Ferguson Curfew Cancelled As National Guard Arrives; Holder Demands To "Remove The Damn Tanks"

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The Missouri Governor Jay Nixon gave "no heads up" to the White House before deploying The National Guard and has now made another abrupt decision as The National Guard closes in on Ferguson:


We presume when there are military tanks rolling through the streets of a town, there is no need for the actual implementation of a curfew... This once again rubs the administration's nose in it as AG Holder's comments from last week hang in the air: "get those damned tanks out of there."

The neighborhood has been under a midnight-to-5 a.m. curfew the past two days, after Nixon declared a state of emergency. That has now changed...

As NBC News reports,

Authorities on Monday lifted the overnight curfew for Ferguson, Missouri, after two nights.


The announcement came from Gov. Jay Nixon, who earlier in the day ordered the National Guard to the St. Louis suburb after a week of clashes between police and protesters over the police shooting death of an unarmed black teenager.


Nixon said that the National Guard would have a limited mission and that overall command would still be the responsibility of the Highway Patrol, which took over security in Ferguson on Thursday.


The National Guard, under the command of Brig. Gen. Gregory Mason, will “provide protection, and ensure the safety of our Unified Command Center, which was the target last night of a coordinated attack,” Nixon said.


Nixon said that law enforcement officers were the target of gunfire on Sunday. The violence also included firebombs, looting and “a coordinated attempt to overrun the unified Command Center,” Nixon said.


And as WSJ reports, locals and Feds are not in agreement...

Mr. Holder, the attorney general, rewrote a statement about Ferguson he was planning to issue to emphasize he expected local authorities "to complete a thorough, fair investigation in their own right,'' even though the FBI had opened its own case into whether Mr. Brown's civil rights had been violated, a law-enforcement official said.


The two sides also clashed later in the week over the Ferguson Police Department's plan to release the surveillance tape of the convenience-store robbery. Lawyers in the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division objected, saying it would anger the community and intensify protests by those who felt it was an attack on Mr. Brown's reputation rather than an evenhanded disclosure of information, law-enforcement officials said. 


The police department decided to release the video Friday, over the continued objections of federal officials. Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said last week the move came in response to numerous media freedom-of-information requests.


Federal, state, and local authorities also have disagreed publicly over the tactics and equipment deployed to deal with protests.



"Tell them to remove the damn tanks," Mr. Holder told his deputies on Thursday, according to a law-enforcement official, referring to heavily armored vehicles the local police had used. That day there were discussions among local officials about how to scale back the armed presence, officials said.

We are sure this, too, will end very well: for the happy ending tune in tonight sometime after sundown.

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Devotional's picture

how about Holder removing himself from his job?

PAPA ROACH's picture

Holder is the race baiter in chief

pods's picture

This guy is starting to play the part of Lando quite well.  

Now he is even pretending he is relevant when in fact he is not.


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Come on! They are just consumers out shopping. The great American pastime! They seek to boost retail sales and spur the economic recovery.

Jethro's picture

To be fair, RadioShack probably hasn't moved that much inventory in years....

kaiserhoff's picture

Get some tanks on the border, and get yo racist ass down there too, Holder.

nope-1004's picture

The picture above:  Never thought I'd see the day.  Unreal.  And we wonder why the country is falling apart? 

BaBaBouy's picture

YEAH !!!

FREE SHIT Again In Fergussen Tonight...

Yeee-Haaa Bitchies. (Thanks Ebama/Holden)

max2205's picture

Mo is a giant shithole

ajax's picture



I see 'Nixon' + 'National Guard' and I think of Kent State

Save_America1st's picture

obama and Holder

Arrest those 2 domestic and international terrorists for treason!!!

The best place to institute Martial Law with the military is Washington D.C. 

Wiping out a treasonous, criminal, mafia, terrorist government worked pretty damn well for the Egyptian military not too long ago.  It worked in Honduras several years ago too.

It can work in America just as well!!!

Headbanger's picture



Hope all you liberal shit balls are happy now with all the racial tensions your fucking MSM has caused !



MarsInScorpio's picture

Now that the Black Racists have shown up to make money off their racist hate-speech, it's time to consider Black Racism in America today, of whom Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Eric Holder are the biggest proponents.

There is a certain segment of the Black community that is nothing but a bunch of David Dukes wearing blackface. Anyone who doesn't believe this segment of Blacks are among America's largest and most virulent group of racists, needs only spend a few minutes reading their hate-speech.

Judging by the content of their character, Dr. King is weeping to think how they've turned his "I have a Dream" speech into such a sick nightmare.

So you want to discuss Blacks getting killed by Whites? First, when are you shutting down the Killing Fields of endless Blacks killing Blacks in DC, Chicago, NYC, Detroit, LA, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, East St. Louis . . . ? Oh, can't bring peace to your own neighborhoods?

Or how about even coming out with rallies against "Polar Bear Hunting" - the Black Racist event that you (I'm speaking to Eric Holder in particular) can't seem to admit is Black Racism at its most despicable and violent?

