When Venn Diagrams Go Horribly Wrong

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Or maybe just one of those rare occasions when the truth slips through?

h/t @RussianNavyBlog

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.....How Washington is explaining its Citizens switch into the new US Govt Bonds.....Safer, best returns, but used by its War Machine to kill millions of people.

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The press has always found these qualities to be mutually exclusive.

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Gee, you mean that one semester course in "Business Ethics" at Harvard doesn't work?


Imagine that!

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Doesn't that class teach that ethics are optional for people who don't want to maximize profits?

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Guilty, underpaid intern who was then terminated wanted the truth to get out? Most people ignore the the truth even if it slapped them in the face.

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Diagram is misleading - there is no overlap.  Isn't Thomson Reuters half of the new silver fix (read manipulation).

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Naw, by accident they'll end up killing everyone.  Just takes a single mistake in the most unlikely of places for the wrong reasons.  Which was done already.

Right now, everyone is just waiting their turn. 

Eventually though they'll have no choice but to admit the mistake because it'll get so bad, so ugly, so out of control...only then will they come clean as to what they've done.  But by then it'll just be too late.

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I guess you have never run numbers on the street. They will lie to you until the very end. No matter how many chances you give them to come clean. No matter they know , you know, that they know. They will lie to the very end. Hoping for a miracle. (And I have seen a few unbelievable hail Mary's come thru, but it usually ends in tears)

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Agree with Seasmoke, no guilt will ever be acknowledged, never mind admitted.  Once the shit truly hits the fan, those who are left won't be much concerned with how it happened, but with how to go on.

Whether or not we want to admit it, we're all in this alone- from the wonderful mind of Lily Tomlin.

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Probably TR and CME. The left bubble is The BB Paper Cartel which is now totally in control of the PM markets, the right bubble is the physical PM markets..........Thank you TR and CME

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All joking aside... What the author SHOULD have done (with these terms), is to put the big circle inside the little circle of "Our Values".

IOW:  "Everything we do is integrated into our values."

As it is, it is accidentally or deliberately off-balance -- as Tyler and others note.  Assuming the author was not being too "truthy" or sarcastic, the "Our Values" part seems like a fashionable thing to add - and is present on almost all "Death by Power-Point" presentations of this kind these days.  It's turned into an obligatory, fashionable balloon to add by the MBA sheep.

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Its not a Venn Diagram, its just a graphic that, with the right cropping, looks like a Venn Diagram.

Funny anyway... because it is true (when interpreted as a Venn Diagram).

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your balls are interpreted as a venn diagram

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Brother, I can't quite decide if you're an idiot or an asshole.  Captain fucking Kirk is your hero?  I honestly don't know what our values are because there are so many stupid fuckers (metrosexuals) like yourself that we don't have any actual values.

What do you believe in?  Do you believe in yourself?  That would be a good start.

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- me


barre-de-rire's picture

read george orwell, mofo guntard american.

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Correct the diagram by replacing OUR VALUES with OBAMA

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What I see is Thomson Reuters virus (Our Values) latching onto the host and about to send its mRNA to reprogram the host to its values.  Which are decidely the opposite of the host.

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Simply priceless a MASTERcard moment.....offered to you by the puppetmasters that be.

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You could replace the words in the orange ball with:

Big Government
Tax Burden
Police and Military State
Corporate Domination

And it also works:)

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HaHA    well said!

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Having one bigger than the other is perfectly normal - I assure you.  At least in todays world and they got the words in the right sides to.

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The little one is farther away. It just looks smaller


Or the big one is closer and just looks bigger.




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That's a Dr.Who trick.  Cough, cough.

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Also works with fish and penises.

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You are correct, in which case there is no overlap at all.

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Hahaha, yep their values barely overlap real ones.  Theirs are lies, graft, and self interest.

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Values, what values?  Buddy fucking is the new norm.  If its expedient then it is good! Integrity has no place in our vocabulary anymore even though TPTB say we need to have confidence in them and trust them.

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The loss of cultural values since the mid-60's has effectively condemned the US. Pockets still exist, but the government, courts, and big banks are destroying everything outside those pockets.

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The orange on the left is Classical Capitalism!

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The ratio of arrows almost verifies the diagram.

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ur supposed to take those 3d glasses off when you leave the theater.

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If Classical Capitalism is not about Trust, Partnership, Innovation and Performance then I certainly do not know what is...


It seems that most here, from the ratio of the arrows on Steroid's post, do not value Classical Capitalism on Zerohedge.


(Or they cannot read...Or they have a fucking hangover from last night's drunk since it is Sunday Morning???)

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I think it is the latter... the reading bit.

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In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

George Orwell


Paging Edwin Bernays.

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And this,


Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed,

Everything else is just public relations.

George Orwell


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What is the truth? Truth is is these folks deceiving us have a different set of values. What thieves value is money,(that's why they are theives). A theif's value is anything is permissible to gain wealth.

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Surprised they overlap at all.

Reaper's picture

There is trust and partnership among looters.

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There is no honor amongst thieves. They will end up shredding themselves when the pool of victims diminshes.


Any "trust" will vanish at the end.

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That overlap's called "puffery" in marketing and law, and "lying" by normal folk.  Or maybe it just represents their "value" of "performance".

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Simply precious.  The only bad part is the wrong heads will roll.

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When worlds collide.

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and yet tyler frequently cites reuters articles as "news" and "fact".......go figure..........

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That's how propaganda works. The mix of fact and fiction so as to make the two indistinguishable. Meanwhile we argue about what is "real" in this surreal world.

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And sometimes readers don't understand the meaning of that purpose to deduce their own "reasoning" and "ideas"....go figure.....

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No kito. They just report what Reuters' articles have reported.


In fact they are EXPOSING that Reuters' values have little to do with trust IN THIS ARTICLE.