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The Three Branches Of Government In One Cartoon

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The golf ball buck stops here.


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Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:17 | 5102855 Kirk2NCC1701
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Scotty:  Aye, aye, aye.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:22 | 5102867 Pure Evil
Pure Evil's picture


For truecrypt users, you may want to read this and follow the suggestions further down in the article.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:26 | 5102879 Seize Mars
Seize Mars's picture

Pure Evil

Thanks but I'm kind of in the dark here? What does it mean?

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:39 | 5102890 Pure Evil
Pure Evil's picture

Follow their advice:  (from the article in the link above)

  1. Do not under any circumstances download, install, or run the version 7.2 installers now offered on the sourceforge site. The new builds are still being analyzed and evaluated to determine their safety, and besides, they are known to be crippled, with the capability to perform new encryption disabled. Stay on version 7.1a or your earlier installed version.
  2. Continue to use your existing TrueCrypt processes and procedures normally, version 7.1a or earlier, until we all figure out what’s really going on here. There is no proof yet of any security flaw in the existing program. Do not start migrating to BitLocker or another solution just yet. That’s a whole mess of its own as I will get to in a future post.

My advice is to do nothing for now until more info is forthcoming.

Unless you've installed version 7.2 from the website, if so remove it.


As for the rest, I have no more idea what's going on anymore than anyone else does.

Spread this around as much as possible.

It's quite possible, Microevil offered them more money then even they could refuse to stop development, why else would a new webpage encourage everyone to migrate to Bitlocker which only Microsoft offers?

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:43 | 5102916 I am more equal...
I am more equal than others's picture



Treating the constitution like Larry, Moe and Curly. 

Whuupp! Whuupp! Whuupp!

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 01:18 | 5104151 wee-weed up
wee-weed up's picture

And guess what? If the spineless congresscritters won't do anything about his dictatorship - he's won! Heil Amerika!

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 17:41 | 5103035 seek
seek's picture

Honestly at this point I think the safest presumption is that truecrypt is compromised (given the developer's sign-off message) and that all closed source encryption is compromised as well.

It seems far more likely given how quickly truecrypt was shut down that it's not Microsoft at work here, but the government. If you're a handful of loosely associated and largely anonymous developers, it's going to be pretty easy for the government to order you to do something or get disappearred if you live in the US.

I'd advise to just go 100% open source and switch to the built-in AES256 (or alternates supported) in the linux kernel and anything that's too important just stays in a PC permanently rendered offline (remove network cards, disable speakers just in case the audio-based BIOS compromise rumors are true.)

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:17 | 5103133 BlindMonkey
BlindMonkey's picture

How is the best way to deal with the likely compromises in the randomization engines?  I am not a linux guru so I am not sure if that section of the code needs to be swapped or what to manage that.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:51 | 5103242 seek
seek's picture

Linux doesn't use just one source of entropy, it uses multiple sources and combines them, so compromised hardware engines actually don't compromise the entire RNG chain (and the decision to mix sources is fucking brilliant in retrospect, isn't it?) There are tools to increase the entropy of /dev/random if you wish to use them. While there's a study that suggests the PRNG of linux isn't robust enough, with the mixing and the fact that no exploits have emerged, and the fact that you can add your own sources into the entropy pool all point at linux (on PCs anyway, on things like cheap routers it's a different story) is pretty secure with respect to randomization.

An outright hack/capture of keys from RAM/keystrokes is a far, far more likely attack vector than someone taking advantage of a few altered bits of an entropy source and reversing disk encryption. I would be super wary of anyone that's suggesting replacing the kernel code with a single source of entropy -- since that could compromise things. If you dig into the internals you find a lot of debate on how to handle Intel's RDRAND instruction, but no debate over the concept of mixing to prevent any one source from compromising the whole mess.

Short answer: I'm pretty sure the architectural implementation of randomness in the linxu kernel pisses the NSA off to no end.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:22 | 5103148 logicalman
logicalman's picture

Closest thing to total security is the use of a 'one-time-pad'

Theoretically uncrackable.

