Martin Armstrong Warns "We Are Witnessing The Collapse Of Democracy"

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Submitted by Martin Armstrong via Armstrong Economics blog,

Part of the war cycle is just the general feeling or attitude shifts due to economics. We seem to be headed for such a fateful turn.

The police domestically have turned militaristic.

This is a very serious issue far beyond what most people would even guess. It tends to show the changing attitudes within society.

Couple this with Obama who seems to think he was elected to start a war. We are approaching a serious turning point that may reshape the world as did 1932 following the economic trend of the Great Depression.

The year 1932 saw Mao come to power in China. In Germany, Hitler came to power. FDR came to power in the United States. Even in Japan, the seeds of war were planted with the May 15 Incident, in which Prime Minister Tsuyoshi Inukai was assassinated by young military officers in an attempted coup. The killing spread fear among Japan’s liberal politicians and strengthened the militarists, who eventually led the country into the catastrophic Pacific War.

1932, which was also the low in the markets from 1929. The year 2007 began the changing process and we should be looking ahead now [for] the war cycle will turn upward.

We are witnessing the collapse of democracy or to put it in the proper perspective – the right of the people to vote even in a republic. Europe is hell-bent on removing any democratic process because Brussels believes they know best and the people are just too stupid to know what is best for them.

So 2007 marked the beginning of shift in attitude.

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It's a Republic, why the fuck are people downvoting you?

Statetheist's picture

Most likely Drudgebots who do not know any better.

Statetheist's picture

Same thing happens whenever I denigrate religion.

kchrisc's picture

"Same thing happens whenever I denigrate religion."

So true.

Watch this: "Fundamentalist Christians are tools of Israel and the neo-cons."

Bring on the down votes and nastiness.

An American, not US subject.


Note: Nothing wrong with beliefs and faith, but organized imposition of those beliefs, religion, is a problem.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

@Statetheist: "Same thing happens whenever I denigrate religion."

You, I can relate.  I too would have more "friends" on ZH, if I didn't point out the shortcomings of the Judeo/Christian religions and the pathological and cosmic failures of the secular and clerical leadership of Christians themselves.

As I've said before:  "People CLAIM to 'want to have the truth', but that's not true.  95% of people want "the truth", only as long as it does not attack or shake their existing worldview."

If you wonder why that is, I think that the reason is rational, as it is simple:  It is not that they can't grasp these challenges at the intellectual level, but that they can't and won't accept them at the EMOTIONAL level.  For if they were to accept these challenges to their worldview/religion, then the implications and CONSEQUENCES are so profound (so much 'Invested'), that they are not ready to deal with the consequences at the emotional level.

p.s. Sometimes the devious side of me wonders, if I should experiment with "Singing the Praises God", and see how many more Up arrows I get, but Cognitive Dissonance and sheer self-respect stops me.  Peace.

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there is an attitude refered to as "praise in complaint". quick sufi example- adam is sweating his broken ass ofF in the fields, (this is post garden obviously) working on raising enough wheat to barely survive a winter, and with great pissed offedness shakes his raised fist at GOD ...... " so you can have a little realization of your divine state , i gotta do this?"

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Exactly. I don't want abunch of tv watching, football watching, beer guzzling, nightclub attending, textbook reading, flag waving, official-story-believeing retards making decisions for me. Not saying politicians are better, but holy dang.

Raging Debate's picture

THX 1178 - I agree. Here is a fun experiment, only takes a second. Take a piece of paper, draw a big pyramid with three sections. At the top put in the word 'concepts'. In the middle put in the word 'issues'. At the bottom put the word 'details'. When a nation forms it is for collective security which includes concepts like freedom and liberty. However, those at the top begin pushing wedge issues down. The people begin getting mired in them and finally focus on endless details. The population has lost the ability to think conceptually. Now they can be conquered by sociopaths thinking conceptually. Yuk, yuk, yuk.

Now you can add to the right of your pyramid a dash next to concepts and write 'adults'. Next to issues a dash and 'adolescents'. At bottom a dash next to details and write 'infants'. Is our national behavior of its populace adolescent and infantile?

Congradulations. You just drew a pyramid of thought. This is how mankind organizes his thoughts but we've been rapidly evolving to 4D for a few centuries anyways. Remember Bill Clinton yapping about trinagulating this or that? 3D models were so yesterday... yawn.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

We didn't keep it though.

