The Ice-Wall Go-eth - Japan Scraps Fukushima Freezing Plan

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On the heels of our previous aggregation of all things Fukushima, we were 'shocked' to see the flashing red headline tear across the Bloomberg exclaiming that "The Japanese government has decided to abandon the 'frozen water wall' solution to Fukushima's meltdown." When they unveiled this "Game of Thrones"-esque 1.4km long ice-wall a year ago, we snarkily wished them luck, questioning their sanity. Of course, we got a hint when 2 months ago, TEPCO admitted that "we have yet to form an ice plug because we can’t get the temperature low enough to freeze the water." For now, there is no Plan B - though we 'wasting' JPY 32 billion on so far is helping GDP.




As Bloomberg reports, the Japanese government is seeking other methods to block radioactive water in an underground trench at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant from leaking into the ocean because the freezing plan is not effective, Sankei newspaper reports, citing an unidentified government official.

Nuclear Regulation Authority will hold a meeting on Aug. 19 to discuss whether to continue using freezing method: Sankei


Trench-freezing project is using the same technology as a plan to completely surround reactor basements by freezing soil into underground ice wall: Sankei


Plant operator Tokyo Electric is investigating other methods to block contaminated water in trench, spokeswoman Mayumi Yoshida says by phone


Call to Japan’s Trade Ministry by Bloomberg News wasn’t immediately returned

Via TEPCO (Google Translate)

...the problem that does not freeze "wall of ice" even after more than three months, and see the effect on dry ice or ice you are introduced from the end of July because it is not, the 13th, it was found that the government consider giving up of "wall of ice", and began to explore the method of another. According to government officials, review meetings by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission was held on the 19th, and that decide the propriety of the continuation of the freezing method.

In order to stem the contaminated water flowing into the trench of the sea from the side of Unit 2 turbine building, wall of ice, construction method are arranged cement bags to the junction, and to freeze the surrounding water is passed through a frozen pipe. Began to flow the refrigerant to freeze tube from the end of April, but not freezing water temperature is high, and began the introduction of ice from July 30. ? 


However, there is no effect even when 15 tons placed for 1 day Ice was increased to 27 tons up to 7 Nov., but it did not freeze. ?Ice was put into up to 12 days amounting to a total of about 250 tons. Voted one tons in the 7th and dry ice, but it postponed the closing clogged the small pipe, was resumed on the 12th. ?That wall of ice does not freeze, it has been pointed out from the experts also review meeting regulatory committee.

*  *  *

Perhaps... excavate the entire Fukushima region, build a giant spaceship, load Fukushima region onto spaceship, fly Fukushima towards sun...

Kuroda, we're gonna need some more money...

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Aussiekiwi's picture

Damn, I was so looking forward to a Game of thrones ice wall, can't make my jokes about white walkers now.

PRO.223's picture

Gee, who coulda known, they failed trying to freeze super hot water from a nuclear plant in meltdown.

espirit's picture

There never was a "Plan B", it was "Delusion B".

ZerOhead's picture

< Not awe inspiring enough

< Too cheap for the Japanese mafia to make serious money off of

So a concrete containment wall wasn't used because it was...

ImnotPOTUS's picture

Because using water you can bury the truth.

The can try slurry wall, grouting, cassions, all kinds of other methods that don't need cold conditions and actually go faster in hot.

If they try to make a slurry wall or any of the other methods, that involves removing soils and groundwater. I don't think they want anyone to figure out how bad the levels are below the plant. If they say nothing else works, they are full of shite. They don't want reality to be known.

eatthebanksters's picture

Wouldn't it be ironic if ISIS iced the man who allowed them to become a player on the world stage...unfucking believable!

Almost Solvent's picture

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice. 

Cynicles's picture

Because using water you can bury the truth.

No need in America. Ridicule & ad hominem seem to be the farorite moethod of suppression. If that wears thin, there is always a seemingly endless supply of logical fallacy to support redirect away from fact & truth.  

Urban Redneck's picture

A secant pile wall doesn't require removing ground water and the only soil that gets excavates is from the boreholes for the piles, the same as the for boreholes for their Mr. Freeze insanity.

