Ferguson Protesters Refuse To Leave As Midnight Curfew Passes; Police In Riot Gear Present: Live Feeds

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Update 2: It is after midnight in Ferguson and the curfew is now in effect for the next 5 hours. However, it appears that the curfew has already been broken. The ball is in the police's court:


Update: 3 minutes before midnight, it appears the curfew has had an effect on the local population:

And yet:

* * *

As reported earlier, the governor of Missouri announced earlier his afternoon that starting midnight, a curfew will be imposed on Ferguson until 5 am as part of the state of emergency unviled by the governor. The only problem is that with about an hour to go, the protesters have filled the streets and are refusing to disperse, even as police in riot gear is present and roadblocks have been setup.

The local police have cordoned off local storefronts as if expecting a repeat of last night's looting, which suggests that everyone now expects that the imposed curfew will be violated

Furthermore, and quite unexpectedly, none other than the founder of Twitter appears to be on the scene, livetweeting himself:

So will this be another violent night, this time with mass arrests, as the Ferguson population violates the governor's curfew, or will everyone manage to get along? Track the events in real time as they are about to unfold with these three live feeds.

Stream 1:

Stream 2:

Watch live streaming video from activistworldnewsnow at livestream.com

Stream 3:

Stream 4:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

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Cui Bono's picture

Central Time Zone we got an hour TD....

You know who could help end all this..... Turd,

Turd Ferguson.....

COSMOS's picture

That entire town is a den of criminals and thugs, who would stand up for a dead criminal otherwise.  A town full of bloods and crips.

They should put a permanent fence around the cesspit and call it Ferguson max security prison

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Is there a Taco Bell in Ferguson...all these people are going to need late night food.

CrazyCooter's picture

Looks like its almost time for a little wood shampoo! Or molasses!




Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

smashed windows are good for GDP. So is restocking inventory.

let them eat 7/11

wee-weed up's picture

No doubt Obozo's FBI and DOJ will make damn sure the local police "stand down" at midnight and do absolutely nothing whilst yet even more looting & lawlessness takes place.

Because anything else would be raciss, don't you know...

y3maxx's picture

...Just put out an "Ebola Virus is Airborne in Ferguson" announcement.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

I heard Eric Holder was involved in the decision NOT to release the surveillance footage + strong arm robbery 'accusations', from the get-go.

I wish there were a way to confirm things like this.  But I would not be surprised IN THE LEAST.

Elvis the Pelvis's picture

Maybe the shooting was justified.  Stranger things have happened.  I wonder if the powers-that-be will turn the officer into a sacrificial lamb.  Somebody has to be thrown to the mob.  Bitchez.

Bossman1967's picture

all set up i say. it's not real fair to say the whole town are criminals and I read a lot of blogs that think this is a joking matter. this is the future for our country if something is not done immediatly. the bail outs should have gone to the people and then told everyone able body and that's means if you can talk you can work or starve

william114085's picture

if his name is Turd, he is probably swimming in a porcelain pool.  

IridiumRebel's picture

Here is the problem, the looters have been looting the country via EBT and handouts so they now have to feed the addiction. I'm sure there are a majority of people who are protesting peacefully, but that thug 4% gon get dey shit. What's being lost is the fact that the police are out of control and are basically a domestic army to fuck "we the people" up. That's why everyday you here of abuse. Check out CopBlock. Stories all over. These are symptoms of the final stages of societal rot here in America.

Al Huxley's picture

Thank you for bringing attention back to the real issue here.

PT's picture

If Obozo had several sons ...

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IR: This morning the official word is that someone started shooting at a police car and a guy was also shot in the crowd, which caused the police to fire tear gas.  In the below video you can clearly see that the gunshots happened well after the tear gas was fired. (shots occur around 17 min in). The guy that was shot was a 30 year old white guy, and he was not helped by any police or EMTs in the area. Despite being in critical condition, he was taken to the hospital in a private car. 


Video title is Footage after  curfew in Ferguson on night of 8/16/14

Photo of guy who was shot being transported in a car: 


Shad_ow's picture

Those shots were fired after the tear gas.

kchrisc's picture

Good post and comment.

About this though, "Here is the problem, the looters have been looting the country via EBT and handouts so they now have to feed the addiction."

The problem is not the ones receiving or being given this lucre, but the ones that stole it in the first place to give to them. The “looters” are the criminals of government not the recipients of the loot.

If a habitual mugger is finally caught and it turns out that he has been giving his unsuspecting grandmother the loot, is the answer to punish the mugger or the grandma?

“Kill the recipient and they will make more. Kill the thief and the thieving stops.”

Additionally, without special privileges backed by the violence of government, and the entitlement indoctrination from government, would black people and communities be like they are today? I think not.

