How The Swiss Deal With Police Brutality

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With all the world's eyes firmly focused on Ferguson, Missouri; we thought the following clip from a Swiss soccer match would provide some context for what is possible...

As Martin Armstrong explains,

When a fan ran out onto a soccer field, several policeman tackle him and start beating him with clubs.


This conduct outraged the fans so much, people from the stands stormed onto the field and chased down the police for their inappropriate actions.


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Typically armed police carry assault rifles or 9mm machine pistols when on assignment, in addition to their sidearm.

Reality is even if there, the armed police would never have been involved in the altercation in the first place, leaving that to other on duty personnel and would have retreated rather than fire on the crowd. I've never heard of a case of an armed policeman firing on a crowd. Guns are not for riot control. They are there to deal with specific threats; gunmen, bombers, that kind of thing.

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For now. The 'cops' on this video looked like they would have if they had the option.

I doubt the cops will back off like they did during the Rodney King riots now that they've upgraded to military equipment.

If Turd Ferguson escalates to cover 1/4 or more of St Louis i'd expect strike teams to start targeting protest leaders, and a few police stations to over run, all with live fire against civilians.

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NO, that's not Portugal. That's a Portuguese team that was playing IN SWITZERLAND...

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Yup, my Tyrolean friends do know how to get the job done.  Don't mess with Tyroleans!

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The days of the humble baton.

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Turn about


is fair play

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Exactly - US needs to take their guns away.  Seems like you get a few stories per week now of cops shooting/killing the wrong person, a non-violent criminal, or the victim who called 9-1-1.  Just take their guns away and let them use billy clubs.

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Swiss Justice! Sweeter than their chocolate! (Edit as fellow ZHers have this as Portugal)

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People of ZH often don't know what they're talking about... what's troubling though is that those who don't live here, speak Portuguese, or have any recollection of the event don't bother to do some basic research on the internet before making fools out of themselves.

That match was played in Geneva. As a result of those rent-a-cops getting beaten, for Euro 2008 the Cantonale Police (who usually wear two-tone blue uniforms) got issued shit kicker shin guards and riot helmets.

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Racially motivated.

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The last remaining republic in the world.  God, you got to love them Swiss. 

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Actually it was in Portugal. And it needs to happen a whole lot more.

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 That guy deserved a good beating for being at a soccer game to begin with...

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Gun and badge thugs the same everywhere: Only "courageous” when beating and killing people as part of a group.

Notice that the main gun and badge thug perp runs away when the crowd comes on the field. He doesn't even stay to assist his fellow cowards.

An American, not US subject.

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Maybe he had a slightly higher IQ than his fellow Comrades in Police Brutality.

Some people just know when its time to run away, others like Michael Brown, "The Gentle Giant", "The College Dreamer", take a bullet to the head just to prove how tough they are.

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If the Police in the US continue exploiting the law in order to murder and terrorize US citizens then they should expect to be remembered and eventually retaliated against. Ferguson is the canary in the coal mine and is less about race and more about the increasing brutality of the Police State. I would not be at all surprised to start seeing these cops who murder unarmed citizens getting whacked on their way home in future. The people have had enough. I say if they want to play soldier send them to Iraq and fight ISIS. Kill two birds with one stone.

kchrisc's picture

Every American should be compiling a list of known pol, crat, functionaries
(funcs), bankster criminals and gun and badge thugs, cops, in their sphere of influence--The Crimes Against the American People Database list (CAAP-DB)

Oath violating and treasonous gun and badge thugs, corrupt pols and crats, thieving banksters, etc. should be placed on it. Their names, crimes and positions should be, at a minimum, kept for future reference and trial.

When the DC US finally collapses, these lists can then be used to root out the known
criminals that will think that they can hide among their victims--no "Truth and Reconciliation" here.

An American, not US subject.

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Please let that happen here in a very public forum where the police are clearly committing brutality. We desperately need the public conversation and the police (at least many of them) desperately need to see that they are not supported by the public when they subdue and then beat the shit out of people.

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One of the first things a black parent should teach their children is, "When a cop tells you to do something; do it."  Having said that, it would be nice if there were any black fathers around to be teaching the kids in the first fucking place.

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"One of the first things a black parent should teach their children is, "When a cop tells you to do something; do it." "

What every American should be teaching their children is, "When a gun and badge thug tells you to do something, do it to protect your life and then come home and tell mommy and daddy their name so we can look them up and it can be added to their

' Crimes Against the American People Database list (CAAP-DB)' list."

An American, not US subject.

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It's nice living in a small town where, if one of the boys in blue flies off the handle, he will need to explain himself to half dozen good ol' boys down at the coffee shop.