The strange thing is that these tactics were utilized in Pittsburgh for the G20, the RNC in Tampa, Boston Scareathon, Occupy WallStreet, and a variety of other instances prior to Ferguson.  My question is why the public is waking up to the control grid around us now as opposed to then?  Some of us were screaming POLICE STATE, but were ridiculed then. 

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" My question is to why the public is waking up to the control grid around us now as opposed to then?"

Some wake up with the sun and others need an alarm clock.

An American, not US subject.


"My guillotine is awake."

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I met a special forces guy once who told me that I should not waste my time trying to wake the public for two reasons.  1. to live a long life  2.  all over the world, people lie to themselves and take no action untill they have nothing else to lose.    We have been in a depression for most of the last thirteen years and seen the evisceration of the middle class.  I have one thing positive to say about the deliberate dumbing down of america(charlotte iserbyt).  It has resulted in the degradation of the educational system even in the ivy leagues which gives hope that their clientelle will underestimate the gullibility of the masses and overestimate their own attributes.

seek's picture

The difference between Ferguson and all the others -- the police escalated the situation. All other others the police went Nazi out the door in response to protestors, here they escalated in a very might-makes-right, in-your-face way, and that really rubs people the wrong way.

I think another issue is in spite of all the posts here to the contrary, people that live in the area say that Ferguson really didn't have much in the way of race issues relative to other areas, and it's not ghetto like east St. Louis is, etc. Several people that live in the area have said it's very clearly a power thing (and a power trip) by the county cops, and that probably colored a lot of the response by the local community (which seem to be quick to point out that the looters weren't from the area.)

In any case, it's a good thing, this woke a lot of people up and the thuggish cops set their cause back a few years and probably will bring attention to other over-the-top abuses like those in ABQ.

Professorlocknload's picture

++ seek,

Militarized cops in Ferguson created the same conditions conducive to "Blowback," that the Federal military has created in countless nations around the world.


XitSam's picture

I've read that RNC Tampa was well handled by the police.  Search for yourself.

Raging Debate's picture

Dr. Richard Head - Because the frog is boiling now...

El Vaquero's picture

Speaking of the police state, wasn't it the Greeks that were throwing water balloons filled with paint on the police to make it so that they couldn't see out of their gas masks?  Either way, if it wasn't the Greeks, it is the concept that is important.  When we devolve to the point that the Greeks are, we should one-up them.  Water balloon launchers that can fling one 100 yards or so would be an idea.  Dozens of them that are easy to set up near any place where you expect the tear gas to appear.  But people should wait to launch the balloons not just until after gas has been popped, but when the cops with the gas masks are in the middle of the gas.  Imagine 50 or so balloons coming in every 5-10 seconds and what it would do to police cohesion.  Then, while they're choking on their own tear gas, you're free to do whatever you need to do.

rubiconsolutions's picture

<--- "We Are Witnessing The Fulfillment Of Democracy"

<--- "We Are Witnessing The Collapse Of Democracy"

Translational Lift's picture

<--- "We Are Witnessing The Fulfillment Of Democracy"

<--- "We Are Witnessing The Collapse Of Democracy"

One in the same......


TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Fuck democracy.

You'll get no argument on that from me. At the nation state level, the only thing democracy accomplishes is putting a society's worst sociopaths in charge of everything. We'd be better off staffing the government with people chosen at random and then swapping them out at random intervals.

Democracy only works at a very local level, where the elected have to live and work among those who vote. The shenanigans of politicians will be less frequent and less severe when they have to mingle with the electorate when dining at a restaurant, shopping for groceries, putting gas in their car, etc., especially when everyone knows who they are and where they live.

SAT 800's picture

Did he figure this out all by himself, or did he need help? Also; he's a little late. About fifty years.

suteibu's picture

The US was never a democracy.  Why to so-called intelligent people keep saying this?

Urban Redneck's picture

The world is much bigger than just the USSA, but "democratically elected representative governments worldwide" sounds like verbal diarrhea (and pure bullshit from a serf's perspective) outside of academia or a policy paper.

Dick Buttkiss's picture

Correct, it was a republic (accent on was), which protects the rights of the individual above all else, thereby prohibiting their violation by legislative of other means.

Democracy is just the tyranny of the majority, which is in fact a tool of the tiny minority that actually pulls the strings.

Or as Ben Franklin put it: "When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the Republic."

ebworthen's picture

Because "Constitutional Republic" can't get past the knee-jerk reactive Pavlovian circuits of the unwashed consumptive sound-bite masses.