The government is the enemy, the enemy is the government.

An American, not US subject.

Kobe Beef's picture

Thank you kchrisc for pointing out the legal regime lining their pockets through the machinery of perpetual victimhood. However, in a sane society, the recipients of the loot would also be held responsible. Except...

Liberal Orthodoxy 101: Blacks are always victims. 

If you question the orthodoxy under any circumstances, you are a waycist, and subject to termination, exile, and/or SPLC/NAACP lawfare.

Thus, Big Mike is the victim of police brutality, despite assaulting an officer of the law. Do you see the inversion? Let us broaden our scope of inquiry..

Thus, Blacks are victims of "gun violence", despite being the overwhelming perpetrators of said gun violence. You must be disarmed in order to make them safe.

Thus, Blacks are victims of "bad schools", despite their poor conduct and educational habits being the overwhelming contributors to the bad school. Your child's school must be made unsafe in order to make their average test scores higher.

Thus, Blacks are victims of "housing projects", despite being the overwhelming perpetrators of violence, burglary, and vandalism that creates an unlivable environment. Your neighborhood must be made unlivable to ease the conditions they created in public housing.

Thus, Blacks are victims of "food deserts", despite being the overwhelming perpetrators of petty theft, armed robbery, and mob looting that lead to few viable businesses in their community. We haven't come up with a policy recommendation yet, but rest assured, infringement of your right to free association and expropriation of your taxes will be involved somehow. 

Shall I go on? Or can you see the inversion of perpetrator and victim yet? Do you see how the State Machinery is always employed to reduce the freedoms of civil society due to the actions of an uncivil minority?

Our current legal Multiculturalist regime only makes sense when viewed as an orthodox State Religion. If you disagree, or merely point out the obvious agency behind these social ills, and the cooperative effort of the State to thereby seize more power, you are a heretic, and shall be made to suffer.

Ordo ab Chao. One side provides the Chao, the other, the Ordo. It's a cooperative effort between the Kleptocracy above, and the Lootarchy below. A plague on both their houses.

25or6to4's picture

The problem with your mugger analogy is that grandma was unaware of the source of her grandsons philanthropy. If she had I suspect that she would have at least stopped taking the money and maybe even turned her grandson in to the authorities. The FSA knows damn well the source of their welfare programs and keeps voting for raises with every election cycle. Sorry, I'm not buying the innocent victim argument.

HardAssets's picture

Blacks have been used as political pawns since the end of the Civil War and Reconstruction. And it was really put into high gear with LBJs 'great society' programs in the 60s. (LBJ didn't give a damn about blacks.). Innocent victims ? No they're not innocent - and unfortunately people tend to take 'free' money when offered to them, especially when the bribe is accompanied by a good cover story.

So many of the self satisfied, fail to see the bribes they have accepted. How about public 'workers' - including 'teachers', postal workers, those in the military, etc ? (And retirees from those sectors). How about those working in defense related industries ? How about farmers getting government payments ? How about those in trades & businesses protected from competitors through getting favorable laws & regulations passed by politicians grateful for their campaign contributions and 'speaker fees' ?
There's a lot of hypocrites around - in all colors.

downwiththebanks's picture

USA looted EBT cards

USA looted by derivatives

capitallosses's picture

In Bastiat's tale, a man's son breaks a pane of glass, meaning the man will have to pay to replace it. The onlookers consider the situation and decide that the boy has actually done the community a service because his father will have to pay the glazier (window repair man) to replace the broken pane. The glazier will then presumably spend the extra money on something else, jump-starting the local economy.

PT's picture

Why do we have unemployed homeless people?  Can't they just get jobs making homes for each other???

Why do we have ten percent (or whatever the real figure is) unemployment???  Can't we all just work ten percent less hours and then everyone has a job?  Oh yeaaahh, but then we have to redistribute production amongst ten percent more people!  Deary, deary me.

Why can't the gummint pay people to build houses and give them to poor people?  (Assuming, of course, that the poor people don't trash said houses.  Whoops!  Fucked up that question already!)  "What are ya?  A goddamn COMMUNIST!!!!?????"
No, you gotta have "capitalism" you stupid lazy fuck!  "Rich" people borrow money, you see, and they build lots of empty houses and that creates jobs.  Then they rent out the houses, and get the houses revalued as being worth more money so they can borrow more money and build more houses.  No, the rent doesn't cover the mortgage or the profit. Rent is just there to make stupid factory slaves work harder because they deserve it.  Negatively geared tax breaks plus capital gains pays for the mortgage and profit.  And that is why the empty houses need to be kept off market until another rich person buys another overpriced house because those values have to keep going up because the house-builder is a capitalist risk-taker and deserves that profit you wussy limp-wristed son-of-a-bitch now stop being so lazy and go out and borrow shitloads of money that you don't know how to repay, I mean, take some risks, I mean, find someone you can dump all your losses onto, I mean, manage your risks - waddya think pension funds are for?  A whole bunch of retirees getting angry?  I don't think so!  Plus, if you manage it right, you should be long dead and gone before any retirees notice anything is amiss.

