Martin Armstrong Warns "We Are Witnessing The Collapse Of Democracy"

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Submitted by Martin Armstrong via Armstrong Economics blog,

Part of the war cycle is just the general feeling or attitude shifts due to economics. We seem to be headed for such a fateful turn.

The police domestically have turned militaristic.

This is a very serious issue far beyond what most people would even guess. It tends to show the changing attitudes within society.

Couple this with Obama who seems to think he was elected to start a war. We are approaching a serious turning point that may reshape the world as did 1932 following the economic trend of the Great Depression.

The year 1932 saw Mao come to power in China. In Germany, Hitler came to power. FDR came to power in the United States. Even in Japan, the seeds of war were planted with the May 15 Incident, in which Prime Minister Tsuyoshi Inukai was assassinated by young military officers in an attempted coup. The killing spread fear among Japan’s liberal politicians and strengthened the militarists, who eventually led the country into the catastrophic Pacific War.

1932, which was also the low in the markets from 1929. The year 2007 began the changing process and we should be looking ahead now [for] the war cycle will turn upward.

We are witnessing the collapse of democracy or to put it in the proper perspective – the right of the people to vote even in a republic. Europe is hell-bent on removing any democratic process because Brussels believes they know best and the people are just too stupid to know what is best for them.

So 2007 marked the beginning of shift in attitude.

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Umm, I have news for you:
Even though they narrowly avoided stepping wholeheartedly into the EU trap, Switzerland has effectively sold out through allowing UBS and CS to become so big also outside of Switzerland, that they and by extension the whole Swiss financial system and economy can be blackmailed. As already proven several times. Because of that, they have lost status of financial safe haven ("island") which was their biggest reason for not getting invaded over the last few centuries.

Winston Churchill's picture

Lots of other reasons apart from banking.That's a biggie though.

The Swiss are great believers in inter marriage with neighboring countries, and the

du jour hegemon. Plus those relatives still have to conquer the Alps, before their fully 

armed cousins. The Swiss get around even more than the Irish, and if the Irish were black

the world would be half caste.

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"Democracy Spawns Bad Taste"

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Recent study says what we already know: that our votes count for nothing. Maybe people are catching on. A commission in LA is considering the idea of giving prizes for voting. They want the illusion and that's all.

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We are a Constitutionally Limited Republic


not a Democracy ( mob rule )


TuPhat's picture

You didn't get the memo?  That was changed years ago.

LawsofPhysics's picture

"We WERE a Constitutionally Limited Republic" -  Fixed.  The corporate and unwashed mobs are in control now.

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We just need the right dictator(s).

I'm sure the ZH "WE R NOT UH DUMOCRACY" crowd has some suggestions.

photonsoflight's picture

Samuel Clemons I would vote for. Don't bring up his death as a negative, that's in the positive column.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Either way, get your tribe in order.


(disclaimer; all tribes are created equal, but some tribes are "more equal" than others)

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You really are a stupid human. 



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America is an oligarchy, not a democracy or republic, university study finds


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“America stands before the world as an impetuous void, a fatality without substance. Nothing prepared her for hegemony; yet she tends toward it, not without a certain hesitation. Unlike the other nations which have had to pass through a whole series of humiliations and defeats, she has known till now only the sterility of an uninterrupted good fortune. If, in the future, everything should continue to go as well, her appearance on the scene will have been an accident without influence. Those who preside over her destiny, those who take her interests to heart, should prepare her for bad times; in order to cease being a superficial monster, she requires an ordeal of major scope. Perhaps she is not far from one now. Having lived, hitherto, outside hell, she is preparing to descend into it. If she seeks a destiny for herself, she will find it only on the ruins of all that was her raison d'être.”

- Emil Cioran

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the corporate mobs are in control now - FIFY

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Operator:  "9-1-1, how can I help you"

Citizen:  "Can you send the army over to the house next door?  They are having a loud party."

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Careful. They'll napalm his house and burn down the whole neigborhood. 

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" We are a Constitutionally Limited Republic "

Contaminated by the most efficient trojan horse democracy has to offer : ELECTIONS .

It was doomed since the very beginning. Just a question of time.

