Ferguson Cop Points Gun At Protesters And Press, Screams "I Will F***ing Kill You", Has Been "Relocated"

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In the aftermath of recent violent events and now that even the US Attorney General has arrived, one would assume that the Ferguson police had at least some "sensitivity" training about how to approach protesters, especially those "armed" with cameras. Not in this case. The footage below out of Ferguson shows a police officer pointing his gun directly at protesters and reporters while screaming "I’m going to f***ing kill you!"

The clip shows a Ferguson officer with his gun raised pointing it directly at a citizen journalist who was live streaming at the time: the incident was witnessed by Infowars reporter Joe Biggs who was also filming the incident.

"My hands are up bro, my hands are up," states the journalist before the cop responds, "I’m going to f***ing kill you, get back, get back!"

"You’re going to kill him?” asks another individual before the journalist asks, “did he just threaten to kill me?"

When the cop is asked for his name he responds, "go fuck yourself."

It didn't end there.

As Infowars reports, "another clip shows the officer pointing his gun as protesters demand he lower the weapon. A second cop intervenes to make the officer lower his weapon as more irate demonstrators demand to know the officer’s name."

The officer’s response to people asking for his name almost immediately prompted the launch of the Twitter hashtag #officergofuckyourself.

Biggs live tweeted the incident, and also took this photograph of the cop.

The incident is certain to provoke curiosity as to just how the local Police department is handling the de-escalation of local tensions.

As for police officer #officergofuckyourself, it appears he is no longer "on location."

One also wonders: if not in Ferguson, just where can this pleasant, if "relocated", individual be encountered?

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I wonder what would happen if I pointed one of my rifles at a cop and told him I was going to kill him.  Would I lose my job?  Or maybe I would just get put on leave for a few days?

johngaltfla's picture

Sounds to me like this man has a future at DHS.

James_Cole's picture

Stand your ground law meet crazy cop threatening to kill people for no reason. 

Slave's picture

Stand your ground only means no duty to retreat. Nothing more.

pods's picture

Peace officers eh?


Slave's picture

If a normal citizen did this it would be brandishing and assault.

nope-1004's picture

This cop ain't normal, he's not even respectable.  He's got a major problem with power / control.  He's a freak, a lunatic, and an asshole.

Since his picture is plastered all over the real media now (as opposed to a few cable channels owned by Fed shareholders), it will be interesting to see how he gets treated in return.



Divided States of America's picture

He should be relocated to some asylum, it dont matter where he goes, hes an empowered menace to society.

Paveway IV's picture

Just send him back to the IDF for retraining.

dryam's picture

Big deal. I'm sick of all the sensationalism by ZH. I've been a big fan of ZH since it's infancy, but not so much any more.

SWRichmond's picture
“The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.”

 Jeff Cooper, Art of the Rifle

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Where are the videos of the mob yelling fuck you at the cops and spitting on them?

I hate the police state, but I also appreciate law and order.

I am glad I am not a cop in that situation.  That is a shitty job.

strannick's picture

"To serve and protect "

He's just so thrilled and excited to have someone put a gun in his hand.


hedgeless_horseman's picture



You must be a special kind of stupid to try to engage a roided out cop with a shaved head holding a rifle at the ready in a stressfull situation like a mob.

jbvtme's picture

new rule: cops must wear a full head of hair. plus, mandatory drug testing for steroids every 30 days.

DOT's picture

Even a name tag would be an improvement.

chumbawamba's picture

Hey, big tough police guy.  Tall Tom lives at 12223B Woodside Avenue, Lakeside, CA USA.  Why don't you take your little pea shooter over there and tell Tom you're going to fucking kill him?  Maybe he'll invite you in for coffee.


fuu's picture

That cop looks fucking scared. 

nope-1004's picture

Isn't there a law about Uttering Death Threats?


Zadok's picture

I count three felonys if a non-special group were to do that...brandishing, threatening with a gun (pointing...as opposed to merely showing it), explicitly verbal threatening deadly harm, assault (probably tied to all three).  And all that while facing cameras and no explicit or implicit threats.  

It really goes to show the difference between the slaves and the priviliged slave class.  

Utterly disgusting.  'relocated my ass',  justice is equal treatment before the law, we are a far cry from that.  


Heavy's picture

I agree, they should all be tested for steroids monthly. 

Taking guns on patrol only confuses them and makes the job at hand harder, no guns for cops. 

The law seems like a one way street in these parts of society. 

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Yep, cops are fine outstanding Caucasians who will definitely not turn their psychotic behavior on their Caucasian brothers and sisters once they've dealt with the Negroes...


European American's picture

Raised by abusive parents and video games and sugar and junk food and back from fallujah now on steroids and alcohol and anger and now GMO junk food and the HEAVIEST of Psychotropics. Welcome to the mEN in black and blue.

tarsubil's picture

Holy shit. That is something to be scared of. Little did he know.