That whole "broken windows" thing really shits me.  It's supposed to be the beginning of the discussion, not the end of it.  It fails to mention all the other people in town who miss out on having a window because production was redirected to replacing the broken one.  Society doesn't need jobs, it needs production.  We can have as many jobs as we like in any number of ways - people work less hours per week (and why not if you're not getting as much as you used to ?), people digging by hand instead of using shovels, carry things by hand instead of using trucks etc - but none of that helps production.

And why do we need money?  Blah blah blah ... medium of exchange ... blah blah blah ... proof that you contributed to production and therefore are entitled to a proportionate amount of consumption.  So what does it really mean when you can't get a job because you have no money?  For example, the question I asked at the beginning - Why don't unemployed homeless people get employment building homes for each other????  Oh, because they have no money.  So they have to kick-start the whole thing by burning down the home of someone who can afford to rebuild!!!  Ooooooohhhh, I see.  Are we making progress?


sessinpo's picture

PT    For example, the question I asked at the beginning - Why don't unemployed homeless people get employment building homes for each other????


Perhaps they are unskilled. There can be many reasons. Let me put it to you this way. I've seen the make shift homes they build. Even if they were given proper materials/supplies, I wouldn't trust the ability of most of them to build a house. You try to pose a philosophical question but there are realistic answers to your question.

Headbanger's picture

The above posts are foolish at best because the real problem is HUMAN NATURE,  or just about any animal nature for that matter.

Because humans are funduhmentally lazy fucks who will do as little as necessary to survive and then blame the other guy for their shitty life who is busting his ass to live better than they are.

Another consideration is the well know "Skinner Box" experiment where pigeons are trained to associate some action with the reward of food.

Well that's what places like Ferguson have become; one big Skinner Box where the denizens have been conditioned to do nothing useful and obey few rules but to get EBT cards for the reward of all their needs.

But when the conditioned  lazy denizens start seeing they might actually need to conform to some rules for their reward, they become angry and riot.

So please stop all this bullshit about homeless people building homes for each other or any other idealistic crap like that to solve social problems because they've been so conditioned to think and act as a victim to get a reward.

Just like pigeons will if it works for a while.


Help Is Not Coming's picture

The above posts are foolish ast best because the real problem is the MONETARY SYSTEM. Yes. humans are fundamentally lazy or want to get the most result for the least work. Yet as long as there is an entity that is able to create money out of thin air and then spend it there is absolutely no point in actually working to produce something. Why actually work and create something when I can borrow money, "buy" the labor and productiion of someone else who is foolish enough to work and then resell it to someone else at a "profit"? Designing, producing, distributing and selling an actual product is hard work with sometimes low margins. It is much more "profitable" to simply borrow money into existance, buy the product (or even the whole company) and then sell that production on to suckers who actually have to work/produce for a living. You'd have to be an idiot to work or produce as long as there exists a Federal Reserve. Those workers are creating the money that I have borrowed through their labor.

All we will do is put band-aids on our economic wounds until we "End The Fed" and return to sound money.

mvsjcl's picture

The problem is surplus humans. The elites usually have a cure for that. Several cures, in fact. I wonder which is being prepared for the next culling.

Freddie's picture

Go to any Wal Mart with food in a middling neighborhood.  They line up 24x7 with packed parking lots with EBT cards for Obama voters and illegals.   Like locusts. 

All believing that ENDLESS free shit is their right. 

PT's picture

sessinpo:  The above rant was a knee-jerk reaction to the comment above re "broken windows", which I then broadened.  Perhaps this is the wrong thread for such a discussion but that is only a minor problem and certainly not a given.

I don't care in the slightest how many people out there don't want to work and are happy bludging off of everyone else.  What I do care about is the people who do work hard but cannot see a return on their input.  Hard workers are a dime a dozen - I've seen factories full of them.  Likewise, while some have learnt to enjoy or tolerate bludging, there are still plenty of unemployed people who would much rather be earning an income through useful production.  People dont suddenly become lazy just because they lose their job.  Most people know how to swap labour for money but few people know how to find or create customers.  Far fewer people know how to turn one dollar into two dollars.  And fewer people again understand the most important skill - how to turn zero dollars into one dollar.

