After Russia Shutters McDonalds, The West Wonders Who's Next?

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Following Russia's closure on several McDonalds in Moscow, the CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce is worried: "The question on my mind is: Is this going to be a knock on the door, or is this going to be the beginning of a campaign?" As Reuters reports, businessmen from both West and East are increasingly frustrated with the tit-for-tat sanctions (and their apparent lack of efficacy at anything but slowing global growth). Russian and Ukrainian CEOs joined Richard Branson to write "We, as business leaders from Russia, Ukraine and the rest of the world, urge our governments to work together to ensure we do not regress into the Cold War misery of the past." As we noted previously, Europe has suffered most, and the following European companies remain the most exposed to escalation.


We already explained why Europe is suffering the most... as Stocks are discounting...


But as Reuters reports, fears are that it will spread...

Russia said on Thursday it was investigating dozens of McDonald's restaurants, in what many businessmen said was retaliation for Western sanctions over Ukraine they fear could spread to other symbols of Western capitalism.




"Obviously, it's driven by the political issues surrounding Ukraine," said Alexis Rodzianko, President and CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.


"The question on my mind is: Is this going to be a knock on the door, or is this going to be the beginning of a campaign?"




In a sign of growing frustration at the threat to trade, several mid-tier Russian businessmen signed off on a letter by British entrepreneur Richard Branson calling on politicians to stop the conflict.


"We, as business leaders from Russia, Ukraine and the rest of the world, urge our governments to work together to ensure we do not regress into the Cold War misery of the past," the letter said.




So far no other prominent Western brand has reported coming under extra scrutiny from the Russian authorities, though there were Russian media reports that Jack Daniels was being investigated. The whiskey producer said it would challenge any accusations about its quality


Nevertheless, big foreign brands are viewed as vulnerable.

And here is SocGen to show Europe's most exposed firms... Our Russian-related basket has been strongly correlated to the deteriorating newsflow over the past six months.

Our basket has dropped by 15% since the beginning of the geopolitical tensions (on 28 February 2014), strongly underperforming the Stoxx 600 (+0%).


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Costs indeed... maybe US should sanction ISIS?

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Na na-na NAAA na !   

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I give Russia more credence than I do the USSA because they have the intelligence to know that McDonald's food is toxic and is shutting them down. Imagine if the USSA did likewise: fewer obese people and diabetes cases; a healthier, more productive workforce; and lower healthcare and insurance costs.

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Imagine if the USSA did likewise: fewer obese people and diabetes cases; a healthier, more productive workforce; and lower healthcare and insurance costs.


We have the MIC Military Industrial Complex


Now we have the HIC Hospital Industrial Complex

Where big pharma - the health care industry & the food industry have a vested interest in getting & keeping Amerikans fat & sick


Why you axe ( ebonic's practice )


Fat sick people do not revolt

walküre's picture

Is that outbuilding in your avatar for rent? Might still be affordable to a diehard gold bug...

Da Yooper's picture

You betcha




it would be a tad nippy at -40

walküre's picture

Good. It will kill all the bugs and keep any .gov officials away. Probably no cell coverage which means Big Brother is not watching you.

BuddyEffed's picture

My guess is cigarettes.  Oooh that's gonna leave a mark.

lakecity55's picture

We also have the HIC: Hamburger Industrial Complex.

MontgomeryScott's picture

A day or so ago, ZH posted a story about Russia banning the import of Jack Daniel's.

NOW; can you imagine being a Muscovite who is deprived of both Big Macs AND a shot of J.D. to wash them down with?

I'm on my knees, in supplication, thanking the corporate gods that I live in a land of freedom; a land where Big Macs and Jack Daniel's and Starbuck's and Walmart and Comcast are FREE to roam, unfettered by 'sanctions'! HELL, I have Mastercard and Visa and SWIFT to allow me point-of-sale RFID purchases at all these retailers! A little Adam Freeland, now, I think, would be fitting...

What do the Russians have? I mean, besides the Vodka and oil and natural gas and RT and stuff? COMMUNISM? SHIT, we saw that years ago, and we do it BETTER (or, is it 'WORSE'?)!

