Ukraine Politics As Usual: "Pot-Bellied Fatty" Shevchenko KOs Deputy Speaker - Caught On Tape

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It appears Ukraine's Radical Party leader Oleh Lyashko is a glutton for punishment. In 2011, as Reuters reports, he was throttled and pushed to the ground by former Vice-Speaker Adam Martinyuk after he accused him of hypocrisy; and on a separate occasion Martinyuk threw a glass of water in his face. However, this morning, it got serious after he accused Independent Party Deputy Oleksandr Shevchenko of being a "pot-bellied fatty," who "instead of going to the Donbass and helping our guys, people like him go to parliament and raise their hands." Shevchenko's response - solid right cross to Lyashko's jaw, sending the smaller man staggering. One can't help but wonder how this approach to settling political scores would go down in Washington...


Forward to the 2:00 mark for the fun-and-games to really begin...

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U.S. backed snakes, turning on each other.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Colonel Cassad had a good one about this:

"The episode itself is quite characteristic of the current Ukrainian moronity and is not surprising anymore."

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As I said before,   the Ukraine is a joke that gets funnier each time you tell it.


Too bad that both of them didn't get knocked out.

Freddie's picture

The only bigger joke is the insanely corrupt USA.

pods's picture

That was definitely not even a loaded shot. Kind of a cross between a jab and a cross. Even looks like he led with his front foot.

Sounded nice though.  And definitely wobbled the little man.  :)



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If I was Levchenko, the first guy I would feel like punching is the annoying prick wearing the Lawrence Welk-Light-Blue jacket who keeps pawing him.

BigJim's picture

It's the fucking wild west out there. Here's an extraordinary clip of tough-guy Lyashko 'hunting separatists':

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"One can't help but wonder how this approach to settling political scores would go down in Washington..."

I think Pelosi went after a republican recently, but the C may not have landed a punch

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What a little prick and he sets off my gaydar too. Lyashko was the kind of guy that got fragged on his second day in 'Nam.

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Very appropriate video for ZH Fight Club.

But I was almost expecting to see Howard Cosell step into frame after the KO and start talking to the big guy..

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Nice fight clip. How did I miss this on CNN's morning news????

Latina Lover's picture

Thank God CNN did not cover it. The thought of Anderson Cooper interviewing Lyashko and giggling together is enough to make me wretch.

Overfed's picture

That rung his bell! Cool.

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With Strelkov resignation following Russian Zionist Kurginyan stirring shot up agains him. It seems the stage is being set for the defeat of the militia.

As soon as Ukraine joins the EU, Western Europe will quickly find out what it is like to have a nation of gangsters in its midst.

junction's picture

It would be fun to watch John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi duke it out in Congress. My bet is on Pelosi, the large amounts of botox she has in her system probably give her superhuman strength.

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How about this -- any time the DC elites want to start another war, they have to raise the revenue with fights on pay-per-view.  Barry Bare Knuckles Obama vs. Bad AttiTed Cruz, just $49.99, click the blue button.  Fists only -- no throwing chairs (wink wink).

Pelosi vs. Palin could cover the cost of bombing ISIS.

Keep the proles happy with SNAP and circuses.

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Nothing like a solid punch in the face to end the babbling of a mouthpiece. I'd give my left jewel to see that happen to a handful of select US politicians. IdI'd give the right too if I could  be the one dishing it out.

post turtle saver's picture

It's time to make dueling legal again in D.C. - put it on pay-per-view

TideFighter's picture

Deadly cobra half-punch- "I haz it!" 

pods's picture

That guys reminds me of the old game "punch out" where the first guy you faced was "Glass Joe."


apu123's picture

Appropriately, Glass Joe was French. I always had trouble with Mr. Sandman, I thought Tyson was easier to time.

Pumpkin's picture

All those ancient symbols said it would happen.

Buck Johnson's picture

Exactly, they are turning on each other and want more money.

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Wonder how Pelosi or Hitlery could take a punch?


edifice's picture

Hillary could take it like a champ. I think Pelosi would crumple into a fetal position.

TideFighter's picture

Yeah, but both would be wearing Mr. MaGoo glasses for 6 months, milk the cow, er..milk cows. 

Keyser's picture

I dunno, but I'd pay $$$ to see a Palin vs Pelosi Cage Match.... 

Latina Lover's picture

I'd pay even more to see them both lose.

RafterManFMJ's picture

Web Hubbel said in his autobiography, (paraphrasing) that "Hillary could take a Donkey Punch like the best hard-scrabble mountain trash he's ever anally violated."

pods's picture

Puckered Sphincter FTW!


pan's picture

She's definitely got a bigger d!ck than Pelosi.


Hillbags would start crying "I'm broke I'm broke"

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Down goes Lyashko! Down goes Lyashko!

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Down goes Lyashko! Down goes Lyashko!

Going down is sort of a habit for Lyashko. He's known to be, ummm, a bit light in the loafers.

Latina Lover's picture

Lyashko likes doing the down low on underaged boys. This is a requirement to hold senior office for a wannbe western oriented country.

Keyser's picture

I particularly enjoy watching someone get the taste slapped out out their mouth for running it ad nauseum... 

Let them eat iPads's picture

Man, I'd love to see this in Congress.

The Most Interesting Frog in the World's picture

A couple 6 year old girls would be a far more entertaining fight. I say we lock em all in a room with shotguns and unlimited ammo. Last survivor gets to walk.

Let them eat iPads's picture

Don't forget a case of whiskey to make it more interesting.

Guns and alcohol pair well.

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so the guy who got hit, who does he represent politically? ukrainian rebels or russians?  sorry