Martin Armstrong Warns "We Are Witnessing The Collapse Of Democracy"

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Submitted by Martin Armstrong via Armstrong Economics blog,

Part of the war cycle is just the general feeling or attitude shifts due to economics. We seem to be headed for such a fateful turn.

The police domestically have turned militaristic.

This is a very serious issue far beyond what most people would even guess. It tends to show the changing attitudes within society.

Couple this with Obama who seems to think he was elected to start a war. We are approaching a serious turning point that may reshape the world as did 1932 following the economic trend of the Great Depression.

The year 1932 saw Mao come to power in China. In Germany, Hitler came to power. FDR came to power in the United States. Even in Japan, the seeds of war were planted with the May 15 Incident, in which Prime Minister Tsuyoshi Inukai was assassinated by young military officers in an attempted coup. The killing spread fear among Japan’s liberal politicians and strengthened the militarists, who eventually led the country into the catastrophic Pacific War.

1932, which was also the low in the markets from 1929. The year 2007 began the changing process and we should be looking ahead now [for] the war cycle will turn upward.

We are witnessing the collapse of democracy or to put it in the proper perspective – the right of the people to vote even in a republic. Europe is hell-bent on removing any democratic process because Brussels believes they know best and the people are just too stupid to know what is best for them.

So 2007 marked the beginning of shift in attitude.

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"Barney Fife could only 'keep the peace' cause folks actually maintained it amongst themselves "    TRUE STATEMENT

"Society has changed"  FALSE STATEMENT

The powers that be deliberately eliminated peoples jobs by the tens of millions and CHANGED society by design -  jobs are stability - no job no stability

WTO / Glass Steagall / Derivatives Legislation / No sales tax on Internet at expense of Main Street Proprietors -  all designed to concentrate cash flow, wealth and power.

Concentration yields a CHANGED society

just today in NYT the systems used for peak power distribution were gamed -  just like Enron in California -  now legally by hedge funds making peak power bets

easily could have -  ONLY participated  - producers of power in coop in buying group so profits offset losses in PUD rate pricing approvals - consumers are arbitraged  with systems to carve out demand -  concentrate electric power at inflection point 

all these actions by politicians were designed to change society


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True.  This is what I toook from the Boston false flag BS and also to a lesser extent Sandy Hoax.

They can maintain a small area for 48 hours or so.  The overtime costs will kill it.  Also eventually people will turn on them including their neighbors.  They will have to make a choice early on.  Protect the family and homestead or the job.

The powers that be will use endless propaganda, false flags, biologicals, food-water-electricity cutoff and other basic services.

Hell - the Junta in Kiev and NWO is using phosphorus against Ukrainain citizens and shooting down airliners.

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22 green and no fucking reds! nope. people are good. they see this shit and when they all get a nanosecond of truth whispered in their ears and realize all at the same time the same fucking TRUTH....the little weazel baphomet worshipping tptb will be reduced to their new positions in life-the bowers that pee. no, they will not get their "pass for all eternal damnation and we were without sin" pass they are trying for....


(actually i don't know about that last part. above my paygrade.... but i'm thinkin' nope. suffering big time for a long time)


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Hope you're ready to garrison the motherfuckers at your place. Offer them your wife too they may take it easy on you. Spineless bitch.

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We collapsed democracy on some folks....

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Democracies always collapse when a citizenry is dumbed down, elites are in control, fiat currency is the medium of exchange and the law of the land is ignored (especially by those whom are elected to uphold it)

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We have been in that mode of decline since December 23, 1913.

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Dazzlingly mediocre blah as per usual, Mart. Why not tell us what your computer program predicts for the Dow next week?

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The Honorable Jon Corzine will lead us to a new Golden Age.

Corzine 2016!

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He's a cunt. Definitely electable

pods's picture

I would say either 1913 or 1871 was the downfall of the Republic.

As for democracy, who cares.  Always end up in a dictatorship anyways..

End a currency created out of thin air by the Fed removes all this shit too.

You can't buy all these toys if you are flat ass broke!


