How The Swiss Deal With Police Brutality

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With all the world's eyes firmly focused on Ferguson, Missouri; we thought the following clip from a Swiss soccer match would provide some context for what is possible...

As Martin Armstrong explains,

When a fan ran out onto a soccer field, several policeman tackle him and start beating him with clubs.


This conduct outraged the fans so much, people from the stands stormed onto the field and chased down the police for their inappropriate actions.


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The police are outnumbered. 

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In the USSA, you do not beat police, they beat you!

Keyser's picture

I believe the fascists have underestimated the seithing anger of the populace... It's coming folks... 

NotApplicable's picture

How could you ever call 1.6 billion hollow-points "underestimating?"

You really think they're stupid enough to not see it coming?

That Kool-Aid does you no favors. Nothing you see on the surface is real.

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Made my fucking morning.  Thanks! 

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I've seen scenes like this with my own eyes.


A leson in freedom from the old world, Murika land of the free...ks!


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In Soviet Union, cop is on his beat.

In Soviet America, cop is beat on you!


Jackoff Smirnoff

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USA is a police state with military weapons.

Remember how much we made fun of Tiananmen square in China, that's us.

We learned good.

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clearly an additional security force is needed in order to protect the guards while they are doing their job on the field


The Big Ching-aso's picture

It appears this article based on the Portugal comments is full of Swiss cheese.

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that needs to go effin VIRAL

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doesn't look or sound like Switzerland... not even close...

James_Cole's picture

erm looks like switzerland, sounds like switzerland? Look like security not cops though. 

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You guys are missing the point - they were loosing 3-1, just like the elites what better way to null the match is there than to create a distraction.

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The Department of Homegame Security - DHS

Antifaschistische's picture

nice video.

but, I don't consider these Swiss fans parallel to a clan of goons throwing bricks through the window at the local Pigley Wigley and looting every last Twinkie off the shelf.   Perhaps I'm the odd one out, but those brick throwing goons need to get drop kicked also.   Maybe not by police...maybe by the store owner, or some Swiss soccer fans...whoever.

Save_America1st's picture

looked like an old Benny Hill episode!  That guy was hilarious

Queue up the Benny Hill music and watch it again lol

Next game the cops will show up with sniper rifles, MRAPs, tear gas and flash bombs courtesy of the U.S. Feds and our tax dollars!

ThirdWorldDude's picture

"Next game the cops will show up with sniper rifles, MRAPs, tear gas and flash bombs courtesy of the U.S. Feds and our tax dollars!"


Nope! (Cue Bowie)

Wrong country, dude. In Switzerland the most probable outcome shall be a few fired cops and decision by football clubs to invest in their own security and never again allow this kind of fascist pigs to pose as security officers.

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And you forgot one- Double Overtime$

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no doubt the guy was kweer and deserved a royal beatdown, after all, he was at a soccer game to begin with and not up in the stands drinking beer and blowing on a vuvu groping chicks like the rest of the well behaved heteros....kweers always want to make a big showing..."hey! look at me!"


Full disclosure:  (im a kweer too, but only with myself)

mkkby's picture

Everyone at that game was a terrorist, unless a central banker happened to be in attendance.  Make sure those rent a cops have machine guns and flash grenades next time.

Captain Jack Sparrow's picture


0.52  the guy in the white shirt runs from the right of the screen and just falls straight on his face

Funniest shit I have ever seen!

ACP's picture

Wasn't this in Portugal?

Man Who Was Thursday's picture

These are not swiss people, the fans seem to be portuguese. Benfica (the guys in red) is a portuguese team.

The guy that inittialy gets attacked by the security was only trying to show support for the referree, they seem to be related.

Funny thing though, fans of BOTH SIDES of the match storming the security forces. Can't get more poetic than that

Seeing Red's picture

It stopped being funny when people started kicking the security goon.  For you folks chortling over this aspect, rest assured our gov't minders will learn the wrong lesson(s) from this.

vato poco's picture

Why is a Barney Fife respect-mah-authoritah asshole, an asshole who was clearly having a grand old time jabbing his nightstick into the guy on the ground, getting his ass stomped by outraged vigilantes "not funny"?

As far as our government minders 'learning the wrong lessons from this', that horse done left the barn a loooong time ago. Google 'Philly PD bombs MOVE' - 5 *children* killed. Google 'Ruby Ridge' - a 13-year-old boy shot in the back. Google 'Waco/Mt. Carmel' - 76 people killed, including 21 children. Google 'Bounkham Phonesavanh' - he's the 2-year-old boy who was horribly burned and nearly died when our brave noble Security Forces popped off a flash-bang grenade in his fucking CRIB.......because they were hunting a "bad guy" for being a drug fiend. (naturally, the cops deny deny deny doing anything wrong - "we followed procedure perfectly" - and refuse refuse refuse to pay for the kid's hospital bills)(naturally) One thing the brave noble Security Forces don't publicize about that raid is this: "Amount of meth allegedly sold to a police informant before the raid that nearly killed Bounkham Phonesavanh: $50 worth."