Or how about shutting down the 70% illegitimacy rate of Blacks? Or the fact that more Black babies are aborted than born in NYC?

Care to opine on why Black children graduate from high school and can't read or write cursive? Or tell time on an analog clock - even though they are taught by Blacks - or are we supposed to believe in your Black Racist insanity that the remaining White teachers undo the teaching of the Black teachers?

Maybe you can bounce around some thoughts about why Blacks allow gangsta rappers to be role models - with their misogyny, drug addictions, relentless violence, irresponsible sex lives, and bling-based evaluation of personal worth?

When will you admit that your Black Racism is a scam to excuse the Black community's Death Spiral at the hands of your fellow Black Racists?

How about some discourse on the way Blacks sold Blacks to Arabs - to this very day? Tell us about your rallies to shut down the present-day African slave trade.

And don't forget that after thousands of years of slavery by Blacks - as well as every other race on Earth - that it was Whites who outlawed - and enforced - the criminalization of slavery - which is still practiced by African Blacks.

And who can be a really Black, Black Racist without forgetting all about the hundreds of thousands of Whites who died to free Blacks from slavery in America. Oh that's right - it's all the White's fault that slavery existed in America - despite the fact that the first slaveholder in America was Black - over a third of slaves were owned by Blacks - and the largest slaveholder at the time of the Civil War was Black.

Darn those Inconvenient Truths!

Frankly, you are a disgusting group of nothing better than a Black Ku Klux Klan. Those of us who got our heads wacked by the cops in the Freedom Marchs didn't do that so that the White Citizens' Council could be replaced with the Black Racist Hate-Speech Club. (By the way, Al - Eric - Oprah - Jerimiah - Michelle - Barack, care to share how many marches you got beat up in to win these freedoms from apartheid?)

I expect to read about how being White I have no place commenting about anything to do with the Black community - it's a Black thing and all that Black Racist trash.

OK, so shut up about Whites. You're not White so you are as equally incapable of discussing White culture as Whites are incapable of discussing Black culture. Let's see how your total lack of integrity sits with your Black Racist standards being applied to your own Black Racist hate-speech.

I for one, will be no more intimidated by a bunch of Black Racist bullies than I was of the White racists. You are big-mouthed cowards who don't have the sense to come in out of the rain.

If Oprah is correct, and racism will only die when the racists die - I look forward to your demise very soon. Hades will have new fuel for the fire, and the Earth will be a safer, cleaner, more loving place without you.

Richard Chesler's picture

"Remove the damn banks"

FIFY corrupt POS.


Save_America1st's picture

Did you hear that the Payless Shoes store got looted in Ferguson today?

Not a single pair of work boots was stolen...

chumbawamba's picture


Watts Riots, 1965, 7 days duration, 46 square miles of Los Angeles affected: 34 deaths, 1,032 injuries, 3,438 arrests, and over $40 million in property damage.

Los Angeles Riots, 1992, 6 days duration, covering variously most of Los Angeles County and outlying suburbs and communities, plus assorted sympathetic riots all over the nation : 53 deaths, 2000+ injuries, 11,000+ arrests, over $1 billion in property damage.

Ferguson Riots, 2014, 9 days and counting, covering the 6.2 square miles of Ferguson, Missouri: 2 deaths reported (including the one that triggered the event), various injuries and arrests, no end currently in sight.

What the fuck is going on here?

I am Chumbawamba.

logicalman's picture

6 bullets, 2 in the head looks more like a sloppy hit than self-defense.


ajax's picture



"DC, Chicago, NYC, Detroit, LA, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, East St. Louis"  

You left out Baltimore

Memedada's picture

Don't let the PTB divide us. Maybe its time to become just human.

logicalman's picture

I could go for that idea, except when I look at how most of 'em behave.


barre-de-rire's picture

fuck you, i dont blend with monkeys

greatbeard's picture

>> all the racial tensions your fucking MSM has caused

Clue to clueless, Fox new is the #1 main stream media.  You need to update your schtick.  And yeah, all the racial tension the liberals have caused.  Have you been reading all the rehtoric on this group?  Those aren't liberals fanning the flames bro.



SumTing Wong's picture

So why did it take Holder and the BLM so long to leave one rancher alone???

shovelhead's picture

Maybe the Gov. slept through history class.

Something should have went 'ding' in his head with 'Nixon orders Nat'l Guard...'

ShrNfr's picture

Obama did not take US history classes when he was in Indonesia.

The Big Ching-aso's picture

The Highway Patrol in charge of command?

Imagine an average MO Highway Patrolman right now......

"One day I'm writing speeding tickets in my AC'd cruiser the next day I'm in riot gear getting shot at and molotov'd. Well, at least I'm gettin' good overtime."

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

How about Holder removing his damn hands from Obama's anatomy!

666's picture

I have issues with both sides: I disagree with the police becoming a military state, and I also disagree with rioting, random shooting and burning. I have no problem with the police shooting those that refuse to stop rioting uncontrollably and causing death, injury and property damage. I also have no problem with peaceful demonstrations to make a point. Shooting an "unarmed thief" may have been justified for all I know; I wasn't there to see it.

