We’ve Opened the Gates of Hell

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Preface: we’ve written thousands of articles on Fukushima and radiation. But this post will spotlight recent articles from EneNews … with which we have no affiliation of any nature whatsoever.

The American media hasn't covered Fukushima for a long time. But that doesn't mean there hasn't been any news. It just means that the  U.S. and Japanese governments have worked hard to cover it up.

Here’s a roundup of recent news (links to EneNews; click through to see original source material ... that's how the web WORKS):


Coincidental Wildlife Death and Injury?

Impacts On Human Health?

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Jano's picture

Those few bomblets, which will be flying soon between Russia and America, will be just asmall ditch...on the dotp of FDNPP.

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GW - good stuff, thanks for taking time to do something on Fuku given all the other news competing for bandwidth!

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I don't know where that report from Alaska came from, but I've been here in SE Alaska for the last 5 months and the king salmon and coho runs have been spectacularly good with fishermen bringing in a bumper catch. I personally have probably handled several hundred fish this season and haven't seen one abnormality, and not one of the 20 salmon trollers or half dozen fish buyers/tenders that I speak to on an almost daily basis has said one thing about seeing an abnormal fish. I know Fukushima is a complete clusterfuck but the report about the salmon seems like complete bullshit from my observations. 

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But, when everything is normal...that's not news.

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If dust storms from Northern China can reach SF Bay Area (in last two winters), why not radiation clouds from Fuku (on the same route)? "Scientists" shall pull their heads out of cold pacific ocean, most of radiations are airborne, riding Pacific Jet Streams (trade wind?) into Bay Area. Testing sea water just 'bark the wrong tree'.

Jim in MN's picture

This is not over.  In fact it's barely begun.  How many multiples of Pacific background radiation (including all the prior nuclear testing and Chernobyl fallout) are 'safe'?  Because the effects of Fukushima will be measured in that background doubling....or tripling....or.....who knows.  And no one is AT ALL interested in concentration mechanisms, including bioaccumulation.  There is no upper limit to cesium bioaccumulation.....as anyone who bothers to read the peer-reviewed science would know.

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There is a lot more where that came from.

Each US spent fuel pool contains at least a couple times more long-lived radionuclides than was released by all atmospheric nuclear weapon tests combined.  And the pools are all located *outside* primary containment.

Slightly more than one gram of cesium-137, made into an aerosol and distributed evenly over a square mile, will make that square mile uninhabitable for more than a century.  Most US spent fue pools have a million or more grams of cesium-137 within them.

A single EMP over the US East Coast would cause dozens of US reactors to melt down, and their fuel pools to boil-off to the point where the rods would be exposed, overheat, rupture and possibly ignite. 

But remember, nuclear power is safe and clean.

Ocean22's picture

Yes the brainwashed nuclear proponents need their collective heads checked.  Amazing myopitc insight.  Solar and wind for all!!

Its too late, the end is coming.  Only a matter of time...the stupid have won.

dreadnaught's picture

I think pro-nuke types are mentally deficient.....they are still living in the 1950s comic-book reality of "The wonders of Nuclear Energy: Safe, clean and too cheaply produced to even charge for (meter)!"  (actual comments made back then)LOL

Jim in MN's picture

I was like that...when I was twelve years old and a kindly old tutor taught me nuclear physics.  I thought it was totally awesome, and it is.  It's just that pesky radiation.....which I figured out when I was fourteen.  Oh well.

That fuel cycle should never have been taken out of the ground.

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Here is a good video presentation... a bit on the long side and repetitive for his radio audience.

Basically he is showing you what was once Pristine Sea Coast that was teaming with life... now it looks like what you might find anywhere close to Industrial Sites. Canadian Park Land, sea coast line, protected by outer islands, but enjoys the crashing of the ocean & tides that bring Oxygen.

He is Life Time Diver & Visitor to the area, looks like he is disabled in Wheel Chair and had Buddy take the pictures of current conditions.

He says life is barely hanging on. You see a few snails, a few Muscles, Whelps, Purple Star Fish, Lettuce Kelp, Kelp weed, a few barnacles, and that is it. This was done at low tide when there should have been 100s of kinds of life. You see remnants or remains of shell fish.

