St.Louis PD Release 'Suicide-By-Cop' Shooting Clip

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As we noted previously, just days after the fatal shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, a 2nd officer-involved shooting ended in death for the suspect just miles from Ferguson. St.Louis Police Department - in the interests of transparency -  have released video of both the alleged shoplifting and the so-called 'suicide-by-cop' shooting itself of 25-year-old Kajieme Powell.."Powell approached the officers when they arrived, yelling at them to shoot him already. When he ignored commands to drop the knife, the two officers fired a total of 12 shots."


As St.Louis public radio reports,

Powell was suspected of shoplifting energy drinks and donuts from a convenience store. The shop owner, believing that Powell was carrying a weapon, contacted police.

Another witness, Ald. Dionne Flowers, who represents the area and owns a beauty salon in the same block, noticed that Powell was acting erratically and also called police. Flowers told police she saw a second knife, though only one was recovered at the scene.

Powell approached the officers when they arrived, yelling at them to shoot him already.

When he ignored commands to drop the knife, the two officers fired a total of 12 shots. Chief Sam Dotson said the knife was like a steak knife.

The security camera footage of the alleged shoplifting. 

Cell phone footage of the shooting itself (the police start around 1:00)
Note: this contains both graphic language and violence.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said it will act with complete transparency.

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We also note that AG Holder has already left Ferguson - having met with Mike Brown's family.

And, as Bloomberg reports,

A grand jury will begin hearing evidence tomorrow in the police shooting death of Ferguson, Missouri, teenager Michael Brown, as violent clashes continued in the St. Louis suburb.

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TeamDepends's picture

Moral of the story: Are you willing to die for Swisher-Sweets?

WhackoWarner's picture

You have a mentally unblalanced human screaming 'shoot me".   So in all wisdom they do with 12 bullets?  Is this the state of treatment for mental illness?

Stackers's picture

Did anyone else notice the 2 shots fired after he had already fallen to the ground motionless ? Just a few more to make sure ?

CH1's picture

What happened to shooting them in the leg?

From 0 to 100 with no in-between?

Publicus's picture

Police have a quota of allowed murders per day perhaps?

max2205's picture

Did they miss 11 times?

wintermute's picture

How about them using a fricking TASER! Don't they have loads of those on hand?

Nothing has been learned between the two shootings.

TerminalDebt's picture

But but but, the poilice said they only fired 5 shots. WTF police can't count anymore? I thought only TSA agents were complete idiots

James_Cole's picture

Thank God they flipped him over to cuff him. Was only shot ~dozen times. I swear he was about to get up and go on a rampage with that steak knife, hell he could've taken out half the city!

Quick thinking too, only took ~20s for these two sharpshooters to survey the scene and realize everyone around was in grave danger and the best way to deescalate was shoot the kid many times. Enter a conflict guns blazing and then keep firing - the motto of every great police force worldwide. 

Quus Ant's picture

remember this one? 

Knife wielding woman handing out pizza samples at Costco acts irratically- cops gun her down.


America has turned a dark corner.

giggler321's picture

very sad.  clearly there are 2 many times they use excessive force and seemingly get away with it.  I say that knowing there is an undetermined limit where "folks" just won't take anymore.  perhaps we've reached it with Mr.brown.

Majestic12's picture

If you read RT, you'll see there are many in that force who are upset over this unprofessional "disease" that reflects poorly on those who use appropriate tactics...its always the fat, close to pension, lazy-thinking boneheaded knuckle draggers who do this...with a sense of "entitlement"...they see themselves and modern "Gladiators"...instead of "protectors" of the peace (not petty property like Quicky-Mart inventory that has shrinkage priced in and is insured in most cases).

MagicHandPuppet's picture

I'll bet those cops were partying and hi-fiving each other that night. Legal murder and torture is their drug of choice.