JR's picture

Hedgeless, I’m proud to give you a vote up. And I’m amazed at the poor judgment of this ZH lynch mob: picturing how wonderfully quiet and professional this lynch mob would be if it were faced with attack cameras and consistent verbal abuse and baiting, especially with the kind of pressure on this particular police force, is a little difficult given their hysteria. I can tell by their comments their "equanimity" wouldn't last five minutes.

If Ferguson has policemen who are unprofessional let them be disciplined, removed from duty, etc., but where is this hang 'em mentality coming from?

I was attacked on the sidewalk at night by four or five blacks during a widespread power blackout around Christmas time a few years ago in downtown San Francisco. While I was beating them off as best I could, had I not cried out at the same time for a policeman who was directing traffic in the almost complete blackness, I probably wouldn’t be writing this tonight.

scaleindependent's picture

"faced with attack cameras"


Holy Shit!  Attack Cameras!   Watchout! 

300 mm attack camera lens, no less, biatch!

Some of those  attack cameras can even "shoot" 15 fps!

And he did'nt even mention the blinding fucking flash! It will make you go blind faster than masturbation.


You have to aggressively and punitively respond to those Attack Cameras with M16s and death threats to control them. Who knows? The press may even conceal tiny P&S cameras in their pants. No one can will see their shots coming!

brombones's picture

That's one way to look at it. The other is if you had been carrying a firearm yourself, and knew how to use it, you wouldn't have had to have been lucky that a cop was nearby.

Make your own luck next time.

Spumoni's picture

You left out "going armed to the terror of the public." Too bad they can't be reprogrammed to go armed to the terror of the bankers.

gmrpeabody's picture

Doesn't anybody recognize sarcasm when they see it?  

hedgeless_horseman's picture



I agree.  That cop looks fucking scared.

McMolotov's picture

And that's what I find scary. Scared people don't always think straight. Scared people can make mistakes. The big shitstorm could easily begin because of one frightened individual instead of someone with actual evil intent.

What if his gun had gone off by accident? It's likely half the cops there would have immediately opened fire. This country is right at the edge, lots of people playing with matches while standing in a pool of gasoline.

cougar_w's picture

Training training training training training training training training training mutherfucking training.

These guys obviously don't know shit. And Officer Gofuk Yuself shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a badge ever again.

krispkritter's picture

 PTSD; Press Traumatic Stress Disorder.  License to kill and get away with it.  Guys that freaking scary looking should never be handed a badge in the first place.  I remember starting my work career at what is now a large regional brokerage(mail room, relax) and having to take a psychological test as a condition of hiring.  Do PD's even attempt to do this?  Or is this exactly what they want?  Any wonder people don't trust the majority of POs anymore?  PD's in general? There will come a time when a crowd really does open up on those in riot gear and the consequences will be dire, for both sides...

Ballin D's picture

They do.  You can actually be disqualified for a high IQ. Not something the police hold in high regard.

brombones's picture

Yeah, they say that you'll get bored being a cop if your IQ is above a certain level, so there is an IQ cutoff point.

I say they do it because if you're too smart, you're less likely to follow unlawful orders.

willwork4food's picture


Scared people don't think straight & make mistakes like we all do. Tinder box situation here in the midwest of the empire.

Ness.'s picture

Yep.  He's scared for his life.  I'm not the one to judge his emotional state just from a video but, that dude is stressed. fucking. OUT.  Can't say that I wouldn't be in better shape after 11 days of this shit but he needs a 'time-out'.

cougar_w's picture

Video cameras can do that to you if you are worried that you might be a total fuck-up on a pogo-stick.

Christophe2's picture

Fucking cops know how excessively brutal they are in reality, so trying to do their 'job' on camera must be near-impossible and highly stressful.

Hahaha.  All the fucking paid liars and abusers are finding out that they can't get away with what the previous generations could do. #officergofuckyourself, everyone knows you now, and we can hunt you down (socially) if we want to...

duo's picture

Can you imagine if someone had thown a rock, bottle or water balloon at Officer GoFuckYourself?  He would have started shooting until his clip was empty.

Mike Ochisbent's picture

Actually, it would be his magazine.

Flagit's picture


Tall Tom lives at 12223B Woodside Avenue, Lakeside, CA


That's kinda fucked up that you kept that info.

Who else are you keeping files on?

The_Dude's picture

Tall Tom has published it before and encouraged others to come meet him in his front yard...

Urban Redneck's picture

... encouraged other [ZH posters] to come meet him in his front yard...

That cop probably couldn't get past the captcha, and almost certainly doesn't post on ZH.

Lost Word's picture

Let Tall Tom invite the cop, if he wishes,

Not cool to take away his own choice of when to post something like that ...

Don't need a new case of "suicide by cop".