It's Official: "We Are All Terrorists Now"

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On the heels of the gruesome and disgraceful ISIS clip of the beheading of American journalist James Foley, The UK's Scotland Yard, according to The Guardian, warned the public that

"viewing, downloading or disseminating the video within the UK might constitute a criminal offence under terrorism legislation."

In other words

'if you watch terrorism, you're also a terrorist'.

*  *  * 

Of course, there is always this test...


and the definitive chart of identfying terrorists...


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Simply put - we are all terrorists now.

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BLOTTO's picture

Are you capable of independent thinking?- then you are a terrorist.

Cattender's picture

Only if you Believe in the Constitution...

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Questioning the official narrative - soon to be illegal.

sunaJ's picture

If you recognise that the "war on terror" was soon after its conception transformed into a race to eventually define any and everyone as a terrorist, then...





You are a terrorist.

chumbawamba's picture

Seriously, no one should even be watching videos like that.  They injure your soul, perhaps irreparably if you consume enough of it.  It's only meant to instill terror within your heart anyway (i.e. terrorism) so why give them what they want?

You're sick if you watch that shit.  Literally.

I am Chumbawamba.

sunaJ's picture

I respect your right to opinion, and I agree with you in some small measure, but I can't think of a more discontinuous statement than what you just said. 




I suppose we can all be glad that we have people that are paid in the government to watch that stuff and analyze it, to help protect our souls and they can tell us who/what/why etc we are fighting.


Keyser's picture

If you read ZH and can think for yourself, you are a terrorist...  Welcome to newspeak... 


max2205's picture

Trust no one


This is more like the movie Brazil

mkkby's picture

One simple question... are you a central banker?  No -- terrorist!  Step to the right for transport to the gulag.

CH1's picture

Fuck the state. EVERY state.

Violent control freaks on crack.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

MmmHmm. And thus, if you watch pornography, you are a pornographer. In the UK.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

How dare the queen's serfs learn about the failed foreign policy of the UK government.

t0mmyBerg's picture

I could not agree more.  Apparently here in Minneapolis the fucking military is doing drills with black helicopters for DAYS.  I was appalled that they would pull this shit and was looking into it when I found the fucking mayors of St Paul and Minneapolis actually invited these fuckers into town for these exercises.  Unbelievable.  And the asshat aide to one of these idiot mayors had the balls to say something like "well thats how it rolls in post 9/11 america when you want homeland security".  Are you fucking kidding me?  Does this moron not realize that that means the terrorists have won?  And we did it to ourselves?  It probably did not even dawn on this cro magnon intellect.  Look I am all for a strong military for use outside our shores.  Under no circumstances should they be used in our shores, not for drills or anything else except for well defined, out of the way military bases used for that purpose.  These forces are not here to protect us from foreign or domestic enemies, but to protect the government from its own people.  Could things be getting any closer to the state of affairs that precipitated the Revolutionary War?  wtff

wintermute's picture

"well thats how it rolls in post 9/11 america when you want homeland security".  Are you fucking kidding me?  Does this moron not realize that that means the terrorists have won? 


Exactly, t0mmyBerg.

Terrorists are simply criminals, serial killers, whatever, but there is 1000 years of legal precedent to cope with criminality.

All the anti-terrorism legislation since 9/11, in all Western countries, is an admission that the terrorists have won.

SilverIsKing's picture

The terrorists have won for sure but who are you are referring to when you state the word "terrorists?"

wintermute's picture

Well, I was thinking of the head-chopping ragheads...

However, I know the other type you mean, those that wield the Control-P key, instead of a blunt apple peeler.

mccvilb's picture

This meets the literal definition of crossing the Rubicon.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Umm, the literal definition of crossing the Rubicon IS crossing the Rubicon

PT's picture

But how will I know what is in the video if I don't watch it?  I can't trust the heading, it might be lying.

"Yes, your honour.  We do have evidence that this man is a terrorist but neither you nor the jury is allowed to see it otherwise you will all be terrorists!  You'll just have to trust us.  And if you don't trust us then you're a terrorist."

stacking12321's picture

Q5: do you find yourself sometimes agreeing with Ron Paul or Bob Barr?

A: NO! not sometimes, i always agree with ron paul. well, pretty much always.


Pure Evil's picture

What we need is the old WW2 Uncle Sam recruitment poster, but instead of saying I want you for the US Army at the bottom, now it just says Terrorist, Report to the nearest FEMA Camp, while Uncle Sam points at you.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Oh no. So what you are saying, now that I have filled out my test and sent it in I don't get my pony? Mr Miffed is going to be really pissed riding in the cattle car. I can just hear it now. What did I tell you? Don't join ZH or we'd be in a FEMA camp. But nooo, little miss never give up, never surrender doesn't listen to me. Obstreperous wildly independent little git should never had been let off the leash.


Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Disagreeing with a libtard. Definite sign of rayciss and a terrorist.

whirling tword freedom's picture

I agree a little bit but, not completely.

Once you see something like that, you can't un-ring the bell, that's true...  however, to ignore the barbarity of it is not getting the full picture of how evil they are.

BobPaulson's picture

Is making complex technological devices, systems, chemical agents and explosives which kill thousands of times more people a more civilized, or just more cowardly way of killing? I think the beheaders are animals, but we need to be honest about who does the most killing on this planet.

Socratic Dog's picture

How about dropping two atomic bombs on civilian cities?  For no sound military reason.

Oh dear, they beheaded some poor bastard.  They are so fucking evil.  And we are so fucking pure.

You lot really need to think this one through.  Some of you are sounding more and more like the DHS inhouse weekly newsletter.


Pure Evil's picture

I knew I missed a good avatar name.

Hmmmm......think about it........Pure Fucking Evil.

Has a good ring to it don't cha think?

StychoKiller's picture

Don't get any ideas, Stychokiller don't swing that way!

Tall Tom's picture

I don't think that avatar is taken yet. Just transfer your pic, bio and info to that new account.


Perhaps you can arrange it with the Tylers?


I think that Pure Evil is a good avatar.


But somehow I know that it is just a front, a facade.

Cloud9.5's picture

I suggest you do a little more research on the War in the Pacific.

Moe Howard's picture

You are too rational.

Of course we should go to war and thousands die because some insane moron cut the head off an independent photographer that decided to go to a savage war zone with no other protection than a magical stencil on his flack vest stating "PRESS".

Meanwhile, gangs of American teenagers are killing each other on Chicago's South Side, drug gangs are lopping off heads on the Mexican boarder for FRNs and nationals from another country are controlling our nation and its currency, and we do nothing, and nobody is outraged.


Strange. Seems insane to me.

TheReplacement's picture

Let's be honest.  If you had 5,000,000 men fighting an enemy and knew that you would lose at least 20% or more if you keep fighting or you could flip a switch and be done with it, you would flip the switch.  I would.  Pity the men following someone who wouldn't.

rwe2late's picture

 ISIS, a novice murderer,

a fall guy, sensationalized to make blur and fade away

the thousandfold worse massacres done before,

a fall guy armed, schooled, and now offered up as excuse

for unleashing another round of worse horrors

by the unrepentant US global crime syndicate.




zhandax's picture

Don't forget who funded these asshats last year.  Or which senator was photographed with them.  Call me cynical, but it wouldn't surprise me if the same group 'arranged' for that video to be released on the net just to keep the borderline peeps framing discussions amenable to the status quo.  Interesting how a couple of days after the video they announce that they sent a team to rescue the (now) beheaded and 'they just weren't there; we can't explain it'.

Moe Howard's picture

The story about the mythical rescue at ABC was notable for the comments section.

Posts stating "Obamao is right about this one" "Go get 'em" "I hate Obamao but I must support him in this war on ISIS they must be stopped" etc etc etc.


I bet if you could trace the IPs they would all lead back to Sderot. Notice nobody is talking about the mass murder being committed by that "other" mideast Strongman, Bibi.

SilverRhino's picture

Sometimes you have to see just how evil a culture can get. 

Some people just need killing. Some cultures just need eradication. (ISIS, Aztecs, Thuggee cultists)

beaglebog's picture

How do you know this, chumbawumba?   ... did you watch the video?

zhandax's picture

If he is like me, he didn't have to.  Once you have seen one gruesome video released to evoke a gut reaction, you have seen them all.  What is more disgusting than the actions pictured are the motives to use them to advance an agenda.

piliage's picture

Last I checked, democracies are supposed to be free. They (those in power) are supposed to work for me, right?

I don't need anyone else telling me what a 'thought-crime' is. I'll watch what I fucking well please, it's called least it is supposed to be...

What the fuck is the difference between this UK asshole's opinion and that idiot cancer on society tipper gore trying to censor music? Fuck them all!

If I piss on your lawn or crank my stereo at midnight, fine, you have a viable gripe. Otherwise, stay the HELL out of my life, I'll make my own choices of what I watch or not and why without the nanny state or anyone else telling me what's good for me.

TungstenBars's picture

I get are being sarcastic. I hope.


Hiding from reality is worse than not being aware of it.  

James_Cole's picture

Hiding from reality is worse than not being aware there is a reality besides the wool over the eyes. 