It's a lot of work and only works between a small number (ideally 2)

Just FYI

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:59 | 5103264 seek
seek's picture

Yup! We usually get people that pop and here and try to convince us that all encryption is breakable and that the NSA can do it when you say that, though, even though we both know better.

I suspect they're either ill-informed, trolls, or work for the gov't to convince people to give up and do nothing to secure their info.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 19:50 | 5103376 MontgomeryScott
MontgomeryScott's picture

You're kind of silly.

Encryption is what it is, like guns are 'what they are'.

A gun without ammunition is a CLUB, and all the encryption in the universe won't matter if the internet goes down.

BOTH items must be in place (like ammunition and guns); or neither one matters.

Encryption is good. Guns are also good.

Guns need ammunition that functions.

Encryption requires an INTERNET that functions.

A DDOS attack on a nation that shuts off the internet makes all the ENCRYPTION in the UNIVERSE mean absolutely NOTHING for those who are affected.

It helps, though, when the source-coder is strong-armed in to allowing a 'backdoor' (under threat of being subjected to a DDOS attack).


Those who rely on secrecy and subterfuge are trying to use the same weapons that are used by their enemies. You can't ultimately hope to put out a fire by using fire; or save a drowning man by pouring water on him.

The VERY NEED for 'private encryption' belies the fact that the enemy OWNS the entire network; and can shut it OFF at a whim.

Can you understand the point here, laddie?

I suspect they're either ill-informed, trolls, or work for the gov't to convince people to give up and do nothing to secure their info.

Um, NO, I'm not (but thanks for playing).



Sat, 08/16/2014 - 20:18 | 5103428 seek
seek's picture

Wrong. Very very very wrong.

Privacy of documents has absolutely nothing to do with a functioning internet, nor is network access necessary for encryption to function. At all. Indeed, if the information is that sensitive, it shouldn't ever even be on a networked computer, encrypted or not. Thanks for enlightening me that my secure PC with no network access can't encrypt anything without the internet. /sarc

In my circumstances, the main purpose of encryption is to secure information on hard drives that might be physically seized. The internet is completely irrelevant to this purpose.

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 07:43 | 5104560 Renegade Though...
Renegade Thought Crimes's picture

All good points that you've made.


Throw a Faraday room into the mix for the uber paranoid. 

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 16:50 | 5106008 logicalman
logicalman's picture

My dad worked on Enigma, so I found myself interested in such matters quite a while before the internet was around.

All top secret untill mid '80s (some of it still is)

Spent a few fascinating hours discussing the aforementioned pads with a collegue of his who's job during WW2 was training agents how to use them properly.



Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:32 | 5103176 Tegrat
Tegrat's picture

I have been using lvm and luks dmccrypt since before truecrypt was a gleam in NSA's eye. I have several large img files encrypted using this open encryption method.


# Author
#    tegrat
# $Id: lukcreate 338 2013-06-04 18:53:40Z tegrat $
. ~knoppix/scripts/functions $@
set -x
[ "X$1" = "X-f" ] && force=1 && shift
[ $# -eq 2 ] && [ -z "$dev" ] && exec echo "dp env var not defined - specify thi
s as the first arg"
[ $# -eq 3 ] && dev=$1 && shift
[ $# -ne 2 ] && exec echo -e "Usage:\n\t$0 [basedev] relimg sizeGB\n\teg: $0 sdb
1 Data/Tor 13 # create 13GB enc /dev/mapper/Tor from /media/sdb1/Data/Tor.img"
pn=$(echo $img | sed s/\.img//)
bas=$(basename $img .img)
# To be safe shut down luk devices
do sudo fgrep "$mod" /etc/modules || sudo echo $mod >> /etc/modules
#for mod in dm-crypt dm-mod sha256 aes
#do sudo modprobe "$mod"
[ -f "$img" -a "$force" -lt 1 ] && exec echo "$img already exists"
sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=$img seek=$((1000 * $GBs))M bs=1 count=1
sudo losetup -a | perl -ne 'print "$1\n" if m@(^[^:]+):.*'$img'\b@' |
while read loop; do sudo losetup -d $loop; done
loop=$(sudo losetup -f) && sudo losetup $loop $img
losetup -a
[ -d "$mnt" ] || sudo mkdir -p "$mnt"
sudo cryptsetup -c aes-cbc-essiv:sha256 -s 256 -y luksFormat $loop ||
    exec echo "Cant format encrypted data $img"
#sudo cryptsetup --debug -c aes-xts-plain -s 256 -y luksFormat $loop ||
#sudo cryptsetup luksClose $loop
sudo cryptsetup luksOpen $loop $bas
sudo mkfs -t ext4 "$enc"
sudo mount $enc $mnt || exec echo "Cant mount unencrypted volume"
sudo chown knoppix $mnt/*