An article about verbal comments accidentally caught on a video that was in fonzannoon's comment in a ZH article yesterday could be very damning and justify the shooting by the police, if true.

One thing I do know is the current rioting will seem like nothing when the officer(s) involved are aquitted of all charges.



TeethVillage88s's picture

new 666;

Well let's open this up a little more. Perhaps we are missing some

- Justifiable Looting by Fed & Federal Government & TBTF Banks
- Justifiable Looting by Salary & Compensation by Police at many levels where they make a butt load of money but citizens AVG Wages have been shrinking since like 1980
- Justifiable Privatization of War, DoD Functions, Military Functions, Military Passenger Air Flights, Military Cargo Merchant Marine Shipping
- Justifiable NSA, FBI, CIA, Military Spying
- Justifiable Exponential Increases in MIC Budgets now to $1 Trillion Dollars (picking the winners who are in love with Fascism!!!)
- Justifiable Waivers in Corporate Taxes while commerce actually does the most damage to our ports, highways, & Bridges
- Justifiable Financial Conflict of Interest by US Congress
- Justifiable Killing off of US Banks as fewer and fewer survive the Wall Street Monopoly
- Justifiable Usury by Lenders & Creditors in the Face of World Historical Low Interest Rates for Primary Dealers
- Justifiable World Record Financing & Lobbying of US Congress & Presidential Elections (Call it world Record RICO Violations!!)

666's picture


Yes, you certainly opened this up a little more! How is it the citizens can allow what you mentioned (and more) to happen? No rioting, no demand for justice, no anything! Ironic, isn't it? Pathetic, isn't it? Is that the main reason for the welfare state: as long as everyone receives their dole check, they're not going to bite the hand that feeds them?

I'm thankful I'm old with one foot in the grave because I won't have to put up with crap much longer. If I were young and healthy, I'd be leading the revolution to bring back the Constitution, along with equality and justice for all.

barre-de-rire's picture

constitution was a lie to make you beleive in the theory of libery & rights, but you never had any.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Thanks 666 & Deflator;

Yep, pathetic and Racketeering for sure.

Corporate Welfare is probably only understood by 10-20% of all US Citizens. Probably more people understand in Latin America and Canada.

Mostly we get Status Quo, so we will be okay for a few years unless some US President Starts Nuclear War or Decides we can spend another Projected $5 Trillion of Global War on Terror.

deflator's picture

 That is what I was thinking. From a moral standpoint, what is the difference between that kids strong arm robbery and what the Central State does? They both take things by force and you can't believe a word that comes out of their mouths. Lets see...which one do I need to be protected from?

TeethVillage88s's picture

Well I wish we could trust institutions more. I think Creditors and Banks are lacking in Integrity and ... have always been Spying, Racketeering, and bribing our Governments. 2008 Financial Crash showed how Ruthless and Criminal they can be. The whole plan of Bail-ins following Bailouts... in a Country were individual bankruptcy is now not really possible even in the face of Exponential Health Care costs... and Identity Theft.

Street crime & Home Break-Ins is less of a risk & threat to our Well Being. Still we want the feeling of security for our young family members and elderly. Riots probably will raise costs for insurance after all too.

Escrava Isaura's picture


You said picture. Try picturing this:

Today I was on the corner of 20th street and Rhode Island Avenue, NE, in DC. I noticed I signal that said: Evacuation Route.

I started laughing.

Anyway, does it answer your question?

SmackDaddy's picture

shit lady, that neighborhood is nice enough to have bars on the windows.  a lot of the places here in the midwest are empty, stripped for scrap, and burnt out.....

Escrava Isaura's picture


That is the problem with capitalism (growth), it is unsustainable!

We have lots of empty real estate in DC Metro area, but they still build. Probably in your area, it’s worse than here. But we will catch up to you, eventually.

Unfortunately, NO one wants to face it.

That’s one of ‘many’ reasons why the US government, financial institutions, and its citizens (us) are running many Ponzi schemes.

Did you really believe that the house Ponzi scheme would last?

Do you really believe all these college graduates are better prepared to face collapse by having degrees?

Do you really believe that we can build when there is NO demand? Did you see all the Chinese Empty real estate?

Right now we are producing about 80 million barrels of oil.

What do you think will happen when that goes down to 60 million barrels?



There is a say in Saudi Arabia that goes like this:

My father rode a camel. I ride a Rolls Royce.  My son rides a private plane. My grandson will ride a camel

Dennisen's picture

Vying for control...Black Panthers vs black panzers.

The Big Ching-aso's picture

If Bill C were still Prez....

"Remove the damn tank tops!"

Meat Hammer's picture

Paul Krugman reported to have been seen wearing an "I Heart Ferguson" t-shirt.

TeamDepends's picture

Word is the Krugsta has decided to go "hands on", and has broken more windows than the entire FSA.

FuzzyDunlop21's picture

The animals are running the zoo

MsCreant's picture

They always were apparently.