Majestic12's picture

You mean besides pedophelia child trafficking...they supply the 1% with satanic ritual "fodder"....jes' followin' orders....

nostromo17's picture

plus was it safe to cuff him? maybe he wasn't dead yet? WHere's the rule for that?

AustriAnnie's picture

If 2 cops cannot control a man with a knife, then they should not be cops.  

The chances that one of those cops were to actually get a fatal stab wound are next to nil.  

Can someone with police and/or military training tell me -- don't they teach you how to control the knife-hand of someone and disarm them?  Is it not possible for TWO TRAINED MEN to disarm one kid with a knife?

And lets say you find you cannot disarm him.... Are you NOT trained to inflict a non-fatal gun wound by shooting the kid in the foot/leg/hand/arm/shoulder/etc...i.e. do you NOT have many options to disarm the assailant without actually killing him?

Officers sign up for this.  They get paid for this.  And they are trained for this.  I don't know any real peacekeeper who would shoot this kid if he didn't have to -- and certainly not TWELVE times.

What do they teach these cops -- all the ways they can get away with murder?  All the ways they can hide behind a badge?  If i had been on the street, I honestly don't think I would have pulled a trigger if this kid had come at me.  And I don't have training or backup.  I just have a soul.

If the kid had broken into my house in the middle of the night, its another story.  But the cop could have backed up and avoided getting within knife-slashing distance of this guy.  There was nobody else around who was in danger.  That cop wanted to shoot someone before he even showed up.  He ran in there like a blood-thirsty hound.  That is not what "protect and serve" looks like.  

bigrooster's picture

Why should they have to.  If a fucking nut job was coming at me with a knife and I had a gun I would put 3 in his chest!  I like you ZH brothers, but get a fucking grip.  10% of cops are bad the rest have a wife and kids and put their life on the line to protect our sorry asses posting shit online all day.  Have some fucking gratiude.   

RECISION's picture

If they can't stand the heat - then get out of the fucking kitchen.

get another fucking job.

The police's job is not to shoot people - their job is to NOT.SHOOT.PEOPLE...

Read the fucking comment right above yours again fool.

With two cops present, and no one else in danger, there is zero excuse for not using de-escalation techniques to resolve this.

Or tazers... or their batons... or backing off and calling in more help if they are too frightened to handle it by themselves.

Shit, wait for the canine unit to arrive even.

...but launching off 12+ shots...???

These fuckwits need to be fired and prosecuted.

And then their superiors need to be prosecuted too, for creating a climate in their dept that condones that sort of behaviour.

THIS is the definition of TRIGGER-HAPPY.


Chief Wonder Bread's picture

I'm not an admirer of the police but...

They won't be fired or prosecuted. They followed correct procedure.

People don't understand how dangerous a knife is at close range (within 21 feet).

It doesn't take more than 2-3 seconds to close that distance. I'm over 60 and I can do it.

It appears the guy was charging within that range wielding a knife yelling "shoot me!"

Every LEO knows the inaccuracy of a handgun under extreme stress. Please don't talk about placing a round in a leg under those conditions.

So you often hear the expression, 'don't bring a knife to a gunfight.' 

It depends. Within 10 ft, I'd take the knife every time. Within 21 ft against an opponent with no training, I'd again choose the knife, no hesitation. I can put the other guy under extreme stress by doing just what this guy did, closing the distance as fast as possible.

The idea that a taser should have been used is ludicrous.

(And the reason they handcuffed him is because they didn't know he was dead at that point (and neither did the guy shooting the video). Again, they were following their training.)



Frankie Carbone's picture

A 21 foot rule applies. The average attacker can close 21 feet in less than a second. In concealed carry class, we are taught that if an attacker presents a threat from 21 feet or so away, and attempts to close, then you are justified to use lethal force in self defense. 

If he did indeed have a knife then this one is a clear case of self defense. 

TerminalDebt's picture

7m in under a second?

now you're just making shit up.


That's the first 7m of 100m in 14 seconds.


Probably less than 10 people in the world that can do that.