StychoKiller's picture

It's obvious that the Japanese Govt needs to call in The Voltron Force!

DonutBoy's picture

That is exactly right.  They are completely off the rservation, there is no plan.  When the words "lost core material" passed on the news ticker they left all plans behind.  There is no contingency plan for lost core material.

Cynicles's picture

                    The sole reason Plan B (<-link)was delusional is because they are on any island.

fallout11's picture

Too true. This hairbrained scheme was the last, desperate, never-going-to-work-but-we-gotta-try-it-anyway hail mary, and of course it failed. They have nothing left to even try. Expect the surrounding area to be declared a no-go area for 100+ years, a radioactive wasteland.

Save_America1st's picture mean it didn't work?  I mean, could an "ice wall" not work against, I dunno...thousands of degrees of heat and radiation from a nuclear fucking meltdown???   I just can't imagine why they couldn't make that work.


It's kinda like...and this maybe going out on a limb here, but....isn't "space" the coldest fucking thing in the universe?  Right?  Hmmm...okay, well...isn't even the Sun hotter than Fukushima?  Stick with me here.  How are those 2 forces working together right now?  I see a massive ball of nuclear radiation nearly 100 million miles away.  And that Universe of ice...essentially a "wall of ice" surrounding the Sun which is -455 degrees F, doesn't hardly do a fucking thing to contain the radiation that reaches our fucking planet 24/7 after billions of years non-stop, does it?????????????  But the Japs thought artificial ice (and what energy source was going to be utilized to keep the freeze going???  nuclear energy????????) was going to contain a virtual Sun exploding from on the surface of the Earth????????

Maybe it was because it was absolutely, physically and scientifically fucking impossible, ay????  I mean, if ice (hahahahahahahahaha) could be used to contain massive, massive, massive, massive, massive, massive, massive, massive, massive, massive, massive, massive amounts of NON-FUCKING-STOP highly Earth-ending radiation that could wipe out all life on the entire fucking planet, well then...don't ya kinda think the "big brains" in nuclear physics woulda fucking thought of that and used it long ago all over the world to contain all the nuclear waste and shit from these power plants????? 

And why....why, fucking why....after 3 and a half fucking years, have we been fed nothing but lies and obfuscation from Japan and the media all over the world about how there's no harm at all and nothing to worry about from this massive...etc.etc.etc. nuclear core meltdown of all the reactors and that dumping literally millions of tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean is "no big deal...keep eatin' them fish, "Folks", if at the same time Japan is trying to scheme up some insane plan to build "ice walls" of some kind to contain this non-lethal, totally "nothing to worry about" radiation from this total meltdown????

HUH???  HUH???  I mean, why and how in the fuck has nobody (eh, particular, obama, you fuck-tard, scumbag) said a fucking word or done anything at all about this for over 3 and a half fucking years????

Well, I take that back...a true and appropriately named statesman and intelligent human being, George Washington's Blog, actually has been telling Fight Club about this from day one consistently.

But again, I ask...where the fuck has been even 1 mother fucker from any level of political office in the entire United States from City Council right on up to the scumbag Traitor in Chief, o-fuck-tard????


All that highly radioactive shit dumping into the Pacific, flying into the atmosphere for over 3 years now...where the fuck does anyone think it's going?  Huh?  Where does that shit flow and blow towards???  Hmmmm??? 

Anybody?  Anybody?  o-fuck-tard In Chief?  Care to wage a fucking answer??? 

FROM WEST TO EAST.   Maybe o-douche-bag-drug-addict-dick-taster-In Chief, was way too busy studying "The Constitution" to be able to understand the vast complexities of oceanic currents and atmospheric wind patterns.  I know...I know...he's the savior of the world, but how could he have been expected to be a meteorologist at the same fucking time, right???  Way too much presure on him, I guess.

So let's re-cap.  Massive nuclear meltdown 100 times worse and bigger initially than Chernyobl which was contained virtually right away yet at the time still caused massive radioactive fallout and, death, mutations, and is still quarantined and highly, "HOT" and radioactive and totally deadly TO-THIS-FUCKING-DAY after 28 fucking years.