It's crystal clear they view us as The Enemy, and have done so for decades. So stomp 'em while you got 'em, Swissies!

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Switzerland v Portugal

...but this was way back before the beginning of the financial crisis, when I was still living on that side of the country and before the interregnum of my Swiss residency when I moved back to the US.

CNN recap of events (ENGLISH for those who don't parle, spricht, parla or fala)

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The Pervasive Police Brutality Sends A Powerful Message: "The 1% Will Not Be Threatened Physically Or Verbally" by the 99%.

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More fluoride for the Swiss. Too much independent thinking going on over there.

kchrisc's picture

It is generally accepted that it is easier for a non-army to defeat an army. Imagine how easy it is to defeat an army whose wives and children live among their victims of oppression and treason?

An American, not US subject.


"I’ll have a guillotine with that."

p00k1e's picture

I’m surprised there aren’t more ‘Beltway sniper attack’ copycats. 

Grumbleduke's picture

I remember an interview with Jesse Ventura some 100 years ago.

He told (I believe it was Alex Jones), given his past as a marine, that his team of 10 men would easily lockdown the entire east coast - judging by the behaviour of the police and feds at the time of said sniper attacks.

Give him 10 teams, he added, and they will close the entire US (maybe he didn't mean the flyover countries?). There was some food for thought...

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Come crunch time, I'm expecting the government to extablish security zones, green zones if you will, for the family members.  Government required a loyal security force and family is obvious leverage. The enemy is evil, not stupid.

Got drones?

kchrisc's picture

Regardless, the treasonous thugs should not be allowed to live comfortably among us, the victims of their treason.

An American, not US subject.

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About a year ago, the police arrested a woman in a marketplace in my city.
The woman looked pretty normal and she didn't know why the police arrested her and kept asking why she was getting arrested. There where 3 cops and they also started being brutal and pressed her on the ground.
And arround that market there where hundreds of people sitting on a terras drinking their beers and enjoying the weather but when they pressed her on the ground, I think there where about a hundred people standing up and going to the police.
First slowly untill people started yelling to the cops to relax.
They didn't listen and the cops where surrounded by the crowds.
People just held back the police, and people called other cops to arrest the cops who where brutal.
They didn't allow the woman to go away and she was also arrest for stealing from a store but it didn't jsutify such brutal behavior and also the cops where arrest because of the claims from the people.

I don't have a problem with cops at all but they do have to follow the law and behave like normal people.

BandGap's picture

I have been at celebrations that have gotten out of hand (block parties). The cops were very civil on the periphery and never ventured into the crowd. The only reason they would have done this (I was told later by a friend who was with the police force) is if a person was injured or harmed or if the fire departement was called. The "party" was out of hand as far as I was concerned (I left almost immediately) but the police knew that 1. they were vastly outnumbered and 2. any stupid action by one cop would mean immediate escalation.

Law of the jungle.


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Well, that will teach her for shoving a dozen apples up her pussy without paying for them...Imagine the poor fruit vendor having to polish them all back up?

El Vaquero's picture

Because those 1.6 billion hollow points are (mostly) 40S&W.  Good fucking luck hitting your target at 250 yds with that.

Cobra's picture

I have a S&W 40... Good luck at 25 yards.

css1971's picture

Up to about 200 yards no problem.


100 yards, 40S&W, iron sights:

200 yards with scope. 9mm, not 40S&W:

240 yards, 9mm, iron sights:

440 yards. 9mm iron sights:


Still lethal at 400 yards.

If you have a pistol it might be worth picking up a carbine with matching magazine and ammo, they are relatively cheap even compared to pistols and as above, let you reach out to 200 yards, plus can nearly double the bullet energy in the longer barrel.


Idaho potato head's picture

My elk hunting partner has a rifle sighted in at 1000 meters.....just saying

Gold is money - and bullets if your out of lead's picture

Look I am no fan of the government but the whole thing about 16 billion rounds being some kind of conspiracy is just horseshit. It is a known fact that fucked up sweetheart deals happen ALL THE TIME. This one just happens to be for bullets and the parties making the deal were dumb or did not care that it could go viral and make them look like shit. Another issue is all federal forces of any kind MUST PRACTICE WITH THE AMMO THEY CARRY. Therefore NO ball ammo or substitutes. Now you would be surprised at how many rounds certain agents for things like the FBI have to fire in order to maintain their quailifications.  


A sweet heart deal

Multi year Deal

Have to practice whith the same ammo they carry

There are lots of signals out there that things are going to blow but that one is just noise.