Putin Punks West (Again): Russian Troops Enter Ukraine, Guardian Reports

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As Russia's 300-strong 'humanitarian' convoy of white trucks slithered towards the Ukraine border, it appears, according to The Guardian, that, in spite of the market's exuberance at this morning's comments of "avoiding conflict," Vladimir Putin sent a real 'green' military Russian convoy across the Ukraine border late Thursday evening.



As The Guardian reports,

While the white trucks came to a halt well short of Ukraine's border, a different Russian convoy did cross into Ukrainian territory late on Thursday evening.


The Guardian saw a column of 23 armoured personnel carriers, supported by fuel trucks and other logistics vehicles with official Russian military plates, travelling towards the border near the Russian town of Donetsk.



After pausing by the side of the road until nightfall, the convoy crossed into Ukrainian territory, using a rough dirt track and clearly crossing through a gap in a barbed wire fence that demarcates the border. Armed men were visible in the gloom by the border fence as the column moved into Ukraine.


Kiev has lost control of its side of the border in this area.


The trucks are unlikely to represent a full-scale official Russian invasion, and it was unclear how far they planned to travel inside Ukrainian territory and how long they would stay. But it was incontrovertible evidence of what Ukraine has long claimed – that Russian troops are active inside its borders.




The armoured column seen by the Guardian appeared to be further evidence of Russia's incursions, which the Kremlin has repeatedly denied.


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As The Telegraph confirms,

A column of armoured vehicles and military trucks crossed the border from Russia into Ukraine on Thursday night, in the first confirmed sighting of such an incident by Western journalists.


The Telegraph witnessed a column of vehicles including both armoured personal carriers and soft-skinned lorries crossing into Ukraine at an obscure border crossing near the Russian town of Donetsk shortly before 10pm local time.


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We assume this means Stocks will give back all their gains? lol...


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Of course, we suspect if one were to ask Putin, this is merely an entry into an independent sovereign republic... not Ukraine per se... although we are sure he knows full well how the West will interpret this action.

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Squid Viscous's picture

will be de-escalated before the US market open...Buy any dip

Latina Lover's picture

Even for a news freak like me, I feel overwhelmed.  Who the hell knows what to believe anymore?

MsCreant's picture

Me too LL, me too. They are fucking nuts.

strannick's picture

Putin for prez.

Last man standing against the NWO. 

SoberOne's picture

There are no good guys,  bro.

strannick's picture

Thank God that's not true.

Tao 4 the Show's picture

Among the big powers, it is true.
The good guys 'R Us

kliguy38's picture

Who's "us" kingmosabe? you pick first the "good" guys...just saw above "there are no good guys" ..yup...out of chaos comes order....let no good crisis go to waste....Moar War

7.62x54r's picture

Stocks aren't gaining. The dollar is falling harder.

And if you think Obama is a good guy, you need to check your meds. Putin is not a good guy, he is simply a Russian.

BaBaBouy's picture

MUST Get In Before U$$A ...

And... More Putin T-SHIRT Material ...

Manthong's picture

Oh, for f sakes.,.

Get a clue.. it’s Vlad or the Nazis’s.

COSMOS's picture

It's about time, took them long enough, I guess nobody is as fast as the USA/NATO when in comes to putting people on the ground like they did in kosovo and iraq etc.  At least unlike the USA the russians are not bombing the civilians in Ukraine like the USA did in Serbia and Iraq etc.

Its also a warning to Kiev, you dont turn off Russian gas unless they say so.  Also someone posted a map a few months back that showed key gas valve control centers with junctions to other pipelines are located in Donbass region.

COSMOS's picture

With these junctions under control Putin can make sure East Ukraine gets its gas from Russia unobstructed, while he can turn off the gas to West Ukraine and Kiev.

conscious being's picture

BTW, The Guardian is totally compromised on this topic. All anti- Putin all the time. Hmmm, who owns The Guardian?


Lore's picture


2. Guardian is a tabloid, hardly better than Weekly World News. Next will come reports of the fabled Bat Boy roaming Donbass dressed in Russian uniform.

3.  Even if we suppose there *are* 23 trucks, that means maybe 50-100 soldiers max.  You don't mount an offensive with 100 men,  Heck, Americans can't even give "advice" in Iraq with anything less than 650 stockings on the ground, and then only after ten years and three trillion dollars.  About the only things these guys might be doing is delivering supplies, scouting, and seeing how locals respond to their appearance.

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gh0atrider has his money on his bits and bits on his mind.



doctorZH's picture

The perpetual growth illusion.  Nothing in nature grows perpetually.  It grows; then rests.


