Obama Putting Vacation On Hold, Returning To Washington For "Unspecified Meetings"

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Earlier we joked that "it is rumored, although unlikely, that a city devolving into a state of emergency and actual curfew, will be enough for the president to take a break from his golf game and make a teleprompted statement later today." Just a few short hours later, in a stunning development and in what may well be a first for the president, Obama announced he planned to take a break in the middle of his Martha's Vineyard vacation and return to Washington on Sunday night for "unspecified meetings with Vice President Joe Biden and other advisers."

According to CBS "The White House has been cagey about why the president needs to be back in Washington for those discussions. Part of the decision appears aimed at countering criticism that Obama is spending two weeks on a resort island in the midst of so many foreign and domestic crises."

Well, he is. But one wonders if the president taking a break from taking a break will fix everything overnight. If Obama was indeed serious about fixing things, instead he should have announced that he was staying on the Vineyard for the next two years.

More from CBS:

Those crises turned the first week of Obama's vacation into a working holiday. He made on-camera statements on U.S. military action in Iraq and the clashes between police and protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. He called foreign leaders to discuss the tensions between Ukraine and Russia, as well as between Israel and Hamas."


"I think it's fair to say there are, of course, ongoing complicated situations in the world, and that's why you've seen the president stay engaged," White House spokesman Eric Schultz said.


Obama is scheduled to return to Martha's Vineyard on Tuesday and stay through next weekend.


Even though work has occupied much of Obama's first week on vacation, he still found plenty of time to golf, go to the beach with his family and go out to dinner on the island.


He also attended a birthday party for Democratic adviser Vernon Jordan's wife, where he spent time with former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

So... futures open limit up in a few hours as the algos price in even more global destruction and resulting monetary "stimulus"?

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 Less than Zero MUCH?

NemoDeNovo's picture

Is it time for a #BeerSummit in #Ferguson?

Deathrips's picture

I was wondering how many days he could go on without Reggie.....now we all know.





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Why do they even bother to tell the Community Organizer that they having a meeting?

espirit's picture

Uh Mr. President, you've fucked up this mess and need to get back here and do damage control.

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Rumor has it that obama will campaign in Ferguson with this music...


BigJim's picture

His handlers were concerned the sheep might begin to wonder if Obama wasn't actually the chief helmsman after all.

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He's meeting with Joe Biden?   Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Possibly Obama will resign early next year then Biden could run as incumbent and still serve two more full terms.   Or possible Biden will be forced out and/or executive actioned and Elizabeth Warren will be appointed VP.

Obama's final finger to the Clintons.

Stoploss's picture

"Biden could run as incumbent"

There's not enough hair left on his ass to make that happen.

Leonardo Fibonacci2's picture

The nigglet sucks at golf anyway.

Herodotus's picture

He will announce nationalization of 5 largest banks, nationalization of the Federal Reserve banks, and "temporary" re-investment of 50% IRA and 401(k) accounts into U.S. Treasury Bonds and notes of varying maturities from 10 to 100 years.

oudinot's picture

Leonardo: Nice prose!

What English grad school did you attend?

RafterManFMJ's picture

Not sure how this works but if 0bam0 abdicated, wouldn't the Yeti become Regent until his eldest daughter reached her majority?

moonstears's picture


I think it's actually "Wookie American would become Lord of the Sith." Mind your PCness./sarc

moonstears's picture

Warren...interesting, go back to her (maybe youtube?)as an academic economist...quite brilliant, IMO

now view her as "politician talking economy"...WTF? Man these politicians are BOUGHT!

wisefool's picture

It is plausible. As recently as 2008, if a politician left office and criticized their sitting successor, that would get you in double super secret probation. Even if they were from a different party. And especially if they were a president.

Hillary openly trashed Obama's foreign policy. She then mocked him with childish "Hug it out comments." He is still in office. She worked for him. They are in the upper rings of the same party. This means the TPTB are probably done with Obama and they gave her permission.

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I can remember when Nixon was in trouble he viewed Spiro Agnew as his impeachment insurance.  Agnew was such a doofus that no one would want him as pres.   He had the same sort of tendency to say stupid things that Biden has.

Well Agnew was removed for some trivial scandal from years ago.  This happened with astonishing speed.   Then Ford was appointed as VP.   This was all that made Nixon's threatened impeachment plausible.    Nixon was gone soon after.

Something up?   Obama may have become such a liability that he will be gone soon.    

Andre's picture

Yes, he may be gone soon.

What concerns me is how he gets gone. The SS seems to have a finely developed sense of when not to be in the way (JFK, Reagan).

