every night for World Peace ...and to put the icing on the cake simply add how you adopted a dolphin oinline last week because you're so worried about how they're being overfished (or being hit over the head by the fishermen ... or something like that).


I guarantee you'll have these chicks eating out of your hand at these protest things.

California Nightmares's picture

That's one of the bigger reasons men to go these things.

Out here in Cal, it also helps to profess a belief in auras, ghosts, past lives, wicca, aliens, astrological signs, telepathy, telekinesis, and the healing powers of crystals.

In S.F., if you don' pretend to believe in this horseshit, you'll never get laid. You'll be considered an uncouth ignoramus. 


zhandax's picture

Just another good reason to stay the fuck out of Commiefornia and New York

RockyRacoon's picture

Hell froze over today, Knuk.  Was channel-surfing and noted that Fox, FoxBiz, CNN, and MSNBC were ALL adamantly denouncing the militarized police action in Ferguson... vociferously.  Dogs and cats sleeping together!

nmewn's picture

Hmmm, maybe...just maybe.

If the cats & dogs can stop being mesermized by Ukrainian Squirrels!...on the other side of the glass.

Perhaps ;-)

El Vaquero's picture

Several years ago, a local reporter was arrested for "Failure to Obey" a police officer.  It's a BS charge around here that results in (used to result in?) a 30% conviction rate, and I'm pretty sure that included guilty pleas, nolo contendre pleas, etc...  Well, the whole thing was caught on film, and the officer was not only in the wrong, he was a complete fuck-face cocksucker about it.  The popos had pissed off the local news media.  The cop was fired (and later rehired by a different police department,) and APD caught shit for several months by all news stations and the Abq Journal.  It was an odd day if there wasn't a bad news story about APD.  The fuckers were digging up everything that they could, and this was before or at the beginning of the string of shootings that APD is in hot water for today. 


A WaPo reporter and a HuffPo reporter were arrested by militarized police.  Now that it happened to them, they aren't going to be like dogs and cats sleeping together.  They're going to be like a pack of feral dogs.

chubbar's picture

Well, you may remember back when a national convention was being held in St Paul, mn (Was it GOP?) and a nationally reknowned reporter (can't recall her name right now but you'd recognize it if you heard it) was walking around outside of the "free speach" corral that the police had set up. I think she was just interviewing folks walking back and forth between the convention hall and hotels. Anyway, a few thugs wearing a badge threw her on the ground, kicked her around a bit and arrested her. That got her panties in a wad (as it should have) and she went on a binge of articles either castigating the police and/or expressing dismay about these so called "free speach" zones. Not a fucking thing has changed in the interim.

espirit's picture

@ knuks

Had lost that link, tnx for posting.

One of the best.

eclectic syncretist's picture

This one goes out to all my homies in Ferguson tonight


general ambivalent's picture


SofaPapa's picture

Bingo.  The above Kerry video is a straight-up paid for by Monsanto plug.  Sickening.

813kml's picture

I think Kerry just got tired of Africans trying to strap a plow on him every time he visits.

espirit's picture

Woo-Hoo we got a winner on this thread!

Ding, ding.

DaveyJones's picture

unfortunately, the entire USDA is a paid for Monsanto plug and has been for decades

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

The owners seem to have a sense of humor considering John Kerry who looks like a horse has been tasked with playing one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. Luciferian inside joke like Nazis burning Ashkenazis (I'll let the readers use their critical thinking faculties to figure out what the ke is supposed to represent) then callling it the holocaust which means burnt offerings in Latin.


Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Fuck it, remember the owners like numerology. a - z = 1 - 26

Ash = 1+1+9+8 = 19 = 1+9 = 10 1+0 = 1

ke = 5+1+1 = 7

nazi = 1+4+1+2+6+8 = 22

1 / (7) / 22

(17) / 22

Where have we seen these numbers before including 22 recently....


Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture


Numeric reference to 9/11

7 + 2 = 9

2 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 9

7 + 2 + 2 = 11

2 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 11

I think one can figure out the whole joo thing in relation to wall street and 9/11, the Israelification of NYC, Ferguson, etc. and such.


walküre's picture

we had a supermoon on 7/12 and on 8/10


Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Natural events like that are incidental when it comes to numerology 9/11 , 9/11, 2 locations, 2+2= 4 buildings. Nuerology is driven by man not nature when people consciously breath alternate meaning into numbers.

4 buildings represented by 22 not 4 in code.

You can encode a lot of meaning including multiple symbolism into small things. You can represent infinitely large things using infinitely small increments. It is the basis behind things like bitcoin and the solution to exponential growth of finite resources aka memory, computer storage space for things like digital money....


bunzbunzbunz's picture

Well...you're close to getting there...If you take a small set of numbers, there is in infinite number of ways to manipulate them. Therefore, you can give meaning to any set of numbers. Therefore numerology is bullshit just like psychicness and the charts used to 'prove' global warming is a human caused event.

bunzbunzbunz's picture

Also, your understanding of the data that can be stored in numbers is missing something. In order to store information in a small set of numbers, you must provide a key for how to interpret those numbers. The key also requires memory.... So basically you are just spewing bullshit.

Now, what you might be getting at is that one could have a dictionary, per se, of phrases or words. each linked by a number. Sadly though, even with that approach, your effeciency in data required is still only as much as a decent compression algorithm of all the words spelled out. As even simplistic algorithms would essentially create their own dictionary as part of the compression scheme.

bunzbunzbunz's picture

Dewey...D=4, E=5, W=22, E=6, Y=25


4+5 = 9

It took 2 numbers to make the first so divide by 2...

22/2 = 11

Cheatum = 3, 8, 5, 1, 20, 21, 14


3*21=63    63+8+5+1 = 77......

8+21 = 29....29,77......THERE WERE 2977 civilian deaths on 9/11......I KNEW IT.

zaphod's picture

I can't believe you're getting down voted for that, it was funny as hell.

James_Cole's picture

8+21 = 29....29,77......THERE WERE 2977 civilian deaths on 9/11......I KNEW IT.

That was epic.