WTI Crude Plunges To New 7-Month Lows

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Brent crude is rising this morning up from an earlier dip to $101.75. That is not the case for WTI crude which has been in freefall since this morning's CPI data print. Brent-WTI has soared from below $5 to over $6.50 in the last few hours as WTI drops to a $95 handle at its lowest since mid-January.



Obviously positioning in crude was very speculatively long but one wonders at the price action when it would appear to be the only 'weapon' Obama has left to fight Putin.

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and its STILL $3.30 gas price!

TideFighter's picture

Did somebody start making 3-ton SUV's that get 75 mpg? 'Cause that's all I see around here, more and more SUV's big enough to say AMTRAK on the side. Where is the consumption dropping? Don't say Ferguson because dem looterz iz drivin Caddez to da sho. 

NOTaREALmerican's picture

You're not one of the eco-watermelons that wants to emasculate this country by forcing everybody to drive pansy euro-trash cars, are ya?

This country can only stand up to the likes of ISIS if we are manly enough to do so.  Why do you think those goddamn european pansies don't fight in the middle-east?  You ever ask yourself that?  It's because of those goddamn pansy cars they've got over there.  You figure it out.

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Just got gas at Costco.

Paid $71.73 for 21.8 gallons = $3.27 a gallon.

Just can't believe!

I thought it would have been $5 dollars and gold over $3 thousand.

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ISIS is selling oil for cheap.

disabledvet's picture

WTI a lot easier to refine than Brent. Another "odd couple" (like gasoline being more expensive than diesel.)

At some point this will be great news for jobs growth and recovery...still a no show though.

Escrava Isaura's picture


It’s a NO show because we are past peak growth.

Why do you think we have accumulated debt since 1970 exponentially?

Answer: To hide this ugly truth.


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Hey DV do you not go back and read answers to your posts?  Must not as I pointed out to you that diesel is priced now based on the fact that it has about 20% MORE energy per gallon than gasoline.  For decades technology did not allow diesel to be used as easliy in car/pickups as gasoline.  That has changed and as a result the price has risen to reflect that.....  So a market inefficiency no longer exists that allows diesel to sell well below gasoline on an ENERGY ADJUSTED BASIS.  We import much more gasoline than diesel due to most countries using more Diesel than us in proportion to our total demand.  If you take the time to look at inventories on Diesel you will see we are typically in a much tighter supply demand balance than gasoline.  So please check the data if you please.  I really hate to see you look ignorant on this matter by continually making that remark.  Yes it sucks that the old discount or slight premium has disappeared but its really how markets are supposed to work.  As far as the war on oil prices its really not in our best interests to keep knocking down the oil price as there are lots of producers out there not making money in the $90's.  We will most likely pay for it in the longer run.  Just like most of the other crap the Gubmint and the Banksters are orchestrating....

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The spread, google it. NO seriously, on a financial site we see this every time someone posts the oil chart. I would bet less than half the posters who may be financial pro's can not explain the price basis you pay at the pump, vs what it is produced at in the field. Bonus points for the 5 key drivers for pump prices at the wholesale level. Hint, it's not the Koch's sex life or Bar scene in Gaza.


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Edit: hey sweet, the mythic double post. Time to reset the firewall software.



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Gosh, it's almost like at least one of them is manipulated and not actually responding to supply and demand parameters of price discovery.

French Frog's picture

I would go with: "one of them is manipulated twice as much as the other one"


Dr. Engali's picture

Damn with all these geopolitical "fears" ahem..... staged bullshit......... one would think oil and PMs would trade to the upside.

ekm1's picture

No. Not if oil is used a collateral for derivatives

kito's picture

how odd this is occurring now that the west is pursuing an agenda against russia..................

Winston Churchill's picture

Secret SPR sales ?

That would be totally stupid in this situation, so yes exactly what the clowns in DC would do.

kito's picture

there is little doubt they are hammering down the price of oil in furtherance of our new "cold war"....how long will our saudi allies and others will accept it?

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maybe we are just in a deflationary environment where the dollar is strengthening and holders of all things  USD will continue to benefit from the contunued beautiful deleveraging? 

ekm1's picture

Saudis have trillions of dollars as reserve which would be useless if USD collapsed


Saudis want strong USD and can extremely well live with oil at $70 maximum

fonzannoon's picture

$70 max? Where do we sign? That puts gas at around what....$2.75 a gallon? What are we waiting for? 

ekm1's picture

Collapse of derivatives, that's what the wait is about, which would make "few" bankers poor overnight, just like Madoff.


remember madoff?

kito's picture

fonz perhaps the "deep state" is working to lift the dollar in forex and hammer down the price of oil in the markets simultaneously........

oh fonz, deflation?? have you been to the supermarket lately? paid college tuition? paid for health insurance? 

fonzannoon's picture

Sure, the cost of goods are rising. Wages are not, so it's no big deal. Besides, as long as you save in spy there is no inflation. However if the system starts to falter and we are seeing signs right now that it is with the recent delivery failures that have been predicted, remember, if you don't hold it (treasury bond certificates) you don't own it.

kito's picture

fonz, save!!!??? did you say save!!!??? fonz, what reality are you in!!! you need to leave the comfort bubble of the tri state area and check out whats going on in the rest of america. nobody is saving. most americans cannot go a few weeks without a paycheck to survive. come on fonz!!! save???!!!!!

fonzannoon's picture

you are only talking about 95% of the people. i'm talking about the other 5%. 


passenger_pidgin's picture

Why buy when you can skim from the Ohio River?

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Looks like the Trash Class will be able to buy food with all the money they'll be saving on gas.

FJ's picture

Now, this will hurt Russia???

ekm1's picture


Watch out for $10 drops per day.


Way, way, way overdue 


An inevitable oil price collapse will trigger derivative margin calls and bankrupt bank lobby which is holding hostage the real economy

Two Theives and a Liar's picture

Agreed..OIl price has been buoyed for some time by all the funny munny looking for a home. With global GDP where it is this should not be a surprise. Unfortunately this means more "Dinosaur-UVs" clogging up the local roads.

SheepDog-One's picture

I still believe what caused the banks all their trouble back in 2007 was they were all very short oil at around $40 and it shot up to $140 or so, so now the opposite is set up to happen.

cougar_w's picture

Tight oil plays become uneconomical under $85

cougar_w's picture

Wait. Did I say that out-loud?

ekm1's picture


Governments will provide "rebates" to make them instantly economical as long as technology exists and harm to nature and water supplies is deemed acceptable

Spastica Rex's picture

Nationalize the tight "oil" "fields?"

Interesting idea!

ekm1's picture

Oil industry is practically nationalized.

Anything to keep the energy flowing as long as harm on water supplies is tolerable, and of course if technology exists

Spastica Rex's picture

Adopting socialist practices to defend the blessed, non-negotiable Western birthright of ever expanding material profligacy makes me chuckle, but I don't disagree with your remarks at all.

On the other hand, the definition of "tolerable harm" will, in the end, be quite malleable, I think.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Talking numbers (heard on the radio): Orange juice sales down 9% from 2013.

Is that right?

Can't believe in that much.

SheepDog-One's picture

Orange juice costs too much, people just going with straight vodka shots now.

TabakLover's picture

Putin ain't gonna like that.

ekm1's picture

That's why he was in a rush to get China and brics to avoid use of USD

jubber's picture

mysteriously both Chevron and Exxon are up...funny that