Ebola Outbreak "Moving Faster" Than Reported Cases Suggest, May Be Far Worse WHO Warns

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The outbreak of Ebola virus disease in West Africa continues to escalate, with 1975 cases and 1069 deaths reported from Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone, according to the WHO, but warns that "there is evidence that the number of reported cases and deaths vastly underestimate the magnitude of the outbreak." While Nigeria remains 'contained' for now, Ireland now has its first suspected case of Ebola according to The Journal. What is perhaps most concerning is Doctors Without Borders warn the ebola outbreak is "moving faster" than they can handle.



The WHO warns...

Elsewhere, the outbreak is expected to continue for some time. WHO’s operational response plan extends over the next several months. Staff at the outbreak sites see evidence that the numbers of reported cases and deaths vastly underestimate the magnitude of the outbreak.

As The Journal reports,

THE HSE HAS said today that it has not been notified of any official suspected case of Ebola in a Dublin hospital – but that it could not rule out that the virus was being looked at earlier this morning as one of several possibilities for a patient being treated there.

TheJournal.ie has confirmed with hospital sources this morning that a patient who had recently travelled abroad was being investigated as having a suspected virus. He is suffering from flu-like symptoms and consultants had been looking at Ebola as one of the possibilities.

As Bloomberg notes,

aid groups such as Doctors Without Borders, with almost 700 workers in the affected region, have criticized the WHO and governments including the U.S. for failing to recognize the devastation being caused since January by the spread of the deadly virus. It’s the first time Ebola has appeared in West Africa.

Interestingly Fujifilm says it has over 20,000 doses of potential Ebola vaccine...

Co. produced drug when it filed data to seek approval to treat flu in Japan, spokesman Takao Aoki says by telephone today.


Co. has capability to mass-produce drug at factory in Toyama prefecture in Japan: Fujifilm


Co. told World Health Organization it can supply drug if requested: Fujifilm

*  *  *

Bloomberg Roundup:
• Latest WHO death toll: 1,069
• Liberia minister warns of price hikes on medicated soap, chlorine, chloride
• Ireland may have first suspected Ebola case, Journal.ie reports
• NOTE: Irish Independent says no confirmed case seen
• Spread in West Africa worse than cases suggest, WHO says
• Athletes from Ebola-affected regions banned from some Youth Olympic events
• Togo PM denies religious leaders’ claims of Ebola in country
• African air links at risk as virus ravages region
• Ebola stigma increases survivors’ burden in long recovery effort

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HobbyFarmer's picture

I wouldn't volunteer to go through the villages doing a body count.

I wish those at Goldman doing God's work would volunteer and do God's work over where people need the help....

Hippocratic Oaf's picture

Lets get it over here so everything can move faster according to plan.


QEternity's picture

They won't admit its spread to the developed world to prevent a panic until it is completely impossible to control or it becomes glaringly apparent

TBT or not TBT's picture

The "without borders" bit is where the Doctors Without Borders have it all wrong. 

MalteseFalcon's picture

"African air links at risk as virus ravages region"

LOL.  The "risk" is that African air links might be closed.

If Ebola shows up anywhere other than Africa, there is only one way that it happened.

101 years and counting's picture

Agreed.  Its already in the US, Europe and Asia.  by the time they tell you, it will be too late.  Prepare now.

sleigher's picture

Was reported this AM on the OAN news channel they are shipping nano-silver to Africa as a treatment.  Does this mean they are giving credence to nano-silver as a therapy and not calling it a tinfoil hat whacko medicine?

Freedom In Your Lifetime's picture


The company sending the silver to africa was interviewed in this podcast. There are still quite a few questions about whether or not the silver works with oral consumption against the virus in question though. The comments to this podcast have a lot of good information. That all being said, I doubt it would hurt and if there is a chance it will work with very little harm done there is no reason not to try it.

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

Swallowing a 1 oz silver coin a day, keeps Ebola away.

Oldballplayer's picture

When it breaks out here, you won't be able to hide it. The process of bleeding out is so horrific, hospital workers will run, not walk to the exits.

They might be able to control one or two cases...but not much more.

And really, by the time it shows up here it will have wiped out Africa and will be burning through Europe and India.

Bindar Dundat's picture

A friend in Canada states that a very high ranking member of the Military is taking his whole family up to the cottage until this blows over.She was invited along with the family.  The chap was a #2 and very well connected internationally.  mmmm me thinks this is bigger then what we are being told.

americanreality's picture

Ahhh, the old "a friend in XYZ" bit.  

Minnalousha's picture

Hey! A friend of mine told me that XYZ is a real place!

He hasn't been there, but he has an old army buddy who has.

Bindar Dundat's picture

TS 2

Viam Inveniemus

Facia Non Verba


Citxmech's picture

"The old friend in XYZ. . ."

That's funny.  I had a buddy in H.S. (Virgin) who always went on about his hot girlfriend from "the Onterio area."

Fucking guy was so full of shit.

PS  If/when this shit hits India - they are probably going to be more fucked than Africa is.

Bindar Dundat's picture

Tough audience -- sorry I brought it up.