Shocked by the Trip. All the Sea Anemones are gone. All the insects are gone. All the birds are gone. No Kelp Forests. Tidal Pools are empty. Mud Flats Empty. No Crabs. No Limpets. This is what remains of the Nursery of the Ocean, the Tide Line.

600 species of algae gone, No 94 species of Sponges. Many species of Star fish reduced to just one. 60-70 Species of Sea Anemones are missing.

9 Days of Pictures and covered 40 Km in Boat.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ol0npV3Mx8 (Lower Audio Volume, after 16 minutes you can skip around)

http://www.thenuclearproctologist.org/new-index-1/#/page-13-over-200-kil... (***Take a long time to load the Pictures***)


dontgoforit's picture

While we didn't scuba while there, we were on the coast of Vancouver Island and traveled down to the coast off Portland, OR a three weeks ago and everything we saw looked good.  Plenty of seals, birds and the tides revealed a bevy of life.  I'm not discounting this man's experience - and I'm not a marine biologist - just sharing what we saw.

mayhem_korner's picture



The notion that Fukishima has opened the gates of Hell is to not understand what Hell is.

Oh where do we begin?  The rubble or our sins? - Bastille, Pompeii


Mr. Ed's picture

But what if the radiation causes some little sea horse or lizard to become GODZILLA!  ROAR!  STOMP!  STOMP!

Japanese movie-goers love their sea monsters... must be very exciting for them.  You know, the anticipation... the waiting... any minute now, out there, beyond the shore... OH MY GOD!!!!!

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Well... fukushima isn't necessary related to these animals deaths, but it would certainly be nice to see the govt test for the byproducts of fukushima (cesium and strontium).

TVP's picture

Radiation can only hurt those who are fearful of it, we have proven this through animal tests.  So smile, and the radiation cannot hurt you! :D

Aussiekiwi's picture

Take a couple of doses of Iodine and your fine, radiation poisoning no worse than a cold I understand.

George Washington's picture

For those who don't get the joke ...

One of the main advisors to the Japanese government on Fukushima announced:

If you smile, the radiation will not affect you. If you do not smile, the radiation will affect you.

This theory has been proven by experiments on animals.

dreadnaught's picture

kind of the same mind-level of that cute cheerleader who stands on streetcorners in Tokyo chanting "The economy is good! Goooooooooo  Economy! Rah! Rah! Economy!!! Beleive in our Economy! and yourself-you will have a job!" (she wont say when)

jacship's picture

Chernobyl was the warning

Fukushima is still pouring Rads. into the ocean

3 years, 6 months later

full melt down

and no environmentalists

or gov. will talk about it

No bunker

No Problem

Mr. Ed's picture

Well, you know environmentalists have been too busy lately with important things like the endangered Mojave desert tortoise (on the Clive Bundy ranch) to worry about Fukushima.

cougar_w's picture

Thank you for your continued attention to this, GW.

Whitehall's picture

Complete bullsh#t.

Articles like this put Zerohedge.com in the same slop bucket with ThinkProgress and Media Matters.  The few decent pieces hardly offset the disinformation like this article.

LH101's picture

Well done.   This journalist crap will be handed back to GW and ZH.  It denigrates the entire site and the editors are too dump to realise.   BTW To the editors of ZH "denigrate" means pull down.  

LH101's picture

Well done.   This journalist crap will be handed back to GW and ZH.  It denigrates the entire site and the editors are too dump to realise.   BTW To the editors of ZH "denigrate" means pull down.  

Duffy Duck's picture

no matter what, it's def not complete bullshit - are you insane, ignorant, a troll, or a combination thereof?

Do you understand that this isn't like air pollution - it's cumulative, and the radioactivity gets worse and worse and starts crossing tipping points all along the food chain, as well as as to organic matter?

smokescreen's picture

so tell us the truth then...

omniversling's picture

Your ignorance almost prompted me to tell you to 'FUCK OFF IDIOT', but I'll force myself to better character and post you some reference links:















Happy reading dead man walking...