What exact information specific to 'reality' are you getting from seeing this murder video which would otherwise be missed? That ISIS is bad? That people can be violent?

In some instances I'd agree with you (particularly in the case of mass killing) but most violence is unnecessary to see and I think a lot of it is purely used as titillation. 

chumbawamba's picture

Exactly.  I know what these guys are capable of, and yes, I have gotten myself to watch these videos in the past, for some unknown reason.

These are fucking snuff films.  Maybe I'm just vanilla, but I'm not into that shit.  I really don't wish to see that sort of horror.  It serves no purpose.  The people that kill like this do so because they feel for the "infidel" the same they do for the sacrificial goat.  For them, they're just dealing with a dumb beast.  It's the same as how zionists see Palestinians, and the same as how Americans see the enemy that our government first spends months demonizing before we go to war with them.  There is no difference, and I don't want to see any of it.

The thing that changed me, that really made me look at myself and question why I would be so degenerate, was when some dude on here called Resurger (his iconograph is an ant) posted a link to a Mexican gang member getting his head sawed off with a chainsaw.  Then his nephew, sitting bound right next to him as this happens, eventually gets his head sawed off with a Rambo knife.  It wasn't so much what you saw there but what you heard.  A lot of you probably remember this video.  I'm sure a lot of people watched it.  Well, it fucking destroyed my soul for about 3 weeks.  I felt physically sick for having watched that fucking horrorfest.  It literally took 3 weeks for me to get over it.  I vowed after that never again to engage in such filth.  It's just not worth it.  It serves no useful purpose.

If someone tells me someone gets their head sawed off in a video, I'll just take their word for it.  I don't need to see every last detail.  I don't even want to imagine it.  That's not the reality I want to create for myself and others, and I wish other people would stop and realize that by indulging in that kind of filth they merely perpetuate its manifestation.

Do whatever the fuck you want but just know that you are only harming yourself by partaking in it.

I am Chumbawamba.

Tall Tom's picture

I gave it some thought and you are absolutely right.


Why would you watch a video like that? The people who made the video obviously want you to see the video. (Why else would they make it?) If you watch the video then it serves THEIR PURPOSE. Why serve that which you despise?


It is like looking at Child Porn...or any porn for that matter.


It psychologically damages the viewer. It gives the impression to the viewer that these behaviors...sawing off people's heads or other grotesque behaviors are acceptable to some when they ARE NOT at all acceptable.


Do not serve the enemy. Do not do as they will have you do.


They want you to react but it is far better that you are proactive.


Yes I understand.

DanDaley's picture

A hideous video, I agree, but people must be aware in no uncertain terms what is going on. As for viewing such things, it's like Voltaire said, Once is philosophy, twice is perversion.

StandardDeviant's picture

I'd vote you up, TT, except for the line about "any porn".

Yeah, there's some proper filth out there.  But as for damage to one's psyche, surely there's a world of difference between watching these savages murder an innocent human being, and watching consenting adults engaging in acts intended to give pleasure to each other (and to the viewer), even if they are commercially motivated.

Edelweiss's picture

 I'm in agreement on this one.  At one time I would have clicked on the video.  Call it morbid curiosity, or whatever term suits you.  I don't feel the need anymore.  I also agree that you can't unexperience those videos, and pictures. Why watch a video that highlights the depravity humans are capable of?  Especially, knowing that it will be used to gain support for equally barbaric actions, dressed up as "justice", or the like.   

  When I look at the stories run by any media outlet, it's important to consider the countless stories they didn't tell, that they could have.     

medium giraffe's picture

Couldn't agree more.  'Desensitisation' is synonomous with dehumanisation, it's bad enough the ruling cult thinks of us as soulless machines due to their deficient understanding of conciousness. 

But since the Whitehall pedophiles don't want me to watch it, so I almost feel duty bound to do so.

Tall Tom's picture

The Whitehall pedophiles do want you to watch it.


That is why they are attempting to criminalize it...just as they do with their own brand of filth.


In that way you are complicit to their actions.


It is just like in 1984 where O'Brien is the author of the "traitor" Goldstein's book. The State illegalizes activities so that you will partake and then arrests you for the crime of partaking in the forbidden fruit.


Reverse psychology works for some.

medium giraffe's picture

Was joking, I'm not watching that filth.   Since abandoning TV I'm very careful in not allowing any further shit stains on my brain.

"In that way you are complicit to their actions."

Absolutely right, it's surprising what we unsuspectingly condone sometimes.

Also, their statment suggests a few interesting points (some of which we knew) - namely:

They are actively monitoring your traffic and hits on this vid

It's probably a honey trap (and by implication, staged for this purpose?)

You've just had the right to decide for yourself taken away from you by nanny state. Again.