But Fukushima is "no big deal".  Nothing to worry about.  The ocean isn't contaminated.  The fish that swim in the world's biggest supplier of food, the Pacific Ocean, are totally fine...totally edible...nothing to fucking worry about, right? 

However...there was and is still on-going, day after fucking day, the world's largest nuclear meltdown where the scumbag Japanese have been dreaming up some incredibly crazy "ice wall" system in order to conatain something that isn't harmful at all to anybody or anything while it continues to spew highly deadly radiation into the sea and atmosphere 24/7 for what seems like will be eternity????


Way to go, you fucking scum.  I hope all you die of cancer from radiation that you eat or breath or drink that can and will be traced back to Fukushima.  I take highly pure iodine every day and have been for three years even though I live in Florida.  Hopefully it will help me in case any radiation comes this way.  But I hope every member of our criminal, treasonous, sociopath, degenerate, evil, filthy government and media are devoured by cancer from this catastrophe long before I or any of the good people who have been aware and unaware ever die from it. 

This fucking thing will never stop....and remember, it all flows and blows towards North America eventually.  It bio-accumulates in the lowest areas of the ground water and soil.  It grows into the seeds and grass and other vegetables and edibles.  It's consumed by the fish and animals who swim in the ocean or graze on the plants that grow up with radioactive particles in them.  It's then passed on to use through sea, air, and the food chain as we drink, breath and consume fruits, vegetables, fish and livestock or even wild game.

There is absolutely no escaping this, and it is exploding non-stop 24/7 forever, ice wall or no ice wall, "folks".  I mean, really...fucking "ice wall"????   Even the Russians didn't fuck around with that bullshit pipe dream.  They encased Chernyobl with tons and tons of steel, lead, and concrete many meters thick just to try and slow down the radiation from expanding very far from the containment area. 

To this day after 3 and a half years the Japs haven't done a fucking thing to contain it.  Only lies and total bullshit from them and all world governments and their scumbag, lapdog, propagandist, self-serving media.  Thousands of people have died and have come down with cancer or have been born retarded, etc. etc.  Millions and millions of us are going to come down with cancer from Fukushima eventually.  Millions and millions and millions of sea life and land animals are going to also die and/or become infected with radiation poisoning and cancer...again...passing it on to humans.  

What's Japan's next plan?  To ask Godzilla to breath fire on Fukushima and burn it all away?  Or ask Mothra to pick it all up and fly it away into space?

Those are both more plausible pipe dreams than any fucking "ice wall" was going to be.   

Oh gee...I'm sorry...did I offend any government scum who may be reading this?  Darn...well...fuck off and go suck radiation, you fucking scumbags. 



Zeta Reticuli's picture

You sound very intelligent, educated, and credible. Your words of reason have convinced me to agree with you.

BrosephStiglitz's picture

He had me at "space is the coldest place in the Universe".

_SILENCER's picture

I am intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Four chan's picture

everything you just said i think about while watching deadliest catch.

Matt's picture

The ice wall is not for the hot water, it is to prevent incoming ground water. Still a ridiculous plan. Why not gravel trenches and cement coffer damming, as mentioned by many people since March 2011?

MontgomeryScott's picture

@ 'Save_America1st':

I think you might be interested that Micheal Rivero over at 'What Really Happened' linked this ZH article on his page, and I happened to open it; and to my delight I found it was a ZH post.

Your posted comment is along the lines of what many experts have been saying for several months now (but most of them don't use such colorful language; or associate the various factors in a cohesive way).

The Pacific Ocean IS dying now (lots of evidence of this fact via ENENEWS posts, which can be found in abundance at Jeff Rense's site). SOME other alternet links are FINALLY starting to link Enenews stories, but it is a case of 'too little, too late'.