Keyser's picture

Jim Willie hinted at such a move in late summer by TPTB... According to JW, evidence will surface that will force Obama out of office... We can only hope, but then the fear is Joe Biden... 

kaiserhoff's picture

I said a few weeks ago, I thought Barry would resign for "health reasons."

AIDS, Ebola, ear wigs???  Couldn't happen to a nicer poof fairy.

Roll Tide's picture

Could be but doesn't Lurch Kerry, who served in Vietnam, get a shot at the job before Princess Bull Turds.   How do you spell Coup D'etat?  Whose idea was it to give the controls over to these knuckleheads? 

Meanwhile, back at the Vineyard - Michelle is picking the menu for tonight. No BO please.  

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More like this one..... a newer song you may not have heard.



oudinot's picture

What I can't understand the posters who do the gay Prez.  angle,as above, which are boring, monotonous and irrelevant.  There has been excellent leaders that have bene homo/bi-sexual : Alexander the Great, all of the Roman Antonine Emperors: Araham Linclon.

President Obama does so many things wrong from ACA ,Wall Street, foreign policy; the administration is a mess.

So, if you don't like the man, focus your intellectual bile at the real Presidential activities that affect us all?


Jam Akin's picture

"Araham" Lincoln was excellent?  Let the flaming begin...

Pure Evil's picture

If he would actually come out of the closet as a flaming homo, then maybe we'd drop that angle.

Until that time.

Forward To The Bathhouse Barry!

manofthenorth's picture

oudinot or idiot ??   Nero was a poofter and a fucking psychopath , you want to hold up a slew of poofter Emperors as examples of good leadership ??? And you come on here to slam the "intellectual" merits of other posters ???? Go back to your dark and rotten hole you fucking idiot.

oudinot's picture

It's oudinot; in respect for a courageous French Marshal.

mano; You just proved my point, Nero was a poofter psychopath and other 'poofter's , as you so delicately put it, were not as in my examples.

So sexuality has nothing to do with  leadership skills.


So who cares about a leader's sexuality as it has no bearing on performance?  Discussion should be about leadership does , not what sex it prefers in private..


manofthenorth's picture

With all potential respect , it appears to me that you do not have a point. "Leadership skills" , are you fucking kidding me ? My point is that the big O is just a big ZERO at best and a dangerous psychopath at worst . He is a more effective evil than Bush could have ever been . Any criticism of O makes you a "racist". Check mate , well plated you baby eating bastards. This bought 8 more years of carte blanche for Constitutional violations and war crimes. The great white guilt has subverted the last shreds of reason. If O stood for ANYTHING I might be able to respect SOMETHING he has done but he is a TOTAL used car salesman that will say ANYTHING for his bosses. So far as what we do "in private" your beloved GOVT. does not believe that you are entitled to such a thing.


Keyser's picture

So sexuality has nothing to do with  leadership skills.


If a person is confused about their sexual orientation, they are most likely not stable in general... Which is the last person I would want in a position of authority... Just look at Obama, he is doing such a wonderful job, right?  


Anusocracy's picture

Leadership means fucking over other people.

Fuck leadership, only infants and morons need it.

The world needs 10,000 years of minding your own business to make up for 10,000 years of psychopathic killers meddling in other people's business.

oudinot's picture


OK, one more time:

1. I think President Obama, his policies and himself are total disasters and  ,as much as I loathed  Bush Shrub's reign,  I think Obama has hurt the Republic even worse, and that's really  saying something.

2.  A leader's sexuality is irrelevent as  it does not affect  performance, as we have discovered  above, but , rather cheapens the discussion while distracting participants from examining the pertinent issues like : foreign policy, immigration, enitlement madness, an audited Fed,States rights et al.


oudinot's picture


OK, one more time:

1. I think President Obama, his policies and himself are total disasters and  ,as much as I loathed  Bush Shrub's reign,  I think Obama has hurt the Republic even worse, and that's really  saying something.

2.  A leader's sexuality is irrelevent as  it does not affect  performance, as we have discovered  above, but , rather cheapens the discussion while distracting participants from examining the pertinent issues like : foreign policy, immigration, enitlement madness, an audited Fed,States rights et al.


California Nightmares's picture

 Nero was a poofter 


"Poofter" is a Brit word rarely used in the USA. The Brits are right up there with the Japanese as being the world's most psychosexually fucked people. All they can think about is homosexuality. Young man, get yourself to Castro Streeet and become the woman you were meant to be. In California, nobody cares what you do in the bedroom. Enjoy. Leave Leviticus the medieval era behind. It's the Twenty First century, for Christ's sake. 
ugmug's picture

Obama is coming back to DC to get a school lunch for both their daughters....to threaten them whenever they become troublesome.

goldsansstandard's picture

Declare Ebola national emergency?

or figure out how to not waste a worldwide pandemic crisis.

