How The Swiss Deal With Police Brutality

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With all the world's eyes firmly focused on Ferguson, Missouri; we thought the following clip from a Swiss soccer match would provide some context for what is possible...

As Martin Armstrong explains,

When a fan ran out onto a soccer field, several policeman tackle him and start beating him with clubs.


This conduct outraged the fans so much, people from the stands stormed onto the field and chased down the police for their inappropriate actions.


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I am no fan of the government but the whole thing about 16 billion rounds being some kind of conspiracy is just horseshit. It is a known fact that fucked up sweetheart deals happen ALL THE TIME...

Nope, no benefit of the doubt for a gang does does all of this with money stolen from us.

If they buy a billion hollow-points, they get full blame for their thuggery.

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They're going to need them when a few million people reach the point.

Liberal's picture

Look.  Just turn in all your guns and ammo, okay?  Then we'll talk.

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Hey they are all white...


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You know what blows my mind about this whole thing? It's that we sit here and see incidents like

and this

all the time. 

Incidents that clearly show both white people and black people putting up absolutely no resistance to police and as clear as day you can see them being beaten, abused and sometimes ending in death. In the U.C case the policeman who pepper sprayed those kids got 38k for his troubles!

And yet we latch onto this Michael Brown situation where the guy sure as hell looks like he committed a robbery and quite possibly charged that police officer and assault him and this is the one we use for our rallying cry?

Maybe it's me but I just find it pretty bizarre. It's too bad it was not one of the above incidents as the Michael Brown one is a very divisive incident where the cops may not be as much in the wrong as ther others and ends up with a lot of people having sympathy for the police.

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Pressure builds and that which causes the explosion may not seem like that logical event... it might even be a small event but the snap comes because of all the previous shit and not necessarily the event that was the trigger.

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Very, very ugly.

What we are witnessing is an indication that people are looking past any discussions and releasing a lot of pent up anger.

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Just wait until we start judging on the content of their character.  Whoa Nellie!

RECISION's picture

Look.  Just turn in all your guns and ammo, okay?  Then we'll talk.

Gosh, now you are starting to sound Ukrainian.

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Not too hard to see it from both sides to some degree.  And that the problem is fueling itself too.

I really do expect this to continue and get uglier as it goes.  At some point maybe even culminating in Kent State sort of event that really polarizes a significant amount of people. 

I hate to quote Celente - but he did say that "when people have nothing else to lose, they lose it."

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When public opinion finally turns against "them" (and this certainly does seem to be happening, right now), the "authorities" will have to play all their cards, including the ones they believe are "trump" cards (i.e. "state of emergency", "martial law", etc).  That will push the rest of the fence-sitters into the street, and then it's on.

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I have to live in the top couple % of conservative lifestyles, but I no longer trust cops at all. In fact, I believe the vast majority of them to be violent thugs.

And their bosses are worse.

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Here in the fine state of Maryland, we have a wonderful and farsighted Governor who envisioned future conflicts between the citizenry and the many police in Maryland. To prevent such occurrences, Gov. Martin O'Malley has successfully pushed through his anti-gun legislation which renders many handguns, rifles and their magazines illegal overnight. Thrilled that government is finally doing something comprehensive, all gun owners in Maryland have either turned these weapons in to the police or have thrown them off the Bay Bridge in a show of support for O'Malley's activist government. The gun legislation is sure to help O'Malley in his bid for the presidency as much as the rain tax which received national coverage due to its unique approach to creative taxation.

So don't look for any trouble between the cops and the citizens of Maryland. We're "all in" with O'Malley and completely unarmed and compliant.


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That's why I call it Reichstag Missouri

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I sent the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters supplies.  ?   

I don’t know where to send supplies to the Ferguson Patriots.  

I have minimum payments due and can’t groove over to Ferguson to organize.  ?  

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Just send the supplies to the Ferguson police station.  They will be distributed fairly. /sarc off  What is wrong with you anyway?  Why do you think they need supplies or did I just not get the implied sarcasm?

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

And yet we latch onto this Michael Brown situation 

One way of looking at it is as a simple catalyst.

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No no don't get it...we can only latch onto the police brutality meme if the victim, rightly or wrongly, is black. The MSM will be pounding Ferguson into our heads for the next 2 months. This is Trayvon 2.0, but instead of a Zimmerman you have a cop as the shooter.

Otherwise no one cares.

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That's the nature of these things. You don't 'pick' the incident that sets off the riots. At these times, the incident sort of picks itself. The masses are on a hair-trigger, and it is that small, seemingly insignificant, or even unrelated, incident that tips the whole thing over the edge.

Like a minor member of European royalty gets shot and starts WW2...people back then might have thought, "All the shit that has happened, and they go off for THIS?"

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No they haven't.   Why the hell do you think they have better weapons than our military, 2700 armored vehicles, 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammo, armed drones, DARAPA robots, etc .  ?!?!   I think you are under estimating how prepared they are.

Kprime's picture

question is, are they prepared to die?

They know that day is coming.  Why do you think they are so armored up?  These assholes are not in some foreign country.  they go home every day to family.  Think they will stand and fight when they start dying?

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"You let one ant stand up to us, then they ALL might stand up to us!"

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Our enemy is obedience.

An American, not US subject.

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LL wrote "In the USSA, you do not beat police, they beat you!"

Correction -- in they "shoot" you.

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I'm very proud to anounce that Portuguese where the people involved.

Viva o Benfica!!!!

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Now, if they could only give that type of ass kicking to the owners of Banco Espirito Santo and the mudderfkers that shoved the EU don't their throats, Portugal might actually have a chance at survival.

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I'd sign at least a half dozen of those fans to the National Team!

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The video is blurred and it might be difficut to see, but I have no idea why Mr Armstrong thinks this is Swiss.

Nevertheless, hat off to the brave individuals that went to the rescue. We need much more of this type of civil courage.


seek's picture

A fact the police seem to forget. They will be reminded soon at the rate we're going.

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These are no Swiss Fans...they are from Portugal. The Friendly Match was played in Switzerland. If you wanna see real Swiss "Fans" in Action check this out.....

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That's kinda pussified.

Why didn't they jump the wall and start taking it to the crowd?

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The Swiss hooligans are so much more orderly than the mobs after a Lazio v Roma match...

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Those did not look like Swiss citizens to me more like some albanian filth or other gypsy trash.

I'd a pulled my Glock and started firing until those pukes got the message.  

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Thank you, Darrin Wilson.

Seasmoke's picture


pain_and_soros's picture

Doubt those were actual cops, but minimum wage secuirty hires (who want to act like cops) ....

They got a lesson in "humanity"

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its comin...
dont worry...
be slappy.

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That's not Switzerland, that's Portugal... and that's Banco Espirito shareholders unloading some frustration.

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Time for the GM bond holders to join in!  After all, it is never too late for justice to be served. I heard it on the MSM!

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in the rush to get content out, a few mistakes will get made such as typos, ***cough, cough*** vetting secondary and primary sources, and more typos.

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1 - That is Portugal, not Switzerland
2 - These are private stadium security guards, not police officers 

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Now why you gotta go ruin a perfectly good narrative?

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Yeah, but the most important thing is NO GUNS.

If the cops/guards/whatever had guns the first 10-20 would have been knocked down, then the crowd would've backed off.

If they kept coming cops coulda knocked down 40-50 of them before they were overrun, if they had 15 round weapons.

And that's just before reinforcements arrive.