---cut here---

# Author
#    tegrat
# $Id: lukdn 313 2013-03-30 02:05:32Z tegrat $
. functions $@

# Drop enc mnts
echo "Unmount decrypted mounts"
for mnt in $(mount | perl -ne 'print "$1\n" if m@/dev/mapper/(\S+)@;')
do sudo umount /media/$mnt
# Close encryption
echo "Closing luks devices"
for enc in $(ls -1 /dev/mapper/*)
do [ -b $enc ] && sudo cryptsetup luksClose $enc
# Drop loop devices
echo "Dropping loop mappings to luks images"
for loop in $(sudo losetup -a | awk -F: '{print $1}')
do sudo losetup -d "$loop"
--- cut here ----

# Author
#    tegrat
# $Id: lukup 341 2013-06-28 19:19:33Z tegrat $
. ~/scripts/functions $@
trap "set +x" EXIT HUP INT ABRT TERM
export dev nam img bas mnt dec
function cont() {
  echo $@
export nam=$2
export ext=""
set -x
for par in ${1:-"$dp"} sdb1 sdc1
do echo "Trying $par"
   [ "$par" = "$dp" ] || ext=".$par"
   [ -b "$dev" ] && ismnt $dev || sudo mount "$dev" || cont "unable to mount $de
   basnam=$(basename $fn)
   [ -d "$mnt" ] || sudo mkdir -p "$mnt" || abort unable to create  mount point $mnt for $dec
   # cryptsetup handles loop device logic so commenting that out
   hasloop $img && unloop $img
   loop=$(sudo losetup -a  | perl -ne '$par=$1 if m@(^[^:]+).*/'$par'/.*/?'$basdir'.img@; END { print "$par" || `sudo losetup -f` }')
   hasloop $img || hasloop $loop || sudo losetup $loop $img || abort "Cant associate $loop with $img"
   [ -b "$dec" ] || sudo cryptsetup luksOpen $loop $basnam  || abort "Cant open encrypted data $img"
   ismnt "$mnt" && echo "lukup: $mnt is already mounted" && exit 0
   sudo mount $dec $mnt && exit 0
   echo "Cant mount decrypted volume $par from $img on $par, enter a different device base, (eg, sdb1), [n]ext to try the next device or <Return> to exit"; read ans
   expr "$ans" : "[Nn]" || exit 1


Sat, 08/16/2014 - 22:17 | 5103672 alfred b.
alfred b.'s picture


     heh, ....i used to have a Comodore too!


Sun, 08/17/2014 - 04:10 | 5104396 shouldvekilledthem
shouldvekilledthem's picture

Bitlocker? Who the fuck would still trust Microsoft after Snowden?

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 16:51 | 5106014 logicalman
logicalman's picture

Who'd have trusted Microsoft before Snowden?


Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:47 | 5102924 Uncle Remus
Uncle Remus's picture

PE, I followed this when it first took place and it smells fishy to me. Interestingly enough, I think I have the last version from the old site. but not installed.

Once ofthe tech sites, I don;t recall which one, used a years old "inferred" recommendation from Bruce Scheiner  (bu virtue of that being what he used) for a commerciaol product now owned by Symantec I beleive. Right.

