Gold Recovers "8am Slam" Losses On Ukraine Escalation

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Having plunged at 8amET on no news whatsoever... gold futures have recovered the entire drop on Ukraine-Russia escalation.


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you can't keep

a good metal down....

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Check out silver though.  Not fully recovered.

I guess the new and improved "transparent" silver fix is "working" as it is supposed to.


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Funny, if we didn't know better, you might think the gold market was deliberately manipulated down in anticipation of Ukraines claim to have bombed a russian convoy. That way gold does not break out above 1330 and give the gold shorts real pain.

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Gold is the D Student of the investment markets - has no clue what’s going on, doesn’t even know where its homeroom is.

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Sure seems to be an awful lot of you trolls who have been on this site for 4 to 5 months who just comment on gold.


Is that you Ben?

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So the slam down was front running this news, eh? Still stacking..


Edit: LL said it best.

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And in silver's Bix Weir's latest email blast regarding the new silver fix...same shit different day (and system):


Ok. So it was only the first day of the JOKE of a benchmark the "London Silver Price" but already the data is trickling out.

  Thompson Reuters said

  "Volumes stood at 525,000 ounces on sell side and 325,000 ounces on the buy side"

  Huh?? 525,000 ounce on the sell side and 325,000 ounces on the buy side?


  The AVERAGE daily volume on the LBMA is the following:

  Net 140,000,000 ounces transferred PER DAY!!!

  Gross 420,000,000+ ounces transferred PER DAY!!!

  So that means that the "London Silver Price" is determined by 3 banks that traded 00.08% of the average daily LBMA Silver volume!!! (325,000/420,000,000)

  The latest silver con is being exposed very quickly!!

  New LBMA"Silver Price" Still Not Transparent

Stay tuned as the World discovers they've been had all these years!

  May the Road you choose be the Right Road

  Bix Weir
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Whoo Hoo!

Strange scenes inside the gold trading range!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Forty-Three Years Ago Today, Richard Nixon Shredded The Gold Standard On TV

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You sound like a guy lost $500/oz

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$300 on a few. On some others still profit.

But the ounces are still there. That cannot be said about the Russian convoy.

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Your right I lost it in a boating accident.

If I did not have that unfortunate occurence though I would not have lost anything.

You see I would still own it and since i would only sell when TSHTF I guess I can be called "somewhat prepared"

All you can be called is a jackass

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As per the longer-term (1 year) trend of 285 = gold/silver(1/2), no, it's around 295 now, so at 285 for a price of 1308 gold that should be $20.93

Scatterplot gold on x-axis, square root of silver on y axis, find the equation.

last time I did this I actually got a little more, so (359x gold - 0.91)2 = silver so I just re-jiggered the equation to 359x silver(1/2) - 329 = gold, because that's what math-geeks do.

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We can rely on Putin!

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Work with us gold, we are trying to kill the $1300 options.

The Morgue

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Feels like we are in a snow globe. And we are being toyed with. 

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Time to break the mother-fucking walls.

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Bwhahahaha.  JPM is stacking too.  Wait till gold hits 500 bucks an ounce...

MeelionDollerBogus's picture ,,QuOILO8

500/oz is a past event. 1500, 2500, 4500 are future events.

You can't wait for a past event, it's not coming back.

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don't let me hear you say gold's taking you nowhere...

t bonds bitchez

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So without the molestation , it would be ..... Where ?

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looks like a solid +20 move to me -- so maybe $1340 ish today.

SInce we went off gold convertibility? That'll take some math.

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Well that's a loaded question. The fx rates, bond yields of every country & reserve currency influence-leverage are all connected with gold manipulation, so without, probably gold would be 100/oz or so while oil would be 15-35/barrel & bread would probably be 45 cents/loaf. You can't take away one kind of manipulation without taking away all the others because they all act in concert. The past multiple decades of manipulation all are cumulative & co-operative. So imagine decades-ago prices minus the manipulation from then to today: that's the "unmolested" price.