I wish I could ignore my bullshit philosophy question, "Why don't the homeless unemployed build houses for each other" but to me it is very real.  Despite working hard and studying to improve my place in the world, the price of capital spent 15 years appreciating at a rate that left all my hard work in the dust.  Now this could be interpreted as bad luck or idiocy on my part, except that I am not the only one.  I worked my way up from the minimum wage to the average wage.  I wasn't a lone idiot.  What I "suffered" was also suffered by a significant portion of the population.

The answer to the "unemployed homeless building homes" question is "simple":  They don't have the skills, they don't have the resources and they have no idea how to acquire the skills or the resources.  If you want to take the question literally ( it was supposed to be a metaphor for the wider economy ), imagine a homeless, cashless, unemployed person who actually tries to take my advice.  The solution?  Go to the bank and BORROW a shit-ton of money.  Pay your own way through trade school.  Work for free in order to learn the necessary hands-on skills.  Put in a cheaper quote than other tradesmen - run at a loss until you build a reputation, the work comes to you and you can increase your prices to a level where you can repay your loan.  Well, that lets one unemployed person pull himself out of the ditch, and if the other unemployed people don't do the same then chances are that all he has done is put the tradie he undercut back into the ditch.  Errrr, the point of this paragraph is that most, good, conscientious people would never think to borrow money when they are broke.  They couldn't imagine a banker giving them a loan in the above circumstances.  Most good people are well aware that loans need to be repaid and can't imagine running at a loss for a few years.  In fact, anyone who thinks they can just keep borrowing more money with no concrete plan on how to repay it BY DEFINITION HAS AN ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY.  THEY ARE THE FREE SHIT ARMY, just a smarter version and more ambitious.  If they eventually get lucky and manage to make a few consistent interest payments then we call them entrepreneurs.

But if you don't have time for my bullshit philosophy questions, that is okay.  I'll leave you to keep up your good work.  If I was successful then I too would be doing things far too important to have time for such trivialities.  For the rest of us, I've thrown the question out there.  By the look of it, no-one else has anything to add either.

Are unemployed people useless?  Sure, some are.  But not all of them.  And I only care about the ones that actually want to work.  And there's plenty of them out there.

Flagit's picture



Vote up!

Vote down!


No auto-play. Thank God.

You should be hoarding +300 greens for that post.

ghengis86's picture

If those coloreds followed their instincts , they'd protect the Taco Bell as a refueling point and the fucking pigs should let them. Come 2am, they'd be rioting for Tums, Rolaids and Bismol if they could get off the shitter.


humble_man's picture

'coloreds?'  What, did you RETIRE in '86?  I've never heard that word spoken in my entire life. 

ChiangMai's picture

No shit — I'm wondering what else is about to crawl out from under a rock here on ZH.

I'm steeling myself for a KKK avatar.

humble_man's picture

If I need to choose, I'd rather live in Thailand over China OR Missouri.  I've been to all of them multiple times, and really... it's not that close. 

SilverIsKing's picture

Everything will remain calm unless the looters hit Dunkin Donuts. Don't ever try to get between a cop and his donuts.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

anyone who brings race or color into this discussion is forgetting that there is ultimately only one war: class war

racial issues are an illusion of demographics, remember that, & pull yer ignorant fukn heads in

ghengis86's picture

geez....you guys are too wound up!

It's the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People for fucks sake!!  Next, you'll be telling me that only black people can call each other niggers...


Post Script: The only person I ever heard use the term 'colored' was my gramps.  He was truly from another era in many respects.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

are all those who downvoted me telling me that the white poor of america are ethically superior and refrain from rioting/ looting when the oligarchy neglects their aspirations?

go read some history, willya


Kobe Beef's picture

Race is not an illusion. Go read some biology.

And how can a population fed, housed, educated, and medicated by other people's taxes be considered "neglected". I guess the oligarchy neglected to give them a flat screen and some hair weave too. So they had to riot to get some?

Spare us the cultural marxism and the eternal victimhood narrative. The "ignorant" insult is always telling.

disabledvet's picture

Yes I do like Dunkin...yet no, don't have a problem with the Mo.

These aren't just "black folks"...these are the "whole bag of nuts" called America...and I think they're sick and of being, well...sick and tried.

Looking across from you are guys armed to the death with enough equipment to take on the Islamic Horde...instead it's "take in the neighborhood."

The looting will stop...but the pause that is needed is not one for "reflection" (what the hell does that mean????) but for RECOVERY!

This violence is a direct result of "yuppiedom" run wild. Interesting theory of course...but it doesn't make any sense to Vox Popullii and it's definitely a bad way to win a war.

COSMOS's picture

Better to steel yourself agains the kids you support who do the crime sprees punk