Arnie Gunderson (over at FAIREWINDS INSTITUTE) openly discussed the fact that the 'ice wall' was a totally UNWORKABLE solution (and has proposed to the PTB that a concrete sarcophagus akin to what the Russians are still doing over at Chernoybl was the only viable solution for containment). What the hell does HE know? His forte' was designing the fuel racks; and he has a nuclear powerplant operators' license, and he testified before Congress as an 'expert' regarding the Three-Mile-Island incident, and...

'Ice Wall'.

IF you could get every household in Japan to bring all their ice trays in their refrigerators (ALL AT ONE TIME) and dump them around the Dai-Ichi Complex, do you think it would work?

If the so-called pipedream 'ice wall' had actually managed to freeze, HOW LONG would it have taken before all the groundwater and the leaking basements of the destroyed reactors in this 'freezing dam' would rise to the point that the water could not be contained any more? DAMS operate on the principle that the water behind them (while supposedly 'contained') is RELEASED in a CONTROLLED MANNER (for the purpose of irrigation, power generation, or both). OF COURSE, there is NO CHANCE that this water gathered and held would soak in to the GROUND UNDERNEATH THE PLANTS and not only cause further LIQUEFACTION of the soil (causing an inherent instability of the buildings), but also cause this water to seek other sources of escape UNDER THE ICE-WALL).

IGNORANCE of the simpler physical laws; combined with prideful ARROGANCE, have caused a delay in the only actions that could possibly have a chance of containment. This delay is most likely a FATAL one. MSM is still working the MILEY CYRUS thing (every time they get a chance). They say 'I have been authorized to assure you, that, so far, there is, NO, REASONABLE, CAUSE FOR ALARM' (that's an old Clete Roberts quote from a 50's sci-fi movie).

How can so many stay asleep, while our very beds are burning?

'Midnight Oil': "Beds Are Burning"; taken from the album "Diesel And Dust"

I enjoyed reading your post.

Montgomery Scott




Maxter's picture

I respectfuly disagree.  After some trip in foreign countries, I now keep the word "shithole" for countries where you actualy smell shit all day long when walking on the side walk. Places like thailand, south america, etc.


Japan was very clean (except for the radiation) and smell nice.

MontgomeryScott's picture

@ Maxter:

Think about this for a moment:

You can smell shit, and instinctively KNOW that this is the stench of disease and death (and thus allow your sense of smell to guide you to safety if you want to live).

You CAN'T SMELL radiation (although, in a high enough dosage, you can taste it as a strange, metallic other-worldly inhalation transferred from your nose to your taste-buds; as described by the dying testaments of those who spoke of it). If you have TASTED it, the odds of your being alive within the next two years are almost ZERO.

The Japanese are extremely fastidious (this means, they are a clean people who take good care of themselves in a fashion that most other people in most other nations would call 'nit-picky'). They are also headstrong and prideful. This is a GENERALIZATION, not based in an individual judgemental method or fashion. Such qualities are to be, in certain ways, admired and even revered in the correct circumstances.

They need to evacuate the Northern Island of Honshu (including Tokyo). Most likely, upwards of 50% of the people now living will contract cancer at THIS point. Of course, they won't evacuate. 

When I was but 19 and 20, I had the opportunity to learn to program and operate an OKUMA CNC lathe. It was quite a marvelous machine. The first one I ever saw was at a SEMA show in The L.A. Convention Center. They were showing off all kinds of tech stuff (like CNC machines that could use LASER to create dies to mold rubber gaskets in intricate shapes). THIS was in fucking 1980. I recently mapped the Fukushima Daiichi complex after the report of hot particles found in April 2011 was finally released a few days ago (having to do with the proximity to Tokyo proper), and the city of OKUMA was well within the radius of this irradiated fallout zone. We also had this American-made 'Acroloc' 'machine center', and were working the problem of the development of methodology of mass-producing the titanium gunbolts for the 3,000 rd/min. gatling gun that the Hughes people wanted for their AH-60 (NATO code-name APACHE). There was NO COMPARISON; the OKUMA was a FAR MORE ADVANCED and ACCURATE machine. I still have a keepsake 'blank' of one of the hydraulic line couplers that we produced for the 'Apache' courtesy of OKUMA (and my hands-on first-hand use). I think the initial run was something like 550 parts (remember, this was '80, and the Apache was still being developed and was in the early stages of delivery).