(PS, you are not alone, fraid we've screwed the pooch on this one, and unless the geniuses who bought us this catastrophic contamination of the THE VERY SAME ENVELOPE that protects us from space radiation, or others or ETs, come up with a way to resequester the DNA-destructive hyper-charge of these small particles, there's not long left. Bonus read: Atomic Suicide by Walter and Lao Russel, and The Secrets of Light. The Good book and/or the Original Koran may also be useful for the 'End Game'. )


Atomic Suicide


Russell was an artist who had '40 days of streaming consciousness'. His illustrations of his revelations are fabulous: electric universe, consciousness, perception, living the 'dream of god'...


Secrets of Light - Riveting Alternative Explanation of the Omniverse



Here is an 18 part series done by on the Secret of Light which I found more penetrable than the book, which requires much re-reading for a thicky like me:



omniversling's picture

PPS, must see for the impossible task of safely and permanently disposing of spent nuclear fuel at Onkalo Deep Underground Repository, some 250,000 tonnes of which are in open pools around the planet. Called 'Into Eternity', it's a truly stunning (as in silencing and numbing) film by Micheal Masden about the coffin we've turned the planet into. See this, then come back and discuss your fate. Been following what's going on at WIPP, and Hanford?: 




Mr. Ed's picture

Dudes, better start learnin how to grow your own food ... IN A CAVE, if you don't want your base pairs scrambled.

Bunders's picture

"insoluble in water" What like the mercury in minemata bay?

Salsipuedes's picture

Silence is deadly and the cat's got the Polcrats' tongues. Good luck John Q. You're on your own.

Minnalousha's picture

They've been irradiating fruit for years now.

My gay friends and I just thought this would save our loved ones some money on funeral expenses since we wouldn't have to be embalmed.

I am SO teed off!

Buster Cherry's picture

Its one thing to.be irradiated, quite another to injest radioactive contamination.

That irradiated fruit is fine. Id eat it. Its no more contaminated than you are by an xray.

Now if it came from a garden 10 miles.downwind of Fukushima, then yeah, its contaminated shit.

mendigo's picture

They irradiated some folks.

Aussiekiwi's picture

'They irradiated some folks'


But not admitting responsibility or legal consequences, just one of those unavoidable mistakes.

Minnalousha's picture

Does this mean I won't mold as quickly?

tony bonn's picture

the excuse that we don't know what is causing this, we are baffled, etc etc are disgusting lies. we know precisely what is causing the problem - it is fukushima.

of course the real story is that fukushima was a man made disaster caused by the bush crime syndicate and ziocon nazis were caused the tsunami because of japan's drifting away from the us dollar and military hegemony....the rothschild satanists are the mass murderers, the vials of wrath of revelation.

IndianaJohn's picture

Did you hear the one about the Babushkas? No Chicken Littles are they.  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/babushkas/the-babushkas-of-chernobyl-0

TeethVillage88s's picture

IndianaJohn; Thanks. I think we might need more info about what produce to grow in the US Midwest Region Very Soon.

Project is Fully Funded. Interesting Story, Photographers, Women, and Human Spirit.

Matt's picture

Old women. Get some small children in there, and wait a few generations, then come back with some stats.

Mi Naem's picture

Perhaps this will enable a peaceful settlement of the territorial disagreements between China and Japan, with the Japanese archipelago to become a big, vacant, glow-stick. 

Limbs Akimbo's picture


In response to "The answer is 42" posting. (love the 42 reference btw)


So I read this FAQ.

It sounds quite reasonable. But...

1)he does not address the cumulative effect of the radiation in the food chain

2) he only talks about ceissium and iodine [mentioning the other particles only in passing]

3) indicates the comtamination is on site while it has been stated and acknowledge that particles from Fukashima have been found around the world

4) his description of the radioactive plume is much smaller and benign than what has been displayed on other maps.

He words seem solid but the whole article seems rather shallow.

rsnoble's picture

If you can't see it then it's not a story.  And they have plenty of lies and alternate news stories to dilute the subject. Doesn't mean it's any less important they just don't need anything (else) disrupting this massive economic recovery that we are in at the expense of quadrillions.

Comte d'herblay's picture

Improper use of pronouns is a sign of either lazy thinking or ignorance.

"WE"  didn't do any such thing.


"THEY" did.