Ten Killed From "Ebola-Like Symptoms" In Africa's Second Largest Country

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While the world awaits the test results from an Ebola suspect in Sacramento to learn if Ebola has now officially entered the US, the epidemic in Africa has now drifted away from the confines of its original hotspots of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, and after spreading to Africa's most populous nation Nigeria, and the third most populated city in the world, Lagos, it appears to have just entered the second largest country in Africa by area, and fourth most populous African nation: the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Reuters reports that the Democratic Republic of Congo has sent its health minister and a team of experts to the remote northern Equateur province after several people died there from a disease with Ebola-like symptoms, a local official and a professor said on Wednesday.


"An illness is spreading in Boende but we don't know the origin," said Michel Wangi, a spokesman for the governor's office. "The government has sent a team of experts from the INRB(National Institute of Biomedical Research) this morning led by the health minister (Felix) Kabange Numbi and acting governor Sebastian Impeto."


A professor accompanying the delegation in the presidential plane confirmed that they were en route this morning to find out "the exact nature of the illness that caused the Boende deaths".


An Equateur resident who asked not to be named said that around ten people had died, including four health care workers, after suffering from fever, diarrhoea and bleeding from the ears and nostrils - all symptoms of the deadly Ebola virus.


It was not immediately clear if there was any connection with Ebola. An epidemic of that disease has killed more than 1,200 people in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

We expect that it will be "clear" quite soon, at which point one can add the DRC to the list of increasingly more confirmed countries where the Ebola epidemic, so far completely "priced in", has spread to.

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I thought Africa was a country?

Joe Biden

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Haha apparently ain't no Country for old men!

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If you like your Ebola you can keep your Ebola.

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Do we not count the airlifted to Atlanta ebola patient as having entered the US?

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Well, hopefully, we're still accepting international flights from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

We wouldn't want to profile anyone much less a whole nation and hurt their itty bitty feewings.

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to learn if Ebola has officially entered the US...

Uh, Tylers, last time I looked, Atlanta was in the US, 

but maybe we should get a ruling from Biden and Bath House.   Good Grief. 

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Pool chlorine is much cheaper.

We may be needing a shitload.Quick lime also.

kaiserhoff's picture

Well, with the building slump, we have plenty of under utilized back hoes and cats.

I've been reading up on this, Winston, and it's not pretty.  Good time to go Gault.  South Florida will be... interesting.

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My neighbors are from the Congo, but I'm not sure which one. The parents don't speak much English, but the children, all 5 of them, attend a Christian school and speak fluent English. This summer the father returned to Africa to manage his construction business. He did return about a month ago, but i do not know if he went back again.

During that month he was here, I helped the kids remove a frog from the basement window well. Along with the frog, I removed a carcass of a mouse or small bird that was in the midst of decomposition. Armed with rubber gloves I removed the frog. The carcass and gloves went to the outside garbage.

About an hour later I got a really bad headache. Tried to tough it out, but ended up crawling for the pills. It just kept getting tighter, developing a slight pain in my chest. I noticed I was getting clammy and possibly running a fever. When I awoke, I was fine, and haven't had soo much as a sniffle since then. But man, it was severe. I was two steps from moaning.

I think the chances I was exposed to some form of Ebola is about 2 billion to 1. Guess I'm just in the mood to type.

I'm off to find out how much contact they have with people coming back from Africa, and exactly where and which Congo they are from.

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Ebola killed some folks


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God I hope Obama likes eating undercooked bushmeat...

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Why do you think he married Michelle?

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Appreciate that visual.



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You were 17 minutes late. Every thread should start with "If you like your ___ " by now.


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That or:

What difference does it make?

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It's the land where our Chocolat comes from.



what Ebola will do to our Chocolat supply lines...



Pure Evil's picture

Don't worry, we have an ample supply of Chocolate in Ferguson.

How many would like shipped?

fuu's picture

Bullish cocoa futures!

walküre's picture

Now you've got my attention. Ebola who?

rtalcott's picture

The local news has someone in isolation here...Albuquerque...recently back from Africa and showing symptoms.

atthelake's picture

Please keep us informed about Albuquerque's possible Ebola patient.

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Yup, saw that.  They're saying that they think it's not ebola, but they're being extra cautious.  *shruggs*

Things that go bump's picture

There will be no confirmed cases. We will die of Ebola-like symptoms. I'm so relieved.

