Confused How To Trade Jackson Hole? Goldman Explains

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Because when in doubt, just listen to Goldman and do the opposite.

With opinions mixed as to whether or not Jackson Hole will be the forum for Yellen to say something new, many are trying to figure out if it is a buy the rumor and then buy more after the fact event, a buy the rumor sell the fact event, or a do nothing with the rumors and then buy the fact if the USD is actually rallying after the fact event.

And now you know.

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Thank you for your Thought Leadership Goldman.  Much appreciated.

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She moved her speaking points from Wed to Friday. The fed comments on Wed are planning to be just a short release, with little (ex-WSJ pre-bake) commentary. So let that be your market guide.


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Yep, gonna be a LONG week.

onelight's picture

insights like that are why they get the big bucks, yesiree..

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So the discussion seems to be wether to buy now or later? Please Goldman. Do Allah's work and tell me!

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Well. I guess I might as well buy now and be on the safe side <\sarc>

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"My empire and all my wealth for a one handed economist." - Said a poor soul found wandering Wall Street after the bars closed.

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I don't speak douche. Can someone translate?


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I plan on waiting for whatever headline causes people to either panic or BTFATH and then waiting ten minutes and doing the opposite.

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Best plan I have heard all day !!!!!!!!

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BTFJHATH - Buy The Fucking Jackson Hole All Time High!

It will be another "partly sunny, 50% chance of rain" baffle-'em-with-bullshit non-event.

Hell, they've kept the cotton candy markets spun to an all time fluffy sugar high while cutting QE.

They can juggle "low rates for an extended period" with "possible stop to QE tapering" for a very long time to keep the circus going.

The tents will fall when Wall Street tells the FED it is time to take down the big-top again.

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Yellen will try to be more hawkish than Bernanke to prove herself !

Markets will go up unless she says something really stupid to freak everyone out !!

NaiLib's picture

What "markets"? They are long gone...all you see is a Price Fixing table.

AllWorkedUp's picture

Same shit, different week. Go long stocks, short gold and silver. Always some reason to sell pm's, this week it's the tribe's spokeswoman.

lotsoffun's picture

that tribe certainly does have a lot of clout.  not a lot of them living anywhere near ferguson.  although, i know they REALLY sympathize with this 'incident'.

i'm just wondering, does anyone know anything about this 'tribe'?  who are the?  where do they come from?  do they really have that much influence on our lives?  how did that happen?

oh fuck.  i'm pouring one more drink, and i'm giving up.  they won.  that's the way it is.


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You lost me at "Goldman explains"

lotsoffun's picture

oh god. getting pumped by yellen.  and he's (yellen) is going to pump. and pump.  at least bernake had a bush.  can you believe greenspan is alive?

i think of these photo shoots with 'still living presidents'.  and yet, nobody has screwed me so badly as the still living fed's.

(apologies volcker, sorry guys, i like his stuff).


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Daddy - tell me that story again about when there were desk jobs and grocery stores ...

spanish inquisition's picture

I heard John Cusak in my head when I read that.

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Just do the opposite of what Goldman says and you'll do well.

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

So sell the market?!


Are you fucking insane?  The S&P has 2000 in its sights, closing this year over 2000 is a given and there is basically zero chance of us ever trading down to current levels again in the rest of human history soooo  BTFD while it is still a dip cause these bargain prices will not last as we are going substantially higher from here.


If you are too afraid to buy em here at least take a picture of the S&P trading with a 19 handle because after this month you will never see that again.  

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Hold on this is Goldman, doesn't that mean do the opposite????

Don't you love it when you have to bluff and double bluff the bluff which is being double bluffed, which in itself was a bluff on a bluff that was double bluffed.

Fuck it I'll continue to buy hard assets.