No, I think they got taken down mostly as a warning to the OS community - don't make/distribute encrytption we can't break or doesn't have a backdoor into. That and cast doubt on the existing product.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:57 | 5102942 ugmug
ugmug's picture

Obama is Shepherding the whole world to our money while riding a golf cart...Golf Cart One.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 17:20 | 5102985 knukles
knukles's picture

Ain't he back in DC now? 
He brought the cart and bag so it's a ro-ro (roll on roll off)?
Expeditionary golf...

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:00 | 5103084 NeoLuddite
NeoLuddite's picture

Obama is a wolf in shepherd's clothing - much more dangerous than a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 21:25 | 5103566 Urban Roman
Urban Roman's picture

More like a dweeb in shepherd's clothing. To distract you while the real weasels raid the chicken house. Just to mix animal metaphors.

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 11:26 | 5104939 messymerry
messymerry's picture

Yup, $125,000,000 for Golf Cart One.  They call it the wee beast.  Leaves giant ruts in the grass...

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:03 | 5103094 Urban Redneck
Urban Redneck's picture

Who knows? But I have cross platform, cross site and physical portability needs, so I don't really have any other options for the foreseeable future, but I've got v7.1 for linux (full/console/64/32), pc, mac, and maemo/arm if you need a copy.

I used to use PGP before they were absorbed by Symantec and promptly turned into an ever bigger pile of shit. Given the NSA's tendencies, you would have to pay me (substantially) to use PGP or whatever they're they're calling it now.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 17:20 | 5102972 knukles
knukles's picture

@Pure Evil

Many thanks for once again adding to the litany of "unsecured secure" Ethernet tools.
So once in a while something comes to the fore wherein a tool is proven not to be secure.
Just imagine how many tools are not secure with the user base secure in the knowledge of the security of the security product which is anything but secure.

To wit: TOR (amongst others openly know to be about as secure as my mom's old rusty colander)

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 17:26 | 5102997 Roll Tide
Roll Tide's picture

I know many of you are wondering how our vacation is going.  Well, we are having a wonderful time here at the Vineyard.  Barack seems so relaxed and has spent a lot of quality time with us riding bikes and eating lobster.  Wish you were here.  Signed, Michelle O.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:51 | 5103241 Raymond K Hessel
Raymond K Hessel's picture

and smoking a shit load of cigarettes a habit we don't recommend people adopting, of course.

You know the drill, do as we tell you, not as we do since we can do.


The Fuck.




Hugs and kisses,

Barry H.O.B.L. 

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 17:50 | 5102998 TeamDepends
TeamDepends's picture

We used to dick around with TOR years ago but then said why bother? Come on people, NSA/PRISM knows exactly where you are, the last time you crapped yourself, whether or not you are a nail biter, and the exact moment in time you lost your virginity.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:25 | 5103161 logicalman
logicalman's picture

I lost my virginity a long time ago, a long way from any tech available at the time.

I think that may be the one thing the NSA doesn't know about me.

Nice to (hopefully) have one thing the fuckers don't know!


Sun, 08/17/2014 - 11:24 | 5104930 messymerry
messymerry's picture

Tails bitchez...


Sat, 08/16/2014 - 17:26 | 5102999 McCormick No. 9
McCormick No. 9's picture

Very cryptic indeed. But I have bigger concerns. I just broke down in the middle of haying. I need a decent 12' cutter head for a New Holland 1100 self propelled swather. Damn!

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:37 | 5103191 MontgomeryScott
MontgomeryScott's picture

@ Kirk:

Aye, captain.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:18 | 5102859 besnook
besnook's picture

predicated by the shrub proclamation that a dictatorship was a much easier form of .gov for .gov.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:43 | 5102914 Pure Evil
Pure Evil's picture

Actually, it was predicated by his father who announced a new world order back in........what was it?


But, why is it the NWO only brings more of what they claim they want to end.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 17:22 | 5102990 knukles
knukles's picture

sleight of life force

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:27 | 5103164 logicalman
logicalman's picture

If they were honest, even Joe Asleep Public would fight back.

Hence MSM.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 23:49 | 5103930 TheReplacement
TheReplacement's picture

Is that not what vampires do?

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:21 | 5102863 what's that smell
what&#039;s that smell's picture

president and wall street shill barrak obama explains western corporate capitalism....