The loss of the minds, spirits, and bodies that could build such machines as the OKUMA will be IRREPERABLE.

"MAYBE, SOMEDAY (saved by ZERO)" (circa 1983):

Three-Mile-Island had yet to happen, and events like Chernoybl and Fukushima were in a distant future, back when the warning was trying to go out via 'The Fixx' circa 1983.

'Predictive Programming' is a method used by BOTH SIDES in a war, you know.


hibou-Owl's picture

I have visited Japan a few times, and it's a very interesting place, but after the mess they have made I won't be going back.
a stop over in Tokoyo from Oz to London makes almost eliminates jet lag.

MontgomeryScott's picture

"a stop over in Tokoyo from Oz to London makes almost eliminates jet lag."

I can't resist...

A stop-over in Tokyo from Australia ('Oz') to London gives you the 'plausable deniability quotient' to tell your pregnant girfriend that you could NOT POSSIBLY have 'fathered' the 'child' (due to the radiation dose).

When the City Of London people begin to see strange anomalies in their already in-bred offspring (like no arms, no brains, strange tumors at infancy, and the like), will they also figure out the 'causal links' (such as the layover in the irradiated land in order to allieviate the personal 'discomfort' of 'jet-lag')? Will Hillary and Constance and the 'tophy-wives' blame THEMSELVES for this genetic FUCK-UP?

Woodyg's picture

Yea - anyone whose thrown a bottle of whiskey in the freeze could have told these morons at Tepco it wasn't going to work -
But I think they knew that but the real plan was that the yakuza got all that 'construction money' -

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Earth is a massive HEAT SINK duh!

Jack Burton's picture

Yes, funny how the Japanese missed such a basic physical law as that. I mean, how fucking dense can you get.

I built my home with a heated slab foundation, meaning heating coils run through the very foundation slab. Due to earth's heat sink properties, my slab is surrounded with thick insulation all around and under it to break the contact with earth, to break the heat sink effect. Yet our Japanese friends don't even know basic construction theory?

NoDebt's picture

The whole damned plan reminded me of the B&W films of early attempts at "flying machines".  Flapping wings, parasols on top of vehicles rapidly opening and closing, corkscrew helicopter blades, etc.

LetThemEatRand's picture

I don't know.  Those flapping wing planes were probably more likely to work, and a shit ton less costly.  

BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

With one very big difference. The flapping wing aeroplanes were at least funny.

Cynicles's picture

What do you mean?

The Ice Wall to contain radiation! novelty was (still is) hilarious!

BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

The ice wall wasn't intended to stop radiation, it was intended to stop the flow of ground water through the plant and into the ocean. Either way a ridiculous concept as the depper down into the eartn you go the hotter it gets and you can't insulate the ice from the heat sink of the ENTIRE FUCKING EARTH.

I think the Japs are just a failed race, many years ahead of the west in their demise. A great example of a people whose zest for life has seemingly been replaced by autonamous slave to the corporation.

VATICANT's picture

They can't read instructions well through their squinty eyes

spinone's picture

they would need a nuclear reactor to get enough power to run the refrigerators


MontgomeryScott's picture

@ 'Jack Burton':

The first rule in construction (and the hope of having a home sometime in the future) is to NOT build on a CONCRETE SLAB foundaton.

You place your hopes of comfort upon having an operating 'grid' for the rest of your life (relying, of course, on the 'good graces' of those who allow you to enjoy their largesse in this matter).

If you are NOT on a 'high' water table, the constant temperature of a basement foundation fluctuates between 40 and 65 degrees Farenhight throughout the course of a gven year (given the extremes of my particular location, where the summers top 103, and the winters can go as low as negative 12). Of course, my basement is 'only' about 500 square feet (in two-dimensional measurement).

Good GROUNDING is essential for the human machine; to replenish the positive/negative ion balance that is continuously being manipulated and changed via conductors that the atmospherics (and manipulation from outside sources is at this time frontally attacking everyone on this planet) changes in flux. I do not understand the desire to break this life-giving contact; and abhor any discussion that promotes this.

