Artist's Impression Of President Obama's Urgent Matters In Washington

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He forgot te putter and the anal lube.

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And Reggies asshole was forgotten as well.

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this is just the truth revealed.  he never had any real power, they guy is a brand, an actor.  His handlers and the shadow gov run the show.  and as far as they are concerned, all is going as planned.

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Since 1980, same as it ever was.

Ok Carter was let into the party to set the stage for the GOP to show us that they always must control the White House

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No, It just can't be! Not in America!

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We need more of Valeri Jarret, that woman must be exposed to exist.  Not a peep about her in Main Stream "media"

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How can this be, he's the "smartest man in the room".

Valerie only is his personal stenographer. When he gets a great idea, she writes it down.

Or maybe she's the puppet master behind the curtain?

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He gives a new meaning to "Puttering Around".

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he is dumber than a bag of hair .

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Isn't it just shocking that after 8 years of Rove this and Rove that we never hear Jarrett anything.

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there has to be a way to calculate the actual time he devotes to presidential matters.  for instance, it takes an approximate time to write a speech, communicate with embassadors, meet with XXXXX, so on and so on. all of this can be quantified.  and i will bet my bottom dollar that the numbers just dont add up when the rubber meets the road.  thus proving that he has handlers, doesnt write speeches, doesnt meet with anybody of importance- only when the cameras need some shots for a magazine cover.  he is the definition of a manchurian candidate.

MeMadMax's picture

He doesn't write his own speeches...


A commie serf handles that for him...


This failure-in-chief prolly has a serf to wipe his ass for him too....

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NidStyles nailed it on today’s GW thread:


“They need a fall guy, guess what Obama signed up for...

 First Black President, but he's going to be the one that "caused" the collapse”

All this clown cares about is a golf course and a lavish lifestyle.

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If you look very closely and open your will notice two eye balls in the dark looking from behind the curtain.


"There is something behind the throne greater than the king himself."

- Sir William Pitt

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Manthong, you nailed it!

Obozo always was just the fall guy who's only real job was to placate the masses with his bullshit slogans and programs.

Everybody in DC and Wall Street has always known this so they're grabbing all they can get out of the resulting "give a shit" mentality of his admonistration.

Which is why the whole thing is about to implode violently as we've started to see with Ferguson.

The Federal Reserve knows it's all a lost cause now and so they're only concern is saving the Fed which means the U.S. dollar.

We're really fucked now.

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For Americans to have voted Obama for a second term is the biggest injustice in the world second only to the Academy giving an oscar to Forrest Gump over Pulp Fiction AND Shawshank Redemption in 1995.

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"Say what again! Do they speak Kenyan in what?" Or "Get busy living or get busy dying" do they have golf in juantomayo...

The Navigator's picture

Headbanger, you nailed it also, except for

"The Federal Reserve knows it's all a lost cause now and so they're only concern is saving the Fed which means the U.S. dollar."

The Fed Res knows it but they cannot save the Fed or the USD.

Those in the know are buying assets than can be re-converted back into the 'new' local currencies (i.e./maybe SDRs) after the aftermath - assets like farm land, Ag Au, some stocks

that will survive.

We're really fucked now. -  yes we are.

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Image of Dudley Moore as 'Arthur' in the bath...

NoPension's picture

More like Eddie Murphy in changing places. didnt take Valetine but a couple days to aquire a taste for the finer things.

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Obama, " whose been putting their Kools out on my floor" Theses aren't my friends just a bunch of free loadin bums, Coleman.

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When I see this guy, M&M's song "Slim Shady" pops into mind..


Wont the real Slim Shady please stand up?

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Is that single ply serf or double ply serf?

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This is what I expect from a politician, but I'm truly surprised that he isn't trying harder to hide it.

crazzziecanuck's picture

Yeah, I used to think that George W. Bush was worse.  He probably still *could* be worse than Obama by sheer number of days but ... these last couple weeks have really made me not want to equate them anymore.

Crap in Iraq, crap in Syria, crap in Gaza, crap in Libya, crap in Ukraine.  And he goes golfing.  True, Bush made a mess but did he really take time off when he made two messes in the middle East?  Obama inheritted two, so yes, that's true.  However, Obama doubled down and made messes in Libya and Ukraine and took ZERO steps to deescalate anywhere else.  He's made sh*t worse in Syria and Iraq by training people like al-Baghdadi...

So, even if Bush had more "days off", Bush could get away with it because he made fewer messes than Obama has...

i_call_you_my_base's picture

Niether had (or has) control at all. Your attempt at comparing them is like weighing the wrestling skill between hulk hogan and the ultimate warrior. In the end they never really fought.