Spastica Rex's picture

What, should we have hereditary leaders?

Here comes Hillary!

God save the Queen!

daemon's picture

" What, should we have hereditary leaders? "

Good question. Unless the inhabitants of the republic are angels, can't you expect it to more or less rapidly turn into a democracy ? 

Isn't a republic a nice abstraction, impossible to implement in reality ?

Isn't this quote from Jefferson :

" The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. "

a way to express that fact ?


DollarMenu's picture

I don't think so.

Our Republic was supposed to guarantee individual rights regardless of what the mob voted for.

Over time, that guarantee was ammended and eroded to ineffectivity by inattentiveness by the inhabitants.


NidStyles's picture

You ignored his point, and then you didn't even address it while saying he was wrong.


A REPUBLIC IS AN ABSTRACTION. It's not real, it's based on an idea and it's implementation is based upon the abstraction of that idea from paper into reality. 

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ALL rulership is organized crime.

Always was, always will be. It survives ONLY by robbery - by taking money by force.

I want none of it at all.

daemon's picture

" Our Republic was supposed to guarantee individual rights regardless of what the mob voted for. "

Yes, through a paper titled The Constitution.


" Over time, that guarantee was ammended and eroded to ineffectivity by inattentiveness by the inhabitants. "

Probably not only "inattentiveness". Those who "ammended and eroded to ineffectivity" The Constitution didn't do so necessarily inattentively. But here you are precisely expressing that in the real world, we will always have to count on inattentiveness (and probably on some other ingredients), to inevitably walk from the world of ideas put on some piece of paper (republic) , into that of reality (democracy .....probably degenerating in some tyranny, in the end). 

And maybe, we are now, at some point in time where the tree of liberty will have to be refreshed with .......

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I think we have a very representative society. Our rotten government very accurately represents Americans. Our sloth, our greed, our violence, our desire for power and wealth at any cost...except hard work and accountability. Our leaders would like for us to believe that THEY can make us better. Make laws that civilize us, make us less racist, less sexist, less greedy and small. But somehow through their efforts to purify us they have taken on all of our sins and become the very essence of what they claim to desire to destroy. Unfortunately THEY are us and we demonstrate our worthiness of them everyday in places like Ferguson MO.

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Dollar Menu - It was inevitable it would end. A government is a tool. It was built with great intent but the design was 3D pyramid. That power would be concetrated in the exeuctive and led around the nose by banking inevitable. The government is just the second rung of the pyramid for the time being. with the citizenship themselves at the bottom. After this one goes down, build a 4D model instead, liberty will last longer.

"This suckers going down!" - GW Bush

El Vaquero's picture

In the long run, I really don't think it matters what model you build.  Some will be more resilient than others, but  I think that, no matter what, be it democracy, a republic, communism, anarchy etc... you will have people who want to be led, who want to be taken care of and who are just plain as fuck dumb and you will also have people who like to control others.  Put those two together and you'll eventually get a government that slides towards tyranny.  I think that TJ was onto something about the tree of liberty needing to be watered from time to time. 

Raging Debate's picture

El Vaquero - I am not saying I disagree that human nature will evenfually corrupt every system. I suggest a design that may be more resistent to corruption and last a bit longer. What kind of foundation you build a house on does matter doesn't it?

SuperRay's picture

What? Should we have hereditary leaders?

What should we have, hereditary leaders?

You didn't pass the grammar test.  You'll be deported tomorrow.

CH1's picture

Should we have hereditary leaders?

Leaders? Who needs leaders? Fuck 'em all.

LawsofPhysics's picture

We already do, unless I am to believe that natural leaders must be named Kennedy, Bush, Clinton, etc.

Fuck them all, feed the guillotines and pass the cake.

NidStyles's picture

If those are the "chosen ones" I have to question God's sobriety. Since I know God wouldn't pick those people I am safe. 


Since we are talking hereditary, the argument is based upon divine choice anyways. 

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Angel or Devil foodcake?  ;-)

easypoint's picture

Lotteries to fill what now pass for elected positions. Mandatory participation by every citizen with a high school diploma.