Frankie Carbone's picture

My bad. AVERAGE suspect 1.5 seconds, some faster some slower. But you're missing the entire point. You can't pull your weapon out of the holster and apply defensive force in that time. 

Check this out.

FredFlintstone's picture

No one will want to be a cop at this rate except in the tamest of suburbs. Then what?

jefferson32's picture

Indeed it was an execution, pure and simple. "Cool he's got a knife, i won't get in trouble, here's the fun i hoped for".

remain calm's picture

What was the police officer suppose to do. Run? Let him stab him once then kill him? Use his batton? Put yourself in his shoes you drive up to a shoplifting crime and you are approached by a man with a knife, you have wife and kids that you would like to see that night. I would have done the same thing. Protected myself. The guy made a bad decision for you sympathetic viewers but he got what he wanted, he got what the moment called for. He is most definitely in a better place than in this shit hole controlled by corrupt bankers.

SemperFudge's picture

You're missing the point. We shouldn't be shooting people to death on request just because they're mentally disturbed enough to ask for it. That's the state of mental health since the public psych wards all closed down in America.

There used to be a time a cop might put one in a leg or something. That tends to slow a person down. Now, it's just a bloodbath at the OK corral.

ACP's picture

If you want an example of what can happen when you don't shoot a mentally disturbed man with a knife:

A man with a knife kills two Nicaraguan cops, armed with rifles, because they didn't want to shoot.

You don't shoot in the legs. No one shoots in the legs, not military, not cops, not ccw holders.


Of course, shooting someone again while they're already on the ground without a firearm, is another story.

Chief Wonder Bread's picture

Great example ACP.

And the guy wasn't even trying that hard. And look how he was holding the knife. Ice-pick grip. HAHA.

He could have easily killed all four of them.

Sages wife's picture

So maybe we should forego training our police forces.  All they need to do is get out the car and start shooting.  Why teach them self-defence or crowd control?  Of course, I definitely agree with the banker thing.

zanez's picture

Just mount a remote control minigun on the roof of the cruiser. Fat bastards wouldn't even have to leave the car.

zhandax's picture

We have foregone training our rambos allegedly serving as peace officers.  Not even the EOF known to every vet who served overseas.   I will not claim it is not by design.

Toxicosis's picture

Exactly.  Twelve friggin shots to bring him under control.  Two of them(cops) from a distance.  The guy wasn't some fucking samurai or ninja in a black suit about to throw shuriken at their heads.  One shot maybe two in the leg, but killing is a helluva lot more fun.  And besides I wear a blue costume and a badge so.....FUCK YOU.

SgtShaftoe's picture

Or mace, or a tazer.  If there was a proper time to use non-lethal means, this was it.  STL filth have at least one or both of those. 

FredFlintstone's picture

Great, take him into a hospital and put him back together? Maybe some rehab? Why should we pay for all of that shit? Why should doctors and nurses have to be subject to that bullshit?

How would all of that benefit society? Does this man need love, understanding and kindness? Maybe you should dedicate your life to helping these men? Open up your home? Or maybe you just want others to work and pay for it all?

CH1's picture

You think crazy people need to die?

Grow the fuck up. This was someone's son.

FredFlintstone's picture

I am a grown man and so was he. If this was my son, I would be sad and dissappointed. There aren't enough resources to salve all of our wounds. Man up.

Toxicosis's picture

That's right you're a grown man with cognizant capabilities, the other guy at the time probably not so much.  But no matter shoot em, cause it's too much effort and trouble to have to get to the bottom of people's troubles.

Better_late_than_never's picture

All of you stupid fucks who are crying about tasers or other options are fools. This isn't some video game. If some crazy fuck comes at you with a knife, you shoot him until he is on the ground and not moving. He made the choice to attack these officers and they did what needed to be done. You don't shoot one bullet; you don't shoot them in the leg; you shoot them in the chest until they stop. All of the trolls on here using their video game wisdom to quarterback this video from the safety of their computer chairs have never been in a life threatening situation. I'm here to eat popcorn and watch our worldwide debt ponzi explode, but FFS, shut the fuck up when it comes to the cop bashing. Most cops are good people trying to deal with society's scum so your grandma can go to the grocery store without getting fucking robbed. 