HobbyFarmer's picture

Don't be sorry.  I appreciate hearing the different bits and trying to connect the dots.

Most people are naturally suspicious of anything along the lines of 'a friend of a friend'.

God knows the truth won't come from the MSM....but more along the lines of 'A friend just told me that she saw three people collapse while shitting blood in the subway....is something going on back east, too?'

Citxmech's picture


I always put all the snippets of info in my hat and see where the tea leaves seem to point.  You never know where the gems lie.

On a side note:  I listened to an interview with a computational epidemiologist the other day and he basically said his models are good for about a week out - just like the weather report.  

So basically, no one knows what's going to happen for sure (although his models did indicate that Africa is completely fucked absent some kind of radical containment (80+%) and that the US can expect cases within 6 weeks).

Keeping my ear to the ground. . .  

Rakshas's picture

forgive the edge .... hell even Ghandi would boot fuck a baby if he had to eat the amount of bullshit being force fed to us on a daily basis from every direction.... folks are just gettin cranky..... 

Oldballplayer's picture

Upvote for the mental image of Ben Kingsley boot fucking a baby on the street.

Yeah....you get a couple of hours in hell for that one!

Monty Burns's picture

I say that in a year's time we'll look back and say whatever happened to that ebola thing.. Can't count the number of times I've heard we're all doomed by the new incurable virus.

Citxmech's picture

Of course some folks probably said: "I say that in a year's time we'll look back and say whatever happened to that bubonic plague thing." or "I say that in a year's time we'll look back and say whatever happened to that small pox thing." or "I say that in a year's time we'll look back and say whatever happened to that Spanish flu thing." or. . . 

Hope your right - but either way, this should be a wake-up call to the reality of global pandemics - which would hit our just-in-time delivery, rapid transport world harder than any disease in the past.

SilverRhino's picture

I hope you're right.  I think you're wrong.   Plan accordingly.


Oldballplayer's picture

I think someone else posted about this really being a drop in the bucket in terms of people dying of creepy shit.  Think of people dying from starvation, malaria, other types of jungle fevers, and shit like TB.

Ebola is horrible.  If it takes out a million people in a large city, there won't be a much worse way to go.

But in the grand scheme of things, here in my little country estate in Vermont, I am more concerned about stepping on a freakin' rusty nail.

Debt Man Walking's picture

Until Live tweets from Times Square show bloody people dropping on the streets, All the suspected cases will turn out to be 'negative'. 6 cases in NYC- one 'negative' the others we havent heard a word about since. Woman in Kansas CIty hospital bleeding out everywhere? diagnosed as malaria. Its all over already folks, the rest is just PR. As they said in CONTAGION: "No one gets to know, till everyone knows." (Excluding The Elite of course).

GetZeeGold's picture



Lets get it over here so everything can move faster 


Oh....we're on that!


Anyone from Atlanta in the house?

BlindMonkey's picture

I drive by the CDC almost every day.  


Lucky me.

Minnalousha's picture

Burbs, actually.

That tickle in my throat is JUST POLLEN!!!!!!!

Hephaestus's picture

N Atlanta suburbs. All seems normal around me.

sleigher's picture

Don't say that.  My kid just came down with strep throat.  oh boy...

Citxmech's picture

Sorry - that shit is terrible (ebola notwithstanding).  Had it once and I seriously though I was going to die.  Couldn't sleep, couldn't swallow.  Had to spit out my window.

A shot of Penicillin fixed me right up (took a few days though).  Thank God for antibiotics.

sleigher's picture

Yeah, I used to get it every september as a kid.  It was awful for a week or so.  Eventually the antibiotics fixed it though.  

dontgoforit's picture

We won't be able to report anything until after the incubation period in the Athens, GA area (60 miles from downtown).

sleigher's picture

Yes, although I question myself still being here.  Actually Alpharetta/Cumming roughly, but the greater area nonetheless.

junction's picture

The Fujifilm Ebola virus treatment is a developing story.  Who would have thunk, 20 years ago, that Fujifilm would be out of the 35mm film business and making drugs to treat viruses that threaten the world. 

TBT or not TBT's picture

To date, it mostly just threatens the third world, and some delusional first world medical people who live and work there, but yeah.  

intric8's picture

Ireland? WHAT????

yogibear's picture

Winter is on it's way. Have the flu or Ebola? Keep it quiet and calm until you can't.

q99x2's picture

Al Gore tried to impose a carbon tax but people wouldn't listen to him. Because of the weather we are all going to have to die in the plague M'Fers.

Is climate change key to the spread of Ebola?
KidHorn's picture

I think global warming is real but to say it caused the ebola outbreak is really stretching things. An outbreak like this was bound to happen sooner or later.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Yes, the genetic record, fossil record, chemical record, and phylogenic record do suggest that the earth's biosphere does indeed have a problem with the infinite expansion of any single species.

BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

Hey, better watch it, I don't think you can say anything about population control/reduction/management even in the bloodied halls of the ZH fight club. People are very sensitive when you start talking about reducing the number of children they have, veeerrryyyyyyy sensitive.