How The Swiss Deal With Police Brutality

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With all the world's eyes firmly focused on Ferguson, Missouri; we thought the following clip from a Swiss soccer match would provide some context for what is possible...

As Martin Armstrong explains,

When a fan ran out onto a soccer field, several policeman tackle him and start beating him with clubs.


This conduct outraged the fans so much, people from the stands stormed onto the field and chased down the police for their inappropriate actions.


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a shit job, you say?

What kind of creatures are attracted to shit?

How come you know, but they didn't? And as soon as they realised what is up, they quit right away.

Or maybe - just maybe - they are lovin' it.

Until someone uses a fly SWAT

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The Portuguese National Team needs to sign up some of those fans! That squad would have easily taken out the Germans!

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The technology is now available for police activity to be monitored constantly. 

If the police must subdue an individual then all parts of the confrontation should be recorded. 

If Michael Brown had been filmed charging the cop then Ferguson whould still be an unknown suburb of St Louis.

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 Apart from the comment, which is not spoken in any of Switzerland's official languages and other mismatches, the product advertised on the edge 17-21 seconds into the clip is not known here in Switzerland...

Not a good reference for a research firm called M. Armstrong I would like to add. 






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Militarization of the U.S. police is a seriously fooked up problem, and we need to end it ASAP!!


But at the same time:  Don't be a criminal thug piece of garbage, and your odds of getting killed by the Police and / or Ordinary Citizens and / or other criminals goes WAY, WAY down.


See how that works?

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The solution really is that simple... Why doesnt are media send that message... Oh thats right.. 


*I agree with you 100 percent. 

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You think this guy got a beatdown?  You should see what those Swiss can do to a block of cheese!

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Soccer fans responding to unruly soccer fans does not translate in to all encompassing facts about society, otherwise the brits would have been saved by their numerous and well publicized hooligan riots ages ago.  Some people like to see the cops get the living s**t beat out of them no matter what the situation, I guess. 

If this is a sign of your coming revolution, count me out.  I'm not really interested in putting my health and life on the line for someone who becomes a rebel to get on television or drop his trousers in front of thousands of fans (for all the beating the guy took, he sure was quick to run away once the crowd got the cops off him and didn't really look that worse for the wear).  I'll wait for something with a little more substance, thank you.  

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Final Score of the Game:       Fans 4   Security 0

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the lessons here are many.

for example, it seems to help carrying an all white banner flag

don't wear black or red, wear white and wave a white flag.

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The security guard with the baton got the initial flying foot to the head. Then he ran off and his buddy guard got the beating.  Fucking weasel.

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History show us that the oppressors always losses on the long timeframe, human spirit just wants to be free bitchez.


Nothing is like it looks.

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So... what you're saying is that every able bodied defender of freedom should go to Fergusson to defend their fellow defenders of the Constitution (that'd be the protesters, not the cops or the looters or vandals).

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Your comment is useful for how bad the police state has become.


Now let's say we take up what you've said. Very few would ever make it to Ferguson if the people decided to rise up in mass.

The plan would be discovered via the army of snitches and completely compromised communications. Highways and gas stations would be shut down.


Most people would be lucky if they made it through one State before being demobilized.


The gates have been breached and the perimeter has been compromised.


The enemy is in the camp.

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no chance that is switzerland

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Doesn't look like Switzerland at all.  Also Trapatoni never manager a Swiss team.

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That's how it's supposed to work.

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That was the best soccer match I've ever seen.

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I'm more concerned with Black criminal thug brutality than police brutality...use live bullets

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in the uk the official line is that the police police us with our consent

they are far from perfect

but in the main things here aren't too bad

if a police officer discharges a weapon an enquiry is automatically started

i guess having an armed population and police force is a double edged sword but on balance i'm glad the average copper over here doesn't have or need to have a gun at all times

it could always be better but in the main the police are accountable and more often than not held to account

it's easy to find fault in your own country but in the main the last few weeks internationally have made me feel pretty good about being born and living in the uk

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Had to watch it several times.  Food for thought.

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It took place in Switzerland in July 2004 and it was between Benfica (Portuguese side) and Etoile....plenty of Portuguese in geneva.. this looks like a private security firm not police.

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Happened in 2004

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The Swiss have a Constitution but unlike the Washington D.C. criminals they abide by it M'Fers.

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SockHim match.  

Final Score:

Police     1

Citizens  5

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How do you say Don't Tread On Me in Swiss?  THAT was badass! My favorite part was when these cowards went from tough guys with a badge to scared little boys in a matter of seconds. 

Reminds me of that spot-fucking-on clip from Family Guy where the policeman had his uniform ripped from his body and there was a scared little boy underneath.

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Hi Tylers,

I dont know where this is from, but its definately not Switzerland, could be Portugal or Spain.

No way Swiss people would react so emotional/aggressive. And by the way very unlikely that the Swiss police would be so aggressive as well.

And Giovanni Trappatoni never was a coach in Sitzerland...

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Sorry little correction, if this was between Etoile and Benfica  the people storming the pitch were most likely Benfica supporters.

The swiss tend to respect their authorities very much and since their cops are usually peacefull as well, that is even understanable...

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The match was Benfica - Etoile Carouge, played in Geneva.

But sorry to say, that's not the Swiss Police. It was a private security agency called "PROTECTAS". And those, are surely not professionals ...  

200 - 300 police men where called up afterwards, in the eveneing to calm the excited portos down. And the Swiss manage to do it pretty fast, trust me ...

voxpopuli's picture

The match was Benfica - Etoile Carouge, played in Geneva.

But sorry to say, that's not the Swiss Police. It was a private security agency called "PROTECTAS". And those, are surely not professionals ...  

200 - 300 police men where called up afterwards, in the eveneing to calm the excited portos down. And the Swiss manage to do it pretty fast, trust me ...

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Being kicked by professional soccer players would leave a mark.

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I fucking love it.

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I thintk that this video is very old, but i love it


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These are just your bog standard run of the mill football hooligans. Any excuse for a fight. Doesn't even matter very much which team or country it is, though there are a couple which are more prone to thuggery than others.

There's even a movie category about them:

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Reminds me of Futurama, where Fry is sitting behind a bush, contemplating how he's going to jump out, beat up guards and steal a spaceship. While he's spelling it out, someone else actually goes out and does it. Then Fry gets up from his hiding spot: "Look, I did it!"

That's what I see happening in America. People armed to the teeth watching action on TV or computer screen and giving themselves full credit.

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The people paid those cops to remove that disruptive fan so the match could go on.  The cops were not paid to beat up a fan.  Work for the people, not against them.