(sarc tag inserted at random)

YUM BRANDS is looking in to filling the 'Big Mac Gap'. ExxonMobil might be in negotiations with Lukoil, you know. The rumor is, Putin is meeting in secret negotiations with Soetoro (in order to teach him how to lift weights, bow-hunt, wrestle bears, and other stuff so that the avatar 'Obama' can be more appealing over a wider base of American 'voters' who know he's an illegal ineligable pussy wimp faggot mullato plant owned by his handlers Valerie Jarrett and Rahm Emmanuel; whose father was a proud member of the 'Irgun').

Meanwhile, Netenyahu smiles, and spreads his wings:

That strip of land where the East meets the West (and the false dichotomy of the differences) seems to be lurking ever closer. The HIC is becoming nervous, now...

Go LONG on 'private contractors' that provide 'security' for 'V.I.P.'s in the following months.

McDonald's and the FEDERAL RESERVE have the same motto, you know (simply using different numbers). 'Billions and billions served' is the same as 'Trillions and trillions printed'. BOTH products have no nutritional value WHATSOEVER (EXCEPT to fatten up the chattel in preparation for SLAUGHTER, while making them stupid, blind, and innefectual as humans; all at the same time).

That's some REAL SHIT, my friend(s).

(sarc tag OFF)

J.R. Simplot grew rich by providing McDonald's with all the potatoes he could produce in order that the claim 'Idaho Potatoes' could be used in the sale of their 'french fries'. MONSANTO approached him as the demand soared, promising to 'engineer' the plants so that 'production numbers' could go up to MEET this demand, you know. It fucked up all of the fertile Idaho soil, and made the Simplot family wildly RICH.

I actually met old J.R. in person at the Albertson's-sponsored PGA Open tour in Boise, once (a long time ago). I was invited to the 'Skybox', and sat down and drank with him.

It sickened me, and I felt dirty for allowing this meeting to take place (in my soul and spirit). After a day of watching golf with the best of the best in the beautiful bright clear sunshine and the gorgeous clear-blue skies in the Idaho August summer (right before the Stratospheric Geoengineering had begun to dominate), I went up there and found a bunch of drunks inside a darkened structure where the liquor flowed and the atmosphere was rarefied; with only one observation window over the 18th hole (shaded from natural light by an out-rigged 'sun-shade'). Video monitors abounded, showing views of every previous hole played, and by the time I got there to watch the last hole being played, everyone was shit-faced.

Vodka is made from fermented potatoes, I understand.

Relentless101's picture

Call it common-fucking-sense-care.

123dobryden's picture


123dobryden's picture

they are attacking USD exchanges, they have the power to do so, they have made a lot of money today as well, briliant novel strategy a la Hezbollah

Ironmaan's picture

I prefer a free country where we tell everyone that BigMacs and ciggaretts will slowly kill you and allow them to partake but also allow them to pay for their own healthcare. 

Honestly...even if you all eat health everyday and exercise I don't want to spend one thin dime of my money on your fucking healthcare.

junction's picture

Next target: Russian golddiggers in the Hamptons

JR's picture

Just keep the sanctions on Russia going and there’ll be a list of them.

lakecity55's picture

Commissar King Whoppers are next, Bit-Chez!

Anarchy 99's picture

western morons, all Russia has to do is wait, and with nukes no one will touch them. Europe truly full of fucktards, as they will again be butchered for the all mighty dollar. couple hundred million since WW1. and counting.......

Jack Burton's picture

Given the big mouth Politicians in Washington and the warmonger in chief Obama's campaign of isolation and sanctions against all of Russia's people and economy, how do western business people expect the reaction is going to be? Frankly, McDonalds is a good place to start, the first time I saw a "Golden Arches" symbol on a Moscow side street in the late 1990's I thought it already was time to shut that fucking shit hole of a crap food company out of Russia and back to the fat overfed hogs in America who seem to be addicted to "red slime" and "ground chicken feet nuggets".

Rakshas's picture

.....OK first of all Mcnuggets are not chicken feet it is generally accepted they are reformulated lips and arseholes with a vegatable filler

Secondly I don't believe the true target of sanctions is the Russian people I think it is more likely the intended targets are those over fed hogs you speak of  - though to be fair that may be an unintended consequence of poor planning on the part of the perpetrators of this grand chess game; depending on how many layers of this foul onion you are able to peel away. One wonders if the citizenry will wake in time or succumb with eyes wide shut

walküre's picture

Jack, I'm planning a trip to Moscow with my bags and pockets filled with Filet o' Fish and Big Macs. Will accept Deutschmarks, Dollars and gold only. LOL

How many Moscovites will line up at the back ally?