Freddie's picture

You are ALL Liars!   This weepy union boy is Wisconsin in telling us the truth because "Democracy died tonight!"   It may have been the end of his gold plated union pension as he knows it.


Zoomorph's picture

Martin is definitely not intelligent, and ZeroHedge doesn't appear to be very smart either by publishing his articles. Half the other articles on here are just as bad. This place is a perfect example of nutty conspiracy theorists waving their hands and yelling hyperbolies about every insignificant event.

Zoomorph's picture

My bullshit dectector is always on high alert while browsing, but there are certainly positive things about this place as well (IMO).

putaipan's picture

i been meanin' to do this for francis saywer..... might as well be now=

and to you rollling bear chen bearin'.... adios.


(i ain't gonna do a zh robin williams her...but the ignant cracker factor around here lately sure is creepy....)

SmallerGovNow2's picture

You are and ignorant nebbish...

Freddie's picture

Isn't the plural version of Hyperbole - hyperbole. 

Urban Redneck's picture

It certainly isn't hyperbolies (in any language).

kchrisc's picture

"The US was never a democracy.  Why to so-called intelligent people keep saying this?"

Because the pols, crats and their complicit media keep saying it over, and over, and over...

An American, not US subject.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

What if you're already a Subject of The Crown?

IOW, if you're a dual Canadian/US or Australian/US citizen, where the British Crown already has you as their Subject?  Who gets Dibs?  The US or The Crown?  ;-)

kchrisc's picture

I am an American.

"Who gets Dibs?" The one that kills me on the battlefield.

An American, not US subject.

crazybob369's picture

Because there are very few truly intelligent people left. Our dumbed down educational system keeps drumming "democracy" into our heads from a very early age and most of us never figure out what democracy really is (2 wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner). A guy by the name of Adolph Hitler was a great fan of democracy, because he actually understood what he could do with it. I've posted this factoid before, but for the benefit of those who are unaware: Hitler was the democratically elected leader of Germany.

rubiconsolutions's picture

"The US was never a democracy.  Why to so-called intelligent people keep saying this?"

The problem is that some libertarians are calling it that including Rand Paul who should know better. I've even heard Ron utter that contemptible word.

Meat Hammer's picture

A little late to the dance, aren't you, Martin.  This has been going on for a bit.

Silky Johnson's picture

You'll have to excuse the man, he was busy getting pounded in the big house. Despite that he knows the law enforcement situation intimately if you know what I mean.

Ms. Erable's picture

Fuck you, Martin Armstrong - we're witnessing the collapse of centrally-planned fascism. Don't place this failure at the feet of the people that have been enslaved and victimized by it - you broke it, you own it, asshole.

Beard of Zeus's picture

"Militaristic police"

You can't raise a growing non-white thug underclass and still have a 1950s-style Mayberry police force.

It doesn't work that way.

Latina Lover's picture

Just hope, Beard of Zeus, that the Militaristic police don't turn on you when you refuse to give them your guns, your taxes, your home,  your sons for wars etc.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Whaddya mean "give"!?  I thought we Leased the land and homes from our Feudal Masters (The State) and paid them taxes accordingly. 

If you don't pay, you get booted of the property and another paying Serf gets to rent it.

"Own".  What a quaint 18th century, Colonial idea.  /s

brombones's picture

You don't remember the episode where Barney pistol whipped the black guy?

Sophist Economicus's picture

It is amazing how many 'arm-chair' analysts on this site don't get that simple point.       When the SHTF, it won't matter how many tanks, etc a police force has.   It will be over run.    i was involved in a 'war game' of this very issue over 15 years ago.      Those guys can only maintain a localized cordon.   In a true, run-amok situation, there would be a pullback and the innocent folks of the world had better be armed -- there won't be any quick fix to stopping an initial surge of violence until a first wave of massive bloodshed happens amongst the goons, 'civilans' and police/national guard.


Society has changed with too many folks with nothing to loose, no moral compass, mentally defective, and pent-up rage.    Barney Fife could only 'keep the peace' cause folks actually maintained it amongst themselves 

Dr. Richard Head's picture

True safety from outside danger by a police force is merely a perception of reality that can never truly be achieved.  As long as the slaves feel safe then the police can handle it.  It is when the slaves are afraid that they have nothing to lose the true perception of safety is shown for the lack thereof.