ISIS Gets Angrier At America: "We Will Drown All Of You In Blood"

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Over the past month ISIS has been getting angrier (""God Willing, We Will Raise The Flag Of Allah In The White House" - A Deeper Look Inside ISIS") and angrier ("ISIS Issues Threat To White House; Secret Service Taking "Appropriate Steps") until today it released a video in which it warned the United States it will attack Americans "in any place" if continuing US raids hit its militants. The video, released by Reuters, which shows a photograph of an American who was beheaded during the U.S. occupation of Iraq, featured a statement which said in English "we will drown all of you in blood".

But while we get the anger of the Islamic State, be it real or staged, now that the US has allegedly retaken the Mosul dam, one wonders how a terrorist organization with over half a billion dollars in funding, a state of the art "made in the US" weapons arsenal, and glossy year-end profit & loss reports, can't afford to spend a few dollars on the production quality of its propaganda videos, especially if as the rumors suggest not one but several key "developed world" intelligence outlets are pulling the ISIS strings.

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Anyone can create that kind of videos

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"But while we get the anger of the Islamic State, be it real or staged..."

Oh, the anger is real. Read the Koran. The infidel must be slaughtered, converted, or humiliated. The scripture is quite clear.

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If ISIS doesn’t learn to control that temper I bet the US takes drastic action, i.e. no more humvees, rocket launchers and m4s until they chill. 

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You big pussies don't scare me. Your God, Allah, is a pedophile. Fuck you and him. Come get me. My Address is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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Fuck off rag heads. Somebody warm up the nukes.

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I say just take out Abu Bakr and his leaders with some hellfires...

Of course I have a feeling they aren't interested in doing that any time soon.

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"They" are getting angrier because the US/British/Other white public don't seem to be excited by the prospect of jumping into the meat grinder to reduce our population and kill off the enemies of Israel. Saudi Arabia and Quartar funded ISIS. The US/UK gave them equipment in Libya.

ISIS is run by a Jew, as revealed by more of Snowden's NSA leaks:

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That 'leak' has been debunked.

Everything I read from people in the know (the top former terrorists who were approached for recruitment as well as intelligence leakers) say CIA and MI6 are running it with some major assistance from Israel  (Hospital care supplies etc etc) Jordan (training camps) and GCC donors plus jihaidis.

It's a nice inter-faith network working together for the common good of all...

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Albert Pike 1870's letter about Three Word Wars, pretty spooky read. WW3 Zionist Israel and the Islamic world destroy each other, as the rest of the world is exhausted in spirit through the conflict. Sound about right?

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i wonder when we get our first ebola suicide attack...

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Hopefully...very soon...the US needs some eugenics...lets start in the DC area and work our way westward.

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Once you've got New Jersey, New York and Texas covered you've basically wiped out most of the retards in America.


Realname's picture

Youve left out San Francisco, Seattle, and DC. Im sure I missed a few others.

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Would that still leave you chumba?  In that case it wouldn't be finished.

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I live in NJ.  What you say about Texas is not ture!

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Ebola martyrs?

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"But while we get the anger of the American State, be it real or staged..."

Oh, the anger is real. Read the Bible. The infidel must be slaughtered, converted, or humiliated. The scripture is quite clear.

fixed. thanks buckaroo.

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Please tell us where you graduated college, so that I can make sure none of my offspring go there.  And if you didn't attend college, well that explains a lot of things.

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"Pike's" letter ranks up there with Joseph Smith's golden plates.

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"Three Word Wars"?  Is that like Scrabble?

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Ok I'm willing to believe this but when I click on the link.  The claim is only backed up by  "according to documents released by Snowden"   Where are these documents that were released?  Can we seee the documents?  Who originated the documents? Let's see them!

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The sooner ISIS gets vaporized the better.

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ISIS is bullshit.  This is mostly propaganda so that the US/UK/ISrael and vassal states can continue to wage war and chaos around the world.  you can't destroy something that doesn't really exist.

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Ebola is bullshit- our bushmeat is good..

Said a bunch of Liberians in Monrovia, right before an unprecedented epidemic broke out.

I for one am not impressed with the wholesale arming (either advertantly, or inadvertantly) of a warlike demographic in one of the world's most fractious and least trustworthy regions of the world.  Any potential threat to security needs to be taken seriously although fear-mongering is not appreciated either.

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Napalm the lot of them.  I love the smell of burning terrorist in the morning.

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I live in a big white house.  

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check the org chart, bitches.

ISIS, ISIL, or IS is a corporate brand owned by the CIA/State Dept.

but whatever....bitches don't care....bitches love to hate them "ragheads"....bitches love to be abused by their masters.

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Worst period ever apparently.

Russian smack talking is Waaaaay better. ISIS needs to pick up their game here lest they be taken for mere blowhards. Hell even the Iranians and Saddam did a better job back in the day.

Release Dana Carvey! Bring back Church Lady!

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Send ISIS to every church in the US. ISIS and the christians can butt rape each other until they all squeal in delight.

Realname's picture

Already downvoted by one buttsex lover...Im sure there will be many more. Get over yourselves, you religious nitwits. And quit raping little boys and billygoats!