Not sure how they do it in big cities like St. Louis, but it seems like cops should be assigned beats in the hood they live in.

For sure, we need more sites like cop watch, but on a local level. Maybe a department in yelp for " officer ratings."

There seem to be a lot of citations issued on the street in front of my place these days. I think I'll turn my security cameras toward the street, in case a local citizen needs some back up data.

Also installed a dash cam that records gps, speed and audio as well. Just to keep the law dogs civil when I'm pulled over for major crimes like not having my lights on on a slightly overcast day, or driving with a burned out license plate illuminator at night.

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We, the American people, need for the Constitution to be Restored.

Only a corrupt and treasonous government needs thieving and killing thugs.

An American, not US subject.

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You need to do some research on the amount of time black fathers spend with their children. You might be suprised.

Zerozen's picture

Are you talking about all of them, or just the 20-25% that actually marry the mother/stick around after the child is born?

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Was wondering if you would pick this one up Tylers,  Saw it yesterday at his site.



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That guy was lucky that it wasnt a moose in rutting season. Wow!

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Well done, they are not dumb down. American's are dumb down in general to allow their repressors rein. Obviously we have hope with various resistance movements. Although the guy is wrong for running on the pitch, they clearly do not need to beat him when he's already in cuffs. Good move by the SWISS PEOPLE. Not sure if they are like that nowadays though as the DC fascists have infiltrated Switzerland. Evident from their selling off of their central bank gold not long ago.

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Fuck the power-trippin' police.

People wouldn't be so generally pissed off, but if you let a bunch of bankers rape the system, let corporations pretend to be human beings without responsibility and watch our so-called "representatives" void the prospects of American's future by selling-out to billionaire Singularity fantasy interests then the police merely become a symbol of everyone's frustration and resentment.

I personally know the chief of police and sheriff in my fair city. 

I ran around with all sorts of domestic and international crime fighters for years for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

I should have nothing to fear because I am the system - on paper.

But when a police cruiser rolls up behind me at a stop sign I am scared because it can all turn for no reason.



basho's picture

wake up dude.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemöller

Comte d'herblay's picture

But they didn't come for the worst of the Jews like Greenspan, Bernanke, Orszag, Geithner, Fink, J Yell, Blankfein, Summers, Rubin, Fuld, MAdoff, Cayne, Shapiro, Gensler, Strauss-Kahn, and Lew. 

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dat's because day be da ones pulling da global strings.

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In Easter Europe (probably other places too) you don't fear police, police fears you and that my friend is another ball game all together.


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God bless the Swiss

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Absolutely correct action by the fans my opinion. Seems to stem from a police policy of "zero tolerance". The young fan running across the pitch was doing no harm and there were no victims. A trivial misdemeanour. No need for the police to overeact with such violence, but it happens all the time.

If retaliatory action by fans is limited to giving the over-zealous policemen a hiding, they'll think twice before pushing their weight around in future.

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as lovely and charming as a kitten chasing a butterfly in a summer meadow.

as uplifting as making naked love with scarlet johanson in a hot air balloon flying over amazonia at the setting of the long days sun.

yes sir this is precious

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All men are created equal, no matter the color of their uniform or the size of their baton

Comte d'herblay's picture

A lovely sentiment, but a total lie.


How these dictums from the Declaration or Constitution ever get into the heads of otherwise fairly smart people who have been witness to the reality of things, the zeitgeist, the actuality of every day living is a triumph of Public Relations.   Say something that sounds like things as they SHOULD be, and often enough, and pretty soon it becomes a religious tenet, based on nothing.

Oh, and the check is in the mail, too. 

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Swiss? You mean soccer "fans"...

Ness.'s picture

How many Chicago Cops does it take to push a man down a stairwell?


None - he fell.

dontgoforit's picture

What do you tell a perp who's got two black eyes?

Nothing; you done told him twice.

crazybob369's picture

Swiss? Really? I'm beginning to seriously question anything I read here. Then again, I mostly log in to read comments. Much more entertaining than any of the stories.

gmak's picture

How do you know it's Switzerland?  Sure sounds like the voice-over is talking about a Portuguese game.

Itchy and Scratchy's picture

Very tough 4-1. Very chicken 4-400.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Wow, based on this video, the US has a lot of catching up to do.

Itchy and Scratchy's picture

Not Swiss. They would have stayed in their seats eating their choclate bars! They might have yodeled!

Grumbleduke's picture

in every swiss household there's a semi-automatic gun.

Just behind the chocolate bars.

heywood's picture


Best solution of all - if you don't belong on the field, don't go there. Then nobody gets beaten.


orangegeek's picture

no shit - these rubes taunt the cops and then cry foul when they get their face bashed in with a club


being a cop is a shit job