Growth Period: 1911-1929

Rest Period: 1929-1947

Growth Period: 1947-1965

Rest Period: 1965-1983

Growth Period: 1983-2001

Rest Period: 2001-2019


We are being governed by people believing in the perpetual growth delusion.  Their fear, of course, is that if they don't continue feeding the black hole of (2001-2019) deflation they will be thrown out.  Everyone wants a party that will last forever.

When the middle principle is lost in the society, the middle class, democracy, the world boils down to the two principles fighting for life: NAZIS VS. COMMUNALISTS; RICH VS POOR.  It will be the same in the US.  Of course, in the US, the Nazis always win -- that is the American Dream, that those favored by God will be filthy rich and everyone else will be filthy poor.

tvdog's picture

This is not a rest period. This is terminal decline.

Elvis the Pelvis's picture

Putin is an absolute punk.  I have no idea why people romanticize this thug.  Bitchez.

Supafly's picture

I do.  He's an asshole by some measures, but he's more upstanding than the sick fucks we have running things over here.  While we here at ZH are already out of the red-blue box, we're still inside another.

conscious being's picture

You assume too much oh brilliant, pontificating one.


I could leave it at that, but I won't in case you may be genuine. So I'm going to tell you a story, that by way of analogy can give you a different perspective on things.

lts about this place


Not now, but back in ... let me check,

1260, the Crusaders are generally loosing ground to The Marmaluke slave army out of Egypt. Relatively new on the scene are the Mongols who really know how to kick ass and everyone knows it by now. What holds the Mongols back is that they are often fighting among themselves, but now they have that worked out and heading south. In the middle are the Crusaders. What are thet going to do? The Crusader castles control the passes their enemy the Marmalukes need to pass through to have at it with their enemy, the sworn enemy of everyone who would not submit, the Mongol horde. The Crusaders were happy to see their enemies fight and so let the Marmalukes pass. Chew on that for a little bit and see that you are thinking with blinders on for some reason. I hope its not the rally round the banksters because they're our banksters reason.

Lore's picture

Please spell it out for the dumb among us. Looking at those photos, my thought is that we appear to have learned nothing from the machinations of past psychopaths.

Sirius Wonderblast's picture

My enemy's enemy is my friend. Thus, the long on-off history of the westsponsoring Al Qaeda (for example), and fighting it. One day we need or can use you, the next it's diametric opposition (leaving aside any false flag or useful idiot issues). Also, the Mongols weren't exactly peoople you wanted around, and similarly current experiments in fomenting uprisings and sponsoring terrorists/freedom fighters have demonstrated full boomerang capability.

conscious being's picture

Lore - To me it is immaterial for the most part what Putin's character and motives are all about. Go fight those bastards who are oppressing me and mine. Like the knights in Craq de Chevalier banging there sheilds and cheering on the Marmalukes as they rode past, I hope our common enemy gets a serious hiding. Which is what happened at the Battle of Ain Jalut. Then there's time to see what Vlad's about. Personally, I like Russians and supposing some wacky paranoid idea sometimes floated around here by the usual suspects they wind up ruling us, how could they be any worse than our current, warrmongering banksters?

What happened between the Crusaders and the victorious Marmalukes?[the 1st defeat for the Horde.] They had a 10 year truce and everybody got along great.

Maybe I could have just said its not a binary choice, ie.loving or hating Putin. Sorry about the confusion. Thanks for asking Lore.

N2OJoe's picture

While I'm rootin' for Putin on this one, you can ask the Ukes what it's like to be rule by the Russians, or just google Holodomor.

conscious being's picture

Please don't confuse the present Russia w/ the former Soviet Union. This is a confusion the controlled MSM is trying to propigate, so why play along?

Investigate who conducted the Holodomor. I understand it was not Russians calling the shots.

Lore's picture

Much appreciated. I lack historical perspective and want to read more. Rgds

Space Animatoltipap's picture

Politics is about who is the biggest and baddest but most heroic punk. Obama plays a very lost game with his lousy backward policies of blablabla democrazy and blablabla humanism. Mr. Self Pity is simply way behind in the modern world. Hedonism sucks on all levels. Putin? He is part of the modern world. Which is beyond the latest cell phones, facebook and wonderful military hardware. Morality and length of breath are what it is about. That the lousy hedonistic Western countries lack. HUGELY. Russia knows it. India also btw. Iran also btw. China also btw. Turkey also btw. Saudi-Arabia also btw. Actually, who doesn't know it???

doctorZH's picture

I think it might be because he is standing up to the Aemrican thugs in suits and ties.  They are all thugs.  Wall Street is the white mafia.  The US military is the police force of Wall Street.  Putin is the underdog in this scenario.  People can see that he is playing chess with America from the underdog position.