"mine, mine, mine."

my version is ten thousand and one times funnier than the cartoon's friedmanical randroidian austrian idiocracy.


Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:23 | 5102874 Seize Mars
Seize Mars's picture


austrian idiocracy

Uh...fuck you?

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:45 | 5102918 Pure Evil
Pure Evil's picture

Yep, nothing like New National Socialism.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 17:15 | 5102975 knukles
knukles's picture

But we all get a fair share.
Depending upon the meaning of fair's fair and getting all sortsa shit we don't want thrown in as the majority of stuff in the unintended consequence bonus round.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:54 | 5103243 Raymond K Hessel
Raymond K Hessel's picture




What's That Smell,

Your mother's twat.


Fixed it.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 23:53 | 5103938 TheReplacement
TheReplacement's picture

You have to properly reward the people who gather everyone else's wealth for redistribution.

You have to properly reward the people who store everyone else's wealth before redistribution.

You have to properly reward the people who redistribute everyone else's wealth.

You have to properly reward the people read teleprompters and make useless prolomations about wealth redistribution.

There is a lot of work going into making sure you don't make too much or too little.  Those people have to be taken care of or the whole system breaks down and we all end up getting what we deserve, not accounting for pure luck.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:23 | 5102868 Motorhead
Motorhead's picture

Fuckin' A, man, no shit!

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:29 | 5102873 highly debtful
highly debtful's picture

Well, everybody is always whining about too much red tape and government overhead. Maybe this guy is on to something: after all, in the end he'll be the only one on the government payroll.

Him, the president, and a police force armed to the teeth to back him up.


Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:47 | 5102923 Pure Evil
Pure Evil's picture

Well, just remember. Mercenaries have to be paid.

When the dollar dies, they'll want to be paid in gold, or they'll be giving out lead to their paymasters.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:28 | 5102880 Savvy
Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:30 | 5103173 logicalman
logicalman's picture

I have doubts about this one.

Looks too much like 'creative' editing.

He may think that, but I doubt his controllers would let him say something so blatantly.

The fuckers are way more subtle than that.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 19:24 | 5103311 MontgomeryScott
MontgomeryScott's picture

Well, it IS strange.

I linked, and I see 498.000 views, but after 3 minutes, the 'comments' are still trying to load. I refreshed the page (just in case the internet link was broken), and the same thing is happening.

One of the rules (the RULES) is that they always MUST telegraph their punches. In this way, when they enslave you, they can point out that they TOLD YOU and you did NOTHING to stop it (thus transferring the guilt on to YOUR shoulders for your own enslavement and ultimate demise at their hands).

It also helps them when they are accused; and stand before their Judge; to be able to point out that they WARNED everyone.

Middle English sotil, subtile, from Anglo-French, from Latin subtilis, literally, finely textured, from sub- + tela cloth on a loom; akin to Latin texere to weave — more at 'technical':

First Known Use: 14th century

Greek technikos of art, skillful, from techn? art, craft, skill; akin to Greek tekt?n builder, carpenter, Latin texere to weave, Sanskrit taks?ati he fashions

First Known Use: 1617
Subtlety has little to do with the blatant admission of one's stated goals and the achievement of such. It's PRIDE that allows this statement. It's been 15 minutes on the Youtube link, and the comments are STILL awaiting download. Gee fucking WHIZ. Must be some GOOD onese over there! The first rule when expressing 'opinion' is to understand the words that you are using. If words are used INCORRECTLY or with ERROR, the opening statement will NOT be backed (and will actually be ridiculed). HELL, I HAVE DOUBTS about the totality of Newtonian physics, but I'm not going to jump off a bridge to try to disprove them! I would rather test the ideas than blindly discard them. NOW, if I could find a reference to the speech in it's entirety, and watch it in context... EDIT: I finally got the comments opened, and found the speech in its' entirety. It was an EU speech in Brussels, on or about March 26 2014. He's cowtowing as usual... You can watch it if you wish (I can't stand listening to this motherfucker, though). He's a fucking Socialist 'useful idiot'.
Sat, 08/16/2014 - 22:23 | 5103688 Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill's picture

Kowtowing. Look it up.