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What happens if Obama is assainated and Biden comes to power.  He can serve 2 terms as President !  Scary.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

No.  He'd be able to finish the remainder of Obama's term and then have to run for election against Hillary.

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America's democracy collapsed at the same time as the twin towers; for out of their ashes came DHS, The Patriot Act, unfunded wars, drone attacks, NSA out of control, TSA...

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Fun fact: the US was a plutocracy long before 9/11

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The police don't realize that they've been fattened up with military hardware and limited training for being lead to their slaughter in a civil war by the MIC. 

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they will be increasing forced to steal property to finance maintenance of the hardware...  in NM, if you are pulled over, they can take your cash and your gold...

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When they went from peace officer to law enforcement officers things changed rapidly. 

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Police State

Police State

Police State




Tune down a full step, 2 chords, turn it all the way up!!!!!!!!


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Then pawn your amp and buy MREs.. and an AR.

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JRobby - That reminded me or the robot from Lost in Space when it freaked out. "Warning, warning! Warning Will Robinson!"

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democracy came from Athens, there it's means that masters can freely dispose of slaves

so usa have money slaves and masters- all ok

Raymond K Hessel's picture

Is today Retard Day at ZH?

Doesn't anyone read anymore?

You got one guy who doesn't understand what happens to a VP when the Prez is no longer "there" and now some ass-hat thinks democracy is Greek for 'masters can freely dispose of slaves'?

Fuck!  No wonder this country sucks now. It's filled with retards.


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Democracy died...really died....with the Chuck Hagel voting machine.  He isnt SecDef because he's a brilliant military man.

 For the 2012 elections, ES&S (Chuck Hagels company) added wireless modem technology so officials could make secure reports via cell phones. This upgrade was designed to improve the transparency and accuracy of Oakland County's election night reporting. The wireless technology used by Oakland County was tested by a federally accredited Voting System Test Laboratory and subsequently tested and approved by the State of Michigan for pilot usage in the November 2012 presidential election.[10]  Wiki


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"Democracy" died when the international bankers captured control over the public "money" supply. We are watching the runaway consequences of that unfold at an exponentially accelerating rate.

Collective Insanity II

Eight minute Podcast.


That is a phrase I started using since April, 2014.

Collective insanities, surrounding Peak Everything Else, will manifest most significantly as Peak Insanity.

I attribute the basic mechanism driving Peak Insanity to be the ways that social successes were based on thousands of years of backing up deceits with destruction, through the history of warfare, then enforcing frauds, through the history of economics. Collective insanities are the longer term consequences of social success based upon the triumph of the biggest bullies' bullshit, due to the ways in which each short-term increment can develop on the basis of backing up lies with violence, so that those lies become the dominate social stories, which drive collective insanities towards PEAK INSANITIES.

Consider how the patterns of social successes based on enforced frauds works inside of the economic systems. The best organized gang of criminals, the international bankers, are the biggest gangsters, or the banksters, who were able to persistently apply the methods of organized crime to the political processes, such as bribery, intimidation, and assassination of those politicians who could otherwise not be bribed or intimidated, in order to establish systems of legalized lies backed by legalized violence. Private banks were allowed to make the public "money" supply out of nothing as debts, while that legalized counterfeiting was enforced by governments that demanded taxes be paid with that fiat money, which was deemed to be legal tender, despite the fact that such fiat money was inherently worthless. By those means, the entire political economy became based on enforced frauds, operated through fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems, which used "money" made out of nothing as debts to "pay" for everything. Meanwhile, the banksters and their buddies were also able to use their profits from frauds by reinvesting in more frauds. Those ruling classes were able to dominate the funding of the school systems, as well as take over control of the mass media, in order to apply the most scientific brainwashing that money could buy to the public, to teach and condition them to believe in bullshit, and to feel that they did not want to know any more radical truths.