SgtShaftoe's picture

Cops are not soldiers.  They're paid to put themselves in the middle of a conflict and de-escalate (at least they used to be).  Unless you are hoping for a civil war, back the fuck off. 


Have you been fucking shot at HERO?!!  I fucking have.  Shut the fuck up.

bigrooster's picture

"Have you been fucking shot at HERO?!!  I fucking have.  Shut the fuck up."

Wow was that when you were picking up a crack whore in the getto?  Who gives a shit about you getting shot at.  So because we pay the cops they should just risk their life for some stuipid fuck with a knife coming at them?  Would you taser a dude coming at you with a knife?  Oh wait you don't even own a taser.


Poundsand's picture

No big deal because he can re-spawn right?  At least that's what they do in the video games.  I wonder what the wait time on that is...


Advoc8tr's picture

I can empathize with the "take no chances" shoot to kill approach in such a situation ... barely  However you are living in fantasy land if you think

Most cops are good people trying to deal with society's scum so your grandma can go to the grocery store without getting fucking robbed.

Your great grandfather maybe ... but today they are unanimously authority worshiping power and control freaks who think that pinning a badge on their chest with the masters logo on it abdicates their humanity and moralityThey don't prevent crime so your granny is safe ... they punish those perceived to have committed a crime (whose definition is simply dictated to them) for money and ego enhancement.

I caught the end of some lame ass current affairs special the other night on the TV.  A 30 year veteran cop here in Australia who had put hundreds in jail for smoking / dealing pot was crying about how it should be legalized like in the States because ... he just discovered his son had a cancer treatment related issue and needed to use Pot as it was the only thing that would work.  Never gave a thought to the harmlessness of others using it privately in 30 years ... just helped the state chuck them all in jail because that was what he was told to do.  Outrageous hypocrites without any genuine concern for doing the right thing or protecting / serving the citizens.

Professorlocknload's picture

Yeah, OK, Fred, let's just eliminate the Courts and let the assassins decide who should live and who should die.

SgtShaftoe's picture

Ahhhh...  the truth comes out.  A regime enforcer slag. 

FredFlintstone's picture

No. I am a white man. Employed wage slave. Tax donkey. A minority in each category. I don't give anyone any problems, don't look for any and certainly don't want a knife wielder walking down my street looking for trouble. Now if that makes you my enemy, I am not quite sure what and who you are.

There are some scary freaks on this board I am finding out.

SgtShaftoe's picture

I mind my own business and stay in the shadows.  I don't want trouble, but I'm cursed with the "gift" of Cassandra.  The more you know and all that shit.  If everyone is following your same train of thought though, shit's going to get awfully sporty, and I'll be locking my front gate. 

SgtShaftoe's picture

Effective law enforcement, the commercial, Mayberry style, the kind that works is DE-fucking-ESCALATION.  If you have to resort to force, always, ALWAYS use the least amount of force necessary.  This guy was 180 pounds maybe, soaking wet, in molten lead (or gold).  Two guys, no TWO COPS can't take him down safely????  WTF? 

Cops have been so seduced by the tough-guy bullshit from the military movies and TV; many think they're in a fucking SF ODA.  If they continue to escalate, it's going to start something absolutely terrifying, and they will get their ass handed to them in charred and chopped little pieces as they're running home to mommy, but then it will be too late.  This shit needs to stop RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!  I know where this is going, and in the end they will lose, badly like a band of little sniveling pussies, but not before many innocents are caught in the crossfire. 

I hope and pray every day that some of these fools will find sanity and realize their stupidity and step off the bank of that Rubicon.  Time will tell.