Or do you have a thing for heffers,or even bulls ?

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:28 | 5102881 ncdirtdigger
ncdirtdigger's picture

He shouldn't oughta do that, he's just a boy, mmmmm hmmmm.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:33 | 5102892 _ConanTheLibert...
_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

Mirror, mirror on the wall 
Tell me, mirror, what is wrong? 
Can it be my De La clothes 
Or is it just my De La song? 
What I do ain't make-beleive 
People say I sit and try 
But whan it comes to being De La 
It's just me myself and I 

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:49 | 5102927 TeethVillage88s
TeethVillage88s's picture

Consider some other things

President of the US (Current or the Next in Line) as holding the Branches of

A) Federal Bank Branch & Fiscal Banks
B) Surveillance Branch, Personal Data, Telecommunications, Internet
C) Market Exchanges Branch, Gold & Silver & Commodity Fixing, Interest Rate Fixing, Boosting of Equities Markets
D) Defense Branch, War, Commander in Chief, Defender of US Corporations & Trade Routes, US Morals & Ethics, Fascism
E) Executive Branch
F) Legislative Branch
G) Corporate Empire Building Branch that subsidizes and Empowers Corporate Winners
H) Labor Force Branch, Cost of Labor Skills, Utilization of Labor, and Taxes & Cost of Living imposed on Labor
I) Justice Branch, Empowering the Wealthy to control the Courts and put minor violators in Prison to work for low wages and pay high rents for the rest of their lives.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 19:12 | 5103293 ajax
ajax's picture



Sounds like POTUS is underpaid ...

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:59 | 5102944 t_swiper
t_swiper's picture

The man thinks his god.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 17:29 | 5102983 TeamDepends
TeamDepends's picture Allah, when actually it is Satan.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 17:48 | 5103057 Skateboarder
Skateboarder's picture

The vegans worship Seitan, Prince of Gluteny.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:48 | 5103232 MontgomeryScott
MontgomeryScott's picture



Sun, 08/17/2014 - 11:17 | 5104911 messymerry
messymerry's picture

Gimme a second helping pleeze!!!

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 17:11 | 5102965 VWAndy
VWAndy's picture

The only reason he can handle a pencil is its shapped like his dick.

 If they let him play with fire he would win a Darwin.         Just tryin to pick up the slack. RIP RW

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 17:12 | 5102966 SickDollar
SickDollar's picture

You forgot the most important thing in the cartoon, The strings holding the Muppet up

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 17:17 | 5102980 knukles
knukles's picture

I remain in awe at the number of peasants still believing that he is the One Answer to All our Problems... just the Tea Party stopping him, etc.....

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 17:22 | 5102992 Skateboarder
Skateboarder's picture

Funny thing is, he's gonna surpass Tiger on # of golf outings soon. Sad thing is, I will lay that fact on anyone who excuses Obie to be "okay," and it won't matter to them one bit.

Some people, only cold hard reality can change.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:46 | 5103226 shovelhead
shovelhead's picture

The new battlecry is:

"Dont't trust anyone with blue hair."

"The Tea Party wants to steal your right to taxes."


I'd write more if I wasn't so busy denying minorities and undocumented citizens access.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 17:39 | 5103027 barre-de-rire
barre-de-rire's picture

hilary, for the win, i mean, for the nuke.


anyway th's gonna be a strike

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:01 | 5103087 kchrisc
kchrisc's picture

The Three Branches: Me, My Friends and Family, and AR.

An American, not US subject.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:02 | 5103089 arrowrod
arrowrod's picture

This is confusing.  Am I supposed to *********   (weakly encrypted).

What kind of encryption results in all asterisks?  (Maybe not so weak after all.)


Or, write my own  *********   (weak mind).


Told you I was confused.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:05 | 5103100 world_debt_slave
world_debt_slave's picture


Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:09 | 5103109 jballz
jballz's picture

Yeah right.