In the real world, money was measurement backed by murder. That money system was the symbolic means to rob resources. However, for generation after generation, all of the ordinary people living inside of those systems gradually adapted to that on-going situation, because they could be more socially successful if they agreed with bullshit, while they would be less successful if they did not agree with bullshit. The systems of carrots and sticks rewarded people for agreeing with lies, while punished people who did not agree with lies. Everyone inside of that society became successful in proportion to how well they performed as professional liars and immaculate hypocrites. Therefore, the entire society was driven to become more insane, because everything was based on Huge Lies, backed with Lots of Violence, which constantly drove the vicious spirals of more of those, despite that enforcing frauds never makes those frauds stop being fundamentally false. The runaway social successes from enforced frauds suffers from the problem that no amount of Violence ever makes the Lies become true, no matter how much Violence is used, for how long, to back up those Lies. Those lies are able to dominate society, as systems of organized lies operating robberies, while the lies always become bigger, and require more violence to back those lies up, but that works less well over time, because of the constantly growing gaps between relatively objective reality versus the social systems based on triumphant systems of lies. Cognitive dissonance goes into hyper-drive, as the debt slavery systems generate numbers which become debt insanities, which are tending towards provoking death insanities.

Human history has selected for societies to be driven to become more and more psychotically insane, due to the sequence of the short-term triumphs of backing up lies with violence creating social systems based on the biggest bullies' bullshit, where everyone became proportionately successful on the basis of how well they could bullshit. Gradually, the established systems of enforced frauds were driven further and further away from any more objective sense of reality, based on more rational evidence, and logical arguments, because the actual social reality was based on backing up lies with violence, which had become enormous integrated systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence. Societies became based on runaway systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, so that the debt controls became based on the maximum possible frauds, while the death controls became based on the maximum possible deceits.

There hidden levels behind how and why the history of warfare became situations where success was based on deceits, and so spies were the most important soldiers, and the history of finance became enforced frauds, wherein mainstream economists became intellectual mercenaries, paid proportionately to how well they could spout bullshit that the biggest bullies, the banksters, would approve of. However, those levels of deeper truths are just as deliberately denied and ignored by the controlled opposition groups, which the biggest bullies allowed to develop, within the frame of reference of the same basic bullshit view of the world.

Human society is becoming more and more psychotically insane, while the only theoretical cures would be more radical truth. However, BOTH the established systems, AND their controlled opposition, dislike more radical truths, and continue to deliberately deny and ignore any rational evidence and logical arguments which would lead them to conclusions that they do not like. Looking at that social situation, for decades I have been speaking about the need for some "social psychiatry." However, for several years now I have gradually been forced to accept the apparently unavoidable conclusions that our globalized society is so totally dominated by collective insanities that there is practically nothing which can stop the final results being the psychotic breakdowns of those systems. All of the collective insanities are headed towards Peak Insanities, along with Peak Everything Else.

As the Podcast rant linked above stated, it appears that our collective insanities have been jumping up by quanta, like multiplying by orders of magnitude, and it is in that context, of observing the total amount of collective insanities apparently doubling and doubling, that several months ago I started to use the phrase Peak Insanity, to describe the probable future, where the level of collective insanities finally peaks, along with peak everything else. After that, all of the same range of possible doomsday scenarios apply to what happens after we reach Peak Insanity, like they do with whatever may happen after Peak Oil, and so on, and so forth ???

medium giraffe's picture

Peak insanity, that way MADness lies.

The smartphone is a fantastic example of our collective insanity.

The mobile phone network has created a sea of microwave radiation.  Emissions that interfere with our abiltiy to produce Melatonin, our greatest naturally produced anti-cancer compound.  These emissions also interfere with electorchemical DNA signalling, a mechanism we are only just starting to understand.  Artificial high powered electromagnetism affects the magnetite containing navigation cells that organisms (including ourselves!) use to navigate.

The devices themselves are subject to the whims of fashion and 'growth'.  We no longer keep a device that is servicable and adequate, rather, we discard the old device in lieu of a 'better' device a mere 12 or 24 months later.  This behaviour is driven by corporations whose only focus is on growing larger, creating more profit, selling more devices, with no end in sight.  There is no end, there is only MOAR.  It is as if we have created a perfect system for wasting the world's valuable resources as quickly as possible, whilst producing tons of toxic landfill just as quickly.  The 24 months of intervening ownership hardly seems relevent.

