US Sending 600 Troops, APCs And Tanks To Countries Bordering Russia To "Reassure Threatened Allies"

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Escalation over the Ukraine conflict, a/k/a Cold War 2.0, just took another major step forward. Because here comes the cavalry... literally.

While the world is focused on the first deployment of US marines in Iraq in nearly a decade, as "humanitarian advisors" of course so as not to destroy the Nobel peace prize-winning aura of the US president who is rapidly becoming a warmonger on par with his predecessor, a far more dangerous development took place overnight with nobody noticing, when the Pentagon announced that approximately 600 soldiers from the Army’s 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division will deploy to Poland and the Baltic states to help reassure European allies who feel threatened by Russian military moves. And while most Americans may be geographically challenged, Russians know very well that all of these countries border on Russia. As such this very demonstrative military expansion by NATO powers to "pre-contain" Russian military agression will only lead to one thing: even more "defensive" escalation.

Some more detail on the latest US dispatch of troops in the area now defined by the second coming of the Cold War from

The troops and their equipment — which include M-1 Abrams tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and armored personnel carriers — will go to Europe in October for a three-month series of training exercises.

The troops will originate out of Fort Hood, Texas (keep this in mind for a post later today) and will replace 600 paratroopers from the Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade. "These land training exercises … help foster interoperability through small unit and leader training," Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren said.

In addition to ground forces, the U.S. has also sent F-16 combat aircraft to Poland and participated in NATO air policing missions over the Baltics.

So why is the US sending military reinforcements at a time when every troop movement is scrutinized with a microscope around the globe:

The exercises came at the request of host nations that fear a resurgent Russia, which annexed the Crimea region of Ukraine earlier this year and continues to support a pro-Russia separatist movement in eastern Ukraine.

So to summarize: the countries that are most worried about Russian military aggression, those which by definition border on Russia, have decided to preempt Russia and demand additional US military presence on their territory, believing that the Kremlin will not see this US military build up as one which threatens Russia with even further NATO expansion on its borders. .

Brilliant. Why? Because recall what happened in December 2013 long before the Ukraine semi-hot proxy civil war was raging:

It seems [Putin] had a Plan B in case things escalated out of control, one that fits with what we wrote a few days ago when we reported that "Russia casually announces it will use nukes if attacked." Namely, as Bloomberg reports citing Bild, Russia quietly stationed a double-digit number of SS-26 Stone, aka Iskander, tactical, nuclear-capable short-range missiles near the Polish border in a dramatic escalation to merely verbal threats issued as recently as a year ago.

This comes from an article titled "Russia Stations Tactical, Nuclear-Capable Missiles Along Polish Border", in which we explained how Russia has done precisely this when it stationed a "double-digit" of SS-26 nuclear missiles in Kaliningrad on the border with Poland, over "concerns" what NATO encorachment close to its territory could imply.

And now, NATO appears to have decided to find out just what Russia's response to such an incremental tactical arms build up will be.

One thing is certain: the US response to a fresh contingent of this...


... with a range of this:

Will hardly be wrapped in the tidy, media-friendly package of on ICBM build-up for "humanitarian advisory" purposes...

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Jethro's picture

So freaking stupid......

My entire childhood was spent in the cold war.  Guess my kids will get their turn now too.

wee-weed up's picture

Another Obozo "red-line" coming in 3... 2... 1...

Keyser's picture

I remember digging a fallout shelter under the family home when I was a kid in 60's.... This time I'm going to use a freaking backhoe... 

pods's picture

Well Ukraine borders Russia, send them there?

Oh, you don't want them getting shot by our OTHER guys already in Ukraine?


Pinto Currency's picture



Because it is reassuring that, like Syria and Iraq, your country will too become a parking lot.

Latina Lover's picture

Parking lots are so 2000's  Today it will be a frakking lot.

Personally, I am not worried about this deployment, it is clearly a mistake . I think someone mixed up the maps and confused Ferguson with Polandistan. 

Kitler's picture

The radiocative fallout from the smouldering remains of Eastern Europe will largely end up coming down on Russia and China

Payback for attacking the $US is a bitch

Lore's picture

The biggest enemy to the USD is its purveyors who debase it. Nuke THEM.

ilion's picture

Baltic States will once again become the toys of the global powers. It didn't end well 75 years ago and something tells me it won't be any different this time.