Who owns this bitch.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:12 | 5103121 worbsid
Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:36 | 5103187 Burticus
Burticus's picture

Our framers intended for checks & balances between the branches of government to be similar to "checks" in hockey.

Our framers also believed the concept of federalism, the balance of power between the general government and the STATES who formed it, to be even more important in restraining federal tyranny.

Of course, after Lincoln's war against Southern independence, the 16th & 17th amendments and the (not really) Federal (with no) Reserve Act in 1913, the states became mere subdivisions of a massive consolidated general government, the United (against The People) State_.  Since the United elephant/jackass party rules at all levels, there is little hope of restoring federalism or any checks & balances.

It's obvious now that The federal gubmint cannot be reformed and that SECESSION is the only political solution available.  The District of Corruption should be left with only its debt.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 19:04 | 5103272 shovelhead
shovelhead's picture

Good idea.

I'll declare my property as the Free Republic of Fucyallistan.

I have an H1-B visa application for lawn mowing and general garden work and a happy ending masseuse available for a limited time

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 21:33 | 5103577 Oldwood
Oldwood's picture

With the way things are going in Texas, we may well be out of the union sooner than I thought. It will be interesting to see what kind of blow back occurs because of this indictment. Perry doesn't seem the type to go quietly. There is a lot of dirt out there and the powerful keep it as chips for their defense. This could get loud and ugly.

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 12:06 | 5105056 oudinot
oudinot's picture

You forgot to mention, again I believe in 1913, the States legislators no longer appointed the Federal senators, but were now to be voted in by the public.


Sat, 08/16/2014 - 18:55 | 5103250 Peter Pan
Peter Pan's picture

"me, myself and I."

Sounds like multiple personality disorder to me.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 19:16 | 5103303 ajax
ajax's picture



It's the "third person singular syndrome"... happens more than anyone would like to admit.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 22:35 | 5103714 U4 eee aaa
U4 eee aaa's picture

That would require a personality

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 20:28 | 5103453 Who was that ma...
Who was that masked man's picture

Don't much matter how many branches there are if the tree is rotten inside.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 21:24 | 5103565 Oldwood
Oldwood's picture

But Obama claims he has no power and that all of these government failures that he has presided over are not his fault, he simply lacked the power to prevent them. If he only had more power....just think of the good he could do.

He's innocent, honest to god. He has always been against the establishment, right?

If you need anything he can be reached on the golf course, just leave your name and number and he will get right back with you.

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 22:34 | 5103710 U4 eee aaa
U4 eee aaa's picture

I always understood that the three branches that ran the government were this

The banking industry
The pharmaceutical industry
The energy industry

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 22:56 | 5103793 Barack Obama
Barack Obama's picture

F O U R !

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 00:43 | 5104082 Jabotinsky_USA
Jabotinsky_USA's picture

Excellent summary of the administration!

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 02:03 | 5104244 kumquatsunite
kumquatsunite's picture

No. NO. NO. What Oboma counts on is the length of time it takes to counteract anything he does; the old, "I'll do it and get yelled at but it's done." As in can you count exactly how many new states would be created if ILLEGALS are nationalize? Those people are the equivalent of creating COMPLETELY new states, with voting rights, and that's the goal and purpose. 

It is hardly racist to say that white peoples done been colonized; good luck, yer gonna need it. 

But imagine this: my first neuron ticker has always been that Oboma wasn't actually supposed to be president for another fifteen or so years. By then, we woulda been so far into the govt in complete control that communism would have been what we were, no matter what we said we were.

As is, funny bouts them true Americans, they see it and they are fighting back. There may be hope, there may not. We a long way down the path. Wore a "conservative" (conservative idiology in logo) ball cap to walmuch the other day. The peoples in the store were woken from there food stamp stupor as I walked by. Ya could here the rustle of the aminals as they had a glimpse of their freebies taken froms them. Won't do that again:))

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 08:22 | 5104606 Last of the Mid...
Last of the Middle Class's picture

Plays golf while the world burns. What a complete waste of human flesh.

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 09:38 | 5104705 d edwards
d edwards's picture

The summer of 0baMao's dis-connect;


The summer of our discontent.

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