This example is applicable to most of our consumer goods in one way or another.


We are the victims of our own egos.  We fail to realise the truth - that we are not our childish egos that cause us fear and urge us to into acts of inhumanity.  We spend most of our life relying on the reptillian impulses of our incredible triune brain.  We have the facility to overcome animalistic responses, yet we fail to elevate ourselves above them. 

Because of this, we will fail the test before us.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yeah, I agree.  The smartphone "example is applicable to most of our consumer goods in one way or another."

samsara's picture

Fantastic stuff RM.  That should be a post by itself.

I think the conclusions on nearly every facet is that There is no Fixing.  There is only Colapse(fast/slow) for a level setting.

So Gird yourselves and your families as best you can.

Heres a map of the US with 300 mi circles from cities with 100 thousand or more.

Meat Hammer's picture

What's Armstrong talking about??!!  There are democracy bombs being dropped all over the place.  Iraq has been democratized like a mutha fucka!  

And now we're bringing good ol' American democracy to Ukraine!  


ebworthen's picture

"Love bomb, love bomber
It's a comin' on strong
I can't take it any longer
Come a rockin' through your door
Cruisin' the sky, let's fly
Blowin' all night and day
Open your bays, get ready, it's bombs away!"

If only we spent our energies on this kind of bombing versus killing each other.

Atomizer's picture

You need a bomb equipped unicorn flying in the rainbow backdrop. Don't forget the Kenyan manning the unicorn. 

DOGGONE's picture

The people are severely fooled by the Establishment:

MAYBE they are realizing reality?

smacker's picture

"So 2007 marked the beginning of shift in attitude."

It maybe that 2007 marked a serious upwards shift, but I would argue that the early stages of this change began in the early 90s. In the UK, Tony Blair's election in 1997 provided confirmation. He was a fascist in the Mussolini mould.

I'm on record back in 1994 saying:

"Fascism is on the rise in Europe. Only this time they won't be wearing military fatigues and goosestepping. It'll be Armani suits and dining at the best restaurants."

What I see happening now in the US, UK, EU exactly matches my earlier prediction.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

You just made a bingo!

Fascism.  It's a political system invented by a journalist who was named after Benito Jaurez, a communist.

Or, if you're a full fucking illiterate retard, you would say 'crony capitalism' because to call it fascism would require an education earned outside of Sesame Street.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Democracy or Republic?  Choose wisely.

smacker's picture

I would favour a strong Constitutional Republic with democratic government elected under its supervision.

morning's picture

We have that here in Portugal, but the Constitution itself is socialist. What then?

smacker's picture

Throw it out and write a new one?

Remember: a Constitution is owned by the people, not the ruling elites. Only the people shall decide its contents.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

Remember, regardless of what form of government you chose, a government will take a life of its own.  It doesn't belong to the people any more than it belongs to the ruling elites.

That's why you limit the fuck out of it.  

You treat it with the same kindness and mistrust you'd treat your own junkie brother.  You take care of it but you don't put up with its bullshit and lies because it would just take one hit of power to ruin years of sobriety.

That's government.  What it's not is anything refering in anyway to 'people shall decide its contents'

BTW, it's clearly Retard Day at ZH.  Enjoy the stupidity.

smacker's picture


A proper Constitution owned by the people should have a process in place for its supervision to ensure that no government can ignore it or override it. Penalties for doing that should be severe.

I realise that this does not happen in the United States but that does not mean the Constitution is wrong, only that its application has a flaw.

falconflight's picture

That flaw flows directly from the People, and their intellectual slough and moral apathy.  

Professorlocknload's picture

Yup, Raymond.

Powerful servant, but fearful master. And now that it creates it's own (dishonest) money, instead of needing to beg the people for subsistence, it's in charge.

Seasmoke's picture

I knew we were finished when I saw the sheep in Boston run outside chanting USA USA USA after basically Martial Law was imposed to find TWO people. That's when I knew. :(

Raymond K Hessel's picture

I felt the same way.

People just gave up the rights or cowed to the threat of force.