Thank you Obama for being such an asshole.

gh0atrider's picture

Russia we love you and we are everything you wanted us all to be ever.

Latina Lover's picture

I was reading through the disgusting Kiev post, a USSA propaganda rag, and noticed mention of MH17 has all but disappeared.  Moreover, CNN reports that sanctions were due to the so called annexation of Crimea.

Sounds like the USSA is trying to bury the MH17 false flag.


Chief KnocAHoma's picture

You hope they get raised in Cold War... Otherwise they may be fighting in a hot one.

TeamDepends's picture

Meanwhile countless enemy combatants stream across our non-existant southern border. Could someone please at least get Barry's fiddle in tune?

Four chan's picture

yet another stupid move by the manchurian president.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

The poor guys that gotta pull this duty, talk about False Flag bait to start WW3..

bunzbunzbunz's picture

Seems relevant to the conversation...

In 1999, apartment bombings in three Russian cities including Moscow killed 293 people. A fourth bombing was thwarted in Ryazan, when residents caught FSB officers in the basement with a bomb for “training purposes.” Chechen terrorists were blamed. John Dunlop, a serious scholar on Russia, has analyzed the evidence in his book The Moscow Bombings of September 1999: Examinations of Russian Terrorist Attacks at the Onset of Vladimir Putin’s Rule. Dunlop concludes that the apartment bombings were the joint work of the Yeltsin regime and Putin’s FSB operatives to prepare the Russian people for the devastating Second Chechen War. Indeed, Putin soared to an easy electoral victory in 2000 on a wave of anti-Chechen nationalism, after which be bombed Chechnya to a carcass of its former self. Despite the evidence of FSB involvement in the apartment bombings, there has never been an investigation. We will never know the truth. Those who pursued the subject, journalist Anna Politovskaya and ex-FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko, were both assassinated.

Elvis the Pelvis's picture

Putin's a bleeding asshole.  But he's a bleeding asshole who is Europe's problem.  America needs to stay clear of this shit.  Bitchez.

wintermute's picture

Now will those Norwegian clowns fnally take away Obozo's Peace Prize?

The Blank Stare's picture

Wait, did he say New Mexico or Poland?


I'm always confusing the two.

Scarlett's picture




Kitler's picture

The MH-17 mystery has been solved by Kiev  The pro-Russian terorists were trying to shoot down an Aeroflot A320 passenger jet to give Putin justification to invade the Ukraine again   They accidentally shot down MH-17 because they were poorly trained idiots and were drinking

All the proof you need is here in this Forbes article

SimplePrinciple's picture

Such brilliant analysis by Kiev AND Forbes.  Now that the initial propoganda is falling to pieces and while they delay as long as possible the release of black box recordings or control tower  recordings, they start muddying the water with so much gunk that everybody just throws up their hands and refuses to hear any more stories.  The Forbes guy even accepts the idea of ground to air missiles despite OECD eyewitness account of cockpit shot to pieces with air-to-air cannon.  What pathetic propaganda spewers our media has become.

Latina Lover's picture

It is beyond pathetic, and demonstrates Kiev's and Washingtons guilt. The good news is that outside of the anglosphere and most of Europe, the rest of the world will know this was just another USSA contrived false flag, FAIL.

bunzbunzbunz's picture

Right. The US government does bad things. The Russian government never would. Genius.

SoDamnMad's picture

OECD has no experience in investigating crash damage.  The mathematics of multiple hits from jet to jet in one small area (cockpit window area) are mind bogling. Find some other fairy tale. 

HardAssets's picture

Latin Lover:  "I was reading through the disgusting Kiev post, a USSA propaganda rag, and noticed mention of MH17 has all but disappeared." 

I posted (and I'm sure many others did too) that MH17 would be completely forgotten within a few months. Given all the media focus at the time, even I am surprised at how quickly it went down the Memory Hole. Also notice that a lot of the very damning news stories that came out about the administration receive NO mention today either.

The mainstream media is a weapon repeatedly fired at the American people.

Latina Lover's picture

Agreed. We live in a mainstream media swamp of endless lies.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Title: US Sending 600 Troops.... To "Reassure Threatened Allies"


Then, paragraph 4: Troops will replace 600 paratroopers from the Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade.