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"Obama inheritted two, so yes, that's true." - sorry, but straight from the DNC talking points.  The single party created those two messes (you know, for the sake of American kids) and included most from the D and R brands...So Obama's party was front and center with the R party supporting Bush's cowboy/oil wars (as the left might say), and only when it was convenient for them politically (say around early 2004), did the Ds show any cracks.  But the establishment Ds and Rs were pretty much lock step on Iraq, and certainly lock step on Afghanistan, and still pretty much are re: 'the war on terror' all these trillions and many lives later...and yes, Syria and ISIS and Iraq are all fiendishly intertwined, and there are no very easy answers to Middle East policy, although I think Ron Paul is sounding wiser and wiser as we've moved along..

Do you/we doubt that the establishment power in both parties is annointed/controlled by the same source, have the same paymasters - that the puppet masters are the same?  Obama's performance these past 6 years should prove that quite well..

TheReplacement's picture

You know, I think Obama was a full on commie when running for President but once he got "the talk" he did what he was told but fully tried to implement his vision as much as possible.  Lately it seems he has not only recognized the futility of his dreams of fixing Stalin and Mao's miskates but now understands that it just doesn't matter.

It would be nice of him to use his outlaw President status to declare war on the Fed and its owners in a last desperate gasp attempt to wrest control for himself.  I doubt he could pull it off but he and they might weaken each other significantly which would open a window of opportunity for the rest of us.

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You don't even get within sniffing distance of the nomination unless the right people know you are "safe". The idea that presidents, or candidates, need to be pressured is ludicrous.

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I believe he would be forced to take a ride in a convertable winding around a grassy knoll by the book suppository long before that happend.

DeadFred's picture

If you were and an uber-rich .01%er and could buy anything you want, including elections, what things would be of value to you? Not baubles or more wealth, maybe more power in relationship to your peers or bragging right at Davos, but what I think we're seeing here is the in-your-face ego strokes that come from showing the peons that you put a clown in control of them and there's jack that they can do about it.

Sparkey's picture

Everyone wants to be important Fred, you have it exactly right, if people don't know how important you are, well, you aren't important at all are you?


TheReplacement's picture

That all depends on how much narcissism one has.

Da Yooper's picture

obozo isnt a politican


he is a face with an empty head & he does as he is told


a puppet on a string


& nothing more

SeattleBruce's picture

In most parts, that's a pretty good definition of a politician...;)

walküre's picture

Describes it perfectly, exactly.

Maybe Da Yooper would care to explain then what a politician is in his esteemed opinion?

Seems there's a disconnect somewhere.

TheReplacement's picture

That is the scariest thing about it.  He doesn't care if we know.  One might figure the logical reason is that it doesn't matter anymore if we know or not.

fencejumper's picture

Agree completely, JRobby. Obama is as much a puppet as was every president since Carter, yes.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

It is time for the military tribunal and treason trial over his citizenship...... There is enough evidence to convict.

Put them all on notice across the board while undoing Obamacare in one fell swoop.


boattrash's picture

Dewey, Yep, and that would then lead to repeal of (or at least a revisit to)  every single piece of legislation he has signed into law. Sweet!

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

He has to go for treason, not impeachment. The evidence is there if the military has any courage to stand up and fire the boss for violating the law and Constitution.

That would free up Gowdy on Benghazi from political considerations and pressure to go after the puppetmasters like Jarrett who the evidence will point to as the pointwoman in the whole mess as it went down.

SeattleBruce's picture

That may be logical, but there's no political will for it with the majority of weak minded 'Murikans.  What treason...??!  It's football season bro!

Terminus C's picture

Why does anyone think the military brass is any less a part of TPTB than the politicians are. Brass it's made up of old military establishment families and old money.

These are not the savior so you are looking for...

TheReplacement's picture

Ugh, it saddens me to do this but I have to quote, or at least closely paraphrase, Obama:  "We are the change we've been waiting for."

Arnold's picture

We do not want military involvement, a coup is very Bananna (or middle eastern) Republic and  so unconstitutional.

What you thinking? Drinking and thinking?

TheReplacement's picture

Actually, it is constitutional if circumstances merit the action.  If circumstances merit the action then it is practically required in order for the military uphold it's oath to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States" which supercedes the bit about being loyal to the President.

Renewable Life's picture

You guys are down the wrong rat hole here, you are under some misconception that the "Military" is any different then any other .gov worker with pensions and perks and goody loans and bonuses and on and on and on!!

You don't think the military doesn't understand the clearest in this deal, that their perks and goodies will be the first to go in a "return to the Constituaton"???

They have code language in the .gov worker world, it goes something like "never ask permission, always ask for forgiveness" and "it's all just talk until someone doesn't get their paycheck"!!!

They know they are untouchable and now the average Joe is starting to realize slowly that truth too!! But I think it's a little too late for that, but will see!