Wow!...Lots of christians in the crowd. I figured Zerohedge to be a little more classy.

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After reading your post, I thought the same thing.

Realname's picture

Apparently, intelligence is lost on the 'religious' types. Such is life. We can see how popular pedophilia is, by the downvotes. Christianity...the best religion a virgin ass can buy.

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Just because obama claims to be a christian doesn't make it so. Don't lump truly God fearing people with organized religion, which is just another means to control people. Could it be that pedophilia in organized religion is a means to turn people away from God? In which case (as in yours) it has been very successful. Now if you wanna go down the road that there is no God, then your saying that it is ok to steal, rape , cheat on your wife, murder, etc. etc., all those lovely civilized traits we can thank God for. Hmmm are you saying that those things are happening here in the good ole U.S. of A. now? God has left the building, sort of speaking. Close the door and shut off the lights when your done.

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Is it only fear of god's punishment that keeps you from doing all that??!!! Oh my ... god, now im worried about humanity.


I'm an atheist and have no inclination to be immoral. Like many others. Deal with it.

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Where do your moral absolutes come from and what is your morality based on?


What is moral and immoral?   Couldn't it be different things for different people?

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First of all....the flag of Allah was raised in the White House about 6 years ago so that's no threat!!   So bring it on!!

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Come on, you camel humping fairies, let's see what you've got. I dare you pansies to try anything against Washington DC. I double dog dare you.

You can't, because you're all talk. Taking a selfie in front of the White House with your used butt-wipe flag is for girlie men. Your caliph is such a pussy that even the geriatric homo Prince Bandar could kick his ass.

The mighty ISIS: Inept, Sissified, Idiotic, Stupid.

Obama prancing around in his mom jeans is more intimidating.





I hope that gets them riled up, but their illiteracy could be a limiting factor.

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hey stooge you are wrong the cia and fbi have an office in washington maybe even 50 offices are you saying they have not got the ability to do sumtin you anudder knucklehead fella.

FBI Fake Terror History: Judge Napolitano

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

hay tony you are write and eye am just halfing sum fun hear.

+1 up myster wilson.

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The NSA has read this, they are taking your grievences into account and they are going to see what they can do. Could take time. The inter department paperwork is a nightmare when trying to communicate with the appropriate agencies outside their "jurisdiction".

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

"I hope that gets them riled up, but their illiteracy could be a limiting factor."

Good one.  Their handlers speak better English than half the bloggers here.

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I have watched the videos of ISIS/ISIL and I think they are just intoxicated with their own success. They have the adrenalin and testosterone flowing which tends to turn off the brain. Massacreing, raping and crucifying will do that to you. So, they are a bit full of themselves.

I watched them threaten to take Istanbul if Turkey does not cooperate along with any other city you might name. Right now a few of them are busy catching Hellfire missiles and getting a taste of reality. They might be rethinking the videos. I think if the guys I see in the videos met a real ranger or USMC battalion they would dress like women and try to escape. They are used to Iraqi's who drop their weapons and run or at best the sort of militia like Peshmerga or Kurdish home defense forces. They are motivate fighters but not especially well equipped.

The question I think we actually have to answer is exactly what does it take to make these zealots quit? I suspect we know but are unwilling to say it or do it.

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"If ISIS doesn’t learn to control that temper I bet the US takes drastic action, i.e. no more humvees, rocket launchers and m4s until they chill"

I laughed. Out Loud. If they cut my head off and shit down my neck because of it, it was worth it. Thank you.

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"We will drown all of you in blood" ... Who the hell in the State Department wrote that shit up?


It should have read... "We will drown all of you folks in blood..."

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If it's true that ISIS are a CIA/Mossad creation to help bring about Oded Yinon's vision, then I doubt very many of their members actually know this.

Which means they're likely to overstep the bounds of what they were intended to do.

I've got the feeling ISIS have wandered off the reservation and are being trimmed... if they pull back from the Kurdish and Shia areas and just focus on holding the Sunni areas and attacking Assad, I think they'll find they'll get a lot less interference from the West.

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I'm still open to other opinions but as we speak...

Numerous well placed sources claim ISIS is CIA not Mossad. That makes sense considering Abu Bakr was in US custody for 5 years. The plan for ISIS regardless would be largely identical however. Here are the 3 biggies...

1) Bring Iran into the conflict ( Re: Kissinger/Cheney 100 year war between Sunni and Shia)

2) Break up Iraq and allow arming and recognizing Kurdistan as an independant country to be able to sell it's oil legally.. The major oil companies already have much better deals in place for the oil fields here compared to the $1 to $5 per barrel production agreements in the rest of the Iraqi oilpatch.

3) Force the rump of Iraq into a signing a SOFA to keep tens of thousands of American troops permanently stationed in Iraq to protect these oilfields.

Remember Biden's original reason for picking Al Malaki?

“Maliki wants us to stick around because he does not see a future in Iraq otherwise,” Biden said, according to the account. “I’ll bet you my vice presidency Maliki will extend the SOFA.”