Why should the entire world have to trade energy contracts in US dollars?  Only one reason.  Because America's banks and military are forcing them too.

Putin is a thug.  They are all thugs, when you strip off the thin veneer.

StormShadow's picture

Putin is a REAL man. Brutish, yes. But I respect him even if I don't respect all his views. And he works in his country's best interests (and his own at the same time) and is not trying to undermine his own country like oBOMBa. How anyone can respect Obama and keep his bumper sticker on their car at this juncture is beyond me. They'll be the first to die...of hunger or something worse...when the world's geopolitical and financial springs snap.

Libertarian777's picture

pics with GPS, geolocation, cellphone triangulation, timestamped, glossnass, keyhole, russian, US and chinese spy satellite photos all showing the same thing... or it didn't happen.


No YouTube does NOT count.

sushi's picture

Suspect Russia will explain its actions as the need to prevent Europe freezing to death in the dark come winter. Putin is protecting the EU from the UKR / USSA banderstanditos, the "FUCK THE EU" folks who have promoted this conflict to the tune of $5 billion FRNs so Biden's nephew gets cool biz cards.



Kitler's picture

Putin is only doing this so he can forcibly send in aid to keep the Russian civilians and terrorists in situ on Ukrainian soil  He does not want them to come back to mother Russia or he will lose all claim to Eastern Ukraine

I expect he will also create horriffic 'false flag' attacks on these same Russians blaming Ukrainian 'Nazis' to get the ever gullible Western media on his side for when he eventually masses enough of his forces on the border to retake the Ukraine

The Big Ching-aso's picture

If Irving Berlin were alive today he might've penned......

Putin On the Blitz

SoberOne's picture

That brought me back. Wish things were peachy like that.

Lore's picture

Strange to see so many young people of average build dressed in conventional clothing. (I visited Wal-Mart today. The strangest exhibit was a guy with bat tattoos on his scalp and a raccoon tail.)

doctorZH's picture

Only if he was living in Berlin, Irving.

TheReplacement's picture

Putin could have overrun Ukraine months ago when he had far more troops in the region than he does today.  Your theory is illogical.

Make no mistake follks, this unresolved tension in Ukraine benefits Putin more than anyone.  He is hugely popular at home for standing up to the bankers.  He has Germany and France teetering.  There are no "leaders" out there compared to him right now. 

I wonder why there weren't tanks and jets and helos if this is an attack and not a secure-the-ground for humanitarian aid operation.

Lore's picture

Fair point. Russia might post an armed detail to keep watch from a distance in case psychopaths threaten the aid trucks.

doctorZH's picture

I agree. Putin projects more as a leader than anyone else on the stage.  Putin and Merkel.  And these two are being drawn closer and closer.  Europe is nothing without American support, militarily speaking.  Europe knows that America can lose its will to support a war in Europe.  America wants to fight Russia on European soil.  In 1983, Europe had turned on America.  The pubic was marching by the hundreds of thousands against Reagan's plan to build Star Wars in Europe.  Europeans did not want to be a chesspiece America moved against Russia.  We are coming there now.  Germany is shifting toward Russia; so is France.  France is willing to fight Arabs in Africa, but not Russians in Europe.  America will be completely isolated politically by 2019, except for maybe UK and Australia.  Canada is getting tired of America's 'democrary tyranny'.

We overthrew a corrupt elected democracy in Ukraine and turned the country over to the Nazis there.  Why is Russia feeling threatened.  Russia remembers the 1930's.

We should remember that neither Russia nor China are communist any longer.  They want to be corrupt capitalists, like the West.  They like being rich and sloppy and shallow.  The REAL conflict of the future is what is happening in Iraq, and Syria, and Lybia.  Islam is rising; Christianity is falling.  Vlad the Impaler is trying to point to the Islamic threat.  And Washington is pointing back to the 1950's duality, Capitalist vs Communist.  Why?  Because the West no longer can see, has no vision of the future.  We are looking back, because we can't look forward.  It is dark in the West.  It is a Night-Cycle.  The destruction of matter and debt is the nature of Night-Cycles.

SWRichmond's picture

SO what are we learning from our "leaders"?

Threats, intimidation and violence are how you get things done.

Possession is nine points of the law.

Our "leaders" certainly aren't allowed to do anything we're not, since they get their power from us....so....

nmewn's picture

Vhat eeez zis law ting ju speak of? ;-)

F0ster's picture

Possession is 9/10s of the law.

sorry I hate incorrectly used maxims...

ghengis86's picture

Nine-tens? What the fuck is that?

I think you mean 9/10ths (nine-tenths) of the law.

Fucking hate incorrectly used maxims...

pelican's picture

Where is the golfer? Oh yeah dancing.

History just finished his image