A 'heat-sink' is a good conductor in BOTH DIRECTIONS. It EQUALIZES the differential temperatures slowly and evenly in a fashion that niether polar opposite finds 'offensive' to existence. Pumping 'DIRTY FREE ELECTRONS' through CONCRETE in to the GROUND that DOES NOT EXIST due to 'my slab is surrounded with thick insulation all around and under it to break the contact with earth, to break the heat sink effect' might be actually HARMFUL in the medium-to-long term (both to the human inhabitants of this edifice; and all other forms of life that are forced to suffer this onslaught of leftover negative energy that is trying but failing to find a natural 'groundpoint').

"I mean, how fucking dense can you get."

A 'slab' used to be the derogatory term for the above-ground tomb of those that had enough money to make the wishes of the decesased be carried out in the building of an edifice that was NOT six feet underground. 

Jesus (fucking) Christ. I really, honestly HATE posting this stuff.

Do you undersatand, 'Jack Burton'?

The DESIRE for POWER (of the electric grid) and the insatiable need of such, made the TEPCO thing HAPPEN in JAPAN. The 'CLEAN GRID' thing and the lies of the PTB about 'NUCLEAR' simply whetted the appetites... BUT, the unpredictability of nature (or an outside cause; perhaps made by the need for masses to disconnect from nature) destroyed wide swaths of humanity and electrical infrastructure in Japan; AND the inevitable melt-downs and nuclear confligrations because of FLAWED REASONING ensued.

I almost FORGOT the point of your post! Forgive me.

YOU have a 'heated slab' foundation.

"I built my home with a heated slab foundation, meaning heating coils run through the very foundation slab."

How long did it take YOU to build it, single-handedly? We should call YOU 'BOB THE BUILDER', because you are OBVIOUSY VERY TALENTED in the CRAFTS! Let's CLARIFY:

YOU built YOUR home.

YOU built it (not some architects and engineers and laborers and planners and landscapers and a whole lot of other people). YOU built it. BY YOURSELF. ALL ALONE. It was YOUR IDEA, and YOUR concept, and YOU SOLELY are responsible for your 'heated slab' thing.


How many 'Japanese friends' do you have?

Red skies at night; sailors' delight.

Red skies in morning; sailors take warning.

United States Power Squadrons memorization: 'There is no RED PORT wine LEFT'. I don't know why I threw this one in, but it has something to do with the remidial teachng in using a compass and a chart.

junction's picture

I thought using the world's largest tube of Preparation H to stem the leak was their Plan B.

metaStable's picture

I have always wondered what was wrong with Preparation A through G?

StychoKiller's picture

Hmm, Preparation A -- cures @ssholes! (Nope, total failure!)

Preparation B -- gets rid of Buttheads! (Nope, total failure!)

Preparation C -- fills Cracks (except you still need your colon to work, so FAIL!)

Preparation D -- cures yer Duodenum (Nope, total failure!)

Preparation E -- lightens yer Excrement (Huh?)

Preparation G -- Grout for yer crack(s) (Nope, total failuer!)

Preparation H -- Soothes painful Hemorrhoids


Matt's picture

Billions of maxipads, that's my recommendation.

Nom de Guerre's picture

Obsidian blades, then.

Alas, Valar Morghulis

ZerOhead's picture

That's what we will all get back to (stone ages) when the power grid goes down and the world's nuclear reactors start making giant popping sounds thanks to;


1)  Systemic collapse of the imploding financial sytem

2)  Another Carrington event

3)  Nuclear war with Russia or China

Ignatius's picture

The uncontrollable nosebleeds have stopped, but the sudden anal discharges are both challenging and embarrassing.  Film at 11:00.

813kml's picture

No need to panic, you probably just have advanced ebola.

fallout11's picture

Ask your doctor about Havidol. Apply directly to the affected area.

Ignorance is bliss's picture

There is really nothing left to say... They are a bunch of Fucking idiots...