Ah... the good old days!

lakecity55's picture

I go to the bank here in Delhi and get some Rubles every pay day.

Just in case.

walküre's picture

Diversify into BRICS portfolio. Very smart move and you're very probably one of many Indians or residents of India who are doing this.

The Rupee, Real or Rand won't perform as well as Yuan and Ruble. The money is on those two.

123dobryden's picture

worst thing you can do today

MontgomeryScott's picture

I GOTTA say it...

The promoters of BITE-CON are coming; in 3... 2... 1...,

(His name was 'Francis Sawyer')


Do you actually think that one FIAT currency will be better than ANOTHER FIAT currency?

10,000 years, and it appears that NOTHING is learned; remembered; or understood.

A 'PORTFOLIO' or an 'INVESTMENT VEHICLE' or a 'SAFE STORE of 'WEALTH'... the VALKIRIE can't even recall the fall of the Weimar Duetchmark...

Transfers of worthless scrip from one region to another region on the globe will NOT insure anything. If the 'accounts' are 'frozen' one day, your 'store of wealth' that you are TOLD that you have will almost MAGICALLY disappear, and when you go to the store to but milk for your children, you will be DENIED (it won't matter how much the digital value of your BRICS account is).

I hope that this video translates in to your language. It is an almost PERFECT example of 'predictive programming' within the people who were seeing the truth surrounding them in the CIA-dominated 'Hollywood Music Industry' of the latter 1970's. Prophets are usually ridiculed in their own lands:



Yeah, the BRICS portfolio sounds 'real good'. That 'basket of currencies' thingie sounds 'GREAT'.

I'll plant some BRICS currency in my field this coming ARAB SPRING, and water it and pour fertilizer cow-shit on it, and it will grow; and thrive; and BRICS-trees will sprout, and I will harvest my BRICS-LETS, and my family will once-again EAT of the 'BRICS' bounty this coming year (WON'T THEY?).

Will this shit burn in the fireplace when everyone here is cold and hungry and tired and the snow falls? The EMP has happened (just as an example), and all electronic transactions have stopped. I have about 50 BRICS notes and 50 FED-RES notes. Which one will be the best kindling for my firewood? FURTHER: Which one do I really care about as 'outperforming' when the cell-phone and the internet have gone down this winter of 'EMP'?


Yuans are made of rice-paper and burn hotter (but for a brief time); and Rubles are made of recycled potato sacks or something.


(This message brought to you by the ORIGINAL 'Occupy Wall Street' protestors (which have nothing to do with the co-opted hashtag-sporting fucks who derailed the REAL message).

Sudden Debt's picture

We're already in a cold war since 2006.

People like to think this Russia European American escalation is new but it's going on for years now!

And it all started with a rocket shield in Turkey build by the... YOU GUESSED IT!!! AMERICANS!

Anarchy 99's picture

snippets from Martin:     Death of the Dollar

Prosecutors are simply lawyers gone really bad and enjoy their power without comprehending the full depth of their actions. The sanctions against Standard Chartered are insane and this will drive more and more banks away from using the dollar in international transactions. It is the prosecutors who are setting the stage for the new one-world reserves currency.

Standard Chartered has been banned from opening US dollar bank accounts without explicit approval by US regulators, according to an article in The London Times. The bank has seen severe restrictions imposed on it, after US officials warned that the bank may be “a conduit for illegal transactions,” the report says. The bank has also been forced to cease US dollar clearing through its NY branch for “high-risk retail business clients,” the Times reports.

The prosecutors have no concept of what they are doing. This is killing the dollar in international transactions in the same manner as FATCA. Rather than report US citizens with accounts and comply with fines for mistakes, the banks have just refused to accept accounts from Americans. Now the prosecutors are ensuring that the bankers will not even deal in dollars if they believe they can prosecute banks overseas for violating US decrees that have no legal application in foreign lands

Our sources already are reporting there is serious movement in the works to avoid using dollars. International banks are moving silently to book any transaction in a currency other the dollars. While this will not unseat the dollar as the reserve currency for you still have to park money, these prosecutors cannot claim jurisdiction simply based on a dollar transaction. This is absolutely without precedent in international law and it illustrates the entire problem in the legal field. The rule of law has been inverted. They get to do whatever they like, just as Obama said his is right Congress is wrong, and you have to take them to court to prove they are wrong. Nobody has to check their theory BEFORE they act – the shoot first and justify later.