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It's, like so weird how it skips over some counties huh.../s

BrosephStiglitz's picture

It might be if people were migrating exclusively by foot?

barre-de-rire's picture

nononononono, look at france for tchernobyl 86'......  radioactive clouds stopped at borders, it never come over french lands...


well known joke in france... assume it is same way, no visa, so ebola just turn back to find another way...

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They'll be sending an Ebolatarian aid team to the border to help them out. Poor things are tired after walking all that way.

atthelake's picture

Just because some countries are not reporting Ebola, doesn't mean it's not there. These countries are extremely backward.

BrosephStiglitz's picture

It is going to travel between key nodes (cities) first and foremost and then migrate slowly outward to less densely populated areas.  The fastest vector to spread disease will be by aircraft, most likely on merchants and businessmen, or refugees fleeing the epidemic.

So no.. it isn't weird at all.  Lagos is a massive city in terms of population.  I don't see it as weird that it skipped over a few nations.  In the same way I don't see it as weird that it has jumped oceans either.

Cui Bono's picture

This was my point exactly.... does /s not translate?
Of course it is hopping from point to point.... you can see it plainly on this map... It is only a matter of time before they have to use a world map.....

BrosephStiglitz's picture

Ah. My bad for misconstruing your point.  +1 for you sir.

Cui Bono's picture

Thx, I had put the /s thinking I might get bludgeoned otherwise...... But to get wacked with it??? What am I in Ferguson???

dontgoforit's picture

Hands up! Brother!  You've been Ferggied!

barre-de-rire's picture

it would be  fucking surprisin Benin report any case since when you go to main public hospital when you have any serious problem, you see doctor with plastic gloves covered of sludge because on the surgery table you have a reversed motorcycle totally disassembled with parts all over the place, tools on surge chariot & motor bloc on the ground.

meantime you have pregos birthing on the corridor.

i strongly think they cannot detect any fucking thing.

benin is mostly the worst country in all  sub-saharian region.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Parlez vous un petite peu anglais?

Just fucking with ya!

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Just because a backward country doesn't report accurately doesn't imply first world will. If this virus ever gets traction here and I do hope it will probably burn out due to its nature historically, do you think the CDC will give daily diagnosed cases/deaths? Shear pandemonium would result.

Every flu season we get confirmed case numbers in our community regularly to monitor population rates and to know how many diagnostic kits to order. I don't expect this would be done with Ebola. They know they couldn't stop the leak of info coming from us on the front lines.


Parrotile's picture

I had by first "General Public" customer ask me yesterday, "will this ever reach Australia, and what would happen if it did?" My answer was "I sincerely hope not", and "we do have quarantine strategies" - with visions of today's radio news of the "quarantine" in Liberia - barbed wire perimeter fence with army enforcement, around a slum of 50,000.

Now that "it" is an established MSM news item, I wonder just how many crazies might have "had ideas" (you know, those with an axe to grind against elements of society), or worse still, the terminally ill with an axe to grind against us all - "if I'm going to die, I'll take the rest of those b******s with me".  Trip to Africa, become deliberately infected, return home as a "walking bio-weapon"?

Acc. to google, seems I'm a long way behind in such thinking - https://www.google.com.au/search?sourceid=navclient&aq=&oq=&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4WQIB_enAU528AU528&q=ebola+martyrs+as+a+terrorist+weapon&gs_l=hp..0.41l109.

Hopefully the "3000 martyrs" is hearsay. If this is real, we've ALL got problems, not just the USA.

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Might get some serious attention if it "settled" in right in the heart of tel aviv!

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They send all of their Africans to Sweden.

Pure Evil's picture

Why not, haven't you ever seen black Eskimos?

clade7's picture

Black eskimo's?  Yeah, I've heard that joke...'a snowblower that dont work'

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

I love the ZH comment section.  Always learning.  Not about black eskimos, though...

"Israel has started shipping African “refugees” out of the Jewish state and dumping them in Sweden—saying that Israel “cannot afford to absorb tens of thousands of Africans because it will affect the Jewish nature of the state.”

Of course, they don’t say—or care—what it will do to the “Swedish nature of the Swedish state.”"

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I stopped going to my gym recently because of the ebola.  Just sayin'