Korean Kombat Caption Contest

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Is it live, or is it Memorex?

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"Wait! Wait! Aw, phuck....

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How cool is that white land line.

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Why haven't they taken the fancy picture sticky screen shipping protection thungamajigiies off the terminals?

Handyman's picture

Wasn't that a Pink Floyd album cover?

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We mus be combat ready to deal with any Evil Empire strike.

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Dough-Boy's Long-Dong just ejaculated!

The region is now safe for awhile again until he gets rearry, rearry, ronnery again.

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And with this Sole (Sic) missile, I declare...........

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Me so hawny.  Me ruv you rong time.  Bitchez.

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In North Korea, video games fire real missiles....and you play video games outside in broad daylight

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If onwee,  we had biggah hats!

See Wild Bill below.  Great minds;)

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Now where's my Particle Uplink Cannon?

ref Command and Conquer Generals

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Who in the hell uses a white corded phone to fire their rockets?! Everyone knows it has to be red. If you don't have a red corded phone you are in fact allowed to use a black or very dark grey corded phone as long as you have a matching black (or very dark grey) swivel arm chair and glass-top table.

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You forgot the white, long-haired cat!

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Lman,, thanks for morning laugh!

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And a monocle. They always need a monocle.

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Support non-TBTF US businesses and show crackpot dictators the world over how it's done...


or with a normal keypad


Under $50 and a hell of a lot more durable than anything from AT&T, Panasonic et al.

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Am I mistaken or is that a 33 MHz x86 under the desk?


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I thought at first that those binoculars was a playstation controller! :>D

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They're actually playing golf.....But first they have to make the hole.....Obama is very envious...

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"How cool is that white land line."

WHITE phone?  How Supremacist of him!  Looks like an old NORTEL phone.  When Nortel was a "Somebody". 

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Oddjob reshapes his hat..

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Quote stuff this, bitch!

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The angle is off again! Pay attention to my finger! How many screens do we need!?

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Drone/On-location Multitaskforce

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"That camera man is blocking my view: SHOOT HIM!"

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Shittt; another fat finger!!!

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Those guys were in hog heaven, man. They had a weapons catalog, "What's G-12 do, Tommy?" "Says here it destroys everything but the fillings in their teeth, helps pay for the war effort." Well, shit, pull that one up!" "Pull up G-12, please."

"...Cool. What's G-13 do?"



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This Pentium 3 Is Smokin Fast...

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But really cool big hats!



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"And now for something completely different;"

A man with many rockets, and no brain."


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Pull my finger... no, wait for it!  Crap.

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I so fat that rocket not even carry my finger!...What, you disagree?...I feed you to pigs.

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No keyboard? Setup. What a douche.

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Is this a game... or is it real?

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So I assume that they also built him a small wall on the side to plug the landline and the PC.

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You're so proficient Billy... Yes, I saw the smack down...

 Ve ritaseu

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Master piece William.

Muchas Gracias.

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"Look mummy, there's an aeroplane up in the sky" (Pink Floyd - Goodbye Blue Sky) 

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Has Kevin Henry's trading desk been stolen by a fat Korean kid shooting bottle rockets...in a desert?

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He launches missles in the pre-market, but once the bell rings it's buy! buy! buy! on the e-minis.