Yen Cross's picture

    I can buy a gallon of gas for about the price of a 'Mc Wood Pulp' burger and use it in my chainsaw to cut down a tree and make 100 wood pulp burgers.

   Give a man some wood pulp and he's fed for a day... Teach a man to get his own wood pulp, and he eats for a lifetime.


PT's picture

Increase in healthy Russians.  Decrease in obesity in Russia.

disabledvet's picture

Mayor McCheese busts a move!

lakecity55's picture

Medvedev: "It's been six months. Are you still doing that McBuglar experiment?"

Vlad: "Da. Look: still under glass, no change. I can't understand how Yankees eat this stuff."

"What's happened to them?"

"Well, I suppose it is OK to tell you now, since USSR is gone. KGB had secret plan to export all communism to Amerika and import free-markets."

"It obviously worked."

"We also loaded them up with dual-citizens."

"I heard these burgers have wood chips in them.

"Da. I hear same thing. Maybe we should plant it beind my dacha in the spring and see what happens."

toady's picture

JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America? No? Why not?

Dubaibanker's picture

From Dutch farmers to Spanish ones, Rabo bank to Raiffesein bank are all suffering. Fruit and vegetable prices ate tumbling. European banks are warnng that some farmers will go bankrupt.

Watch this to have some fun with potatoes being dumped in Spain today in protest:

Poor people suffer while the powers that be, who placed the sanctions, enjoy themselves with a great aperitivo, good food and a nice bottle of wine.

Badabing's picture

I just got this on my phone.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued a bulletin drawing attention to an activist group’s plans for nationwide civil protests against the police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. The group has called for a “National Day of Rage” for this evening at 7:00 p.m. to span 38 major U.S. cities. There will be a protest in Times Square

lakecity55's picture

So, they will strong-arm a box of blunts from a small Banglasdeshi at a QT and then beat up a cop in Thirty-Eight cities?


Christophe2's picture

I've seen your warning on other threads and can't help but wonder if you aren't a DHS agent trying to make sure people don't actually get involved in protests, since apparently THE MAN actually *wants us to protest* (& we sure don't want to do anything DHS wants!).  How slick is that?

shadescale's picture

" As we noted previously, Europe has suffered most, and the following European companies remain the most exposed to escalation."

That's the point.  To quote Victoria Nuland: "F*** the EU".

Son of Loki's picture

I listened to one of the Q&A between McDs and analysts. Surprisingly, the McDs execs were bluntly honest syain gthey see alto of trouble ahead due to a number of problems including the expired meat thing in Asia, slowing economy, etc.


In my area they have been opening more an dmore McDs fast with very mixed results. Poor to very poor service in about half to them. It's not only some of th eocunter people cannot count, some are outright beligerent.


This will only add to their woes.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"Following Russia's closure on several McDonalds in Moscow, the CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce is worried: "The question on my mind is: Is this going to be a knock on the door, or is this going to be the beginning of a campaign?"...

To the CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce,

Well my friend if you really would like it to stop and your businesses from being punished and downsized, you might want to endorse a number of big American Corporations to sign a letter and petition of intent  calling for an investigation of the overthrow of Ukraine's government last February and the events that have accumulated to date these last six months that include a jet airliner that the world still doesn't officially know who shot down (but really does) since the new regime took over and oh... almost forgot, left thousands dead and wounded and created hundreds of thousands of refugess that have had to flee there homes for survival.

Oh and when you're finished with that letter and signed petition get a nice group of hired friends together to pay a visit to Washington to take care of the representatives and lobbyisits in the House and Senate with a few thousand pair(s) of handcuffs (include a pair for yourselves as well) that made this fucking mess a reality!

Admit you fucked up since 9/11 before it's too late for all of us (including you)!!!

Ban KKiller's picture

We have never been at war with another country that had a McDonalds. Right?  No MickeyD so we can go to war.We need to pump up the economy and kill a few serfs. 