Headbanger's picture

So oudinot..  Wht you're really saying then.


So please explain further how you know that fact.


oudinot's picture

I really don't care if he's gay or not?

Intelligent people that do care have issues with themselves, not with Obama.

VWAndy's picture

Gay or not he sucks as leaders go. Hypocrisy is not a form of government. ffs!

MontgomeryScott's picture

"BUSTED! Governments Hire Web Trolls To Sway Publc Opinion"


Your comments, while interesting, have nothing to do with the fact that the puppet figurehead Barry Soetoro (and his Wookie wife) have been called back from his 'get-away-from-it-all' vacation (most likely to be briefed on his next theatrical performance).

As far as 'intelligent people' go:

SERIOUSLY, do you think that Lincoln was a pole-smoker?

The Bohemian Grove has an opening for a 'P.R.' writer. You should submit your resume'.

oudinot's picture

Scottie: I don't know if Lincoln was bi-sexual , however, with the evidence I would have to say, 'probably'.

In the 1830's or so it was common for men to share a bed as there was a shortage of beds.

Lincoln , though, spent four years sleeping in the same bed with Joshua Speed-quite a sustained period-when Linclon had other alterntitve living arrangements to choose from.   When they went their separate ways they still saw each other for many years.

Lincoln never got along with his wife , Mary.  When he was President Captain David Dickerson would sleep in the White House when Mary was away.  Lincoln joked around with this staff with he  his friend Capt. Dickerson were "getting thick".

Anyways, whether he was or not , his sexuality was  immaterial  to his legacy or any other political leaders'.

Christophe2's picture

oudinot, you claim that sexuality is immaterial to politics, but that is simply not true:

- People care about LIES, and some lies are simpler to understand than others.  Lying about his sexuality, lying about his endless cheating on his wife - these are things that show VERY WELL what character he has, since everyone in their personal life is beset with the same choice: be true and faithful to your spouse, or lie and cheat like Obama.

- Elites are all bisexual victims of mind-break (ex: http://svalispeaks.com/).  Noticing this helps people differentiate the elite's agents from the rest of the flock.

=> I couldn't care less about regular people's sexual orientation and practices, but when it comes to some blowhard politician making endless promises to me, I CARE to see that the dude isn't a MOTHERFUCKER, or a cheater, or a liar IN ALL ASPECTS OF HIS LIFE.

oudinot's picture

So Clinton 'lied' about getting a blow job so he was a bad leader?

Kennedy 'lied', fooled around with other women while married so he's was not a good leader?

Those examples, above,  were 'white lies'  about sex, I don't think it qualifies.

However, Bush, Cheney lying about WMD's in Iraq; Johnson lying about the Gulf of Tonkin; Reagan lying he couldn't 'recall' when he traded arms to Iran for cash for Nicarauga Contras (thugs); Truman lying that dropping atomic bombs on Japan saved a million American soldier's lives (Emperor Hirohito was trying to surrender for months; the American wanted the bombs deployed to scare the USSR); those lies are monstrous and I totally agree with you.


Can you see the difference?





Christophe2's picture

Clinton not only lied about his stupid blowjob (fucking psyop), he also lied about how he was running cocaine for the Bush family out of Arkansas, just like he lied about how he was trying to create jobs for Americans (when in fact he did everything he could to help 'globalization' along).

How the FUCK was Clinton anything else than a BAD MOTHERFUCKING LEADER?  The guy is a god-damned well-known RAPIST (http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/1157708/posts), and you are trying to make us still believe the MSM's take on him?  Dude, this is ZH, not fucking prime-time TV.

The American Dream is a LIE, our leaders are sociopaths.  Wake the fuck up already.

manofthenorth's picture


For honesty , clarity and conviction !


oudinot's picture

Real addition to the conversation, Pure Evil; "Barry Bathouse"-hmmnn-I think you are better described as ,"Pure Banal"

Don't worry stop reaching for your dictionary-'banal' has nothing to do with 'anal' and I am not going 'homphobe' on you (actually, I think that's what he really wants,  eh?, shurely, editor).

Just describing you as boring, monotonous, uninteresting.


drendebe10's picture

Well, would anyone really expect the turd to be upfront and honest when it hasn't been it's entire life.  What else would one really expect from such a corrupt arrogant arrogant narcissitic illegal indoensian kenyan alien muslim sociopathic pathologic liar in cihef only interested in its celebrity grand imperial life style on the backs of hardworking taxpaying Us citizen serfs and peasants.

Abitdodgie's picture

Obama and Micheal in the white house together , if you know what I mean .