Is this some kind of joke?

spacecadet's picture

I'm telling you, I've always loved Zero Hedge, but lately they've been pulling some CNN shit.

earleflorida's picture

then go back to cnn, and spare us asshole!

bunzbunzbunz's picture

Yeah, I only want to hear from people that agree with me! Because that's how I learn lots!

HardAssets's picture

Yep . . . the purpose of Fight Club is to provide a battle ground for ideas and arguments. There are plenty of forums to hear agreement from fanboys.

(IMO, the stronger someone presents an opposing view, the better. That shows the weak points of my own position. It may even get me to change my view, and benefit from that.)

Urban Redneck's picture

That would sort of depend where the 173rd (the NATO/EUCOM rapid reaction force) is deployed next... in addition to the local European tourist destinations, I hear there is an unoccupied mountaintop in Iraq available, and since AFRICOM's HQ is in Europe, Gen. Rodriguez doesn't even need to use a telephone to request backup for a Holiday in Ebolaland.

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

If Oboy had any sense of history he'd of sent the 7th Cav....

SimplePrinciple's picture

Don't overlook the tanks and other equipment.  Also don't overlook that the troops to be replaced might not actually leave if Russia shoots down another passenger plane using Uke jets or whatever the hogwash of the day might be.

SimplePrinciple's picture

Ten downvotes for suggesting it might not just be a rotation? Or should I have put a /s by making the story Russia used Uke jets to down the airliner?  Fight club, whatever.

Sirius Wonderblast's picture

Very different kit and capability.

strannick's picture

Russia bolsters its boarders as NATO takes down regimes to install puppets in their place and.move.nukes ever closer to Moscow. America doing it best to start WW3, as it panders to Wall St, and Langley

Spitzer's picture

The map needs an update. Crimea is part of Russia

Lore's picture

It seems clear that the psychopaths want war.  What a sad indictment, that the American economy is reduced to trafficking debt-based instruments backed by LIES and arms manufacture for wars in defense of LIES.  Everything that's about to happen is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY.  Why not take power away from the psychopaths, and start rebuilding your real economy instead?  The potential for prosperity in the absence of control freaks is staggering. 

silvermail's picture

You said Langley? Sorry, I do not know much geography. I always thought that Langley - it's somewhere in a Muslim country. Because I always knew that Langley - is the headquarters of al-Qaeda. I was wrong?

Oracle 911's picture

Did you know, the Russians will reopen and modernize the Soviet era military bases on Cuba, no?

There is a better one,  they will build a warship port near the bay of Pigs and this action cost was just the 90% of the Cuban debt towards them. The rest of debt will be paid in Cuban crude oil (they have significant oil reserves in their territorial waters).


Yeah, USSA is screwed in more than one way.

Divine's picture

Ilion, Having lived in Estonia for 1 year & conducted business in Latvia for another 1 - I can assure you that the baltic & nordic people won't buy this narrative. Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania got their independence just ~23 years ago , Soviets ran over them in few hours the last time.

The politicians can and will try to escalate the situation but the people understand realities and will react before SHTF. 


Most of the finnish people are totally against the sanctions, we are already seeing layoff's from big food producers.

Our idiot government is trying to push finland towards nato, IMO it's a really shitty idea :/

assistedliving's picture

"Most of the finnish people are totally against the sanctions"

proof please.  most of the E.E's, granted, i talk to not having worked there are FOR sanctions.

the problem is we're playing checkers.  this action is identical to what Putin did in Syria blocking our cruise missile attack...except

we're right against Russian borders.  BIG DIFFERENCE as we're about to find out.  But as pointed out earlier, it is basically a "swap" meant to 'look agressive' but more feint than riposte.

SimplePrinciple's picture

That article link talks of "leaders" supporting sanctions.  They are probably all being blackmailed by the late, great USA, and we KNOW how well our "leaders" represent us here.

ebworthen's picture

No.  This is the U.S.A.'s Napoleon moment, our Waterloo.

Kitler's picture

You can't lose when the bombs won't land on your soil   You gain power as their protector and profit from weapon sales 

It's Europes Waterloo moment

We are merely providing them with the enemy we need

Operation Atlantic Resolve Fact Sheet

Latina Lover's picture

No, you can't lose until events spin out of control and then its time to break out the 10,000 spf and kiss your ass goodbye.