Naturally, I blame banksters until someone shows me otherwise.

lakecity55's picture

"ISIS Announces Mickey Dees Franchise!"


Omar the Butcher today announced ISIS was developing franchise hamburger joints, serving Halal meals only.

"Everyone thinks of us as ruthless killers, but we also like hamburgers, just like Americans. We are as American as Backdoor Barry and we want everyone to know. The next time you see a wave of slaughter by our Mujahedeen, just remember, they will be stopping for burgers and fries after work, just like you."

lakecity55's picture

Medvedev: "What are you doing with that?"

Vlad: "Is McDonald's burger."

"Are you going to eat it?"

"Nyet! Burger is experiment. Has been under glass for two years and has not deteriorated."

"It must be a plot by the running dog Yankee Communists!"

"Da! No Russian Capitalist would make such a thing."

Coletrane's picture

nothing like roasting your allies over the spit

JR's picture

Apparently Putin, who “has pulled Russia out of the ravenous jaws of the New World Order” in just a few short years,  can take aim in a sanctions war as well as in an armed conflict.

The West started this sanction war but forgot Russia is not Iraq or Iran. Russia appears to be surviving US sanctions under a heavy dose of economic self-sufficiency.

The Washington Post, afraid of the breakaway of Russia from its new universal order, hysterically charged on July 22 in a lead editorial titled “Russia’s barbarism” that “the West needs a strategy to contain the world’s newest rogue state.”

Slamming Putin in a vicious smear campaign, the Post went on: “What’s needed is a broad strategy for putting a stop to Mr. Putin’s aggression and, where possible, rolling it back…it’s time to treat Mr. Putin’s Russia as what it has become—a dangerous regime that needs to be contained.”

Well, après US sanctions, how did that work out?

On March 24, the Post complained: “Putin has long argued that Russia’s wealthy…should keep their money inside Russia and away from a global economy controlled by Western interests.”

As Michael Collins Piper points out: “That was a view reflective of Putin’s now legendary war against the handful of Jewish ‘oligarchs,’ many of whom held Israeli citizenship and squeezed Russia for its riches after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“Describing Putin as being ‘animated by nationalist impulses and historic grievances,’ the Post had a grievance of its own with Putin who---after assuming power—jailed one of Russia’s oligarchs who was a business partner of the Post’s then-publishers, the Graham family, heirs of Wall Street war profiteer Eugene Meyer – first president of the World Bank, an early member of the board of the Federal Reserve System and grandson of the grand rabbi of France.”

These oligarchs, of course, immediately became martyrs of the U.S. media, its governing structures and its crony capitalists--favorite martyr of all being Mikhail Khodorkovsky, “conviction on charges of stealing around $27 billion worth of oil his Yukos company produced between 1998 and 2003 and laundering the proceeds.”

bigkansas's picture

Vladimir "viagra" Putin. I coin him Vladimir the erect!

Escapedgoat's picture

How dreadful! Putin has banned the most Hellenic of Hellenics Products that could alleviate the Trauma in Greece.....................OOOOOOOPS Sorry they fucked off to Switcerland.

Even though but the Greek Owners will be losing out.......................OOOOOOOOOOOOPS

(c) Directors

        Mr George A. David, OBE, OFR, Mr Haralambos K. Leventis, Mr Anastasios P. Leventis, CBE, OFR and Mr Anastassis G. David have been nominated by Kar-Tess Holding S.A. to the board of Coca-Cola Hellenic. Mr Irial Finan and Mr Alexander B. Cummings have been nominated by TCCC to the board of Coca-Cola Hellenic. There have been no transactions between Coca-Cola Hellenic and the directors except for remuneration (refer to Note 31).)


Sorry Chaps /Chapesses The first Name is of  a DUAL CITIZEN and his offspring, a director.

Booody Putin HOW DOES HE DO IT??????????????

Hellenic Coca Colla is  NOT Hellenic (Greek).

Jano's picture

Clear they do not want to live under IMF and EU dictatorship.

And get hit by the tax hikes.

Irving Phelps's picture

Hey, CEO's. O'Fuckup doesn't give a rat's ass about you and the jobs/tax revenue you generate! It's all about his image and presidential library.

Idaho potato head's picture

Maybe he should opt for a presidential gay sex toy store , porn reading room/ bath house instead.