"The ordinary affairs of a nation offer little difficulty to a person of any experience, but the gift of office is a dreadful burden which oppresses him." ~ Thomas Jefferson

A burden. That is what public office should be. Two years service at whatever the average salary of the nation is and then back to the general population to live under the laws you have helped to enact. Accepting a bribe - treason with a mandatory life imprisonment.

Not a perfect system, but a vast improvement over the current state of affairs.


RafterManFMJ's picture

Life in prison of treason? Pussy. Firing squad, headshot, organs sold.

William F. Buckley Jr.

“I would rather be governed by the first 2000 people in the Manhattan phone book than the entire faculty of Harvard.”.

daemon's picture

" A burden. That is what public office should be. "

That's apparently how the taoist philosophers viewed it , too. For them, a good "leader" was someone who would not want spontaneously the position, but who would accept it as a burden .

Oh regional Indian's picture

The Queen and the Queer....birds of a feather..not much betwixt them, eh?

Horseless Headsman's picture


Always was. Human nature being what it is, I don't think we'll be able to invent a gov't that the worst of us can't find a way to subvert. The better the system, the longer it takes. But the outcome isn't in doubt.

Freddie's picture

A lot of fuxx voted for this twice.  The RINO-Neo-Con-Amnesty gang made sure Soros, Lester Crown and Sheldon Adelson got Obama or their plan B in McCain and Romney.

Ron Paul was nuke.  Rick Santorum was beating Romney but Adelson had money on Romney and his phony CFR stooge and fake conservative Newt.  They had to resort to vote fraud to save Romney in the Midwest.  Adelson did not like Santorum because he was "too Christian."

Malachi Constant's picture

Mob rule = ochlocracy. It's the promise of ochlocracy that gets politicians elected.

You were probably looking for the word kakistocracy.

putaipan's picture

nice tune, but credit is due where credit is due- max and stacy fer that one.

BraveSirRobin's picture

I went to DC the other day to see some sights. One place I visited was the National Archives. When I had gone before as a kid, I seem to remember the Constitution place high on the wall so everyone in the rotunda looked up at and could see it. Since then there has been a renovation, and now the Constitution is placed in what looks like a sarcophagus you slowly walk past and look down upon, like viewing the dead body at a wake. The entire experience was like walking into a mausoleum or a tomb. In addition, the document is fading and almost unreadable. . . all fitting symbolism for th ecurrent state of affairs.

WhackoWarner's picture



What democracy? We were a republic that turned into an Empire, a crony capitalist state where the banksters rule all.

I just fail to get it. OR DO YOU?

Let me parse your comment.

What democracy? ( Well I guess the one US instituted and allowed to fail over many, many decades. Maybe someone was "asleep at the wheel" or just plain lazy.?  Or is it the democracy you refer to that slaughtered cultures at will? Annihilated and purged people and then glorified Custer et al.?  Or perhaps it is the democracy that used other humans as livestock for centuries? Perhaps that is your democracy that you refer to?

Perhaps you are referring to some fantasy you created in your belief system?  Maybe you refer to the democracy tha disenfranchises voters and buys politicians?  The one where your legal system is bought and sold by bank accounts?  Perhaps this democracy you mourn is one that never existed.....because?......hold on>>>>YOU GUYS were asleep at the wheel.

You mourn a republic that turned into an empire?.  Look to the past.  You "folks" were complacent. Never got beyond lazy for all your priveledge. 

Who caused this?  ask yourself and then ask your parents....then ask your ancestors who were asleep at the wheel.

ramacers's picture

        very definitive.

putaipan's picture

'nice republic. if you can keep it' ..........ben.

'mericans will suffocate under their loss of freedoms' ......bin.

" i don't care who makes the laws" ...... 

paraphrasin', but you can google yourself.

A Nanny Moose's picture

"We were a republic"

Yet still we are in this predicament. The same predicament as all other repewbliks in the history of repewbliks; Devolution to Demockracy, then the adoption of the two forms Socialism (Fascism or Marxism). It all works, right up until they inevitably collapse under their own corrupt, centrally planned, unproductive wieght.

max2205's picture

And then there is Killery