Gold and Silver will buy anything when the reset happens.  What they can't buy, lead will. 

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Eh, I wouldn't count on that. For quite a while after the reset I'm betting food, gasoline, and various medicines will be trading at quite the premium to gold, if gold works at all.

Past resets have shown gold it was your use to transfer weather from one semi-stable economy to the next (or another one.)


I think you quite missed the point.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

That's because past resets had fiat backed by gold in other nations.
Further past resets actually just had gold coin in various realms, some aren't nations anymore, and debased metal coins were of little/no value while actual gold & silver coin or ingot wouldn't have been debased, snapped up & put away until the reset.

So yes, I would count on directly paying for good, gas, etc., with silver or gold as there won't be another choice of fiat to use.

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Golden years, gold, whop, whop, whop...

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Bank of Italy's putting out a coin?

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When these paper hangin' bitches lose control......
should be quite a show.
The Iceman Cometh........

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completely farcical...
just ordered another 100 oz's just to let the MoneyChangers know aint a damn thang changed...
they wanna keep giving me the chance to buy real money below $20 per oz in a futile attempt to sustain their debt coupon dollar and ponzi paradigm then its all good in the hood....


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"Russian wives are the best"? FTS.

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Is gold the new vix?

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Silver almost back to the LOD

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Vlads Platinum and Paladium is the place to be. "The other white meat"

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Doctarrr Evil, 'ow mooch fer yah baby wafers?

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Here's some MSM BS for ya. In a yahoo story they said .  ZH nails it showing the slam happened before the open and several hours before the Ukraine news hit. And that is why no one can trust the MSM, but people will spout their BS as fact.

"European leaders responded to the reports, with French President Francois Hollande urging Russia to respect Ukraine's territorial integrity, and a Cameron spokesman saying the prime minister is gravely concerned.

When news broke of the fighting, U.S. markets immediately turned downward. The CBOE Volatility Index (^VIX) simultaneously spiked, climbing more than 18.6 percent.

Bond yields fell as tensions renewed, with the U.S. 10-year yield reaching its lowest level since June 19, 2013. Gold prices (CEC:Commodities Exchange Centre: @GC.1) also dropped on the news.

Oil, meanwhile, surged on the news: Both Brent and U.S. crude futures jumped more than $1 a barrel.

The ruble also sold off, as the U.S. dollar and the euro hit session highs against the Russian currency. "

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Putin is on a kamikaze mission.  The entire EU and NATO?  I think the danger is that this incursion is seen as an act of desperation by Russia which is hiding yet another collapse in its economy.

German yields are still negative!

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

ALL economies are due for collapse, potentially all at once.

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Sorry the story said gold went DOWN on the news when obviously the opposite was true.

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I'm glad yall's gold is fully recovered.  Gold on my screen is still showing a bit of a ass kickin'.  I need to buy on my screen and sell on your's.





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Gold vs silver trend:

$1,303.89 , $19.53 : 295.05 = gold/silver(1/2), or 359x silver(1/2)-239=gold +/- 4%
359x $19.53(1/2)-239=$1,257.52 and that is -3.56% to actual $1,303.89

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And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat upon it is called Schiff:  And a bow of silver; and a crown of gold was given unto him. And he thus spake: By these signs I shall go forth, conquering and to conquer.

~ Book of Revaluations

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Buy the dip!  Or if there isn't a convenient dip available.

Make a dip to buy!


I should be shocked, or appalled or something, but sadly just another day.

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Made money on the short with the Silver smash, it was in the technicals Here is my chart:


I was short from 3 days ago.. closed on purple line target for rally in gold & possible Silver bounce, though clearly weaker at present.... Rothschild clan hoovering up the higher value yellow stuff first. so basically it had little to do with Ukraine..

it was setting up for a few days, UKR was just the trigger, also had nothing to do with the fancy maths above either..